Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


63011 ENLabor DayBredeson, Carmen2.50.5
119103 ENLabradoodlesWheeler, Jill C.4.40.5
80279 ENLabrador Retrievers (Animal Kingdom)Murray, Julie2.80.5
15184 ENLabrador Retrievers (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
112215 ENLabradorsMiller, Connie Colwell1.70.5
28266 ENLacrosse: The National Game of the IroquoisHoyt-Goldsmith, Diane6.21.0
50117 ENLadies and Gentlemen!Rau, Dana Meachen1.10.5
19225 ENLady and the Spider, TheMcNulty, Faith3.60.5
7523 ENLady RoseCosgrove, Stephen4.80.5
9497 ENLady With the Ship on Her HeadLattimore, Deborah4.60.5
79532 ENLadybugsHall, Margaret1.50.5
31776 ENLadybugsCoughlan, Cheryl1.20.5
59066 ENLake of Tears, TheRodda, Emily5.44.0
5025 ENLand I Lost, TheNhuong, Huynh Quang6.14.0
44585 ENLand of DreamsNixon, Joan Lowery5.56.0
7617 ENLand of Gray Wolf, TheLocker, Thomas4.70.5
6389 ENLand of HopeNixon, Joan Lowery5.56.0
44586 ENLand of PromiseNixon, Joan Lowery5.46.0
17628 ENLanding of the Pilgrims, TheDaugherty, James7.04.0
31641 ENLandry News, TheClements, Andrew6.04.0
8268 ENLandsailingHays, Scott5.31.0
11474 ENLantern in Her Hand, AAldrich, Bess Streeter6.414.0
9324 ENLarry and the CookieMcDaniel, Becky1.20.5
121611 ENLaRue For Mayor: Letters from the Campaign TrailTeague, Mark5.10.5
32734 ENLas Posadas: An Hispanic Christmas CelebrationHoyt-Goldsmith, Diane5.50.5
5577 ENLasersOleksy, Walter6.10.5
121 ENLassie Come-HomeKnight, Eric5.49.0
20678 ENLassie Come-HomeWells, Rosemary4.81.0
619 ENLast Battle, TheLewis, C.S.5.67.0
53944 ENLast Chimney of Christmas Eve, TheHigh, Linda Oatman4.20.5
19226 ENLast Chocolate Cookie, TheRix, Jamie3.00.5
11371 ENLast Dragon, TheNunes, Susan Miho3.90.5
75368 ENLast Fairy-Apple Tree, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
82274 ENLast Holiday Concert, TheClements, Andrew5.44.0
7376 ENLast Little Duckling, TheKennedy, Fiona3.50.5
16917 ENLast Man's Reward, ThePatneaude, David4.25.0
16868 ENLast One in Is a Rotten EggKessler, Leonard2.00.5
113582 ENLast One in Is a Rotten Egg!deGroat, Diane2.60.5
6277 ENLast Princess, TheStanley, Fay6.41.0
9458 ENLast Puppy, TheAsch, Frank2.10.5
24919 ENLast Train, TheLewis, Kim3.90.5
10224 ENLatchkey Dog, TheAuch, Mary Jane3.72.0
14596 ENLater, GatorYep, Laurence4.03.0
907134 ENLaugh a Minute (HSP Edition), ASola, Ted4.40.5
86461 ENLaura BushMara, Wil2.70.5
6278 ENLaura CharlotteGalbraith, Kathryn2.80.5
928 ENLaura Ingalls Wilder, a biographyAnderson, William6.87.0
30620 ENLaura & Mr. EdwardsWilder/Henson3.91.0
20026 ENLaura & NellieWilder/Peterson3.61.0
30621 ENLaura's MaWilder/Henson4.41.0
30622 ENLaura's PaWilder/Henson4.21.0
121747 ENLauren the Puppy FairyMeadows, Daisy4.31.0
116987 ENLaw of the JungleParker, Jeff2.70.5
9070 ENLazy Jack and the Silent PrincessMotomora, Mitchell2.50.5
157 ENLazy Lions, Lucky LambsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
116962 ENLeader Has a Big Head, TheParker, Jeff3.00.5
62745 ENLeaf-Cutting AntsFrost, Helen1.80.5
13751 ENLeah's PonyFriedrich, Elizabeth3.30.5
26788 ENLearning About Creativity from the Life of Steven SpielbergHovanec, Erin M.4.00.5
26789 ENLearning About Integrity from the Life of Eleanor RooseveltEllwood, Nancy4.20.5
108409 ENLeavesBodach, Vijaya Khisty1.70.5
115417 ENLeaves in FallRustad, Martha E.H.0.90.5
73355 ENLeaves! Leaves! Leaves!Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth3.00.5
2291 ENLeaves (Nature Books)Ward, Kristin1.30.5
17869 ENLegend of Annie Murphy, ThePeretti, Frank E.5.05.0
27596 ENLegend of Burning WaterBrouwer, Sigmund6.24.0
6328 ENLegend of Jimmy Spoon, TheGregory, Kristiana5.05.0
10074 ENLegend of Little DeerBlevins, Wade5.20.5
9498 ENLegend of ScarfaceSanSouci, Robert5.00.5
123053 ENLegend of Skull Cliff, TheGregory, Kristiana4.12.0
5476 ENLegend of the Bluebonnet, TheDePaola, Tomie4.20.5
5521 ENLegend of the Indian Paintbrush, TheDePaola, Tomie4.40.5
14953 ENLegend of the Lost LegendStine, R.L.3.13.0
123137 ENLegend of the LureMaddox, Jake3.71.0
16727 ENLegend of the Poinsettia, ThePaola, Tomie De3.60.5
110127 ENLegend of Thunderfoot, TheWallace, Bill4.14.0
276 ENLemming Condition, TheArkin, Alan4.31.0
10223 ENLemon Drop JarWidman, Christine2.60.5
117604 ENLemonade Club, ThePolacco, Patricia3.90.5
27989 ENLemonade for SaleLing, Bettina2.40.5
116663 ENLemonade Standoff, TheAboff, Marcie2.70.5
5229 ENLemonade Trick, TheCorbett, Scott4.93.0
62746 ENLemursFrost, Helen1.90.5
10075 ENLenape Indians, TheWilker, Josh6.61.0
57097 ENLennie LeopardSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
57098 ENLeo LionSargent, Dave/Pat4.70.5
121511 ENLeo's New PetGowar, Mick0.70.5
5522 ENLeo the Late BloomerKraus, Robert1.20.5
7524 ENLeo the LopCosgrove, Stephen4.50.5
7525 ENLeo the Lop - tail threeCosgrove, Stephen4.10.5
7526 ENLeo the Lop - tail twoCosgrove, Stephen4.90.5
7618 ENLeo, Zack, and Emmie Together AgainEhrlich, Amy2.90.5
47729 ENLeon and BobJames, Simon1.90.5
88782 ENLeonardo, the Terrible MonsterWillems, Mo2.30.5
9930 ENLeontyne PriceSteins, Richard7.31.0
50984 ENLeopards: Spotted HuntersSchaefer, Lola M.2.80.5
4803 ENLeopards (Wild Cats)Welsbacher, Anne3.30.5
43948 ENLeprechaun in the Basement, TheTucker, Kathy3.50.5
10672 ENLeprechauns Don't Play BasketballDadey/Jones3.81.0
73768 ENLeprechauns Don't Play FetchDadey, Debbie3.71.0
24956 ENLes MiserablesHugo/Kulling3.32.0
75356 ENLesson for Martin Luther King Jr., APatrick, Denise Lewis2.20.5
9580 ENLester's DogHesse, Karen4.00.5
86060 ENLet Down Your HairMason, Jane B.4.94.0
31430 ENLet Me Help!Tidd, Louise Vitellaro1.60.5
9459 ENLet's Be EnemiesUdry, Janice1.50.5
89483 ENLet's Celebrate St. Patrick's DayRoop, Peter3.70.5
58771 ENLet's Clean Up!Anderson, Peggy Perry1.10.5
906859 ENLet's Discover Gold (HSP Edition)Mitchell, Ainslie3.20.5
9612 ENLet's Get Invisible!Stine, R.L.3.33.0
100579 ENLet's Get This Party Haunted!Stine, R.L.3.13.0
9376 ENLet's Go, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
109017 ENLet's Go Fishing, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.60.5
16388 ENLet's Go, Froggy!London, Jonathan1.90.5
10529 ENLet's Go Home, Little BearWaddell, Martin3.10.5
54504 ENLet's Go to a Car RaceFoley, Cate1.10.5
54463 ENLet's Go to a FairFoley, Cate0.80.5
9377 ENLet's Have a PlayHillert, Margaret0.90.5
112197 ENLet's Look at Animal BottomsPerkins, Wendy1.80.5
108410 ENLet's Look at Animal EarsPerkins, Wendy1.70.5
108411 ENLet's Look at Animal EyesPerkins, Wendy1.60.5
108412 ENLet's Look at Animal FeathersPerkins, Wendy1.90.5
108413 ENLet's Look at Animal FeetPerkins, Wendy1.50.5
112198 ENLet's Look at Animal LegsPerkins, Wendy1.60.5
108414 ENLet's Look at Animal NosesPerkins, Wendy1.60.5
112199 ENLet's Look at Animal TailsPerkins, Wendy1.80.5
108415 ENLet's Look at Animal TeethPerkins, Wendy1.70.5
112200 ENLet's Look at Animal WingsPerkins, Wendy2.00.5
906843 ENLet's Look at Gems (HSP Edition)Mitchell, Ainslie2.50.5
906897 ENLet's Look for Fossils (HSP Edition)Mitchell, Ainslie4.00.5
906646 ENLet's Play Ball (HSP Edition)Lily, Marie1.10.5
105109 ENLet's Play Baseball!DeGezelle, Terri1.70.5
105110 ENLet's Play Basketball!Lindeen, Carol K.1.70.5
105111 ENLet's Play Soccer!Adamson, Heather1.70.5
906939 ENLet's Put on a Play! (HSP Edition)Floyd, Jaret3.30.5
105112 ENLet's Ride Bikes!Lindeen, Carol K.1.70.5
105113 ENLet's Skateboard!DeGezelle, Terri1.70.5
105115 ENLet's Swim!Lindeen, Carol K.1.60.5
9071 ENLet's Take the BusEconomos, Chris1.80.5
907056 ENLet's Visit a Museum (HSP Edition)Renack, Melinda4.40.5
19155 ENLet's Visit Some IslandsFowler, Allan3.60.5
902800 ENLet's Visit the Moon (HSP Edition)Farrell, Ben0.70.5
237 ENLet the Circle Be UnbrokenTaylor, Mildred D.5.715.0
42914 ENLetter to Santa Claus, AWeninger, Brigitte3.40.5
77092 ENLettice the Flying RabbitStanley, Mandy2.90.5
7619 ENLetting Swift River GoYolen, Jane4.40.5
73074 ENLevi Strauss (Lives and Times)Peterson, Tiffany3.90.5
52599 ENLewis and ClarkSullivan, George5.52.0
88456 ENLhasa ApsosFurstinger, Nancy4.20.5
906969 ENLia Leads (HSP Edition)Sands, Carson2.00.5
9774 ENLiang and the Magic PaintbrushDemi3.20.5
19922 ENLiar, Liar, Pants on Fire!Cohen, Miriam2.70.5
5026 ENLibby on WednesdaySnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.38.0
52262 ENLiberty Bell (Symbols of Freedom), TheBinns, Tristan Boyer3.50.5
18635 ENLibrarian from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.20.5
83517 ENLibrarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq, TheWinter, Jeanette3.20.5
62069 ENLibrarian (People in My Community)Gorman, Jacqueline Laks1.80.5
17324 ENLibrarian Who Measured the Earth, TheLasky, Kathryn5.80.5
6168 ENLibrariesFujimoto, D.4.30.5
13777 ENLibrary Dragon, TheDeedy, Carmen Agra4.80.5
18636 ENLibrary LilWilliams, Suzanne4.00.5
108319 ENLibrary LionKnudsen, Michelle2.80.5
115344 ENLibrary MouseKirk, Daniel4.40.5
70386 ENLife Cycle of a Penguin (Life Cycles), TheTrumbauer, Lisa1.70.5
70357 ENLife in a DesertLindeen, Carol K.1.60.5
70358 ENLife in a ForestLindeen, Carol K.1.50.5
70359 ENLife in a Polar RegionLindeen, Carol K.2.10.5
70360 ENLife in a PondLindeen, Carol K.1.50.5
70361 ENLife in a Rain ForestLindeen, Carol K.1.80.5
70362 ENLife in a StreamLindeen, Carol K.1.40.5
70363 ENLife in a WetlandLindeen, Carol K.1.80.5
20378 ENLife in a WetlandFowler, Allan3.60.5
70364 ENLife in an OceanLindeen, Carol K.1.50.5
907147 ENLife in Death Valley (HSP Edition)Martin, Josie4.40.5
907038 ENLife of a Pond (HSP Edition), TheTucker, Steven3.60.5
907012 ENLife Story of a Barn (HSP Edition), TheCoffin, Frank3.20.5
9072 ENLife with MaxCarlson, Judy1.80.5
36760 ENLight and Dark (Opposites)Doudna, Kelly0.60.5
17870 ENLight in the Castle, AElmer, Robert5.77.0
122 ENLight in the Forest, TheRichter, Conrad5.55.0
79566 ENLighthouse Family: The Eagle, TheRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
102070 ENLighthouse Family: The Octopus, TheRylant, Cynthia4.00.5
65671 ENLighthouse Family: The Storm, TheRylant, Cynthia4.41.0
86246 ENLighthouse Family: The Turtle, TheRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
72357 ENLighthouse Family: The Whale, TheRylant, Cynthia3.81.0
44587 ENLighthouse Island and Other Selections by Newbery Authorsal., Elizabeth Coatsworth et6.16.0
5308 ENLighthouse Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.22.0
2861 ENLightning Bolt Is Hotter Than the Sun, ATaylor, Helen5.10.5
26933 ENLightning LizBrimner, Larry Dane1.10.5
9267 ENLights, Action, Land-Ho!Delton, Judy3.51.0
7577 ENLights! Camera! Action!Gibbons, Gail3.90.5
907000 ENLights! Camera! Action! (HSP Edition)Harrold, Ryan3.30.5
25271 ENLike Butter on PancakesLondon, Jonathan2.50.5
326 ENLike Jake and MeJukes, Mavis2.90.5
17574 ENLikely Place, AFox, Paula3.81.0
7620 ENLil Sis and Uncle WillieEverett, Gwen4.20.5
671 ENLila on the LandingAlexander, Sue3.11.0
17575 ENLili the BraveArmstrong, Jennifer3.41.0
14979 ENLilly's Purple Plastic PurseHenkes, Kevin3.10.5
424 ENLily and the Runaway BabyShreve, Susan4.41.0
8691 ENLily and the Wooden BowlSchroeder, Alan5.30.5
13769 ENLily Cupboard, TheOppenheim, Shulamith Levey2.90.5
17781 ENLily's CrossingGiff, Patricia Reilly4.65.0
17871 ENLily Vanessa and the Pet PanicSchulte, Elaine L.4.34.0
238 ENLincoln: A PhotobiographyFreedman, Russell7.75.0
52263 ENLincoln Memorial (Symbols of Freedom), TheBinns, Tristan Boyer4.00.5
10477 ENLincoln's BirthdayFradin, Dennis B.4.70.5
5232 ENLine DriveHughes, Dean3.92.0
25891 ENLine in the Sand: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence, AGarland, Sherry5.66.0
9670 ENLion and LambBrenner, Barbara2.00.5
9671 ENLion and Lamb Step OutBrenner, Barbara2.10.5
31592 ENLion and the Mouse, TheHerman, Gail0.70.5
88973 ENLion Grows Up, ASuen, Anastasia3.10.5
14680 ENLion in the Box: A Christmas Story, ThedeAngeli, Marguerite4.32.0
11372 ENLion's Whiskers, TheDay, Nancy Raines4.00.5
911 ENLion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, TheLewis, C S5.55.0
672 ENLion to Guard Us, ABulla, Clyde Robert2.92.0
44912 ENLionel at SchoolKrensky, Stephen2.80.5
7324 ENLionel in the FallKrensky, Stephen2.20.5
68288 ENLionel's BirthdayKrensky, Stephen2.70.5
6579 ENLionsElwood, Ann4.70.5
84597 ENLionsWelvaert, Scott R.3.40.5
62070 ENLions (Animals I See at the Zoo)Macken, JoAnn Early1.30.5
18727 ENLions at LunchtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
50985 ENLions: Life in the PrideRichardson, Adele D.2.70.5
4805 ENLions (Wild Cats)Welsbacher, Anne3.40.5
17274 ENListen BuddyLester, Helen2.70.5
9325 ENListen to MeNeasi, Barbara1.60.5
27924 ENListening for LeroyHearne, Betsy5.18.0
906970 ENListening in on the Orchestra (HSP Edition)Young, Tim2.70.5
6279 ENLittle BearMinarik, Else2.40.5
21426 ENLittle Bear Brushes His TeethLangreuter, Jutta2.90.5
21425 ENLittle Bear Goes to KindergartenLangreuter, Jutta2.90.5
7325 ENLittle Bear's FriendMinarik, Else H.2.20.5
7326 ENLittle Bear's VisitMinarik, Else H.2.30.5
46242 ENLittle Bit of Winter, AStewart, Paul1.90.5
907114 ENLittle Brave: A Traditional Sioux Folktale (HSP Edition)Kavicky, Emily4.30.5
72126 ENLittle Buggy Runs AwayO'Malley, Kevin1.70.5
44040 ENLittle Bunny on the MoveMcCarty, Peter1.30.5
86361 ENLittle Camp of HorrorsStine, R.L.3.33.0
6580 ENLittle CatsWexo, John Bonnett4.70.5
922 ENLittle Chick's Big DayKwitz, Mary DeBall2.50.5
7327 ENLittle ChiefHoff, Syd2.10.5
25227 ENLittle Clearing in the WoodsWilkes, Maria D.5.38.0
9378 ENLittle Cookie, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9379 ENLittle Cowboy and the Big Cowboy, TheHillert, Margaret1.10.5
32135 ENLittle CreaturesNapoli, Donna Jo3.01.0
9574 ENLittle Critter at Scout CampMayer, Mercer2.10.5
10478 ENLittle Drummer Boy, TheKeats, Ezra Jack1.40.5
110491 ENLittle Drummer Mouse, TheMayer, Mercer4.60.5
11373 ENLittle Eagle Lots of OwlsEdmiston/Ross3.10.5
5477 ENLittle Engine That Could, ThePiper, Watty3.50.5
10916 ENLittle Farm in the OzarksMacBride, Roger Lea4.57.0
101535 ENLittle Fir Tree, TheBrown, Margaret Wise4.00.5
47897 ENLittle Fox Goes to the End of the WorldTompert, Ann2.60.5
7232 ENLittle GorillaBornstein, Ruth2.60.5
120468 ENLittle HootRosenthal, Amy Krouse1.80.5
58772 ENLittle HorseByars, Betsy3.20.5
82336 ENLittle Horse on His OwnByars, Betsy2.90.5
41410 ENLittle House Birthday, AWilder/MacBride3.60.5
29331 ENLittle House by Boston BayWiley, Melissa5.45.0
30623 ENLittle House Farm DaysWilder/Peterson4.31.0
1968 ENLittle House FriendsWilder/Henson3.61.0
18728 ENLittle House in BrookfieldWilkes, Maria D.5.47.0
179 ENLittle House in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls5.35.0
29332 ENLittle House in the HighlandsWiley, Melissa5.57.0
9595 ENLittle House on Rocky RidgeMacBride, Roger Lea4.28.0
53 ENLittle House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls4.98.0
30625 ENLittle House PartiesWilder/Henson4.01.0
5230 ENLittle House, TheBurton, Virginia Lee4.20.5
7377 ENLittle Island, TheMacDonald, Golden3.60.5
907115 ENLittle Italy: Yesterday and Today (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.60.5
116104 ENLittle League Team from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.50.5
6428 ENLittle LeftyChristopher, Matt3.52.0
21379 ENLittle LionsArnosky, Jim2.10.5
43615 ENLittle Louie the Baby BloomerKraus, Robert1.80.5
9128 ENLittle Mermaid, TheHautzig, Deborah3.40.5
6533 ENLittle Miss Stoneybrook...and DawnMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
7527 ENLittle Mouse on the PrairieCosgrove, Stephen4.20.5
9775 ENLittle Nino's PizzeriaBarbour, Karen2.30.5
6495 ENLittle Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, TheWilliams, Linda3.50.5
74814 ENLittle Owl and the Star: A Christmas StoryMurphy, Mary1.50.5
64282 ENLittle Penguin's TaleWood, Audrey2.70.5
10530 ENLittle Polar BeardeBeer, Hans3.40.5
10673 ENLittle Polar Bear and the Brave Little HaredeBeer, Hans2.20.5
54085 ENLittle Porcupine's ChristmasSlate, Joseph2.50.5
9672 ENLittle Poss and Horrible HoundHooks, William3.10.5
41411 ENLittle Prairie House, AWilder/MacBride3.70.5
24930 ENLittle Prince Know-It-AllWelch, Sheila Kelly2.90.5
123 ENLittle Prince, TheSaint-Exupery, Antoine de5.02.0
124 ENLittle Princess (Unabridged), ABurnett, Frances6.011.0
9380 ENLittle PuffHillert, Margaret0.80.5
67245 ENLittle QuackThompson, Lauren2.00.5
85403 ENLittle Quack's BedtimeThompson, Lauren2.30.5
19227 ENLittle Rabbit and the SeaBishop, Gavin1.90.5
7281 ENLittle Rabbit, TheDunn, Judy3.70.5
103415 ENLittle RedRoberts, Lynn4.40.5
19530 ENLittle Red Cowboy HatLowell, Susan3.00.5
6124 ENLittle Red Hen, TheGaldone, Paul2.90.5
7328 ENLittle Red Lighthouse...Bridge, TheSwift, Hildegarde2.90.5
9381 ENLittle Red Riding HoodHillert, Margaret1.10.5
9500 ENLittle Red Riding HoodHyman, Trina4.40.5
118090 ENLittle Red Riding HoodPinkney, Jerry4.40.5
18240 ENLittle Red Riding Hood : A Newfangled Prairie TaleErnst, Lisa Campbell4.20.5
180 ENLittle Riders, TheShemin, Margaretha5.42.0
9382 ENLittle Runaway, TheHillert, Margaret0.50.5
7329 ENLittle Runner of the LonghouseBaker, Betty2.70.5
68546 ENLittle Scarecrow Boy, TheBrown, Margaret Wise3.50.5
88664 ENLittle SharkRockwell, Anne F.4.20.5
25300 ENLittle Shopping, ARylant, Cynthia4.20.5
10643 ENLittle SwanGeras, Adele3.31.0
26348 ENLittle Too-TallMoncure, Jane Belk2.00.5
6125 ENLittle TootGramatky, Hardie4.70.5
18729 ENLittle Town at the CrossroadsWilkes, Maria D.5.38.0
18730 ENLittle Town in the OzarksMacBride, Roger Lea5.39.0
327 ENLittle Town on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls5.49.0
6986 ENLittle Tricker the Squirrel...BearKesey, Ken4.90.5
71623 ENLittle Whistle's ChristmasRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
32564 ENLittle Wolf's Book of BadnessWhybrow, Ian3.92.0
513 ENLittle WomenAlcott, Louisa May7.933.0
20027 ENLittles and the Great Halloween Scare, ThePeterson, John3.31.0
7736 ENLittles and the Lost Children, ThePeterson, John4.22.0
7737 ENLittles and the Trash Tinies, ThePeterson, John3.71.0
916 ENLittles and the Trash Tinies, ThePeterson, John3.21.0
20028 ENLittles Give a Party, ThePeterson, John3.61.0
7738 ENLittles Go Exploring, ThePeterson, John3.51.0
20029 ENLittles Go to School, ThePeterson, John3.51.0
7739 ENLittles Have a Wedding, ThePeterson, John3.41.0
6227 ENLittles Take a Trip, ThePeterson, John3.62.0
5231 ENLittles, ThePeterson, John3.31.0
20030 ENLittles to the Rescue, ThePeterson, John3.61.0
34958 ENLittlest Angel, TheTazewell, Charles6.30.5
11475 ENLive from the Fifth GradeMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy4.03.0
17370 ENLives of the Athletes: Thrills, Spills and What the Neighbors...Krull, Kathleen7.93.0
61021 ENLiving in a Rain ForestFowler, Allan2.60.5
61023 ENLiving in the MountainsFowler, Allan2.90.5
72139 ENLiving Lights: Fireflies in Your BackyardLoewen, Nancy2.80.5
61024 ENLiving Near a RiverFowler, Allan2.60.5
61025 ENLiving Near the SeaFowler, Allan2.70.5
61026 ENLiving on FarmsFowler, Allan2.80.5
907031 ENLivingston Hill (HSP Edition)Coffin, Frank3.60.5
906647 ENLiz Can Mix (HSP Edition)Fitzgerald, Maggie0.70.5
277 ENLizard MusicPinkwater, Manus4.95.0
70346 ENLizardsTownsend, Emily Rose2.10.5
80251 ENLizards (Animal Kingdom)Murray, Julie3.20.5
83749 ENLizards in the Lunch LineDadey, Debbie3.71.0
21784 ENLizzie Logan Gets MarriedSpinelli, Eileen2.71.0
24960 ENLizzie Logan, Second BananaSpinelli, Eileen2.81.0
11476 ENLlama in the Family, AHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
117609 ENLlama Llama Mad at MamaDewdney, Anna1.90.5
9673 ENLo-Jack and the PiratesHooks, William3.20.5
108579 ENLobstersRake, Jody Sullivan1.80.5
25212 ENLocked in the Library!Brown, Marc3.11.0
11672 ENLocked OutJanssen, Midge1.80.5
6534 ENLogan Likes Mary AnneMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
107422 ENLola at the LibraryMcQuinn, Anna2.20.5
5523 ENLon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood StoryYoung, Ed3.50.5
14843 ENLone Star: A Story of the Texas RangersKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.71.0
89597 ENLong and Short: An Animal Opposites BookBullard, Lisa2.60.5
36763 ENLong and Short (Opposites)Doudna, Kelly0.70.5
11374 ENLong-Haired Girl, TheRappaport, Doreen4.30.5
8918 ENLong ShotStine, Megan4.64.0
5372 ENLong Shot for PaulChristopher, Matt4.02.0
27940 ENLong Way from Chicago, APeck, Richard5.05.0
8426 ENLong Way to a New Land, TheSandin, Joan2.70.5
11424 ENLong Way To Go, AOneal, Zibby3.71.0
370 ENLong Winter, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.310.0
118915 ENLongest Christmas List Ever, TheSpiridellis, Gregg3.40.5
113229 ENLongest Season: The Story of the Orioles' 1988 Losing Streak, TheRipken Jr., Cal4.50.5
50961 ENLook at Mexico, AFrost, Helen1.90.5
56947 ENLook at Teeth, AFowler, Allan3.10.5
56811 ENLook Down LowRau, Dana Meachen0.80.5
47813 ENLook! I Can Read!Hood, Susan0.90.5
11774 ENLook Out For Turtles!Berger, Melvin3.60.5
13871 ENLook Out, Washington, D.C.!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.81.0
11425 ENLook Who's Playing First BaseChristopher, Matt3.92.0
55039 ENLook Whooo's CountingMacDonald, Suse1.70.5
107290 ENLooking for a MooseRoot, Phyllis1.60.5
9129 ENLooking For AtlantisThompson, Colin3.90.5
78842 ENLooking for Bobowicz: A Hoboken Chicken StoryPinkwater, Daniel4.43.0
74726 ENLooking Through a MicroscopeBullock, Linda2.00.5
74727 ENLooking Through a TelescopeBullock, Linda2.00.5
27990 ENLoose-Tooth LukeJensen, Patsy2.30.5
9034 ENLorax, TheSeuss, Dr.3.10.5
10674 ENLoretta and the Little FairyScheidl, Gerda Marie3.00.5
106248 ENLose, Team, Lose!Stine, R.L.3.12.0
43751 ENLosers Fight Back, TheJoosse, Barbara M.3.01.0
27980 ENLost and FoundTidd, Louise Vitellaro1.80.5
123158 ENLost and FoundClements, Andrew5.04.0
7762 ENLost Campers, TheHutchens, Paul5.75.0
11375 ENLost Children, TheGoble, Paul0.80.5
16675 ENLost City of the Jedi, TheDavids, Paul/Hollace5.93.0
6471 ENLost in the Blinded BlizzardErickson, John R.4.93.0
7740 ENLost in the Dark Unchanted ForestErickson, John4.63.0
19928 ENLost in the MuseumCohen, Miriam2.30.5
27932 ENLost in the WarAntle, Nancy4.14.0
25942 ENLost Locket, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
9529 ENLost on a Mountain in MaineFendler, Donn4.53.0
77127 ENLost Treasure of the Emerald EyeStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
50143 ENLots of BalloonsRau, Dana Meachen0.80.5
371 ENLottery Rose, TheHunt, Irene5.67.0
810 ENLou Gehrig: One of Baseball's GreatestVanRiper, Guernsey3.83.0
4188 ENLouanne Pig in the Mysterious ValentineCarlson, Nancy2.60.5
89598 ENLoud and Quiet: An Animal Opposites BookBullard, Lisa3.30.5
29299 ENLouella Mae, She's Run Away!Alarcón, Karen Beaumont1.40.5
24496 ENLouis Braille (Lives and Times)Woodhouse, Jayne2.80.5
9776 ENLouis the FishYorinks, Arthur2.40.5
126510 ENLouise, the Adventures of a ChickenDiCamillo, Kate3.80.5
12418 ENLouisianaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
5427 ENLove, From the...CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly4.73.0
107470 ENLove, Ruby ValentineFriedman, Laurie B.3.30.5
8019 ENLove You ForeverMunsch, Robert N.3.40.5
6280 ENLove You, SoldierHest, Amy3.41.0
9823 ENLowridersLake, E.D.4.90.5
84934 ENLowriders (Capstone)Doeden, Matt2.60.5
11477 ENLucie Babbidge's HouseCassedy, Sylvia5.87.0
73555 ENLucinda's SecretDiTerlizzi, Tony3.91.0
9176 ENLuck of the Irish, ThePaulsen, Brendan3.90.5
115629 ENLuckyGerver, Jane E.2.80.5
5233 ENLucky Baseball Bat, TheChristopher, Matt3.21.0
7282 ENLucky BearPhillips, Joan0.50.5
13791 ENLucky ChristmasDuffey, Betsy2.81.0
84514 ENLucky Days with Mr. and Mrs. GreenBaker, Keith2.60.5
673 ENLucky Dog DaysDelton, Judy2.91.0
48017 ENLucky DuckdeRubertis, Barbara1.40.5
76152 ENLucky DuckWeiss, Ellen0.90.5
44932 ENLucky Lottery, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
31426 ENLucky Me!Papademetriou, Lisa2.50.5
55955 ENLucky O'LeprechaunDillon, Jana3.30.5
19228 ENLucky SongWilliams, Vera B.1.90.5
181 ENLucky Stone, TheClifton, Lucille4.41.0
906860 ENLucy and Billy (HSP Edition)Cartwright, Pauline1.90.5
40734 ENLucy on the LooseCooper, Ilene2.81.0
11673 ENLucy's RoosterEggleton, Jill1.40.5
9777 ENLudlow LaughsAgee, Jon2.40.5
11376 ENLuka's QuiltGuback, Georgia2.60.5
40136 ENLuke: 1849 - On the Golden TrailPryor, Bonnie4.94.0
907085 ENLuke Lightning Bolt! (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.80.5
36482 ENLuke on the High SeasPryor, Bonnie4.94.0
328 ENLuke Was ThereClymer, Eleanor3.52.0
58684 ENLulu's HatMeddaugh, Susan4.11.0
27982 ENLunch Bunch, TheFinch, Margo2.20.5
900 ENLunch in SpaceRiley, Kana1.70.5
902801 ENLunch in Space (HSP Edition)Riley, Kana1.80.5
88626 ENLunch MoneyClements, Andrew5.26.0
72265 ENLunch Walks Among UsBenton, Jim5.01.0
24932 ENLyle and the Birthday PartyWaber, Bernard3.50.5
27691 ENLyle at ChristmasWaber, Bernard3.90.5
19582 ENLyle Finds His MotherWaber, Bernard3.60.5
20386 ENLyle, Lyle, CrocodileWaber, Bernard4.60.5
125 ENM.C. Higgins, the GreatHamilton, Virginia4.410.0
7621 ENM & M and The Bad News BabiesRoss, Pat2.70.5
7622 ENM & M and The Haunted House GameRoss, Pat2.80.5
7623 ENM & M and The Santa SecretsRoss, Pat3.50.5
5942 ENMa and Pa DraculaMartin, Ann M.3.73.0
120068 ENMabel Makes the GradeMazer, Anne3.21.0
123893 ENMabel Strikes a ChordMazer, Anne3.41.0
49755 ENMad Dog McGrawUhlberg, Myron1.70.5
9130 ENMad JackSargent, Dave/Pat4.80.5
9931 ENMadam C.J. WalkerColman, Penny6.41.0
906861 ENMadam C.J. Walker: Making Dreams Happen (HSP Edition)Maxwell, Jordan3.50.5
5478 ENMadelineBemelmans, Ludwig3.10.5
11377 ENMadeline and the Bad HatBemelmans, Ludwig3.60.5
7378 ENMadeline and the GypsiesBemelmans, Ludwig3.80.5
7578 ENMadeline in LondonBemelmans, Ludwig3.20.5
7283 ENMadeline's ChristmasBemelmans, Ludwig3.20.5
21259 ENMadeline's RescueBemelmans, Ludwig3.20.5
89585 ENMae JemisonBraun, Eric2.50.5
7379 ENMaebelle's SuitcaseTusa, Tricia2.80.5
50118 ENMagellan: Ferdinand Magellan and the First Trip Around the WorldBurgan, Michael5.60.5
126342 ENMaggie and MaxMiles, Ellen4.02.0
5428 ENMaggie, TooNixon, Joan Lowery4.74.0
9383 ENMagic Beans, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
9674 ENMagic Box, TheBrenner, Barbara2.80.5
9177 ENMagic Donkey, ThePio, Adam3.90.5
6228 ENMagic Fan, TheBaker, Keith3.70.5
9268 ENMagic Finger, TheDahl, Roald3.10.5
6329 ENMagic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen, TheLevoy, Myron4.25.0
57736 ENMagic Hat, TheFox, Mem2.80.5
77942 ENMagic Key, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
26349 ENMagic Moon Machine, TheMoncure, Jane Belk2.10.5
9384 ENMagic Nutcracker, TheHillert, Margaret0.90.5
480 ENMagic of the Glits, TheAdler, C.S.5.53.0
121685 ENMagic Pickle and the Planet of the GrapesMorse, Scott4.31.0
121686 ENMagic Pickle vs. the Egg PoacherMorse, Scott4.11.0
16400 ENMagic Porridge Pot, TheZiefert, Harriet1.90.5
10479 ENMagic PumpkinMartin, Bill3.00.5
5479 ENMagic School Bus At the WaterworksCole, Joanna3.70.5
11378 ENMagic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake, TheBeech, Linda3.50.5
21658 ENMagic School Bus Gets Cold Feet: A Book about Warm and..., TheCole, Joanna3.20.5
101084 ENMagic School Bus Gets Crabby, TheEarhart, Kristin2.30.5
8681 ENMagic School Bus Hops Home, TheRelf, Patricia2.70.5
5481 ENMagic School Bus...Human BodyCole, Joanna4.60.5
10531 ENMagic School Bus in the Haunted Museum, TheBeech, Linda Ward3.30.5
9597 ENMagic School Bus in the Time of DinosaursCole, Joanna3.80.5
15114 ENMagic School Bus Inside a Beehive, TheCole, Joanna3.90.5
10880 ENMagic School Bus Inside a Hurricane, TheCole, Joanna4.30.5
11379 ENMagic School Bus Inside Ralphie, TheNadler, Beth3.50.5
5480 ENMagic School Bus Inside the EarthCole, Joanna3.60.5
54494 ENMagic School Bus Kicks up a Storm, TheCole/White3.40.5
5482 ENMagic School Bus Lost in the Solar System, TheCole, Joanna3.70.5
11380 ENMagic School Bus Meets the Rot Squad, TheBeech, Linda3.30.5
6076 ENMagic School Bus On the Ocean Floor, TheCole, Joanna4.00.5
11381 ENMagic School Bus Plants Seeds, TheRelf, Patricia3.10.5
21654 ENMagic School Bus Plays Ball: A Book about Forces, TheCole/Krulik3.31.0
17576 ENMagic Shell, TheMohr, Nicholasa4.42.0
25091 ENMagic Show Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
9581 ENMagic SpringRhee, Nami4.10.5
86195 ENMagician's Boy, TheCooper, Susan4.41.0
622 ENMagician's Nephew, TheLewis, C.S.5.46.0
7624 ENMagician's Visit, TheGoldin, Barbara3.80.5
11478 ENMagnificent Mummy Maker, TheWoodruff, Elvira4.94.0
66393 ENMail Carrier (People in My Community)Macken, JoAnn Early2.00.5
27537 ENMailbox ManiaLewis, Beverly2.41.0
20671 ENMailing MayTunnell, Michael O.3.60.5
12419 ENMaineFradin, Dennis B.4.31.0
119316 ENMaine Coon CatsPerkins, Wendy1.80.5
15176 ENMaine Coon Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.90.5
109595 ENMake a New Friend, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.60.5
5373 ENMake-Believe Ball PlayerSlote, Alfred3.32.0
6281 ENMake Like a Tree and LeaveDanziger, Paula4.53.0
5524 ENMake Way for DucklingsMcCloskey, Robert4.10.5
55273 ENMake Way for Dumb BunniesDenim, Sue2.30.5
6330 ENMake Way for Sam HoustonFritz, Jean7.04.0
61782 ENMaking Friends (Courteous Kids)Amos, Janine1.20.5
50732 ENMaking MusicRau, Dana Meachen0.90.5
481 ENMaking the TeamHughes, Dean3.62.0
123655 ENMako SharkNuzzolo, Deborah1.90.5
482 ENMaldonado Miracle, TheTaylor, Theodore4.55.0
74843 ENMallardsHall, Margaret1.90.5
6535 ENMallory and the Mystery DiaryMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
6536 ENMallory and the Trouble With TwinsMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
6537 ENMallory on StrikeMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
77035 ENMallory on the MoveFriedman, Laurie B.3.12.0
84389 ENMallory vs. MaxFriedman, Laurie B.3.42.0
68615 ENMalted Falcon, TheHale, Bruce3.42.0
88457 ENMalteseFurstinger, Nancy4.10.5
20276 ENMaltese Dog, TheCapeci, Anne4.44.0
46719 ENMama Cat Has Three KittensFleming, Denise1.60.5
6077 ENMama, Do You Love Me?Joosse, Barbara2.30.5
9778 ENMama Don't AllowHurd, Thacher2.20.5
57643 ENMama, Don't Go!Wells, Rosemary2.60.5
108885 ENMama, I'll Give You the WorldSchotter, Roni4.00.5
10266 ENMama, I Want to SingHigginson, Vy5.76.0
31713 ENMama ZoomsCowen-Fletcher, Jane1.90.5
56959 ENMammals of Long AgoFowler, Allan2.70.5
59083 ENMammals (The Animal Kingdom)Harvey, Bev3.80.5
11426 ENMammoth Mix-Up, ALevy, Elizabeth3.91.0
104763 ENMan Called Electro!, TheDezago, Todd3.00.5
9952 ENMan in the Ceiling, TheFeiffer, Jules5.34.0
24954 ENMan in the Iron Mask, TheDumas/Mantell4.02.0
18885 ENMan on the MoonSuen, Anastasia2.20.5
10920 ENMan Who Tricked a Ghost, TheYep, Laurence3.90.5
77196 ENMan Who Walked Between the Towers, TheGerstein, Mordicai3.70.5
6169 ENManateesLepthien, Emilie4.60.5
89495 ENManateesMiller, Connie Colwell3.80.5
112217 ENManateesRake, Jody Sullivan1.70.5
61084 ENManatees: Peaceful Plant-EatersRichardson, Adele D.3.70.5
59230 ENManatees (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.20.5
6170 ENMandans, TheLepthien, Emilie4.60.5
16740 ENMandie and Her Missing KinLeppard, Lois Gladys4.96.0
17872 ENMandie and Jonathan's PredicamentLeppard, Lois Gladys5.06.0
7763 ENMandie and the Abandoned MineLeppard, Lois Gladys4.45.0
7764 ENMandie and the Angel's SecretLeppard, Lois Gladys5.67.0
7765 ENMandie and the Charleston PhantomLeppard, Lois Gladys5.75.0
7766 ENMandie and the Cherokee LegendLeppard, Lois Gladys4.34.0
17873 ENMandie and the Courtroom BattleLeppard, Lois Gladys5.17.0
7767 ENMandie and the Fiery RescueLeppard, Lois Gladys4.96.0
7768 ENMandie and the Forbidden AtticLeppard, Lois Gladys5.85.0
7769 ENMandie and the Foreign SpiesLeppard, Lois Gladys4.75.0
7770 ENMandie and the Ghost BanditsLeppard, Lois Gladys4.34.0
7771 ENMandie and the Hidden TreasureLeppard, Lois Gladys4.15.0
7772 ENMandie and the Holiday SurpriseLeppard, Lois Gladys4.76.0
7773 ENMandie and the Jumping JuniperLeppard, Lois Gladys5.26.0
27615 ENMandie and the Long Good-byeLeppard, Lois Gladys5.16.0
7774 ENMandie and the Medicine ManLeppard, Lois Gladys4.34.0
7775 ENMandie and the Midnight JourneyLeppard, Lois Gladys4.85.0
7776 ENMandie and the Mysterious BellsLeppard, Lois Gladys5.96.0
7777 ENMandie and the Mysterious FishermanLeppard, Lois Gladys5.16.0
17874 ENMandie and the Schoolhouse's SecretLeppard, Lois Gladys5.36.0
7778 ENMandie and the Secret TunnelLeppard, Lois Gladys4.64.0
7779 ENMandie and the Shipboard MysteryLeppard, Lois Gladys4.66.0
7780 ENMandie and the Silent CatacombsLeppard, Lois Gladys5.46.0
7781 ENMandie and the Singing ChaletLeppard, Lois Gladys5.16.0
7782 ENMandie and the Trunk's SecretLeppard, Lois Gladys4.64.0
17875 ENMandie and the Unwanted GiftLeppard, Lois Gladys5.06.0
7783 ENMandie and the Washington NightmareLeppard, Lois Gladys5.26.0
7784 ENMandie and the Windmill's MessageLeppard, Lois Gladys5.26.0
6229 ENMandyBooth, Barbara4.50.5
5075 ENManiac MageeSpinelli, Jerry4.75.0
57099 ENManny MonkeySargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
907057 ENManny's Homework Assignment (HSP Edition)Vernbow, Teresa2.80.5
906971 ENMano and the Children (HSP Edition)Furyk, Erin2.30.5
119317 ENManx CatsPerkins, Wendy1.70.5
15177 ENManx Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.60.5
5483 ENMany MoonsThurber, James4.50.5
32203 ENMany Troubles of Andy Russell, TheAdler, David A.3.73.0
56960 ENMaple TreesFowler, Allan2.30.5
45147 ENMapping Penny's WorldLeedy, Loreen3.50.5
5578 ENMaps and GlobesBroekel, Ray3.80.5
126501 ENMarch of the AnkylosaurusStone, Rex3.91.0
109811 ENMarco? Polo!Scieszka, Jon3.51.0
56896 ENMarco Polo: Marco Polo and the Silk Road to ChinaBurgan, Michael5.60.5
7380 ENMare for Young Wolf, AShefelman, Janice2.60.5
75294 ENMare in the MeadowBaglio, Ben M.5.14.0
7625 ENMarge's DinerGibbons, Gail3.50.5
9932 ENMaria TallchiefErdrich, Heidi5.00.5
7151 ENMariah Delany's Author...ClubGreenwald, Sheila4.73.0
9933 ENMarian Wright EdelmanOtfinoski, Steven7.11.0
40137 ENMarie Antoinette: Princess of VersaillesLasky, Kathryn6.27.0
79522 ENMarie Curie (First Biographies)Schaefer, Lola/Wyatt2.50.5
7168 ENMariel of RedwallJacques, Brian5.716.0
11775 ENMarine Biologist: Swimming with the SharksGreenberg, Keith5.10.5
17371 ENMario Andretti (Race Car Legends)Prentzas, G.S.6.62.0
8269 ENMario LemieuxCox, Ted4.70.5
9934 ENMarjory Stoneman DouglasAndryszewski, Tricia6.41.0
2304 ENMark McGwire (Reading Power)Kirkpatrick, Rob1.20.5
5669 ENMark on the Door, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.35.0
906940 ENMark's Memories (HSP Edition)Appelbaum, Ellen2.40.5
70586 ENMark Twain at Work!Goldsmith, Howard2.40.5
105407 ENMarked for Destruction by Dr. Doom!Quantz, Daniel2.70.5
114857 ENMarley: A Dog Like No OtherGrogan, John4.96.0
106771 ENMarley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst DogGrogan, John6.915.0
14800 ENMarrying Malcolm MurgatroydFarrell, Mame4.44.0
6171 ENMarsFradin, Dennis4.50.5
84581 ENMarsRichardson, Adele3.50.5
70347 ENMars (Exploring the Galaxy)Adamson, Thomas K.2.30.5
48738 ENMarsh MusicBerkes, Marianne1.80.5
24928 ENMarsha Makes Me SickBottner, Barbara2.00.5
27566 ENMarshal Matt...Case of the Freezing FingerSanders, Nancy I.2.00.5
27564 ENMarshal Matt...Case of the Secret CodeSanders, Nancy I.2.40.5
27565 ENMarshal Matt...Puzzling Prints MysterySanders, Nancy I.2.40.5
27562 ENMarshal Matt...Slippery Snacks MysterySanders, Nancy I.2.30.5
27563 ENMarshal Matt...Topsy-Turvy Trail MysterySanders, Nancy I.2.30.5
19229 ENMartha Blah BlahMeddaugh, Susan3.80.5
7579 ENMartha SpeaksMeddaugh, Susan3.10.5
824 ENMartha Washington: America's First First LadyWagoner, Jean Brown4.23.0
54189 ENMartial ArtsKnotts, Bob4.80.5
14681 ENMartians Don't Take TemperaturesDadey/Jones3.61.0
106348 ENMartin Bridge Blazing Ahead!Kerrin, Jessica Scott4.21.0
119443 ENMartin Bridge in High Gear!Kerrin, Jessica Scott4.41.0
89979 ENMartin Bridge on the Lookout!Kerrin, Jessica Scott3.71.0
115498 ENMartin Bridge out of Orbit!Kerrin, Jessica Scott4.31.0
86665 ENMartin Bridge Ready for Takeoff!Kerrin, Jessica Scott3.61.0
111209 ENMartin Bridge Sound the Alarm!Kerrin, Jessica Scott4.11.0
10480 ENMartin Luther King, Jr. DayMacMillan, Dianne M.3.60.5
36815 ENMartin Luther King, Jr. Day (National Holidays)Frost, Helen2.00.5
31813 ENMartin Luther King, Jr. (Famous Americans)Schaefer, Lola M.2.50.5
813 ENMartin Luther King, Jr.: Young Man with a DreamMillender, Dharathula H.6.74.0
75636 ENMartin MacGregor's SnowmanCook, Lisa Broadie3.30.5
34944 ENMarty Frye, Private EyeTashjian, Janet3.01.0
25291 ENMarven of the Great North WoodsLasky, Kathryn4.51.0
64032 ENMarvin and the Mean WordsKline, Suzy2.91.0
9035 ENMarvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!Seuss, Dr.1.10.5
9269 ENMarvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's HouseSachar, Louis2.91.0
28330 ENMarvin Redpost: Class PresidentSachar, Louis3.41.0
9270 ENMarvin Redpost: Is He a Girl?Sachar, Louis2.81.0
6331 ENMarvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth?Sachar, Louis2.81.0
6332 ENMarvin Redpost: Why Pick on Me?Sachar, Louis2.71.0
36577 ENMarvin's Best Christmas Present EverPaterson, Katherine2.30.5
17630 ENMary Alice Peale: Philadelphia, 1777Duey, Kathleen4.84.0
6538 ENMary Anne and the Great RomanceMartin, Ann M.4.44.0
6539 ENMary Anne and the Search for TiggerMartin, Ann M.3.74.0
6540 ENMary Anne and Too Many BoysMartin, Ann M.4.44.0
6541 ENMary Anne Misses LoganMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
6544 ENMary Anne's Bad-Luck MysteryMartin, Ann M.4.14.0
6542 ENMary Anne Saves the DayMartin, Ann M.3.74.0
6543 ENMary Anne vs. LoganMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
45508 ENMary Anning: Fossil HunterWalker, Sally M.3.50.5
907001 ENMary Anning, Fossil Hunter (HSP Edition)Vance, Carter2.90.5
1453 ENMary Had a Little LambTrapani, Iza3.10.5
17631 ENMary McLeod Bethune: Voice of Black HopeMeltzer, Milton6.12.0
70398 ENMary SmithU'Ren, Andrea2.50.5
12420 ENMarylandFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
7187 ENMasai and IKroll, Virginia4.10.5
12421 ENMassachusettsFradin, Dennis B.5.41.0
120142 ENMaster of DeceptionWatson, Jude5.05.0
116988 ENMaster of Sound, TheParker, Jeff2.90.5
116963 ENMasters of Evil, TheParker, Jeff3.60.5
88458 ENMastiffsFurstinger, Nancy4.40.5
56 ENMatchlock Gun, TheEdmonds, Walter D.5.11.0
907086 ENMateo Fits In (HSP Edition)Jones, Scarlett3.70.5
17325 ENMath in the Bath (and Other Fun Places, Too!)Atherlay, Sara1.70.5
5429 ENMatildaDahl, Roald5.06.0
123717 ENMatt KensethDoeden, Matt3.00.5
7426 ENMatterWilkin, Fred4.10.5
18731 ENMatthew and the Sea SingerWalsh, Jill Paton5.00.5
6126 ENMatthew's DreamLionni, Leo3.10.5
57100 ENMattie Musk OxSargent, Dave/Pat3.60.5
6050 ENMattimeoJacques, Brian5.218.0
109812 ENMaude March on the Run! Or, Trouble Is Her Middle NameCouloumbis, Audrey5.211.0
7528 ENMaui-MauiCosgrove, Stephen4.90.5
9935 ENMaurice StrongWestrup, Hugh6.41.0
116177 ENMax and Buddy Go to the VetKlein, Adria F.1.40.5
9073 ENMax and Ruby's First Greek MythWells, Rosemary2.60.5
112506 ENMax and the Adoption Day PartyKlein, Adria F.1.70.5
112690 ENMax Celebrates Chinese New YearKlein, Adria F.1.80.5
100460 ENMax Goes on the BusKlein, Adria F.1.00.5
100461 ENMax Goes ShoppingKlein, Adria F.1.10.5
112691 ENMax Goes to a CookoutKlein, Adria F.1.60.5
100462 ENMax Goes to SchoolKlein, Adria F.1.00.5
100463 ENMax Goes to the BarberKlein, Adria F.1.60.5
116178 ENMax Goes to the DoctorKlein, Adria F.1.30.5
116176 ENMax Goes to the FarmKlein, Adria F.1.40.5
116179 ENMax Goes to the Grocery StoreKlein, Adria F.1.70.5
100465 ENMax Goes to the LibraryKlein, Adria F.1.30.5
116180 ENMax Goes to the PlaygroundKlein, Adria F.1.20.5
116181 ENMax Goes to the ZooKlein, Adria F.1.90.5
112507 ENMax Learns Sign LanguageKlein, Adria F.1.40.5
28324 ENMax Malone Makes a MillionHerman, Charlotte3.61.0
122394 ENMax's Bunny BusinessWells, Rosemary2.50.5
15800 ENMax's Dragon ShirtWells, Rosemary2.50.5
112508 ENMax's Fun DayKlein, Adria F.1.50.5
21380 ENMax's Wacky Taxi DayGrover, Max2.80.5
109414 ENMax's WordsBanks, Kate2.60.5
112692 ENMax Stays OvernightKlein, Adria F.1.40.5
6429 ENMaxie, Rosie and Earl - Partners in GrimePark, Barbara3.82.0
5525 ENMay I Bring a Friend?DeRegniers, Beatrice2.70.5
907116 ENMaya and the Everglades Alligator (HSP Edition)Larson, Jackie4.50.5
9936 ENMaya AngelouKing, Sarah5.81.0
10076 ENMaya Indians, TheSherrow, Victoria7.02.0
7427 ENMaya, TheMcKissack, Patricia4.40.5
117753 ENMaybelle in the SoupSpeck, Katie4.11.0
116909 ENMayflower Treasure HuntRoy, Ron4.12.0
123764 ENMayhem!Benjamin, Paul3.20.5
7529 ENMaynard's MermaidJames, Robin4.50.5
125985 ENMaze of Bones, TheRiordan, Rick4.37.0
59067 ENMaze of the Beast, TheRodda, Emily5.04.0
27951 ENMaze, TheDavid, Peter5.04.0
19230 ENMcDuff and the BabyWells, Rosemary2.40.5
57047 ENMcDuff Comes HomeWells, Rosemary2.70.5
57048 ENMcDuff Goes to SchoolWells, Rosemary2.30.5
17295 ENMcDuff Moves InWells, Rosemary2.30.5
57049 ENMcDuff's New Friend/McDuff's ChristmasWells, Rosemary2.40.5
60389 ENMcDuff Saves the DayWells, Rosemary2.90.5
9036 ENMcElligot's PoolSeuss, Dr.3.60.5
11479 ENMcMummyByars, Betsy4.24.0
7188 ENMe FirstLester, Helen3.00.5
674 ENMe, Mop, and the Moondance KidMyers, Walter Dean3.95.0
372 ENMe, My Goat, and My Sister's WeddingPevsner, Stella3.76.0
71260 ENMe Oh MayaScieszka, Jon3.61.0
49256 ENMe on the MapSweeney, Joan1.80.5
7284 ENMe Too!Mayer, Mercer1.50.5
36490 ENMean, Mean Maureen GreenCox, Judy2.81.0
7580 ENMean SoupEveritt, Betsy1.70.5
9779 ENMeanwhile Back at the RanchNoble, Trinka3.50.5
906862 ENMeasuring Max (HSP Edition)Douglas, Quinn2.30.5
26720 ENMeasuring PennyLeedy, Loreen3.20.5
21395 ENMedieval Feast, AAliki4.60.5
7682 ENMeet AddyPorter, Connie4.01.0
7330 ENMeet Babar and his FamilydeBrunhoff, Laurent2.80.5
11382 ENMeet Danitra BrownGrimes, Nikki3.40.5
6430 ENMeet FelicityTripp, Valerie4.21.0
17632 ENMeet JosefinaTripp, Valerie4.12.0
118247 ENMeet JulieMcDonald, Megan4.52.0
425 ENMeet KirstenShaw, Janet3.81.0
7626 ENMeet M & MRoss, Pat3.20.5
51900 ENMeet Mo and EllaSutherland, Tui T.1.20.5
426 ENMeet MollyTripp, Valerie4.21.0
427 ENMeet SamanthaAdler, Susan S.3.81.0
25088 ENMeet the Boxcar ChildrenWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
84287 ENMeet the GeckoVan Draanen, Wendelin3.42.0
10675 ENMeet the MolesonsBos, Burny2.40.5
9271 ENMeg Mackintosh and the Case of the Missing Baby Ruth BaseballLandon, Lucinda3.60.5
9272 ENMeg Mackintosh and the Mystery at Camp CreepyLandon, Lucinda4.11.0
9273 ENMeg Mackintosh and the Mystery in the Locked LibraryLandon, Lucinda3.51.0
104878 ENMegalodonRiehecky, Janet1.60.5
14682 ENMegan's MasqueradeMagraw, Trisha5.72.0
17876 ENMelanie and the Cruise CaperSchulte, Elaine L.4.54.0
29317 ENMelanie Bluelake's DreamDorion, Betty4.56.0
111658 ENMelrose and Croc: A Christmas to RememberChichester Clark, Emma2.30.5
5670 ENMelted Coins, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.95.0
73497 ENMemory Cupboard: A Thanksgiving Story, TheHerman, Charlotte3.60.5
104764 ENMenace of Mysterio!, TheRaicht, Mike2.70.5
71855 ENMeow Means MischiefNagda, Ann Whitehead3.32.0
6172 ENMercuryFradin, Dennis4.80.5
84582 ENMercuryRichardson, Adele3.70.5
70348 ENMercury (Exploring the Galaxy)Adamson, Thomas K.2.30.5
107765 ENMercy Watson Fights CrimeDiCamillo, Kate2.60.5
106376 ENMercy Watson Goes for a RideDiCamillo, Kate2.70.5
115901 ENMercy Watson: Princess in DisguiseDiCamillo, Kate2.70.5
131446 ENMercy Watson: Something Wonky This Way ComesDiCamillo, Kate3.20.5
123159 ENMercy Watson Thinks Like a PigDiCamillo, Kate2.80.5
88160 ENMercy Watson to the RescueDiCamillo, Kate2.70.5
17577 ENMeriwether Lewis: Boy ExplorerBebenroth, Charlotta M.4.34.0
27599 ENMerlin's DestinyBrouwer, Sigmund5.74.0
16910 ENMermaids Don't Run TrackDadey/Jones3.81.0
5526 ENMerry Christmas, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
9385 ENMerry Christmas, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
5430 ENMerry Christmas From BetsyHaywood, Carolyn3.92.0
83801 ENMerry Christmas, Geronimo!Stilton, Geronimo3.21.0
85701 ENMerry Christmas, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.70.5
6333 ENMerry Christmas, Miss McConnell!McKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy5.65.0
40602 ENMerry Christmas Mom and DadMayer, Mercer2.40.5
13940 ENMerry Christmas, Old ArmadilloBrimner, Larry Dane2.80.5
64297 ENMerry Christmas, Princess Dinosaur!Kastner, Jill1.70.5
52153 ENMerry Christmas, Strega NonaDe Paola, Tomie3.70.5
6173 ENMesa Verde National ParkPetersen, David4.60.5
16872 ENMessage from the Match Girl, ALisle, Janet Taylor4.03.0
5623 ENMessage in the Hollow Oak, TheKeene, Carolyn5.36.0
9326 ENMessy BesseyMcKissack, Patricia C.2.00.5
9327 ENMessy Bessey's ClosetMcKissack, Patricia C.1.70.5
9328 ENMessy Bessey's GardenMcKissack, Patricia C.0.80.5
75202 ENMetalKras, Sara Louise3.30.5
5131 ENMexicoJacobsen, Karen3.70.5
36474 ENMiami Gets It StraightMcKissack, Patricia/Fredrick2.81.0
4999 ENMice Are NiceGhigna, Charles1.20.5
10532 ENMice At BatOechsli, Kelly2.30.5
906863 ENMichael Jordan: No Quitter (HSP Edition)Woodward, Janet2.70.5
48497 ENMichelangelo Buonarroti (The Life and Work Of)Tames, Richard3.50.5
17372 ENMichelle KwanWellman, Sam5.92.0
12422 ENMichiganFradin, Dennis B.5.01.0
11480 ENMick Harte Was HerePark, Barbara4.52.0
5579 ENMicroscopes and TelescopesWilkin, Fred4.90.5
68471 ENMidnight for Charlie BoneNimmo, Jenny4.810.0
483 ENMidnight Fox, TheByars, Betsy4.94.0
6372 ENMidnight Horse, TheFleischman, Sid4.21.0
7741 ENMidnight in the DollhouseStover, Marjorie4.64.0
46188 ENMidnight Mystery, TheLewis, Beverly3.01.0
17578 ENMidnight on the MoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
27580 ENMidnight RescueJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.47.0
52878 ENMightiest, TheKasza, Keiko2.60.5
10481 ENMighty Santa Fe, TheHooks, William H.3.50.5
6230 ENMike and the Magic CookiesBuller, Jon2.40.5
6127 ENMike FinkKellogg, Steven4.90.5
5484 ENMike Mulligan and His Steam ShovelBurton, Virginia Lee4.40.5
5305 ENMike's MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.02.0
116659 ENMike's MysteryAboff, Marcie2.90.5
20031 ENMike Swan, Sink or SwimHeiligman, Deborah2.20.5
907148 ENMiki Gorman: The Amazing Runner (HSP Edition)Bertoletti, John4.50.5
84791 ENMilitary HelicoptersDoeden, Matt2.70.5
9780 ENMilk Makers, TheGibbons, Gail4.10.5
115564 ENMilky Way, TheKortenkamp, Steve3.80.5
6334 ENMillion Fish...More or Less, AMcKissack, Patricia4.00.5
6128 ENMillions of CatsGa'g, Wanda3.50.5
32430 ENMillions of SnowflakesSiddals, Mary McKenna0.80.5
9178 ENMiloli's OrchidsJezek, Alisandra3.90.5
6129 ENMilton the Early RiserKraus, Robert1.20.5
119715 ENMine-O-Saur, TheBardhan-Quallen, Sudipta2.00.5
31542 ENMine's the BestBonsall, Crosby0.50.5
16145 ENMinerva Louise at SchoolStoeke, Janet Morgan1.70.5
118092 ENMinerva Louise on Christmas EveStoeke, Janet Morgan1.50.5
7530 ENMing LingCosgrove, Stephen4.80.5
11178 ENMing Lo Moves the MountainLobel, Arnold3.60.5
53236 ENMiniature HorsesGentle/Perry4.30.5
88468 ENMiniature HorsesVan Cleaf, Kristin4.40.5
88459 ENMiniature SchnauzersFurstinger, Nancy4.50.5
7531 ENMinikinCosgrove, Stephen4.60.5
6479 ENMinn of the MississippiHolling, Holling Clancy5.63.0
12423 ENMinnesotaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
120050 ENMinnie and Moo and the Haunted SweaterCazet, Denys2.20.5
45509 ENMinnie and Moo and the Musk of ZorroCazet, Denys2.10.5
59516 ENMinnie and Moo and the Potato from Planet XCazet, Denys2.30.5
75431 ENMinnie and Moo and the Seven Wonders of the WorldCazet, Denys3.22.0
53068 ENMinnie and Moo and the Thanksgiving TreeCazet, Denys2.10.5
32165 ENMinnie and Moo Go DancingCazet, Denys2.00.5
40198 ENMinnie and Moo Go to ParisCazet, Denys2.00.5
32164 ENMinnie and Moo Go to the MoonCazet, Denys2.00.5
53491 ENMinnie and Moo Meet FrankenswineCazet, Denys2.30.5
36431 ENMinnie and Moo Save the EarthCazet, Denys2.00.5
76141 ENMinnie and Moo: The Attack of the Easter BunniesCazet, Denys2.10.5
101631 ENMinnie and Moo: The Case of the Missing Jelly DonutCazet, Denys2.20.5
65207 ENMinnie and Moo: The Night Before ChristmasCazet, Denys2.30.5
72213 ENMinnie and Moo: The Night of the Living BedCazet, Denys2.20.5
109415 ENMinnie and Moo, Wanted Dead or AliveCazet, Denys2.20.5
65666 ENMinnie and Moo: Will You Be My Valentine?Cazet, Denys2.50.5
428 ENMinstrel in the Tower, TheSkurzynski, Gloria4.21.0
16647 ENMinty: A Story of Young Harriet TubmanSchroeder, Alan3.60.5
11427 ENMiracle at the PlateChristopher, Matt4.12.0
59 ENMiracles on Maple HillSorensen, Virginia4.97.0
102971 ENMiraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.42.0
5027 ENMirandy and Brother WindMcKissack, Patricia C.3.60.5
6335 ENMirette on the High WireMcCully, Emily3.60.5
907096 ENMirror: A Korean Folktale (HSP Edition), TheHelfer, Alison4.00.5
64750 ENMirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Diary of Bess BrennanDenenberg, Barry6.04.0
101209 ENMisadventures of Maude March, or, Trouble Rides a Fast Horse, TheCouloumbis, Audrey5.111.0
41284 ENMiserable Mill, TheSnicket, Lemony6.25.0
278 ENMishmashCone, Molly4.22.0
45439 ENMiss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of KindergartenSlate, Joseph2.20.5
45440 ENMiss Bindergarten Gets Ready for KindergartenSlate, Joseph1.50.5
61668 ENMiss Bindergarten Plans a Circus with KindergartenSlate, Joseph1.90.5
45441 ENMiss Bindergarten Stays Home from KindergartenSlate, Joseph2.40.5
54249 ENMiss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with KindergartenSlate, Joseph1.70.5
79640 ENMiss Daisy Is Crazy!Gutman, Dan4.31.0
126 ENMiss HickoryBailey, Carolyn Sherwin5.94.0
110169 ENMiss Holly Is Too Jolly!Gutman, Dan4.01.0
102956 ENMiss Lazar Is Bizarre!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
59434 ENMiss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10Finchler, Judy2.40.5
46094 ENMiss Mouse's DayOrmerod, Jan0.90.5
51669 ENMiss Mouse Takes OffOrmerod, Jan0.80.5
21393 ENMiss Nelson Has a Field DayAllard, Harry3.00.5
6130 ENMiss Nelson Is BackAllard, Harry2.70.5
5234 ENMiss Nelson Is MissingAllard, Harry2.70.5
5028 ENMiss RumphiusCooney, Barbara3.80.5
84980 ENMiss Small Is off the Wall!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
117089 ENMiss Suki Is Kooky!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
10482 ENMiss Suzy's Easter SurpriseYoung, Miriam3.90.5
9975 ENMiss TizzyGray, Libba3.60.5
906774 ENMissing Bird (HSP Edition), TheMoore, Sarah1.80.5
5671 ENMissing Chums, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
27955 ENMissing GirlsMetzger, Lois4.15.0
6673 ENMissing MayRylant, Cynthia5.33.0
46571 ENMissing MittensMurphy, Stuart J.1.90.5
110222 ENMissing Monkey-Eye Diamond, TheKeane, Dave5.12.0
46482 ENMissing Mummy, TheRoy, Ron4.01.0
17877 ENMissing on Castaway IslandBiggar, Joan Rawlins4.45.0
7381 ENMissing Tooth, TheCole, Joanna1.90.5
16679 ENMission from Mount YodaDavids, Paul/Hollace6.53.0
12424 ENMississippiFradin, Dennis/Judith4.51.0
5431 ENMississippi BridgeTaylor, Mildred D.4.21.0
12425 ENMissouriFradin, Dennis/Judith4.11.0
39816 ENMissouri BoundMacBride/Henson3.51.0
46466 ENMissouri School DaysMacBride, Roger Lea4.21.0
78975 ENMister SeahorseCarle, Eric2.50.5
60 ENMisty of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite5.34.0
6336 ENMitch and AmyCleary, Beverly6.26.0
7331 ENMitchell Is MovingSharmat, Marjorie2.80.5
6131 ENMitten, TheBrett, Jan3.90.5
279 ENMitzi's Honeymoon With Nana PottsWilliams, Barbara4.03.0
373 ENMoccasin TrailMcGraw, Eloise Jarvis5.812.0
48498 ENMohandas Gandhi (Lives and Times)Barraclough, John3.50.5
10077 ENMohawk Indians, TheHubbard-Brown, Janet7.72.0
6174 ENMohawk, TheDuvall, Jill5.20.5
36044 ENMoho Wat: Sheepeater Boy Attempts a RescueThomasma, Kenneth5.04.0
115162 ENMokie & BikOrr, Wendy4.71.0
907149 ENMold, Dogs, and Scientists (HSP Edition)Soren, David K.4.90.5
51258 ENMole's Hill: A Woodland TaleEhlert, Lois2.40.5
52787 ENMole Sisters and the Blue Egg, TheSchwartz, Roslyn0.70.5
41884 ENMole Sisters and the Piece of Moss, TheSchwartz, Roslyn1.10.5
41885 ENMole Sisters and the Rainy Day, TheSchwartz, Roslyn0.80.5
46267 ENMole Sisters and the Wavy Wheat, TheSchwartz, Roslyn1.00.5
7285 ENMollyRadlauer, Ruth0.80.5
7286 ENMolly Goes HikingRadlauer, Ruth0.90.5
27991 ENMolly in the MiddleMorris, Kimberly2.80.5
485 ENMolly Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie3.71.0
101040 ENMolly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel AdventureByng, Georgia5.212.0
69127 ENMolly Moon's Incredible Book of HypnotismByng, Georgia5.512.0
77847 ENMolly Moon Stops the WorldByng, Georgia5.311.0
816 ENMolly Pitcher: Young PatriotStevenson, Augusta3.43.0
9131 ENMolly's JourneySargent, Dave/Pat5.20.5
5029 ENMolly's PilgrimCohen, Barbara3.00.5
675 ENMolly's SurpriseTripp, Valerie3.61.0
5235 ENMolly Saves the DayTripp, Valerie3.71.0
7382 ENMolly the Brave and MeO'Connor, Jane2.00.5
47510 ENMom PieJonell, Lynne1.80.5
9074 ENMomotaroMotomora, Mitchell2.30.5
86064 ENMona Mousa Code, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
6175 ENMonarch ButterfliesLepthien, Emilie4.40.5
66255 ENMonarch ButterfliesWaxman, Laura Hamilton2.50.5
31804 ENMonarch ButterfliesFrost, Helen2.70.5
53918 ENMonarch ButterflyGibbons, Gail3.40.5
116912 ENMonday with a Mad GeniusOsborne, Mary Pope3.82.0
5581 ENMoneyElkin, Benjamin4.10.5
11776 ENMoney, Money, MoneyParker, Nancy8.81.0
62827 ENMoney Trouble (Rookie Choices)Brimner, Larry Dane1.70.5
45511 ENMonkey BusinessMartin, David1.50.5
906864 ENMonkey Business (HSP Edition)McMillan, Dawn2.50.5
58474 ENMonkey Mo Goes to SeaGoode, Diane2.40.5
7383 ENMonkey-Monkey's TrickMcKissack, Patricia2.10.5
47816 ENMonkey See, Monkey DoRegan, Dana1.00.5
45512 ENMonkey TroubleMartin, David1.40.5
55446 ENMonkeysMolter, Carey0.80.5
5580 ENMonkeys and ApesLumley, Kathryn3.20.5
80280 ENMonkeys (Animal Kingdom)Murray, Julie2.90.5
907002 ENMonkeys: Making a Difference (HSP Edition)Winbush, Reggie3.50.5
27575 ENMonopoly, TheBuchanan/Randall4.13.0
9613 ENMonster BloodStine, R.L.4.13.0
9614 ENMonster Blood IIStine, R.L.3.63.0
9615 ENMonster Blood IIIStine, R.L.3.23.0
9675 ENMonster from the Sea, TheHooks, William2.90.5
47817 ENMonster in the Maze: The Story of the MinotaurSpinner, Stephanie2.40.5
7742 ENMonster in the Third Dresser Drawer..., TheSmith, Janice Lee3.91.0
9480 ENMonster MamaRosenberg, Liz3.70.5
14635 ENMonster MannersCole, Joanna3.10.5
58855 ENMonster Math PicnicMaccarone, Grace0.90.5
47818 ENMonster MunchiesNumeroff, Laura2.70.5
115410 ENMonster of Lake Lobo, TheNickel, Scott2.60.5
13877 ENMonster Rabbit Runs Amuck!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.81.0
5947 ENMonster's Ring, TheCoville, Bruce3.92.0
27985 ENMonster SongsEaton, Deborah1.70.5
9824 ENMonster Truck RacingJohnston, Scott4.20.5
11221 ENMonster Truck WarsSavage, Jeff5.10.5
13525 ENMonster TrucksKoons, James3.70.5
79468 ENMonster Trucks (Horsepower)Doeden, Matt2.50.5
108464 ENMonster Trucks (Mighty Machines)Doeden, Matt2.10.5
58942 ENMonster Trucks (Mighty Movers)Nelson, Kristin L.2.20.5
85529 ENMonster Trucks (Mighty Movers)Tieck, Sarah3.40.5
8270 ENMonster VehiclesAtkinson, E.J.4.31.0
10676 ENMonsters Don't Scuba DiveDadey/Jones3.61.0
27956 ENMonsters in CyberspaceRegan, Dian Curtis4.54.0
5432 ENMonsters of Marble Avenue, TheGondosch, Linda2.91.0
12426 ENMontanaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.61.0
58943 ENMonthsNelson, Robin1.40.5
78976 ENMoo Who?Palatini, Margie1.70.5
10171 ENMoon and You, TheKrupp, E.C.4.60.5
9676 ENMoon BoyBrenner, Barbara1.70.5
6176 ENMoon FlightsFradin, Dennis5.30.5
66980 ENMoon GlowingPartridge, Elizabeth1.40.5
9961 ENMoon in Your Lunch Box, ASpooner, Michael4.70.5
17326 ENMoon Jump: A CountdownBrown, Paula1.90.5
56286 ENMoon (Out in Space), TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.40.5
123658 ENMoon (Revised Edition), TheRustad, Martha E.H.1.60.5
5132 ENMoon, Sun and StarsLewellen, John2.80.5
74728 ENMoon, TheBredeson, Carmen2.60.5
84587 ENMoon, TheWinrich, Ralph3.60.5
31619 ENMoonbeam on a Cat's EarGay, Marie-Louise1.40.5
24901 ENMoonbear's SkyfireAsch, Frank1.60.5
24900 ENMoondanceAsch, Frank2.80.5
36008 ENMoongameAsch, Frank2.60.5
10677 ENMoonlight MadnessErickson, John R.4.53.0
374 ENMoonlight Man, TheFox, Paula5.16.0
129309 ENMoonlight on the Magic FluteOsborne, Mary Pope3.72.0
71684 ENMoonlight: The Halloween CatRylant, Cynthia1.40.5
5624 ENMoonstone Castle Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
6431 ENMoonwalkDonnelly, Judy4.11.0
81135 ENMooove Over! A Book About Counting by TwosBeil, Karen Magnuson2.10.5
100957 ENMoose CrossingGreene, Stephanie2.70.5
86476 ENMoose's Big IdeaGreene, Stephanie2.90.5
34504 ENMoose TalesVan Laan, Nancy2.10.5
7581 ENMop TopFreeman, Don3.70.5
375 ENMore Adventures of the Great BrainFitzgerald, John D.5.26.0
76153 ENMore Mr. and Mrs. GreenBaker, Keith2.60.5
79347 ENMore Perfect Than the MoonMacLachlan, Patricia2.81.0
11179 ENMore Spaghetti, I Say!Gelman, Rita Golden1.20.5
6231 ENMore Stories Julian TellsCameron, Ann2.91.0
19231 ENMore Tales of Oliver PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.30.5
13844 ENMore Than Anything ElseBradby, Marie3.30.5
7532 ENMorgan and MeCosgrove, Stephen4.30.5
7533 ENMorgan and YewCosgrove, Stephen4.70.5
24610 ENMorgansGentle/Perry4.60.5
114594 ENMorris and Buddy: The Story of the First Seeing Eye DogHall, Becky4.81.0
7332 ENMorris Goes to SchoolWiseman, B.2.00.5
46095 ENMorris's Disappearing BagWells, Rosemary2.40.5
70152 ENMorris the ArtistSegal, Lore2.90.5
65001 ENMorris the MooseWiseman, Bernard1.60.5
101531 ENMortimer's Christmas MangerWilson, Karma2.60.5
27658 ENMoses and the AngelsSobel, Ileene Smith6.11.0
27510 ENMoses Goes to a ConcertMillman, Isaac3.30.5
5485 ENMoses the KittenHerriot, James4.80.5
109416 ENMoses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to FreedomWeatherford, Carole Boston4.00.5
104891 ENMosquitoesHall, Margaret1.90.5
31771 ENMosquitoesCoughlan, Cheryl3.00.5
6337 ENMoss GownHooks, William4.20.5
676 ENMost Beautiful Place in the World, TheCameron, Ann4.21.0
906951 ENMost Important Meal of the Day (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne3.00.5
6232 ENMost Wonderful Doll in the World, TheMcGinley, Phyllis4.61.0
7582 ENMother for Choco, AKasza, Keiko2.20.5
907039 ENMother Goose Detective Agency (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne2.70.5
17327 ENMother Goose MathBolam, Emily2.40.5
19935 ENMother Hubbard's ChristmasO'Brien, John2.10.5
5486 ENMother, Mother I Want AnotherPolushkin, Maria1.70.5
10483 ENMother's DayGore, Willma Willis4.00.5
36009 ENMother's Day Mice, TheBunting, Eve3.00.5
9937 ENMother TeresaJohnson, Linda Carlson5.71.0
48499 ENMother Teresa (Lives and Times)Barraclough, John3.30.5
47174 ENMother Teresa (On My Own Biography)Ransom, Candice F.3.40.5
84792 ENMothsHoward, Fran1.70.5
43910 ENMothsFrost, Helen1.90.5
8271 ENMotocross CyclesCarser, S.X.4.90.5
13527 ENMotocross CyclesSavage, Jeff4.90.5
115376 ENMotocross Double-CrossMaddox, Jake3.71.0
79405 ENMotocross FreestyleDoeden, Matt2.40.5
75408 ENMotocross FreestyleSchwartz, Tina P.4.60.5
9825 ENMotocross RacingYoung, Jesse4.70.5
104138 ENMotocross RacingMarx, Mandy R.3.20.5
75409 ENMotocross RacingSievert, Terri4.70.5
48500 ENMotorbikes (Transportation Around the World)Oxlade, Chris3.80.5
9826 ENMotorcycle RacingDregni, Michael4.70.5
8272 ENMotorcyclesKahaner, Ellen5.21.0
13528 ENMotorcyclesJay, Jackson4.10.5
108465 ENMotorcyclesDoeden, Matt1.40.5
17373 ENMotorcycles (Race Car Legends)Savage, Jeff7.52.0
16372 ENMotorcycles (Transportation)Ready, Dee2.20.5
130960 ENMount Rushmore Calamity, ThePennypacker, Sara4.41.0
10646 ENMountain Bike MadnessSachs, Betsy2.91.0
9827 ENMountain BikingGutman, Bill4.60.5
84970 ENMountain BikingSchuette, Sarah L.2.60.5
9179 ENMountain BoyJosephs, Anna5.00.5
906844 ENMountain Gorillas (HSP Edition)Raymond, Dean2.90.5
907058 ENMountain Ranges (HSP Edition)DiBergamo, Alfonso3.60.5
5309 ENMountain Top MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
16142 ENMountain WeddingGibbons, Faye4.20.5
907123 ENMountaineers (HSP Edition), TheCullman, Ted3.70.5
5582 ENMountainsStone, Lynn M.3.50.5
2879 ENMountains Gush Lava and AshOliver, Clare4.40.5
182 ENMouse and the Motorcycle, TheCleary, Beverly5.13.0
11674 ENMouse Box, TheCowley, Joy2.10.5
17579 ENMouse Called Wolf, AKing-Smith, Dick5.32.0
115226 ENMouse Island Marathon, TheStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
901 ENMouse MessRiley, Linnea1.70.5
9461 ENMouse PaintWalsh, Ellen2.20.5
42606 ENMouse's First ChristmasThompson, Lauren2.10.5
71200 ENMouse's First Day of SchoolThompson, Lauren1.50.5
42607 ENMouse's First HalloweenThompson, Lauren1.40.5
57725 ENMouse's First ValentineThompson, Lauren1.30.5
79654 ENMouse's Halloween PartyModesitt, Jeanne2.50.5
7333 ENMouse SoupLobel, Arnold2.40.5
7334 ENMouse TalesLobel, Arnold3.00.5
9677 ENMouse Who Wanted to Marry, TheOrgel, Doris2.30.5
26350 ENMousekin's Special DayMoncure, Jane Belk1.90.5
62087 ENMouth (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed1.10.5
7233 ENMoving DaySzekeres, Cyndy2.10.5
115048 ENMoxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart LittleGifford, Peggy5.21.0
125619 ENMoxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank-You NotesGifford, Peggy5.32.0
48501 ENMozart (Lives and Times)Lynch, Wendy3.20.5
9678 ENMr. BaseballHooks, William2.50.5
9037 ENMr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
9679 ENMr. Bubble GumHooks, William2.70.5
101363 ENMr. Chickee's Funny MoneyCurtis, Christopher Paul5.35.0
112464 ENMr. Chickee's Messy MissionCurtis, Christopher Paul5.68.0
9680 ENMr. DinosaurHooks, William2.60.5
103837 ENMr. Docker Is Off His Rocker!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
26351 ENMr. Doodle Had a PoodleMoncure, Jane Belk1.60.5
907032 ENMr. Finnigan and Me (HSP Edition)Appelbaum, Ellen3.60.5
11675 ENMr. FixitCowley, Joy1.40.5
80731 ENMr. George BakerHest, Amy2.50.5
126512 ENMr. Granite Is from Another Planet!Gutman, Dan3.71.0
87383 ENMr. Hynde Is out of His MindGutman, Dan3.81.0
79641 ENMr. Klutz Is Nuts!Gutman, Dan4.41.0
19057 ENMr. Lincoln's WhiskersWinnick, Karen2.70.5
119702 ENMr. Louie Is Screwy!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
112348 ENMr. Macky Is Wacky!Gutman, Dan3.71.0
9681 ENMr. MonsterHooks, William2.90.5
79149 ENMr. Murry and ThumbkinWilson, Karma2.80.5
17633 ENMr. Peale's BonesWest, Tracey4.31.0
58 ENMr. Popper's PenguinsAtwater, Richard5.63.0
17580 ENMr. Potter's PetKing-Smith, Dick4.31.0
112101 ENMr. Pusskins: A Love StoryLloyd, Sam2.40.5
122850 ENMr. Pusskins and Little Whiskers: Another Love StoryLloyd, Sam2.80.5
14426 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Bake the CakeRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
59517 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Catch the ColdRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
46467 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Feed the FishRylant, Cynthia2.20.5
14427 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Fly the PlaneRylant, Cynthia3.50.5
87711 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Make a WishRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
35325 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Paint the PorchRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
14428 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Pick the PearsRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
11647 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Pour the TeaRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
14429 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Row the BoatRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
120215 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Run the RaceRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
115860 ENMr. Putter & Tabby See the StarsRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
107766 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Spin the YarnRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
68289 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Stir the SoupRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
32205 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Take the TrainRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
19232 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Toot the HornRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
12481 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Walk the DogRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
78747 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Write the BookRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
109968 ENMr. Strike OutMaddox, Jake2.71.0
11180 ENMr. Sun and Mr. SeaButler, Andrea1.50.5
126993 ENMr. Sunny Is Funny!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
11481 ENMr. TucketPaulsen, Gary5.04.0
6132 ENMr. Willowby's Christmas TreeBarry, Robert3.50.5
7335 ENMrs. Brice's MiceHoff, Syd2.30.5
66057 ENMrs. Claus Doesn't Climb Telephone PolesDadey/Jones3.51.0
101364 ENMrs. Cooney is Loony!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
105952 ENMrs. Crump's CatSmith, Linda3.70.5
124641 ENMrs. Dole Is out of Control!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
62 ENMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMHO'Brien, Robert C.5.18.0
11676 ENMrs. Grimble's GrapevineEggleton, Jill2.40.5
11677 ENMrs. Harriet's HairdoEggleton, Jill2.30.5
102957 ENMrs. Jeepers' Scariest Halloween EverDadey, Debbie3.81.0
105639 ENMrs. Kormel Is Not Normal!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
25861 ENMrs. MackPolacco, Patricia4.01.0
81645 ENMrs. McMurphy's PumpkinWalton, Rick3.60.5
59562 ENMrs. McNosh Hangs up Her WashWeeks, Sarah2.60.5
109528 ENMrs. Patty Is Batty!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
63 ENMrs. Piggle-WiggleMacDonald, Betty5.23.0
34688 ENMrs. Piggle-Wiggle's FarmMacDonald, Betty4.94.0
36025 ENMrs. Piggle-Wiggle's MagicMacDonald, Betty5.55.0
11678 ENMrs. Pye's PoolEggleton, Jill1.80.5
83937 ENMrs. Roopy Is Loopy!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
78818 ENMrs. Watson Wants Your TeethMcGhee, Alison2.40.5
102267 ENMrs. Wishy-Washy's ChristmasCowley, Joy2.40.5
70618 ENMrs. Wishy-Washy's FarmCowley, Joy2.00.5
118271 ENMrs. Yonkers Is Bonkers!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
115027 ENMs. Coco Is Loco!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
83938 ENMs. Hannah Is Bananas!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
121150 ENMs. Krup Cracks Me Up!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
101365 ENMs. LaGrange Is Strange!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
109319 ENMs. Todd Is Odd!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
677 ENMuch Ado About AldoHurwitz, Johanna4.81.0
17328 ENMuch Bigger Than MartinKellogg, Steven2.50.5
18637 ENMucky PupBrown, Ken2.50.5
42608 ENMucky Pup's ChristmasBrown, Ken2.20.5
31863 ENMud!Simon, Charnan0.60.5
26729 ENMudRay, Mary Lyn1.50.5
65026 ENMud Pie for Mother, ABeck, Scott1.90.5
5527 ENMud Pony, TheCohen, Caron L.3.70.5
19843 ENMuddle CuddleGugler, Laurel Dee2.90.5
27538 ENMudhole Mystery, TheLewis, Beverly2.51.0
5030 ENMufaro's Beautiful DaughtersSteptoe, John4.30.5
7534 ENMuffin Muncher, TheCosgrove, Stephen5.10.5
429 ENMuggie MaggieCleary, Beverly4.51.0
7535 ENMumkinCosgrove, Stephen5.30.5
14683 ENMummies Don't Coach SoftballDadey/Jones3.81.0
10644 ENMummies in the MorningOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
9781 ENMummies Made in EgyptAliki5.20.5
75348 ENMummies, Pyramids, and Pharaohs: A Book About Ancient EgyptGibbons, Gail5.20.5
44179 ENMummy Walks, TheStine, R.L.3.63.0
108289 ENMummy with No Name, TheStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
43939 ENMunching, Crunching, Sniffing, and SnoopingMoses, Brian3.20.5
376 ENMurder for Her Majesty, AHilgartner, Beth5.08.0
82187 ENMurder, My TweetHale, Bruce3.72.0
104130 ENMuscular System, TheOlien, Rebecca4.00.5
11679 ENMuseum, TheCutting, Brian/Jillian2.30.5
9462 ENMushroom in the RainGinsburg, Mirra2.50.5
906898 ENMusic for Everyone (HSP Edition)Irving, Dianne3.30.5
43502 ENMusic Teacher from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.40.5
907003 ENMusic to My Ears (HSP Edition)Edwards, Leila C.3.50.5
906984 ENMusical Barn (HSP Edition), TheSiegel, David3.40.5
6496 ENMusical MaxKraus, Robert2.30.5
74844 ENMuskratsHall, Margaret1.70.5
88470 ENMustang HorsesVan Cleaf, Kristin4.20.5
106300 ENMustang in the MistBaglio, Ben M.4.84.0
10581 ENMustang, Wild Spirit of the WestHenry, Marguerite5.37.0
1415 ENMustangs (Great American Muscle Cars)Ethan, Eric5.10.5
280 ENMustardGraeber, Charlotte3.11.0
112408 ENMutiny on the Bounty, TheO'Brien, Patrick5.61.0
115671 ENMuttsRake, Jody Sullivan2.00.5
15185 ENMutts (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.40.5
48168 ENMy "a" Sound BoxMoncure, Jane Belk1.40.5
32616 ENMy Almost Perfect PlanVerney, Sarah J.3.01.0
55688 ENMy ApronCarle, Eric1.80.5
65624 ENMy Beak, Your BeakWalsh, Melanie1.00.5
2293 ENMy Best Friend: A Book About FriendshipFeldman, Heather1.10.5
14954 ENMy Best Friend Is InvisibleStine, R.L.2.82.0
24927 ENMy Best Friend Is Out of This WorldAlbee, Sarah1.20.5
60908 ENMy Big BrotherFisher, Valorie1.50.5
29213 ENMy Big DogStevens, Janet1.40.5
72368 ENMy Big SisterFisher, Valorie1.80.5
16398 ENMy Brother, AntByars, Betsy1.70.5
40138 ENMy Brother's Keeper: Virginia's DiaryOsborne, Mary Pope4.32.0
127 ENMy Brother Sam Is DeadCollier, James/Christopher4.97.0
329 ENMy Brother StevieClymer, Eleanor4.13.0
27986 ENMy Brother, the PestBernstein, Margery1.70.5
7189 ENMy BuddyOsofsky, Audrey3.00.5
31862 ENMy Camp-OutLeonard, Marcia0.40.5
53208 ENMy CarBarton, Byron0.90.5
46820 ENMy CatFoley, Cate0.90.5
54808 ENMy Cat's SecretWallace, Karen2.30.5
47514 ENMy DadBrowne, Anthony1.40.5
51672 ENMy Dad Is AwesomeButterworth, Nick1.10.5
56669 ENMy Deer Is a DearSalzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.30.5
46400 ENMy DogHughes, Sarah1.30.5
2298 ENMy Dog: A Book About a Special PetFeldman, Heather1.20.5
115124 ENMy Dog LyleGoldfinger, Jennifer P.3.30.5
908 ENMy Dog Never Says PleaseWilliams, Suzanne2.40.5
108132 ENMy Dog's a Scaredy-Cat: A Halloween TailWinkler, Henry4.64.0
9180 ENMy Doll Is Lost!Elliott, Dan2.00.5
70587 ENMy Dress-up PartyWillson, Sarah1.50.5
48172 ENMy "e" Sound BoxMoncure, Jane Belk1.50.5
902802 ENMy Family Band (HSP Edition)Farrell, Ben1.50.5
57439 ENMy Family (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.80.5
486 ENMy Father's DragonGannett, Ruth Stiles5.61.0
106071 ENMy Father, the DogBluemle, Elizabeth2.50.5
45174 ENMy Favorite FoodsRau, Dana Meachen1.30.5
106559 ENMy Feet Are LaughingNorman, Lissette4.00.5
9181 ENMy First American FriendJin, Sarunna3.50.5
82610 ENMy First Chinese New YearKatz, Karen2.30.5
113198 ENMy First DogBozzo, Linda2.90.5
9182 ENMy First SpringLambert, Matthew4.40.5
32604 ENMy Fourth-Grade MessDubowski, Cathy East2.81.0
27502 ENMy Friend BearAlborough, Jez2.50.5
30150 ENMy Friend GorillaMorozumi, Atsuko1.40.5
281 ENMy Friend the VampireBodenburg, Angela4.24.0
9464 ENMy FriendsGomi, Taro2.00.5
11181 ENMy G-r-r-r-reat Uncle TigerRiordan, James2.80.5
6133 ENMy Great-Aunt ArizonaHouston, Gloria4.00.5
9616 ENMy Hairiest AdventureStine, R.L.3.53.0
57440 ENMy Home (My World)Schlepp, Tammy J.1.90.5
48176 ENMy "i" Sound BoxMoncure, Jane Belk1.50.5
48178 ENMy "k" Sound BoxMoncure, Jane Belk1.50.5
27973 ENMy Life Among the AliensGauthier, Gail4.13.0
17878 ENMy Life as a Bigfoot Breath MintMyers, Bill4.13.0
17879 ENMy Life as a Blundering BallerinaMyers, Bill4.83.0
17880 ENMy Life as a Toasted Time TravelerMyers, Bill4.53.0
17881 ENMy Life as Polluted Pond ScumMyers, Bill4.73.0
17882 ENMy Life as Reindeer Road KillMyers, Bill4.63.0
9782 ENMy Little IslandLessac, Frane3.60.5
78024 ENMy Lucky DayKasza, Keiko2.30.5
19233 ENMy Magic ClothBeisert, Heide Helene2.50.5
28027 ENMy Mama Says There Aren't Any Zombies, Ghosts, Vampires...Viorst, Judith3.10.5
5236 ENMy Mom Made Me Go To CampDelton, Judy2.10.5
48708 ENMy Mother Is MineBauer, Marion Dane0.90.5
9956 ENMy Name Is Brain BrianBetancourt, Jeanne4.34.0
12380 ENMy Name Is Maria IsabelAda, Alma Flor4.91.0
73830 ENMy Name Is Stilton, Geronimo StiltonStilton, Geronimo3.21.0
69900 ENMy Name is YoonRecorvits, Helen2.30.5
7234 ENMy New BoyPhillips, Joan1.00.5
40736 ENMy New Pet Is the GreatestAlbee, Sarah1.30.5
74594 ENMy Ol' ManPolacco, Patricia3.70.5
31864 ENMy Pal AlLeonard, Marcia0.60.5
27992 ENMy Pen Pal, PatPapademetriou, Lisa2.80.5
57441 ENMy Pet (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.90.5
46626 ENMy Pinkie FingerFranco, Betsy1.00.5
102268 ENMy Pony Jack at Riding LessonsMeister, Cari1.00.5
6006 ENMy Prairie ChristmasHarvey, Brett4.20.5
56812 ENMy Red RowboatRau, Dana Meachen1.40.5
183 ENMy Robot BuddySlote, Alfred3.61.0
11383 ENMy Rotten Redheaded Older BrotherPolacco, Patricia3.30.5
18732 ENMy School Is Worse Than YoursToles, Tom3.91.0
102132 ENMy Secret Life as a Ping-Pong WizardWinkler, Henry4.64.0
44821 ENMy Secret War: The World War II Diary of Madeline BeckOsborne, Mary Pope5.54.0
11182 ENMy ShadowStevenson, Robert Louis2.60.5
64 ENMy Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
17329 ENMy Silly Book of CountingAmerikaner, Susan2.60.5
9958 ENMy Sister AnnieDodds, Bill3.52.0
7153 ENMy Sister, My Science ReportBechard, Margaret3.22.0
32499 ENMy Son, the Time TravelerGreenburg, Dan2.91.0
21252 ENMy StepsDerby, Sally3.30.5
11482 ENMy Teacher Flunked the PlanetCoville, Bruce5.05.0
11483 ENMy Teacher Fried My BrainsCoville, Bruce4.84.0
11484 ENMy Teacher Glows in the DarkCoville, Bruce4.94.0
5433 ENMy Teacher Is an AlienCoville, Bruce5.33.0
41864 ENMy Tooth Is Loose!Silverman, Martin1.70.5
906799 ENMy Travel Journal (HSP Edition)Margaret, Jamie2.20.5
184 ENMy Trip to Alpha 1Slote, Alfred4.31.0
66204 ENMy Trip to the ZooMayer, Mercer0.40.5
32609 ENMy Two Best FriendsDubowski, Cathy East2.91.0
5374 ENMy Underrated YearPowell, Randy4.66.0
104441 ENMy Very Big Little WorldReynolds, Peter H.1.70.5
5528 ENMy Visit to the DinosaursAliki3.20.5
70589 ENMy Visit with PeriwinkleInches, Alison1.20.5
5031 ENMy War With Goggle-EyesFine, Anne5.06.0
902803 ENMy Wild Woolly (HSP Edition)Eaton, Deborah0.80.5
11384 ENMy Working MomGlassman, Peter2.50.5
116470 ENMysterious Cheese Thief, TheStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
907156 ENMysterious Growing Moon (HSP Edition), ThePowell, Chris K.4.80.5
7785 ENMysterious Hideaway, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.06.0
39831 ENMysterious Island, TheAbbott, Tony3.01.0
5625 ENMysterious Mannequin, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
53440 ENMysterious Matter of I.M. Fine, TheStanley, Diane4.56.0
27612 ENMysterious SignalJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.57.0
6373 ENMysteriously Yours, Maggie MarmelsteinSharmat, Margorie4.04.0
17883 ENMystery at Camp GalenaBiggar, Joan Rawlins4.85.0
5672 ENMystery at Devil's PawDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
74556 ENMystery at Disney World, TheMarsh, Carole4.43.0
5626 ENMystery at Lilac Inn, TheKeene, Carolyn5.36.0
20032 ENMystery at Peacock Hall, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
9274 ENMystery at Snowflake Inn, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
17581 ENMystery at the Alamo, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
11428 ENMystery at the Ballpark, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
9275 ENMystery at the Dog Show, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
14684 ENMystery at the Fair, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
5627 ENMystery at the Ski JumpKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
115338 ENMystery at the Washington MonumentRoy, Ron3.81.0
5317 ENMystery Behind the WallWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.52.0
10914 ENMystery Bookstore, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
7786 ENMystery Cave, TheHutchens, Paul5.44.0
5675 ENMystery...Chinese Junk, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.76.0
5329 ENMystery Cruise, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
5328 ENMystery Girl, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.52.0
9276 ENMystery Horse, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
17582 ENMystery in San Francisco, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.22.0
17583 ENMystery in the CaveWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
18733 ENMystery in the Old Attic, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
5316 ENMystery in the SandWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.73.0
9277 ENMystery in the Snow, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
9278 ENMystery in Washington, D.C., TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
41829 ENMystery MuttLewis, Beverly2.71.0
74560 ENMystery of Blackbeard the Pirate, TheMarsh, Carole5.24.0
5673 ENMystery of Cabin Island, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
11866 ENMystery of Case D. Luc, TheLewis, Beverly2.81.0
43420 ENMystery of Mr. Nice, TheHale, Bruce3.72.0
10647 ENMystery of Pony Hollow, TheHall, Lynn4.21.0
5633 ENMystery of the 99 Steps, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5674 ENMystery of the Aztec Warrior, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.86.0
27554 ENMystery of the Birthday Party, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.91.0
6282 ENMystery of the Blue Ring, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
5628 ENMystery of the Brass-Bound TrunkKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
11867 ENMystery of the Candy Box, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.91.0
11868 ENMystery of the Carousel Horse, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.71.0
11869 ENMystery of the Clumsy Juggler, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.81.0
27548 ENMystery of the Copycat Clown, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.41.0
8541 ENMystery of the Cupboard, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.97.0
11870 ENMystery of the Dancing Angels, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.51.0
5676 ENMystery of the Desert GiantDixon, Franklin W.5.36.0
11871 ENMystery of the Disappearing Papers, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.71.0
11872 ENMystery of the Dolphin Detective, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell4.11.0
11873 ENMystery of the Double Trouble, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.71.0
11874 ENMystery of the Eagle Feather, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell4.21.0
11875 ENMystery of the Empty School, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.91.0
5629 ENMystery of the Fire Dragon, TheKeene, Carolyn5.56.0
5677 ENMystery of the Flying ExpressDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
9482 ENMystery of the Flying Orange Pumpkin, TheKellogg, Steven2.60.5
27550 ENMystery of the Gingerbread House, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell4.11.0
11876 ENMystery of the Golden Pelican, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell4.01.0
27552 ENMystery of the Goldfish Pond, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.81.0
11877 ENMystery of the Gravestone Riddle, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.61.0
51926 ENMystery of the Hairy Tomatoes, TheStanley, George Edward3.41.0
11878 ENMystery of the Haunted Lighthouse, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.61.0
9279 ENMystery of the Hidden Beach, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
11879 ENMystery of the Hidden Egg, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.71.0
5324 ENMystery of the Hidden Painting, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
11880 ENMystery of the Hobo's Message, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.91.0
27549 ENMystery of the Honeybees' Secret, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.81.0
10639 ENMystery of the Hot Air Balloon, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.52.0
27603 ENMystery of the Invisible Knight, TheMyers, Bill4.23.0
5630 ENMystery of the Ivory Charm, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
20033 ENMystery of the Lake Monster, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
11881 ENMystery of the Laughing Cat, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.20.5
27555 ENMystery of the Lost Island, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell4.11.0
14844 ENMystery of the Lost Mine, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.52.0
9280 ENMystery of the Lost Village, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
11882 ENMystery of the Magi's Treasure, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell4.01.0
11883 ENMystery of the Messed-Up Wedding, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.51.0
9281 ENMystery of the Missing Cat, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
14685 ENMystery of the Missing Dog, TheLevy, Elizabeth3.00.5
19234 ENMystery of the Missing Red Mitten, TheKellogg, Steven1.80.5
5326 ENMystery of the Mixed-up ZooWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
5631 ENMystery of the Moss Covered MansionKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
7787 ENMystery of the Phantom GoldRoddy, Lee5.38.0
9282 ENMystery of the Phantom Pony, TheHall, Lynn4.01.0
7384 ENMystery of the Pirate Ghost, TheHayes, Geoffrey2.80.5
11884 ENMystery of the Princess Doll, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.61.0
9283 ENMystery of the Purple Pool, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
11885 ENMystery of the Second Map, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.50.5
14845 ENMystery of the Secret Message, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
11886 ENMystery of the Secret Snowman, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.71.0
11887 ENMystery of the Silent Idol, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.91.0
11888 ENMystery of the Silent Nightingale, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.61.0
27547 ENMystery of the Silly Goose, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.41.0
11889 ENMystery of the Silver Dolphin, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.71.0
9284 ENMystery of the Singing Ghost, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
25214 ENMystery of the Stolen Bike, TheBrown/Krensky3.11.0
9483 ENMystery of the Stolen Blue Paint, TheKellogg, Steven1.90.5
11429 ENMystery of the Stolen Boxcar, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
10678 ENMystery of the Stolen Music, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
28316 ENMystery of the Stolen Sword, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.32.0
11890 ENMystery of the Tattletale Parrot, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.51.0
5632 ENMystery of the Tolling BellKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
27553 ENMystery of the Traveling Button, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.81.0
11891 ENMystery of the Vanishing Present, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.61.0
5679 ENMystery of the Whale TattooDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
11892 ENMystery of the White Elephant, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.81.0
40643 ENMystery of the Wild Ponies, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.93.0
11893 ENMystery of the Wrong Dog, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.61.0
27551 ENMystery of the Zoo Camp, TheMurphy, Elspeth Campbell3.91.0
7154 ENMystery on October RoadHerzig, Alison Cragin3.01.0
10679 ENMystery on Stage, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
9783 ENMystery on the DocksHurd, Thacher2.40.5
9285 ENMystery on the Ice, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
17584 ENMystery on the Train, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
5304 ENMystery RanchWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
5678 ENMystery...Spiral Bridge, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
7788 ENMystery Thief, TheHutchens, Paul5.35.0
11183 ENN-O Spells No!Slater, Teddy2.50.5
123837 ENNaked Mole-Rat, TheRake, Jody Sullivan1.70.5
9075 ENNan and the Sea MonsterDale, Nora2.40.5
9076 ENNana's Birthday PartyHest, Amy3.30.5
62828 ENNana's FiddleBrimner, Larry Dane1.50.5
26937 ENNana's HogBrimner, Larry Dane0.80.5
5529 ENNana Upstairs & Nana DownstairsDePaola, Tomie3.40.5
906845 ENNancy Lopez-Super Golfer (HSP Edition)Woodward, Janet2.10.5
5634 ENNancy's Mysterious LetterKeene, Carolyn4.95.0
44822 ENNancy's Story: 1765Nixon, Joan Lowery5.85.0
26352 ENNanny Goat's BoatMoncure, Jane Belk2.10.5
7536 ENNapoleon's RainbowJames, Robin4.10.5
5530 ENNapping House, TheWood, Audrey2.80.5
115561 ENNASAKortenkamp, Steve3.80.5
108508 ENNASCARBuckley Jr., James6.71.0
111863 ENNASCAREagen, Rachel6.71.0
120343 ENNASCAR at the TrackStewart, Mark5.01.0
84935 ENNASCAR's Wildest WrecksDoeden, Matt4.20.5
907150 ENNatasha the Cat's Big Adventure (HSP Edition)Cernak, Linda4.30.5
330 ENNate the GreatSharmat, Marjorie2.00.5
24958 ENNate the Great and Me: The Case of the Fleeing FangSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.40.5
64479 ENNate the Great and the Big SniffSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.40.5
430 ENNate the Great and the Boring Beach BagSharmat, Marjorie2.70.5
13878 ENNate the Great and the Crunchy ChristmasSharmat, Marjorie/Craig2.70.5
7627 ENNate the Great and the Fishy PrizeSharmat, Marjorie3.10.5
7628 ENNate the Great and the Halloween HuntSharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
7629 ENNate the Great and the Lost ListSharmat, Marjorie2.60.5
5237 ENNate the Great and the Missing KeySharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
32169 ENNate the Great and the Monster MessSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
9286 ENNate the Great and the Mushy ValentineSharmat, Marjorie3.00.5
678 ENNate the Great and the Musical NoteSharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
7630 ENNate the Great and the Phony ClueSharmat, Marjorie2.60.5
13879 ENNate the Great and the PillowcaseSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.50.5
7631 ENNate the Great and the Snowy TrailSharmat, Marjorie3.00.5
7632 ENNate the Great and the Sticky CaseSharmat, Marjorie2.70.5
9287 ENNate the Great and the Stolen BaseSharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
13880 ENNate the Great and the Tardy TortoiseSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.50.5
7633 ENNate the Great Goes UndercoverSharmat, Marjorie2.40.5
74866 ENNate the Great on the Owl ExpressSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.60.5
40706 ENNate the Great, San Francisco DetectiveSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.60.5
7634 ENNate the Great Stalks StupidweedSharmat, Marjorie2.70.5
109529 ENNate the Great Talks TurkeySharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.91.0
906941 ENNathan and His Favorite Author (HSP Edition)Hunt, Thomas D.2.50.5
6392 ENNative American DoctorFerris, Jeri6.62.0
10078 ENNative American WomenClores, Suzanne7.21.0
10079 ENNative Americans and the U.S. GovernmentBlakely, Martha8.92.0
28242 ENNative People (Discovering Canada)Livesey, Robert6.81.0
52576 ENNature's Green Umbrella: Tropical Rain ForestsGibbons, Gail5.40.5
63360 ENNaughty Puppy (Read-it! Readers), ThePowell, Jillian1.90.5
10080 ENNavajo Indians, TheWood, Leigh7.11.0
5133 ENNavajo, TheOsinski, Alice5.10.5
10081 ENNaya NukiThomasma, Kenneth5.64.0
36761 ENNear and Far (Opposites)Doudna, Kelly0.60.5
12427 ENNebraskaFradin, Dennis B.4.31.0
907059 ENNed's Invention (HSP Edition)Guillen, Felix3.80.5
122888 ENNeeds and WantsOlson, Gillia M.1.60.5
82352 ENNeeny Coming, Neeny GoingEnglish, Karen3.20.5
109534 ENNeighborhood Stink, TheKeane, Dave5.32.0
9938 ENNellie BlyKendall, Martha5.01.0
14686 ENNelson in LoveSmith, Janice Lee5.01.0
9939 ENNelson MandelaRoberts, Jack6.21.0
48502 ENNelson Mandela (Lives and Times)Woodhouse, Jayne3.00.5
6177 ENNeptuneFradin, Dennis4.70.5
84583 ENNeptuneWinrich, Ralph3.40.5
70349 ENNeptune (Exploring the Galaxy)Adamson, Thomas K.1.70.5
104131 ENNervous System, TheOlien, Rebecca4.60.5
11777 ENNest Full of Eggs, AJenkins, Priscilla Belz3.10.5
6178 ENNetherlands, TheJacobsen, Karen4.50.5
6134 ENNettie Jo's FriendsMcKissack, Patricia3.10.5
5238 ENNettie's Trip SouthTurner, Ann3.60.5
12428 ENNevadaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.41.0
10172 ENNever Grab a Deer by the EarBare, Colleen Stanley4.20.5
6078 ENNever Spit on Your ShoesCazet, Denys2.00.5
32500 ENNever Trust a Cat Who Wears EarringsGreenburg, Dan3.01.0
36762 ENNew and Old (Opposites)Doudna, Kelly0.50.5
11680 ENNew Bed, AEggleton, Jill1.50.5
18734 ENNew Dawn on Rocky RidgeMacBride, Roger Lea5.39.0
18638 ENNew Dog, TheHazen, Barbara Shook3.00.5
28245 ENNew France (Discovering Canada)Livesey, Robert7.31.0
906760 ENNew Friend (HSP Edition), AWebb, Paul1.60.5
10484 ENNew Friends in a New LandStamper, Judith Bauer3.30.5
83700 ENNew Ghoul in SchoolJones, Marcia Thornton3.81.0
12429 ENNew HampshireFradin, Dennis B.4.71.0
907105 ENNew Home on the Prairie (HSP Edition), AWray, Kerri Anne4.10.5
41844 ENNew House for Mole and Mouse, AZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
12430 ENNew JerseyFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
9077 ENNew Kid, TheEconomos, Chris1.80.5
31865 ENNew Kid, TheHood, Susan0.90.5
45488 ENNew Little Cabin, AWilkes, Maria D.4.11.0
12431 ENNew MexicoFradin, Dennis/Judith4.21.0
906833 ENNew Painting (HSP Edition), ACoulter, Lynne1.60.5
71830 ENNew Pig in TownWheeler, Lisa1.80.5
7583 ENNew RoadGibbons, Gail4.10.5
906930 ENNew School for Chris (HSP Edition), ASawyer, Francis2.20.5
7190 ENNew Shoes for SilviaHurwitz, Johanna2.80.5
84311 ENNew Threat: A Clone Wars Novel, AHand, Elizabeth5.04.0
12432 ENNew YorkFradin, Dennis B.4.21.0
63327 ENNew York's BravestOsborne, Mary Pope2.80.5
27534 ENNew Zealand Shake-UpMorgan, Stacy Towle3.51.0
28253 ENNews about Dinosaurs, TheLauber, Patricia4.80.5
906846 ENNews from the Market (HSP Edition)Scott, Derek1.70.5
906972 ENNews Today! (HSP Edition)Riley, Kim2.80.5
58084 ENNewtsSchaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
431 ENNext Spring an OrioleWhelan, Gloria4.51.0
17634 ENNext Stop, Freedom: The Story of a Slave GirlHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas3.51.0
45515 ENNext Stop, New York City!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.91.0
9682 ENNext Time I WillOrgel, Doris2.70.5
6179 ENNez PerceOsinski, Alice5.10.5
10082 ENNez Perce Indians, TheRifkin, Mark7.31.0
18735 ENNiagara Falls Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
70566 ENNiagara Falls, or Does It?Winkler, Henry4.33.0
7687 ENNibble, Nibble, Jenny ArcherConford, Ellen3.51.0
48710 ENNibbles O'HareParaskevas, Betty4.40.5
45250 ENNice Try, Tooth FairyOlson, Mary W.1.70.5
49416 ENNicky Upstairs and DownZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
116273 ENNicolas, Where Have You Been?Lionni, Leo2.90.5
9940 ENNien ChengSommer, Robin7.01.0
57442 ENNight and Day (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.50.5
45419 ENNight Before Christmas, TheMoore, Clement Clarke4.30.5
104992 ENNight Before Thanksgiving, TheWing, Natasha3.10.5
9288 ENNight BirdKudlinski, Kathleen3.51.0
70835 ENNight CatBeames, Margaret2.70.5
377 ENNight CryNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.46.0
72141 ENNight Fliers: Moths in Your BackyardLoewen, Nancy3.60.5
58138 ENNight Flight: Charles Lindbergh's Incredible AdventureKramer, S.A.2.50.5
78556 ENNight I Flunked My Field Trip, TheWinkler, Henry4.24.0
9617 ENNight in Terror Tower, AStine, R.L.3.53.0
5032 ENNight Journey, TheLasky, Kathryn5.35.0
27941 ENNight JourneysAvi4.94.0
119520 ENNight of the Creepy ThingsStine, R.L.3.31.0
9955 ENNight of the Full MoonWhelan, Gloria4.21.0
103434 ENNight of the Homework ZombiesNickel, Scott2.30.5
9618 ENNight of the Living DummyStine, R.L.3.73.0
14955 ENNight of the Living Dummy IIStine, R.L.3.13.0
14956 ENNight of the Living Dummy IIIStine, R.L.3.23.0
105864 ENNight of the New MagiciansOsborne, Mary Pope4.02.0
10680 ENNight of the NinjasOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
6825 ENNight of the WerewolfDixon, Franklin W.6.16.0
17635 ENNight Raiders Along the CapeWaters, John F.4.62.0
378 ENNight Swimmers, TheByars, Betsy4.33.0
59746 ENNight TrainStutson, Caroline1.20.5
6079 ENNight TreeBunting, Eve3.30.5
907097 ENNightingale (HSP Edition), TheSeto, Midori4.20.5
124431 ENNightmare at the Book FairGutman, Dan4.35.0
52401 ENNighty Night!Wild, Margaret1.70.5
282 ENNighty-NightmareHowe, James4.22.0
121526 ENNim at SeaOrr, Wendy5.25.0
45793 ENNim's IslandOrr, Wendy5.83.0
51316 ENNine Days to ChristmasEts/Labastida3.80.5
34930 ENNinjas Don't Bake Pumpkin PiesDadey/Jones4.11.0
53082 ENNinth Nugget, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
11430 ENNo Arm in Left FieldChristopher, Matt4.32.0
6233 ENNo Bean Sprouts, PleaseHiser, Constance4.21.0
6338 ENNo Coins, PleaseKorman, Gordon5.16.0
6283 ENNo Dogs AllowedCutler, Jane4.02.0
78892 ENNo Dogs Allowed!Wallace, Bill3.75.0
17330 ENNo Fair!Holtzman, Caren1.40.5
5487 ENNo Fighting, No Biting!Minarik, Else H.2.60.5
7235 ENNo Good in ArtCohen, Miriam2.80.5
11894 ENNo Grown-Ups AllowedLewis, Beverly2.81.0
7287 ENNo Mail for MitchellSiracusa, Catherine2.00.5
7385 ENNo More Monsters for MeParish, Peggy1.70.5
7236 ENNo More TV, Sleepy DogZiefert, Harriet0.90.5
31860 ENNo New Pants!Leonard, Marcia0.80.5
14687 ENNo Room for FrancieMacdonald, Maryann2.81.0
17541 ENNo Roses for Harry!Zion, Gene3.20.5
19585 ENNo Such ThingsPeet, Bill4.90.5
115396 ENNo TalkingClements, Andrew5.04.0
45328 ENNo Time for Mother's DayAnderson, Laurie Halse2.60.5
6284 ENNo Tooth, No QuarterBuller, Jon2.40.5
29343 ENNo Turning BackNaidoo, Beverley5.16.0
9683 ENNoah and the FloodBrenner, Barbara3.20.5
7288 ENNoah's ArkHayward, Linda1.60.5
66952 ENNoah's ArkPinkney, Jerry3.30.5
51260 ENNobody Asked Me!Henry, Steve0.70.5
7584 ENNobody Asked Me If I Wanted a Baby SisterAlexander, Martha1.20.5
9183 ENNobody Cares About Me!Roberts, Sarah1.70.5
25086 ENNobody's DogGraeber, Charlotte3.00.5
18639 ENNoisy NoraWells, Rosemary2.60.5
77403 ENNoisy Way to Bed, TheWhybrow, Ian1.10.5
121133 ENNoodleMiles, Ellen4.02.0
239 ENNoonday Friends, TheStolz, Mary4.86.0
7386 ENNorma Jean, Jumping BeanCole, Joanna2.20.5
6180 ENNorth AmericaGeorges, D.V.4.20.5
12433 ENNorth CarolinaFradin, Dennis B.5.01.0
12434 ENNorth DakotaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.41.0
64480 ENNorth Pole, South PoleLevinson, Nancy Smiler3.30.5
88411 ENNorwegian Forest CatsFurstinger, Nancy4.40.5
103433 ENNose for Danger, ATemple, Bob2.20.5
62088 ENNose (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed1.00.5
9784 ENNosey Mrs. RatAllen, Jeffrey3.10.5
108425 ENNot Afraid of DogsPitzer, Susanna2.20.5
9386 ENNot I, Not IHillert, Margaret0.70.5
240 ENNot-Just-Anybody Family, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
9684 EN"Not Now!" Said the CowOppenheim, Joanne2.00.5
11895 ENNot-So-Great Escape, TheMyers, Bill4.42.0
8542 ENNot-So-Jolly Roger, TheScieszka, Jon3.81.0
18736 ENNot-So-Perfect RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.51.0
6432 ENNothing But NetHughes, Dean3.82.0
11431 ENNothing But TroubleWright, Betty Ren4.22.0
105408 ENNothing Can Stop the Sandman!Quantz, Daniel2.80.5
9078 EN"Nothing is Impossible," said Nellie BlyCarlson, Judy3.10.5
185 ENNothing's Fair in Fifth GradeDeClements, Barthe3.74.0
106260 ENNow & Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin FranklinBarretta, Gene5.10.5
19235 ENNow Everybody Really Hates MeMartin/Marx3.50.5
20034 ENNowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide!Duey/Berry3.40.5
6181 ENNuclear EnergyFradin, Dennis6.10.5
379 ENNumber the StarsLowry, Lois4.54.0
906973 ENNuna Gets a Chance (HSP Edition)Roberts, Monty1.80.5
88654 ENNurse Matilda: The Collected TalesBrand, Christianna6.510.0
66394 ENNurse (People in My Community)Macken, JoAnn Early2.60.5
12571 ENNurse Sharks (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.40.5
53921 ENNursery CrimesGeisert, Arthur3.10.5
10485 ENNutcracker NoelMcMullan, Kate2.80.5
42618 ENNutquacker, TheAuch, Mary Jane3.10.5
5134 ENNutritionLeMaster, Leslie6.30.5
14977 ENNuts to You!Ehlert, Lois1.70.5
331 ENNutty Can't MissHughes, Dean4.74.0
283 ENNutty For PresidentHughes, Dean4.84.0
432 ENO'DiddyStevenson, Jocelyn3.71.0
109743 ENOak Inside the Acorn, TheLucado, Max3.30.5
75299 ENOasisHapka, Cathy5.56.0
906988 ENOcean Away (HSP Edition), AnPeterson, Carol3.50.5
5583 ENOceansCarter, Katherine3.40.5
63074 ENOcicat CatsMurray, Julie3.90.5
12483 ENOctopus HugPringle, Laurence3.10.5
11778 ENOctopus Is Amazing, AnLauber, Patricia3.90.5
84104 ENOctopus, TheCazet, Denys2.10.5
84766 ENOctopusesLindeen, Carol K.1.50.5
31760 ENOctopuses (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.50.5
27571 ENOf Spies and Spider WebsMackall, Dandi Daley3.31.0
18737 ENOff and RunningSoto, Gary4.43.0
45445 ENOff We Go!Yolen, Jane1.30.5
14100 ENOfficer Buckle and GloriaRathmann, Peggy3.40.5
130958 ENOfficer Spence Makes No Sense!Gutman, Dan3.31.0
120217 ENOggie CooderWeeks, Sarah5.13.0
74428 ENOh, Baby!Krulik, Nancy3.01.0
332 ENOh, BrotherWilson, Johnniece3.94.0
31586 ENOh, Cats!Buck, Nola0.40.5
433 ENOh Honestly, Angela!Robinson, Nancy K.3.72.0
59563 ENOh My Gosh, Mrs. McNosh!Weeks, Sarah1.70.5
9329 ENOh No, Otis!Frankel, Julie0.40.5
9038 ENOh Say Can You Say?Seuss, Dr.4.00.5
102369 ENOh Say, I Can't SeeScieszka, Jon3.71.0
9039 ENOh, the Places You'll Go!Seuss, Dr.3.30.5
9040 ENOh, the Thinks You Can Think!Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
115785 ENOh, Theodore! Guinea Pig PoemsKatz, Susan2.30.5
907004 ENOh, to Spin a Web! (HSP Edition)Chan, Brenda3.80.5
14280 ENOh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?Trapani, Iza2.50.5
12435 ENOhioFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
5584 ENOil SpillsStille, Darlene4.30.5
12436 ENOklahomaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
9184 ENOld Barn, TheMiller, Rose4.50.5
6080 ENOld Black FlyAylesworth, Jim1.40.5
70113 ENOld CricketWheeler, Lisa4.00.5
27763 ENOld English Sheepdogs (Dogs)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
11681 ENOld Green Machine, TheNoonan, Diana1.90.5
6497 ENOld Ladies Who Liked Cats, TheGreene, Carol4.20.5
10681 ENOld Man and the Bear, TheHanel, Wolfram4.00.5
9132 ENOld Mill, TheBrown, Margaret Wise3.30.5
5323 ENOld Motel Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
88984 ENOld, Older, Oldest: Animals That Live Long LivesDahl, Michael2.40.5
9185 ENOld SlipperyBelanger, Mark3.90.5
58685 ENOld Town in the Green GrovesRylant, Cynthia5.24.0
11682 ENOld Truck, TheCowley, Joy1.60.5
6081 ENOld Woman and Her Pig, TheKimmel, Eric2.40.5
25270 ENOld Woman Who Loved to Read, TheWinch, John3.10.5
6581 ENOld World MonkeysElwood, Ann5.40.5
66 ENOld YellerGipson, Fred5.05.0
9828 ENOlga KorbutCoffey, Wayne6.11.0
7336 ENOliverHoff, Syd2.10.5
18640 ENOliver & Amanda and the Big SnowLeeuwen, Jean Van2.20.5
44915 ENOliver and Albert, Friends ForeverLeeuwen, Jean Van2.30.5
333 ENOliver Dibbs and the Dinosaur CauseSteiner, Barbara4.35.0
284 ENOliver Dibbs to the Rescue!Steiner, Barbara4.04.0
60392 ENOliver Finds His WayRoot, Phyllis1.30.5
107556 ENOliver Pig and the Best Fort EverVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
9289 ENOliver Pig at SchoolVanLeeuwen, Jean2.50.5
77954 ENOliver the Mighty PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
114748 ENOlivia Helps with ChristmasFalconer, Ian2.40.5
72911 ENOllieDunrea, Olivier0.90.5
72912 ENOllie the StomperDunrea, Olivier0.90.5
5585 ENOlympicsFradin, Dennis4.90.5
10083 ENOm-kas-toeThomasma, Kenneth4.85.0
72097 ENOn a FarmChapman, Cindy0.70.5
906768 ENOn a Hot Day (HSP Edition)James, Mitchell1.70.5
55447 ENOn a Mountain (What Do You See?)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.40.5
43122 ENOn a Wintry MorningChaconas, Dori1.90.5
9041 ENOn Beyond ZebraSeuss, Dr.4.20.5
42609 ENOn Christmas EveBrown, Margaret Wise3.60.5
6082 ENOn Mother's LapScott, Ann2.00.5
128 ENOn My HonorBauer, Marion Dane4.72.0
41720 ENOn My IslandGay, Marie-Louise1.40.5
73943 ENOn My Way to Buy EggsChen, Chih-Yuan1.80.5
74241 ENOn Noah's ArkBrett, Jan1.80.5
906899 ENOn Stage! (HSP Edition)Douglas, Quinn2.70.5
912 ENOn the Banks of Plum CreekWilder, Laura I4.69.0
14599 ENOn the Bus with Joanna Cole: A Creative AutobiographyCole, Joanna5.81.0
106491 ENOn the Go with Mr. and Mrs. GreenBaker, Keith2.70.5
6433 ENOn the LineHughes, Dean4.02.0
109969 ENOn the LineMaddox, Jake3.51.0
44823 ENOn the Long Trail HomeStewart, Elisabeth J.5.03.0
10918 ENOn the Other Side of the HillMacBride, Roger Lea5.29.0
55448 ENOn the Prairie (What Do You See?)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.40.5
100958 ENOn the RoadNolan, Lucy2.81.0
907087 ENOn the Shore of the River (HSP Edition)Harris, Edmund3.80.5
5033 ENOn the Way HomeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.33.0
906648 ENOn the Way to the Park (HSP Edition)James, Mitchell1.30.5
46288 ENOn Tide Mill LaneWiley, Melissa5.66.0
42443 ENOn Top of Concord HillWilkes, Maria D.5.47.0
11184 ENOn Top of SpaghettiGlazer, Tom2.10.5
27993 ENOn with the Show!Venn, Cecilia2.40.5
29236 ENOnce a Mouse...Brown, Marcia3.20.5
14799 ENOnce on This IslandWhelan, Gloria5.46.0
9785 ENOnce There Was a TreeRomanova, Natalia3.30.5
19236 ENOnce There Were GiantsWaddell, Martin2.50.5
907117 ENOnce Upon a Time in Cyberspace (HSP Edition)Evans, Sonia2.60.5
64152 ENOne Dark NightWheeler, Lisa2.50.5
9619 ENOne Day at HorrorLandStine, R.L.3.43.0
54911 ENOne Day at Wood Green Animal ShelterCasey, Patricia2.80.5
11432 ENOne Day in the Alpine TundraGeorge, Jean Craighead5.51.0
14688 ENOne Day in the DesertGeorge, Jean Craighead5.51.0
14689 ENOne Day in the PrairieGeorge, Jean Craighead5.01.0
10899 ENOne Day in the Tropical Rain ForestGeorge, Jean Craighead5.21.0
10898 ENOne Day in the WoodsGeorge, Jean Craighead5.41.0
59438 ENOne Duck StuckRoot, Phyllis1.40.5
44824 ENOne Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping: The Diary of Julie WeissDenenberg, Barry5.66.0
241 ENOne-Eyed CatFox, Paula5.47.0
63445 ENOne-Eyed Giant, TheOsborne, Mary Pope4.81.0
127226 ENOne False NoteKorman, Gordon4.95.0
5488 ENOne Fine DayHogrogian, Nonny3.50.5
9042 ENOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
10231 ENOne Ghost Too ManyStevenson, Drew4.22.0
10173 ENOne Giant LeapFraser, Mary Ann5.60.5
20689 ENOne Giant Leap: The Story of Neil ArmstrongBrown, Don4.60.5
19539 ENOne Grain of Rice: A Mathematical FolktaleDemi4.60.5
109088 ENOne-Handed CatchAuch, MJ4.28.0
906974 ENOne Hickory Tree in a Forest (HSP Edition)Coffin, Frank3.10.5
65311 ENOne Hundred Days (Plus One)McNamara, Margaret2.20.5
121137 ENOne Hundredth Day of School, TheKlein, Abby3.01.0
679 ENOne in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo, TheBlume, Judy2.50.5
124298 ENOne Is a Feast for Mouse: A Thanksgiving TaleCox, Judy3.60.5
41435 ENOne Lighthouse, One MoonLobel, Anita1.70.5
49756 ENOne Lonely Sea HorseFreymann/Elffers1.80.5
9133 ENOne Monster After AnotherMayer, Mercer4.20.5
7585 ENOne Morning in MaineMcCloskey, Robert4.40.5
85424 ENOne Night in Doom HouseStine, R.L.3.33.0
86109 ENOne Nosy PupWallace, Carol1.80.5
5239 ENOne of the Third Grade ThonkersNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.14.0
6083 ENOne of ThreeJohnson, Angela2.40.5
109627 ENOne Potato, Two PotatoDeFelice, Cynthia4.30.5
6234 ENOne Small Blue BeadBaylor, Byrd4.00.5
105712 ENOne Smart FishManivong, Laura0.90.5
89981 ENOne Splendid TreeHelmer, Marilyn3.60.5
24920 ENOne Summer DayLewis, Kim2.00.5
58387 ENOne Tiny TurtleDavies, Nicola4.10.5
26353 ENOne Tricky Monkey up on TopMoncure, Jane Belk2.10.5
55690 ENOne Whole Day: WolvesArnosky, Jim3.00.5
74817 ENOne WitchLeuck, Laura3.10.5
14690 ENOnion SundaesAdler, David A.3.31.0
6235 ENOnion TearsKidd, Diana4.21.0
9186 ENOnly at the Children's TableHall, Daria3.70.5
86073 ENOnly EmmaWarner, Sally3.92.0
6285 ENOnly One WoofHerriot, James4.50.5
2883 ENOnly Some Big Cats Can RoarLlewellyn, Claire3.80.5
28080 ENOnly the BestLewis, Beverly4.23.0
70836 ENOnly YouWells, Rosemary1.20.5
19237 ENOoey GooeyFarber/Sansevere2.00.5
18641 ENOops!McNaughton, Colin2.70.5
42161 ENOops, Clifford!Bridwell, Norman1.90.5
112362 ENOoze Slingers from Outer SpaceHoena, Blake A.2.40.5
27584 ENOperation MorningstarHarrison, Dorothy Lilja4.53.0
105235 ENOpossumsRipple, William John1.50.5
9941 ENOprah WinfreyOtfinoski, Steven6.51.0
64399 ENOrange (Colors)Schuette, Sarah L.2.20.5
84370 ENOrange for Frankie, AnPolacco, Patricia4.61.0
62265 ENOrange Outlaw, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
101326 ENOrange You Glad It's Halloween, Amber Brown?Danziger, Paula2.70.5
6582 ENOrangutansWexo, John Bonnett5.80.5
27780 ENOrangutansWoods, Mae4.00.5
80281 ENOrangutans (Animal Kingdom)Murray, Julie2.90.5
906865 ENOrangutans (HSP Edition)Raymond, Dean3.20.5
83610 ENOrchard of the Crescent Moon/Emlyn's MoonNimmo, Jenny4.75.0
44916 ENOrd Eats a Pizza!Trimble, Irene1.00.5
380 ENOrdinary JackCresswell, Helen5.68.0
12437 ENOregonFradin, Dennis/Judith4.41.0
9518 ENOregon Trail, TheFisher, Leonard Everett7.21.0
122889 ENOriental CatsLewis, Gail1.60.5
24672 ENOriental Shorthair CatsKallen, Stuart A.4.30.5
75421 ENOrienteeringMattern, Joanne4.90.5
9829 ENOriginal Monster Truck: Bigfoot, TheJohnson, Scott4.40.5
63663 ENOrpKline, Suzy3.22.0
6434 ENOrp and the Chop Suey BurgersKline, Suzy3.62.0
44825 ENOrphan Journey HomeKetchum, Liza3.73.0
6286 ENOscar, Cat-About-TownHerriot, James4.00.5
7337 ENOscar OtterBenchley, Nathaniel2.60.5
9187 ENOscar's Rotten BirthdayElliot, Dan2.00.5
9942 ENOsceolaViola, Herman5.50.5
10084 ENOsceolaSanford, William4.01.0
7428 ENOstrichesLepthien, Emilie U.4.40.5
84742 ENOstrichesRipple, William John1.80.5
6583 ENOstriches, Emus, Rheas, Kiwis & CassowariesElwood, Ann4.90.5
488 ENOtherwise Known as Sheila the GreatBlume, Judy3.54.0
6482 ENOtis SpoffordCleary, Beverly4.64.0
61141 ENOtters Under WaterArnosky, Jim2.20.5
121603 ENOtto's Orange DayCammuso, Frank2.10.5
906942 ENOur Backyard (HSP Edition)Appelbaum, Rachel2.40.5
907088 ENOur Car Is Not a Star! (HSP Edition)Martinek, Peter3.30.5
41242 ENOur Favorite Things To DoTrumbauer, Lisa1.40.5
906943 ENOur Planet Earth (HSP Edition)Wright, Beau3.40.5
6007 ENOur Sixth-Grade Sugar BabiesBunting, Eve3.94.0
51320 ENOur StarsRockwell, Anne2.90.5
44826 ENOur Strange New Land: Elizabeth's Diary, Jamestown, Virginia,1609Hermes, Patricia3.22.0
7586 ENOur Teacher's Having a BabyBunting, Eve2.60.5
18783 ENOut of the DustHesse, Karen5.33.0
10582 ENOut of the MistSnelling, Lauraine4.25.0
59793 ENOut to LunchKrulik, Nancy3.61.0
17585 ENOuter Space Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
28231 ENOutside and Inside AlligatorsMarkle, Sandra5.80.5
28230 ENOutside and Inside BatsMarkle, Sandra5.61.0
28232 ENOutside and Inside BirdsMarkle, Sandra4.90.5
28234 ENOutside and Inside SharksMarkle, Sandra5.20.5
28233 ENOutside and Inside SnakesMarkle, Sandra5.10.5
28229 ENOutside and Inside SpidersMarkle, Sandra4.90.5
10174 ENOutside and Inside TreesMarkle, Sandra5.20.5
9079 ENOutside Dog, ThePomerantz, Charlotte2.50.5
381 ENOutsiders, TheHinton, S.E.4.77.0
10175 ENOutstanding OutsidesMachotka, Hana4.90.5
11185 ENOver and OverZolotow, Charlotte3.90.5
82127 ENOver in the GardenWard, Jennifer2.80.5
129 ENOver Sea, Under StoneCooper, Susan5.412.0
28256 ENOver the Edge: Flying with the Arctic HeroesTessendorf, K.C.8.76.0
6135 ENOver the Green HillsIsadora, Rachel2.90.5
127523 ENOver the NetMaddox, Jake3.51.0
7789 ENOverland Escape, TheRoddy, Lee4.87.0
7635 ENOwenHenkes, Kevin2.40.5
5531 ENOwl and the Pussycat, TheLear, Edward2.50.5
7387 ENOwl At HomeLobel, Arnold2.70.5
5532 ENOwl MoonYolen, Jane3.20.5
9080 ENOwl Who Became the Moon, TheLondon, Jonathan3.40.5
6584 ENOwlsBiel, Timothy4.90.5
74845 ENOwlsTownsend, Emily Rose1.60.5
86231 ENOwlsGibbons, Gail4.00.5
80252 ENOwls (Animal Kingdom)Murray, Julie2.80.5
61085 ENOwls: Flat-Faced FlyersRichardson, Adele D.3.00.5
680 ENOwls in the FamilyMowat, Farley5.03.0
6084 ENOx-Cart ManHall, Donald4.50.5
5586 ENOzone Hole, TheStille, Darlene5.10.5
11485 ENOzzie on His OwnHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
9575 ENP.J. Funnybunny Camps OutSadler, Marilyn1.70.5
7338 ENP.J. the Spoiled BunnySadler, Marilyn2.80.5
10486 ENPablo RemembersAncona, George4.80.5
6182 ENPacific Ocean, TheHeinrichs, S.3.80.5
334 ENPackage for Miss Marshwater, ADonnelly, Elfie3.41.0
6483 ENPaddle-to-the-SeaHolling, Holling Clancy5.41.0
5533 ENPain and The Great One, TheBlume, Judy3.10.5
28322 ENPaint Brush Kid, TheBulla, Clyde Robert2.81.0
116832 ENPaint the WindRyan, Pam Muñoz5.36.0
104139 ENPaintballMarx, Mandy R.3.10.5
111888 ENPaintball BlastMaddox, Jake3.91.0
120155 ENPaintball InvasionMaddox, Jake3.81.0
32177 ENPainted DreamsWilliams, Karen Lynn4.00.5
24612 ENPaints and PintosGentle/Perry4.80.5
51902 ENPajama PartyHolub, Joan1.40.5
14641 ENPal the PonyHerman, R.A.1.30.5
7790 ENPalm Tree Manhunt, TheHutchens, Paul5.54.0
15189 ENPalomino HorsesGammie, Janet L.3.70.5
24613 ENPalominosGentle/Perry4.70.5
9330 ENPancakes, Crackers, and PizzaEberts, Marjorie2.50.5
110404 ENPancakes for Supper!Isaacs, Anne4.20.5
62266 ENPanda Puzzle, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
80282 ENPandas (Animal Kingdom)Murray, Julie3.10.5
6085 ENPapa Lucky's ShadowDaly, Niki3.50.5
75205 ENPaperKras, Sara Louise3.30.5
9786 ENPaper Crane, TheBang, Molly3.60.5
18642 ENPaperboy, ThePilkey, Dav2.90.5
39842 ENParachuting Hamsters and Andy RussellAdler, David A.4.02.0
7636 ENParents in the Pigpen, Pigs in the TubEhrilch, Amy3.30.5
382 ENPark's QuestPaterson, Katherine4.25.0
89560 ENParrotfishSullivan, Jody1.50.5
31753 ENParrotfish (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.70.5
6585 ENParrotsWexo, John Bonnett4.70.5
56273 ENParrotsFrost, Helen1.40.5
21428 ENPartsArnold, Tedd2.80.5
906952 ENParts of a Tree (HSP Edition), TheSurrey, Robert3.30.5
5635 ENPassword to Larkspur LaneKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
105801 ENPatchEarhart, Kristin2.60.5
118277 ENPatchesMiles, Ellen3.61.0
681 ENPatchwork Quilt, TheFlournoy, Valerie3.70.5
10085 ENPath of DestinyBlevins, Wade4.90.5
10086 ENPathki NanaThomasma, Kenneth4.54.0
17586 ENPatrick Doyle Is Full of BlarneyArmstrong, Jennifer3.71.0
5489 ENPatrick's DinosaursCarrick, Carol3.30.5
906944 ENPatterns in Our World (HSP Edition)Summers, Charles3.10.5
48021 ENPatty CatdeRubertis, Barbara1.40.5
57101 ENPatty PandaSargent, Dave/Pat4.40.5
9519 ENPatty Reed's DollLaurgaard, Rachel5.74.0
9134 ENPaul BunyanKellogg, Steven5.70.5
70365 ENPaul RevereTrumbauer, Lisa2.50.5
52603 ENPaul RevereSullivan, George5.62.0
74658 ENPaul Revere and the Bell RingersWinter, Jonah3.30.5
817 ENPaul Revere: Boston PatriotStevenson, Augusta3.93.0
9331 ENPaul the PitcherSharp, Paul1.80.5
7429 ENPawnee, TheFradin, Dennis B.4.90.5
77129 ENPaws Off, Cheddarface!Stilton, Geronimo3.41.0
11385 ENPea Patch Jig, TheHurd, Thacher3.10.5
7587 ENPeace at LastMurphy, Jill1.90.5
9685 ENPeach BoyHooks, William2.70.5
906900 ENPeacock and Crane (HSP Edition)Parker, Jay3.20.5
7637 ENPeanut-Butter PilgrimsDelton, Judy3.21.0
906800 ENPeanuts (HSP Edition)Maxwell, Jordan2.00.5
9332 ENPear by Itself, ABaker, Bonnie1.50.5
78985 ENPearl and Wagner: Three SecretsMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
68290 ENPearl and Wagner: Two Good FriendsMcMullan, Kate2.40.5
11433 ENPearl Harbor Is Burning!Kudlinski, Kathleen3.51.0
18685 ENPecos BillKellogg, Steven5.70.5
20035 ENPedal PowerDelton, Judy3.91.0
10682 ENPeddler's Dream, AShefelman, Janice4.20.5
17587 ENPedro's JournalConrad, Pam5.82.0
7638 ENPee Wee Christmas, ADelton, Judy3.11.0
7639 ENPee Wee Jubilee, TheDelton, Judy3.21.0
10683 ENPee Wees on FirstDelton, Judy3.51.0
47898 ENPeeping and SleepingManushkin, Fran2.20.5
7588 ENPeeping BeautyAuch, Mary Jane3.10.5
9188 ENPegasus Club and Me, TheBeck, Amanda4.10.5
9135 ENPeggy PorcupineSargent, Dave/Pat4.30.5
906901 ENPelé: Soccer Legend (HSP Edition)Woodward, Janet3.20.5
11683 ENPelican, TheCutting, Brian/Jillian1.80.5
14846 ENPenalty ShotChristopher, Matt5.23.0
88005 ENPenderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters...Interesting Boy, TheBirdsall, Jeanne4.78.0
121474 ENPenderwicks on Gardam Street, TheBirdsall, Jeanne5.310.0
11779 ENPenguin: A Funny Bird, TheFontanel, Beatrice4.60.5
906847 ENPenguin (HSP Edition), TheTanner, Jesse2.30.5
10533 ENPenguin PetePfister, Marcus3.50.5
10534 ENPenguin Pete's New FriendsPfister, Marcus2.60.5
54239 ENPenguin Pup for Pinkerton, AKellogg, Steven2.90.5
113028 ENPenguin's Peril, TheMiles, Ellen4.23.0
5587 ENPenguinsLepthien, Emilie4.00.5
6586 ENPenguinsWexo, John Bonnett5.30.5
74830 ENPenguinsTownsend, Emily Rose1.70.5
46686 ENPenguins!Gibbons, Gail4.20.5
55449 ENPenguinsMolter, Carey1.30.5
115703 ENPenguinsNuzzolo, Deborah2.00.5
70384 ENPenguins and Their ChicksHall, Margaret1.90.5
62071 ENPenguins (Animals I See at the Zoo)Macken, JoAnn Early1.40.5
12438 ENPennsylvaniaFradin, Dennis B.4.31.0
108684 ENPennyGerver, Jane E.2.60.5
9189 ENPenny Doll, TheHennings, Jennifer4.60.5
123153 ENPenny the Pony FairyMeadows, Daisy4.71.0
7388 ENPenrod AgainChristian, Mary2.00.5
7389 ENPenrod's PantsChristian, Mary1.80.5
101791 ENPenultimate Peril, TheSnicket, Lemony7.47.0
2877 ENPeople Chase TwistersPetty, Kate4.40.5
115418 ENPeople in FallRustad, Martha E.H.1.10.5
123656 ENPeople in WinterRustad, Martha E.H.1.30.5
80066 ENPeople of Sparks, TheDuPrau, Jeanne4.911.0
48106 ENPepito the BraveBeck, Scott1.40.5
28306 ENPerfect Match, ALewis, Beverly4.33.0
114239 ENPerfect Nest, TheFriend, Catherine2.50.5
67228 ENPerfect Pet, ThePalatini, Margie2.20.5
101292 ENPerfect Pumpkin Pie, TheCazet, Denys2.90.5
55121 ENPerfect PuppyCalmenson, Stephanie1.40.5
12037 ENPerfect Ride, TheMcCrady, Lady1.90.5
73457 ENPerfect Thanksgiving, TheSpinelli, Eileen2.50.5
7390 ENPerfect the PigJeschke, Susan3.30.5
77599 ENPerfectly MarthaMeddaugh, Susan3.10.5
18643 ENPerrywinkle's Magic MatchMadsen, Ross Martin2.50.5
119318 ENPersian CatsPerkins, Wendy2.00.5
80283 ENPersian Cats (Animal Kingdom)Murray, Julie2.70.5
15178 ENPersian Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
7537 ENPersnickityCosgrove, Stephen5.40.5
109337 ENPeskie Spell, TheRodda, Emily4.62.0
120316 ENPest Show on Earth, TheReynolds, Aaron2.70.5
902804 ENPet Day (HSP Edition)Bick, Lois1.30.5
9333 ENPet for Pat, ASnow, Pegeen0.40.5
13885 ENPet ParadeGiff, Patricia Reilly3.01.0
18738 ENPet Shop Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
5434 ENPet-Sitting Peril, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.87.0
906884 ENPet That Fits (HSP Edition), ACartwright, Pauline2.40.5
31857 ENPet Vet, TheLeonard, Marcia0.90.5
54590 ENPet WashDodds, Dayle Ann0.90.5
56816 ENPet Your PetRau, Dana Meachen1.00.5
9081 ENPete Pig Cleans UpHulbert, Jay1.70.5
118702 ENPeter and the Secret of RundoonBarry, Dave5.614.0
107536 ENPeter and the Shadow ThievesBarry, Dave5.316.0
83056 ENPeter and the StarcatchersBarry, Dave5.213.0
489 ENPeter and VeronicaSachs, Marilyn4.65.0
16869 ENPeter's ChairKeats, Ezra Jack1.80.5
82646 ENPeterkins' Christmas, TheSpurr, Elizabeth4.30.5
82611 ENPetunia's ChristmasDuvoisin, Roger3.40.5
5680 ENPhantom Freighter, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
27558 ENPhantom GardenerReid, Mary Carpenter3.11.0
10684 ENPhantom in the Mirror, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
5636 ENPhantom of Pine Hill, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
9620 ENPhantom of the AuditoriumStine, R.L.3.43.0
27609 ENPhantom of the Haunted ChurchMyers, Bill3.92.0
83802 ENPhantom of the Subway, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
130 ENPhantom Tollbooth, TheJuster, Norton6.77.0
31075 ENPhantoms Don't Drive Sports CarsDadey/Jones4.01.0
108404 ENPhases of the MoonOlson, Gillia M.1.70.5
57674 ENPheasant Hunting (The Great Outdoors)Martin, Michael4.90.5
131 ENPhilip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe.Greene, Bette5.04.0
106819 ENPhineas L. MacGuire...Erupts! The First ExperimentDowell, Frances O'Roark5.02.0
117264 ENPhineas L. MacGuire...Gets Slimed!Dowell, Frances O'Roark5.33.0
5588 ENPhotographyFreeman, Tony4.70.5
11780 ENPhotojournalist: In the Middle of DisasterGreenberg, Keith4.80.5
9621 ENPiano Lessons Can Be MurderStine, R.L.3.53.0
109597 ENPick a Pet, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.50.5
88162 ENPick of the LitterWallace, Bill4.24.0
27536 ENPickle PizzaLewis, Beverly2.51.0
444 ENPickle PussGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
9957 ENPickle Song, TheDeClements, Barthe3.94.0
17544 ENPickles to PittsburghBarrett, Judi4.80.5
13532 ENPickup TrucksKoons, James4.00.5
104140 ENPickup TrucksSchuette, Sarah L.2.80.5
83173 ENPicnic at Mudsock MeadowPolacco, Patricia4.00.5
9082 ENPicnic, TheBrown, Ruth2.60.5
46260 ENPicnic with PigginsYolen, Jane3.30.5
20904 ENPicture Book of Amelia Earhart, AAdler, David A.5.00.5
29430 ENPicture Book of Anne Frank, AAdler, David A.4.70.5
29433 ENPicture Book of Benjamin Franklin, AAdler, David A.4.30.5
29428 ENPicture Book of Davy Crockett, AAdler, David A.4.50.5
61634 ENPicture Book of Dwight David Eisenhower, AAdler, David A.5.20.5
43239 ENPicture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt, AAdler, David A.4.10.5
112983 ENPicture Book of John Hancock, AAdler, David A.5.10.5
20905 ENPicture Book of Louis Braille, AAdler, David A.4.80.5
7339 ENPicture for Harold's Room, AJohnson, Crockett2.30.5
17636 ENPicture of Freedom: The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl, AMcKissack, Patricia C.4.65.0
77078 ENPie in the SkyEhlert, Lois2.70.5
7391 ENPied Piper of Hamelin, TheHautzig, Deborah2.80.5
48503 ENPieter Bruegel (The Life and Work Of)Woodhouse, Jayne3.00.5
7430 ENPigeons and DovesNofsinger, Ray4.10.5
906975 ENPigeons: Birds Bringing Words (HSP Edition)Melanee, Danielle2.40.5
14749 ENPiggie Pie!Palatini, Margie2.50.5
46261 ENPigginsYolen, Jane3.10.5
58139 ENPiggleBonsall, Crosby1.80.5
9787 ENPiggy in the Puddle, ThePomerantz, Charlotte2.70.5
41817 ENPiggy PartyLewis, Beverly2.71.0
36759 ENPigletsDoudna, Kelly0.60.5
48059 ENPigsGibbons, Gail3.70.5
7192 ENPigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore!McPhail, David2.00.5
24678 ENPigs (Farm Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.00.5
17331 ENPigs Go to Market: Fun with Math and ShoppingAxelrod, Amy3.10.5
906945 ENPigs in Our World (HSP Edition)Ellis, Bill2.70.5
17290 ENPigs in the Mud in the Middle of the RudPlourde, Lynn1.30.5
17332 ENPigs in the Pantry: Fun with Math and CookingAxelrod, Amy3.20.5
17333 ENPigs on a Blanket: Fun with Math and TimeAxelrod, Amy2.90.5
50986 ENPigs on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.10.5
32603 ENPigs, Pies, and Plenty of ProblemsDubowski, Cathy East3.21.0
17334 ENPigs Will Be Pigs" Fun with Math and MoneyAxelrod, Amy2.70.5
11386 ENPigstyTeague, Mark2.80.5
903 ENPigstyTeague, Mark3.00.5
9290 ENPiles of PetsDelton, Judy3.51.0
11434 ENPilgrim Village Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
10201 ENPinata MakerAncona, George5.10.5
242 ENPinballs, TheByars, Betsy3.83.0
78828 ENPinduliCannon, Janell3.60.5
56961 ENPine TreesFowler, Allan2.50.5
8685 ENPink and SayPolacco, Patricia3.81.0
27481 ENPink Snow and Other Weird WeatherDussling, Jennifer2.90.5
74718 ENPinkeyeGordon, Sharon1.90.5
20656 ENPinky and RexHowe, James3.10.5
17686 ENPinky and Rex and the BullyHowe, James3.20.5
17687 ENPinky and Rex and the Double-Dad WeekendHowe, James3.60.5
49418 ENPinky and Rex and the Just-Right PetHowe, James3.50.5
20657 ENPinky and Rex and the Perfect PumpkinHowe, James3.20.5
20036 ENPinky and Rex and the School PlayHowe, James3.30.5
6696 ENPinky and Rex and the Spelling BeeHowe, James3.20.5
30514 ENPinky and Rex Go to CampHowe, James3.50.5
9387 ENPinocchioHillert, Margaret1.20.5
15190 ENPinto HorsesGammie, Janet L.3.80.5
80271 ENPinto Horses (Animal Kingdom)Murray, Julie3.00.5
10535 ENPioneer BearSandin, Joan2.50.5
335 ENPioneer CatHooks, William H.3.31.0
907060 ENPioneer Life (HSP Edition)Jorgensen, Jan3.40.5
17688 ENPioneer SistersWilder/Peterson3.41.0
6183 ENPioneersFradin, Dennis4.60.5
17637 ENPioneers Go West, TheStewart, George R.5.53.0
9520 ENPioneers, TheGorsline, Marie5.20.5
116937 ENPiper Reed, Navy BratHolt, Kimberly Willis3.52.0
18739 ENPippi Goes on BoardLindgren, Astrid5.34.0
18740 ENPippi in the South SeasLindgren, Astrid5.43.0
913 ENPippi LongstockingLindgren, Astrid5.25.0
69 ENPippi LongstockingLindgren, Astrid5.24.0
15115 ENPippi Longstocking's After-Christmas PartyLindgren, Astrid4.70.5
72974 ENPippin the Christmas PigLittle, Jean3.20.5
107479 ENPirate's Plot, TheMiles, Ellen4.52.0
51905 ENPirate SchoolDubowski, Cathy East2.30.5
112705 ENPirates Don't Change DiapersLong, Melinda2.70.5
10685 ENPirates Don't Wear Pink SunglassesDadey/Jones3.91.0
9291 ENPirates Past NoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
6086 ENPish, Posh, said Hieronymus BoschWillard, Nancy4.00.5
130550 ENPit Crew CrunchMaddox, Jake3.81.0
130551 ENPitcher PressureMaddox, Jake3.41.0
9083 ENPizza!Martino, Teresa2.80.5
69332 ENPizza for SamLabatt, Mary1.70.5
9292 ENPizza Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.13.0
116664 ENPizza Palace, TheAboff, Marcie3.00.5
7640 ENPizza Pie Slugger, TheMarzollo, Jean3.31.0
55261 ENPizza That We Made, TheHolub, Joan1.40.5
27952 ENPlace in the Sun, ARubalcaba, Jill4.42.0
29344 ENPlace Not Home, AWiseman, Eva4.96.0
11186 ENPlane SongSiebert, Diane4.60.5
48504 ENPlanes (Transportation Around the World)Oxlade, Chris3.60.5
132 ENPlanet of Junior Brown, TheHamilton, Virginia5.17.0
20037 ENPlanet Pee WeeDelton, Judy3.91.0
56287 ENPlanets (Out in Space), TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.80.5
123659 ENPlanets (Revised Edition), TheRustad, Martha E.H.2.10.5
59084 ENPlanets (Space)Birch, Robin3.20.5
29338 ENPlanning the ImpossibleJukes, Mavis4.15.0
7431 ENPlant ExperimentsWebster, Vera R.3.30.5
5435 ENPlant That Ate Dirty Socks, TheMcArthur, Nancy4.14.0
2863 ENPlants Feed On SunlightTaylor, Helen3.90.5
7432 ENPlants Without SeedsChalland, Helen J.4.50.5
75207 ENPlasticLucas, Rhonda Donald3.80.5
907151 ENPlateaus (HSP Edition)Hayes, Diane5.30.5
57728 ENPlatypusRiddell, Chris2.50.5
11781 ENPlay Around the WorldLakin, Patricia5.10.5
5375 ENPlay Ball!Freeman, Mark4.74.0
6087 ENPlay Ball, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.30.5
5376 ENPlay-offHughes, Dean4.22.0
5377 ENPlay-Off PressureFreeman, Mark5.14.0
70062 ENPlayers in PigtailsCorey, Shana3.40.5
9531 ENPlaying Beatie BowPark, Ruth5.89.0
906866 ENPlaying in an Orchestra (HSP Edition)Shaw, Lauris2.90.5
17588 ENPlayoff DreamsBowen, Fred4.22.0
84929 ENPlease Bury Me in the LibraryLewis, J. Patrick4.50.5
9334 ENPlease, Wind?Greene, Carol0.40.5
18741 ENPleasing the GhostCreech, Sharon3.02.0
9943 ENPlenty CoupsDoss, Michael6.00.5
902805 ENPlenty of Pets (HSP Edition)Benson, Rosie1.50.5
6374 ENPlum Tree War, ThePryor, Bonnie4.64.0
6184 ENPlutoFradin, Dennis4.30.5
116061 ENPluto: A Dwarf PlanetWinrich, Ralph3.50.5
70350 ENPluto (Exploring the Galaxy)Adamson, Thomas K.2.10.5
10087 ENPocahontasIannone, Catherine6.91.0
5534 ENPocket For Corduroy, AFreeman, Don3.70.5
83532 ENPocket Full of Kisses, APenn, Audrey3.70.5
26355 ENPocketful of Pets, AMoncure, Jane Belk2.00.5
6435 ENPoint GuardHughes, Dean3.82.0
88900 ENPointersFurstinger, Nancy4.40.5
7893 ENPoison Ivy and Eyebrow WigsPryor, Bonnie4.04.0
9136 ENPokey OpossumSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
7237 ENPoky Little Puppy, TheLowrey, Janette4.00.5
42135 ENPolar Bear Can Swim, AZiefert, Harriet1.80.5
11782 ENPolar Bear: Master of the Ice, TheTracqui, Valerie4.60.5
6088 ENPolar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?Martin, Bill2.10.5
906986 ENPolar Bear Tale (HSP Edition), AFloyd, Xavier3.20.5
6587 ENPolar BearsBiel, Timothy5.10.5
7433 ENPolar BearsLepthien, Emilie U.4.70.5
27770 ENPolar BearsKallen, Stuart A.4.20.5
74831 ENPolar BearsTownsend, Emily Rose1.80.5
89496 ENPolar BearsShores, Erika L.3.60.5
54253 ENPolar BearsGibbons, Gail4.30.5
80284 ENPolar Bears (Animal Kingdom)Murray, Julie3.20.5
31750 ENPolar Bears (Bears)Freeman, Marcia S.1.70.5
18742 ENPolar Bears Past BedtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
5240 ENPolar Express, TheVanAllsburg, Chris3.80.5
89051 ENPolars on the Path/Polar Bears on the PathBaglio, Ben M.5.04.0
7434 ENPoliceBroekel, Ray2.60.5
84793 ENPolice CarsLindeen, Carol K.2.10.5
43976 ENPolice Cars (The Transportation Library)Olien, Becky3.20.5
62072 ENPolice Officer (People in My Community)Gorman, Jacqueline Laks2.00.5
26356 ENPolka-Dot PuppyMoncure, Jane Belk2.20.5
5436 ENPolly PanicShura, Mary Francis4.74.0
57102 ENPolly PlatypusSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
56897 ENPonce de Leon: Juan Ponce de Leon Searches for the...of YouthHeinrichs, Ann4.80.5
35288 ENPonies at the PointBaglio, Ben M.4.84.0
906867 ENPonies (HSP Edition)Noonan, Diana1.80.5
18743 ENPony for Jeremiah, AMiller, Robert H.4.81.0
68613 ENPony in a PackageBaglio, Ben M.3.84.0
32409 ENPony on the PorchBaglio, Ben M.3.63.0
15186 ENPoodles (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
7641 ENPooped Troop, TheDelton, Judy2.81.0
6545 ENPoor MalloryMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
53718 ENPop! A Book About BubblesBradley, Kimberly Brubaker3.00.5
11684 ENPopcornEggleton, Jill1.40.5
7289 ENPopcornAsch, Frank2.30.5
27474 ENPopcorn Book, TheDe Paola, Tomie4.30.5
25094 ENPoppletonRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
25092 ENPoppleton and FriendsRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
25095 ENPoppleton EverydayRylant, Cynthia2.00.5
25093 ENPoppleton ForeverRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
54485 ENPoppleton in WinterRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
7538 ENPoppyseedCosgrove, Stephen4.60.5
115019 ENPorc in New York, AStock, Catherine4.40.5
44127 ENPorcupine Named Fluffy, ALester, Helen2.40.5
10536 ENPorcupine's Pajama PartyHarshman, Terry2.50.5
105237 ENPorcupinesRipple, William John1.60.5
60634 ENPorcupining: A Prickly Love StoryWheeler, Lisa3.10.5
117711 ENPort of SpiesJames, Brian3.21.0
27593 ENPortal, TheMyers, Bill4.75.0
106295 ENPossum Always Rings Twice, TheHale, Bruce3.62.0
6136 ENPossum Come a-Knockin'VanLaan, Nancy2.40.5
6498 ENPossum MagicFox, Mem3.00.5
7589 ENPost Office Book, TheGibbons, Gail3.60.5
6646 ENPotluckShelby, Anne2.60.5
907124 ENPottery Tradition (HSP Edition), TheAiken, Clifford4.60.5
6287 ENPowder Puff Puzzle, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
10176 ENPower MachinesRobbins, Ken5.50.5
907040 ENPower of Corn (HSP Edition), TheStone, Julian4.00.5
9830 ENPowerboat RacingSmith, Jay5.20.5
10088 ENPowhatan Indians, TheMcDaniel, Melissa7.42.0
906902 ENPrairie Babies (HSP Edition)Petrie, Elise2.90.5
906906 ENPrairie Dog (HSP Edition), TheSamuels, Betsy3.50.5
74832 ENPrairie DogsMurphy, Patricia J.1.90.5
68257 ENPrairie FriendsLevinson, Nancy Smiler2.50.5
46472 ENPrairie SchoolAvi3.10.5
490 ENPrairie SongsConrad, Pam5.35.0
7435 ENPrairies and GrasslandsRowan, James P.4.30.5
79533 ENPraying MantisesHall, Margaret1.90.5
43911 ENPraying MantisesFrost, Helen2.30.5
57574 ENPrehistoric AnimalsGibbons, Gail2.90.5
5589 ENPrehistoric PeopleWong, Ovid5.10.5
7590 ENPrehistoric PinkertonKellogg, Steven3.80.5
10537 ENPresent for Big Pig, AGliori, Debi4.00.5
906885 ENPresent for Charlie (HSP Edition), AMcMillan, Dawn2.60.5
25089 ENPresent for Grandfather, AWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
54486 ENPresents for SantaZiefert, Harriet1.40.5
36817 ENPresidents' Day (National Holidays)Frost, Helen2.70.5
5034 ENPressure PlayHughes, Dean3.61.0
11435 ENPressure PlayChristopher, Matt4.34.0
7392 ENPretty Good MagicDubowski, Cathy2.40.5
2542 ENPride of the Green MountainsBaker, Carin Greenberg5.03.0
518 ENPrince and the Pauper, TheTwain, Mark9.312.0
634 ENPrince CaspianLewis, C.S.5.77.0
56680 ENPrince Left His Prints, TheRondeau, Amanda1.50.5
7290 ENPrince's Tooth Is Loose, TheZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
123154 ENPrincessMiles, Ellen4.42.0
6436 ENPrincess and the Goblin, TheMacDonald, George6.18.0
10538 ENPrincess and the Pea, TheAndersen, Hans Christian3.40.5
105866 ENPrincess and the Pea, TheChild, Lauren5.10.5
105012 ENPrincess CharmingMason, Jane B.5.03.0
9944 ENPrincess DianaLicata, Renora6.51.0
104733 ENPrincess for a WeekWright, Betty Ren3.92.0
116558 ENPrincess Gusty Ox's Strange ChangeWallace, Karen4.41.0
907157 ENPrincess in Cyberspace (HSP Edition), TheJennings, Andrea3.20.5
6339 ENPrincess in the Pigpen, TheThomas, Jane Resh4.94.0
11436 ENPrincess MeganMagraw, Trisha5.31.0
87860 ENPrincess of the Fillmore Street School, TheSharmat, Marjorie Weinman3.20.5
12755 ENPrincipal from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.40.5
6236 ENPrincipal's New Clothes, TheCalmenson, Stephanie3.20.5
14529 ENPrivate Notebook of Katie Roberts, Age 11, TheHest, Amy3.51.0
32626 ENProblem with Pen Pals, TheMcMahon, Maggie2.91.0
123838 ENProboscis Monkey, TheRake, Jody Sullivan2.10.5
10177 ENProfessor I.Q. Explores the BrainSimon, Seymour6.20.5
87375 ENProject MulberryPark, Linda Sue4.36.0
48505 ENProkofiev (Lives and Times)Lynch, Wendy3.40.5
17638 ENPromise at the Alamo: The Story of a Texas Girl, AHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas4.41.0
5535 ENPromise is a Promise, AMunsch, Robert4.00.5
106652 ENProphet of Yonwood, TheDuPrau, Jeanne4.99.0
16687 ENProphets of the Dark SideDavids, Paul/Hollace6.63.0
88471 ENPrzewalski's HorsesVan Cleaf, Kristin4.50.5
115955 ENPssst!Rex, Adam1.10.5
5378 ENPsyched!Hughes, Dean4.02.0
104879 ENPteranodonRiehecky, Janet1.60.5
12792 ENPudd'nhead WilsonTwain, Mark8.39.0
25272 ENPuddle, TheMcPhail, David1.70.5
9293 ENPudmuddlesYork, Carol4.50.5
10089 ENPueblo Indians, TheBurby, Liza8.82.0
12439 ENPuerto RicoFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
10178 ENPuff...Flash...Bang! A Book About SignalsGibbons, Gail3.70.5
108373 ENPuffinsFrost, Helen1.50.5
119107 ENPugglesWheeler, Jill C.4.30.5
52542 ENPugsTemple, Bob4.50.5
120336 ENPugsleyMiles, Ellen4.22.0
6697 ENPulling My LegCarson, Jo2.90.5
4806 ENPumas (Wild Cats)Welsbacher, Anne3.70.5
42619 ENPumpkin Book, TheGibbons, Gail4.20.5
79081 ENPumpkin CatTurner, Ann3.60.5
63965 ENPumpkin Day!Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth2.70.5
36226 ENPumpkin Day, Pumpkin NightRockwell, Anne3.60.5
116105 ENPumpkin Elf Mystery, TheKlein, Abby3.11.0
55959 ENPumpkin EyeFleming, Denise2.40.5
115420 ENPumpkin HarvestHarris, Calvin1.60.5
46148 ENPumpkin JackHubbell, Will3.50.5
46604 ENPumpkin MoonshineTudor, Tasha3.70.5
7238 ENPumpkin PumpkinTitherington, Jeanne2.40.5
11486 ENPunch with JudyAvi4.44.0
67826 ENPunctuation Takes a VacationPulver, Robin3.90.5
15395 ENPunia and the King of Sharks: A Hawaiian FolktaleWardlaw, Lee4.30.5
114859 ENPunk'd and SkunkedStine, R.L.3.12.0
89235 ENPunxsutawney PhyllisHill, Susanna Leonard2.90.5
82859 ENPup and HoundHood, Susan0.90.5
114042 ENPup and Hound Catch a ThiefHood, Susan1.70.5
114043 ENPup and Hound Hatch an EggHood, Susan1.60.5
76517 ENPup at the PalaceBaglio, Ben M.4.94.0
117219 ENPup Speaks Up: A Phonics Reader, TheHays, Anna Jane0.70.5
36298 ENPuppiesDoudna, Kelly0.90.5
7291 ENPuppies Are Like ThatPfloog, Jan2.30.5
32411 ENPuppies in the PantryBaglio, Ben M.3.83.0
73257 ENPuppy in a PuddleBaglio, Ben M.4.13.0
21484 ENPuppy LoveKing-Smith, Dick4.00.5
70296 ENPuppy LoveJones/Dadey3.51.0
83514 ENPuppy Mudge Finds a FriendRylant, Cynthia0.60.5
69964 ENPuppy Mudge Has a SnackRylant, Cynthia0.80.5
79934 ENPuppy Mudge Loves His BlanketRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
70788 ENPuppy Mudge Takes a BathRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
88312 ENPuppy Mudge Wants to PlayRylant, Cynthia0.60.5
28335 ENPuppy Problem, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
64058 ENPuppy PuzzleBaglio, Ben M.3.22.0
16726 ENPuppy Sister, TheHinton, S.E.3.22.0
906903 ENPuppy Tricks (HSP Edition)McMillan, Dawn2.90.5
7340 ENPuppy Who Wanted a Boy, TheThayer, Jane3.00.5
10583 ENPurebredBryant, Bonnie4.64.0
698 ENPurple Climbing DaysGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
9788 ENPurple Coat, TheHest, Amy3.40.5
64401 ENPurple (Colors)Schuette, Sarah L.2.00.5
9335 ENPurple is Part of a RainbowKowalczyk, Carolyn1.10.5
9388 ENPurple Pussycat, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
84315 ENPursuitHand, Elizabeth5.13.0
56963 ENPush and PullMurphy, Patricia J.2.40.5
10218 ENPuss in BootsKirstein, Lincoln4.50.5
27573 ENPuzzle Club Case of the Kidnapped Kid, TheMackall, Dandi Daley3.92.0
27530 ENPuzzle Club Musical Mystery, TheMackall, Dandi Daley3.92.0
27574 ENPuzzle Club Poison Pen Mystery, TheMackall, Dandi Daley3.82.0
120317 ENPuzzling Pluto Plot, TheHoena, Blake A.2.70.5
84628 ENPythonsDoeden, Matt3.30.5
15454 ENPythons (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.00.5