Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


57568 ENBatbaby Finds a HomeQuackenbush, Robert2.30.5
105404 ENDuel to the Death with the VultureQuantz, Daniel2.70.5
105406 ENFace-to-Face with the Lizard!Quantz, Daniel2.50.5
105407 ENMarked for Destruction by Dr. Doom!Quantz, Daniel2.70.5
105408 ENNothing Can Stop the Sandman!Quantz, Daniel2.80.5
105409 ENSpider-Man Versus Doctor OctopusQuantz, Daniel2.90.5
10211 ENJackson Jones and the Puddle of ThornsQuattlebaum, Mary3.22.0
62831 ENBest Mud Pie, TheQuinn, Lin1.10.5
66238 ENGoing to School (First Time)Radabaugh, Melinda1.60.5
19204 ENBashi, Elephant BabyRadcliffe, Theresa3.70.5
42612 ENSanta's New SuitRader, Laura2.10.5
73460 ENWho'll Pull Santa's Sleigh Tonight?Rader, Laura1.70.5
6203 ENAll Joseph WantedRadin, Ruth Yaffe3.72.0
7285 ENMollyRadlauer, Ruth0.80.5
7286 ENMolly Goes HikingRadlauer, Ruth0.90.5
3052 ENFive Little DucksRaffi1.80.5
7720 ENEyeballs for BreakfastRagz, M.M.4.04.0
104797 ENAbomination!, TheRaicht, Mike2.60.5
104795 ENBig Green MenRaicht, Mike2.50.5
104794 ENBugsRaicht, Mike2.40.5
104760 ENComing of the Scorpion!, TheRaicht, Mike2.80.5
104796 ENCowboys and RobotsRaicht, Mike2.20.5
104762 ENGrotesque Adventure of the Green Goblin!, TheRaicht, Mike2.50.5
104759 ENKraven the HunterRaicht, Mike2.40.5
104764 ENMenace of Mysterio!, TheRaicht, Mike2.70.5
105412 ENWhere Flies the Beetle!Raicht, Mike2.60.5
115667 ENAiredale TerriersRake, Jody Sullivan1.90.5
123835 ENAye-Aye, TheRake, Jody Sullivan1.90.5
115668 ENBoxersRake, Jody Sullivan2.00.5
115669 ENBulldogsRake, Jody Sullivan1.70.5
115670 ENColliesRake, Jody Sullivan1.90.5
108572 ENEelsRake, Jody Sullivan1.60.5
112212 ENEnglish Springer SpanielsRake, Jody Sullivan1.80.5
123836 ENFrogfish, TheRake, Jody Sullivan1.60.5
112214 ENJack Russell TerriersRake, Jody Sullivan2.20.5
108579 ENLobstersRake, Jody Sullivan1.80.5
112217 ENManateesRake, Jody Sullivan1.70.5
115671 ENMuttsRake, Jody Sullivan2.00.5
123837 ENNaked Mole-Rat, TheRake, Jody Sullivan1.70.5
123838 ENProboscis Monkey, TheRake, Jody Sullivan2.10.5
9950 ENWilma MankillerRand, Jacki6.50.5
7177 ENBig Green Pocketbook, TheRansom, Candice2.70.5
47174 ENMother Teresa (On My Own Biography)Ransom, Candice F.3.40.5
58557 ENRescue on the Outer BanksRansom, Candice F.3.50.5
11374 ENLong-Haired Girl, TheRappaport, Doreen4.30.5
17382 ENSports Great Eric LindrosRappoport, Ken5.91.0
17391 ENSports Great Wayne GretzkyRappoport, Ken5.71.0
9841 ENTop 10 Basketball LegendsRappoport, Ken5.41.0
144 ENWesting Game, TheRaskin, Ellen5.38.0
74624 ENDay the Babies Crawled Away, TheRathmann, Peggy2.50.5
14100 ENOfficer Buckle and GloriaRathmann, Peggy3.40.5
906766 ENHow Animals Survive (HSP Edition)Rattenbury, Emma1.90.5
9122 ENDumpling SoupRattigan, Jama Kim3.40.5
26929 ENBob's VacationRau, Dana Meachen1.20.5
26912 ENBox Can Be Many Things, ARau, Dana Meachen0.70.5
46862 ENChilly CharlieRau, Dana Meachen1.20.5
45162 ENClown AroundRau, Dana Meachen0.70.5
86403 ENDr. SeussRau, Dana Meachen2.60.5
45167 ENHats!Rau, Dana Meachen0.50.5
50142 ENIn the YardRau, Dana Meachen0.30.5
50117 ENLadies and Gentlemen!Rau, Dana Meachen1.10.5
56811 ENLook Down LowRau, Dana Meachen0.80.5
50143 ENLots of BalloonsRau, Dana Meachen0.80.5
50732 ENMaking MusicRau, Dana Meachen0.90.5
45174 ENMy Favorite FoodsRau, Dana Meachen1.30.5
56812 ENMy Red RowboatRau, Dana Meachen1.40.5
56816 ENPet Your PetRau, Dana Meachen1.00.5
50123 ENRubber DuckRau, Dana Meachen1.40.5
56818 ENSay "Hi!" up HighRau, Dana Meachen0.50.5
45179 ENShoo, Crow! Shoo!Rau, Dana Meachen0.60.5
50144 ENUncle's BakeryRau, Dana Meachen1.20.5
45199 ENWonderful ThingsRau, Dana Meachen1.20.5
56824 ENYahoo for YouRau, Dana Meachen0.70.5
6981 ENDigging to ChinaRawlins, Donna3.90.5
392 ENSummer of the MonkeysRawls, Wilson4.813.0
95 ENWhere the Red Fern GrowsRawls, Wilson4.911.0
26729 ENMudRay, Mary Lyn1.50.5
906844 ENMountain Gorillas (HSP Edition)Raymond, Dean2.90.5
906865 ENOrangutans (HSP Edition)Raymond, Dean3.20.5
906908 ENWatching Arctic Wolves (HSP Edition)Raymond, Dean3.60.5
16356 ENCars (Transportation)Ready, Dee2.10.5
16372 ENMotorcycles (Transportation)Ready, Dee2.20.5
16381 ENTrucks (Transportation)Ready, Dee2.20.5
49904 ENBlue's Clues: Meet My FamilyReber, Deborah1.70.5
69900 ENMy Name is YoonRecorvits, Helen2.30.5
906932 ENAnimals All Around Us (HSP Edition)Redding, Jay2.30.5
85156 ENRebekah in Danger: Peril at Plymouth ColonyReece, Colleen L.4.64.0
85157 ENSarah's New World: The Mayflower AdventureReece, Colleen L.4.74.0
115401 ENSubmarinesReed, Jennifer1.90.5
123920 ENU.S. Marine Corps, TheReed, Jennifer2.50.5
123921 ENU.S. Navy, TheReed, Jennifer1.90.5
100826 ENThelonius Turkey Lives! (on Felicia Ferguson's Farm)Reed, Lynn Rowe3.30.5
11421 ENKeisha Leads the WayReed, Teresa5.02.0
11422 ENKeisha, the Fairy Snow QueenReed, Teresa4.91.0
14679 ENKeisha to the RescueReed, Teresa4.92.0
11445 ENThree Cheers for KeishaReed, Teresa4.91.0
16200 ENTree in the Ancient Forest, TheReed-Jones, Carol5.50.5
10229 ENGrandpa's MountainReeder, Carolyn5.37.0
9171 ENHuan Ching and the Golden FishReeser, Michael3.60.5
47816 ENMonkey See, Monkey DoRegan, Dana1.00.5
27956 ENMonsters in CyberspaceRegan, Dian Curtis4.54.0
77202 ENFreddy in Peril: Book Two in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof4.94.0
114626 ENFreddy's Final QuestReiche, Dietlof5.06.0
102142 ENFreddy to the Rescue: Book Three in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof5.15.0
105976 ENHaunting of Freddy: Book Four in the Golden Hamster Saga, TheReiche, Dietlof5.16.0
51815 ENI, Freddy: Book One in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof5.14.0
19841 ENButton Box, TheReid, Margarette S.2.40.5
27557 ENBig Island SearchReid, Mary Carpenter3.21.0
27558 ENPhantom GardenerReid, Mary Carpenter3.11.0
27561 ENRock PatrolReid, Mary Carpenter3.41.0
27560 ENSecret in the SwampReid, Mary Carpenter3.41.0
27556 ENToo Many TreasuresReid, Mary Carpenter3.11.0
27559 ENTwin TroubleReid, Mary Carpenter3.21.0
231 ENIndian in the Cupboard, TheReid-Banks, Lynne4.66.0
8267 ENKen Griffey, Jr.Reiser, Howard5.50.5
143 ENUpstairs Room, TheReiss, Johanna2.96.0
6303 ENBehind Rebel LinesReit, Seymour5.73.0
9687 ENRebus Bears, TheReit, Seymour2.60.5
9693 ENThings That GoReit, Seymour3.40.5
17377 ENSports Great Anfernee HardawayRekela, George6.92.0
17387 ENSports Great Muggsy BoguesRekela, George7.12.0
105472 ENFox Makes FriendsRelf, Adam2.30.5
8681 ENMagic School Bus Hops Home, TheRelf, Patricia2.70.5
11381 ENMagic School Bus Plants Seeds, TheRelf, Patricia3.10.5
907056 ENLet's Visit a Museum (HSP Edition)Renack, Melinda4.40.5
907071 ENWhat People Can Do (HSP Edition)Renack, Melinda3.40.5
11496 ENVery Personal Computer, ARendal, Justine4.36.0
115955 ENPssst!Rex, Adam1.10.5
46245 ENBrooms Are for Flying!Rex, Michael1.20.5
5509 ENCurious GeorgeRey, H.A.2.60.5
7611 ENCurious George Gets a MedalRey, H.A.4.10.5
6110 ENCurious George and the PizzaRey, Margret2.40.5
7212 ENCurious George at the BeachRey, Margret2.20.5
409 ENCurious George Flies a KiteRey, Margret2.70.5
88028 ENCurious George's First Day of SchoolRey, Margret2.60.5
7213 ENCurious George Visits the ZooRey, Margret2.60.5
35810 ENCurious George Goes to SchoolRey, Margret /H.A.2.40.5
31547 ENCurious George at the Fire StationRey, Margret/H.A.2.50.5
27521 ENCurious George Goes to a Chocolate FactoryRey, Margret/H.A.3.50.5
52860 ENCurious George Goes to a Costume PartyRey, Margret/H.A.2.80.5
18665 ENCurious George Goes to the HospitalRey, Margret/H.A.3.40.5
42148 ENCurious George's DreamRey, Margret/H.A.2.50.5
42147 ENCurious George Plays BaseballRey/Shalleck2.00.5
102936 ENChicks and SalsaReynolds, Aaron4.50.5
112364 ENDung Beetle Bandits, TheReynolds, Aaron3.00.5
112365 ENFortune Cookies of Weevil, TheReynolds, Aaron2.60.5
120315 ENKung Pow ChickenReynolds, Aaron2.80.5
120316 ENPest Show on Earth, TheReynolds, Aaron2.70.5
109059 ENTiger Moth and the Dragon Kite ContestReynolds, Aaron2.70.5
109060 ENTiger Moth, Insect NinjaReynolds, Aaron2.60.5
69954 ENDot, TheReynolds, Peter H.1.90.5
104441 ENMy Very Big Little WorldReynolds, Peter H.1.70.5
9581 ENMagic SpringRhee, Nami4.10.5
101304 ENDora's Costume Party!Ricci, Christine2.50.5
10189 ENWhat on Earth is a Capybara?Ricciuti, Edward5.20.5
10190 ENWhat on Earth is a Chuckwalla?Ricciuti, Edward4.80.5
10191 ENWhat on Earth is a Galago?Ricciuti, Edward5.20.5
10192 ENWhat on Earth is a Guanaco?Ricciuti, Edward4.90.5
10195 ENWhat on Earth is a Pangolin?Ricciuti, Edward5.20.5
10197 ENWhat on Earth is a Skink?Ricciuti, Edward5.00.5
11500 ENYear the Wolves Came, TheRice, Bebe Faas4.73.0
907153 ENSee You Soon, June (HSP Edition)Rice, Frannie3.40.5
112134 ENBack Off, Bully Boys!Richards, Kitty2.90.5
89487 ENAlligatorsRichardson, Adele3.90.5
89489 ENCrocodilesRichardson, Adele3.90.5
84579 ENEarthRichardson, Adele3.30.5
104082 ENFoxesRichardson, Adele3.40.5
84580 ENJupiterRichardson, Adele3.40.5
84581 ENMarsRichardson, Adele3.50.5
84582 ENMercuryRichardson, Adele3.70.5
84585 ENSaturnRichardson, Adele3.50.5
104087 ENTigersRichardson, Adele3.60.5
84591 ENVenusRichardson, Adele3.50.5
50963 ENBaboons: Life in the TroopRichardson, Adele D.2.70.5
43961 ENBears: Paws, Claws, and JawsRichardson, Adele D.3.20.5
43962 ENButterflies: Pollinators and Nectar-SippersRichardson, Adele D.3.00.5
43965 ENDolphins: Fins, Flippers, and FlukesRichardson, Adele D.3.10.5
56346 ENEagles: Birds of PreyRichardson, Adele D.2.70.5
43967 ENEarthworms: Underground BurrowersRichardson, Adele D.3.40.5
50973 ENElephants: Trunks and TusksRichardson, Adele D.3.10.5
36838 ENFreight Trains (The Transportation Library)Richardson, Adele D.3.20.5
61081 ENGroundhogs: Woodchucks, Marmots, and Whistle PigsRichardson, Adele D.3.20.5
50982 ENHyenas: Hunters and ScavengersRichardson, Adele D.2.50.5
50985 ENLions: Life in the PrideRichardson, Adele D.2.70.5
61084 ENManatees: Peaceful Plant-EatersRichardson, Adele D.3.70.5
61085 ENOwls: Flat-Faced FlyersRichardson, Adele D.3.00.5
56359 ENTigers: Striped StalkersRichardson, Adele D.2.80.5
56361 ENWhales: Giants of the DeepRichardson, Adele D.2.70.5
907132 ENYellowstone: A Blast from the Past (HSP Edition)Richardson, Donna4.60.5
9054 ENCome to My PartyRichardson, Judith1.50.5
271 ENJacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded FangRichler, Mordecai5.22.0
6015 ENTime TreeRichmont, Enid5.12.0
122 ENLight in the Forest, TheRichter, Conrad5.55.0
364 ENFriedrichRichter, Hans Peter4.75.0
907083 ENJust Like Beverly Cleary (HSP Edition)Ricker, Charles3.20.5
57728 ENPlatypusRiddell, Chris2.50.5
104876 ENDiplodocusRiehecky, Janet1.70.5
104877 ENIguanodonRiehecky, Janet1.90.5
104878 ENMegalodonRiehecky, Janet1.60.5
104879 ENPteranodonRiehecky, Janet1.60.5
10082 ENNez Perce Indians, TheRifkin, Mark7.31.0
10221 ENWhen the Frost is On the PunkinRiley, James3.30.5
66250 ENBuzzing Bumblebees (Animals)Riley, Joelle2.50.5
900 ENLunch in SpaceRiley, Kana1.70.5
902801 ENLunch in Space (HSP Edition)Riley, Kana1.80.5
27988 ENBig Sale, TheRiley, Kathryn1.80.5
906972 ENNews Today! (HSP Edition)Riley, Kim2.80.5
901 ENMouse MessRiley, Linnea1.70.5
42452 ENJournal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce: A Pilgrim Boy, TheRinaldi, Ann4.95.0
9917 ENHenry David ThoreauRing, Elizabeth5.01.0
9945 ENRachel CarsonRing, Elizabeth4.61.0
2902 ENWhat Rot!Ring, Elizabeth4.40.5
6144 ENTar BeachRinggold, Faith3.40.5
11181 ENMy G-r-r-r-reat Uncle TigerRiordan, James2.80.5
125985 ENMaze of Bones, TheRiordan, Rick4.37.0
113229 ENLongest Season: The Story of the Orioles' 1988 Losing Streak, TheRipken Jr., Cal4.50.5
27081 ENCal Ripken, Jr.: My StoryRipken/Bryan5.54.0
84740 ENCamelsRipple, William John1.80.5
84741 ENKangaroosRipple, William John1.10.5
105235 ENOpossumsRipple, William John1.50.5
84742 ENOstrichesRipple, William John1.80.5
105237 ENPorcupinesRipple, William John1.60.5
105238 ENRaccoonsRipple, William John1.60.5
84744 ENScorpionsRipple, William John1.70.5
9926 ENJim ThorpRivinus, Edward6.10.5
19226 ENLast Chocolate Cookie, TheRix, Jamie3.00.5
924 ENAddie Runs AwayRobbins, Joan2.80.5
10176 ENPower MachinesRobbins, Ken5.50.5
5567 ENFossilsRoberts, Allan4.50.5
42922 ENChristmas Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.00.5
68253 ENEaster Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.30.5
78611 ENFourth of July Mice!Roberts, Bethany0.90.5
45436 ENHalloween Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.60.5
55962 ENThanksgiving Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.30.5
44125 ENValentine Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.20.5
9939 ENNelson MandelaRoberts, Jack6.21.0
9946 ENRuth Bader GinsburgRoberts, Jack6.31.0
29339 ENGhost of a ChanceRoberts, Laura Peyton4.67.0
103415 ENLittle RedRoberts, Lynn4.40.5
906973 ENNuna Gets a Chance (HSP Edition)Roberts, Monty1.80.5
9157 ENDon't Cry, Big BirdRoberts, Sarah1.90.5
9160 ENErnie's Big MessRoberts, Sarah1.60.5
9183 ENNobody Cares About Me!Roberts, Sarah1.70.5
206 ENBaby-sitting Is a Dangerous JobRoberts, Willo Davis5.36.0
6370 ENJo and the BanditRoberts, Willo Davis6.29.0
5434 ENPet-Sitting Peril, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.87.0
35 ENHenry Reed, Inc.Robertson, Keith5.58.0
36 ENHenry Reed's Baby-Sitting ServiceRobertson, Keith5.16.0
473 ENHenry Reed's THINK TANKRobertson, Keith5.67.0
6261 ENDog Who Had Kittens, TheRobertus, Polly3.30.5
14818 ENIf You Please, President LincolnRobinet, Harriette Gillem5.15.0
6101 ENAddie Meets MaxRobins, Joan1.70.5
44185 ENAddie's Bad DayRobins, Joan1.80.5
253 ENBest Christmas Pageant Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.12.0
80687 ENBest Halloween Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.42.0
10212 ENBest School Year Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.43.0
902792 ENAlien Vacation (HSP Edition)Robinson, F.R.0.60.5
902797 ENHenry (HSP Edition)Robinson, F.R.1.20.5
19170 ENSolid, Liquid, or Gas?Robinson, Fay2.80.5
19186 ENVegetables, Vegetables!Robinson, Fay2.90.5
19187 ENWe Love Fruit!Robinson, Fay2.70.5
433 ENOh Honestly, Angela!Robinson, Nancy K.3.72.0
113945 ENWolf! Wolf!Rocco, John3.00.5
613 ENHouse Without a Christmas Tree, TheRock, Gail4.93.0
17320 ENHow Much Is That Guinea Pig in the Window?Rocklin, Joanne2.60.5
19921 ENJake and the CopycatsRocklin, Joanne2.20.5
64123 ENThis Book Is HauntedRocklin, Joanne2.20.5
9142 ENThree Smart PalsRocklin, Joanne2.30.5
59555 ENBecoming ButterfliesRockwell, Anne3.00.5
69557 ENBig WheelsRockwell, Anne1.80.5
51320 ENOur StarsRockwell, Anne2.90.5
36226 ENPumpkin Day, Pumpkin NightRockwell, Anne3.60.5
18645 ENRomulus and RemusRockwell, Anne2.50.5
46105 ENValentine's DayRockwell, Anne2.40.5
88752 ENGood Morning, DiggerRockwell, Anne F.2.50.5
88664 ENLittle SharkRockwell, Anne F.4.20.5
174 ENHow To Eat Fried WormsRockwell, Thomas3.52.0
225 ENGroundhog's HorseRockwood, Joyce4.33.0
69074 ENCharm Bracelet, TheRodda, Emily4.32.0
59046 ENCity of the RatsRodda, Emily5.14.0
59047 ENDread MountainRodda, Emily5.14.0
69075 ENFlower Fairies, TheRodda, Emily4.22.0
59066 ENLake of Tears, TheRodda, Emily5.44.0
75368 ENLast Fairy-Apple Tree, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
77942 ENMagic Key, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
59067 ENMaze of the Beast, TheRodda, Emily5.04.0
109337 ENPeskie Spell, TheRodda, Emily4.62.0
109459 ENRainbow Wand, TheRodda, Emily4.62.0
59059 ENReturn to DelRodda, Emily4.94.0
73395 ENRowan and the Ice CreepersRodda, Emily5.48.0
22372 ENRowan and the Keeper of the CrystalRodda, Emily4.55.0
18591 ENRowan and the TravelersRodda, Emily4.44.0
58913 ENRowan and the ZebakRodda, Emily5.16.0
22373 ENRowan of RinRodda, Emily4.75.0
59070 ENShifting Sands, TheRodda, Emily5.24.0
88510 ENStar Cloak, TheRodda, Emily4.62.0
69262 ENThird Wish, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
78926 ENUnicorn, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
59071 ENValley of the Lost, TheRodda, Emily5.14.0
102515 ENWater Sprites, TheRodda, Emily4.72.0
7752 ENDanger on Thunder MountainRoddy, Lee4.88.0
7753 ENDesperate Search, TheRoddy, Lee4.87.0
7757 ENFlaming Trap, TheRoddy, Lee5.28.0
7758 ENGold Train Bandits, TheRoddy, Lee5.17.0
7787 ENMystery of the Phantom GoldRoddy, Lee5.38.0
7789 ENOverland Escape, TheRoddy, Lee4.87.0
7793 ENSecret of the Howling Cave, TheRoddy, Lee5.08.0
7795 ENTerror in the SkyRoddy, Lee5.08.0
907092 ENSonia's Extra-Special Dish (HSP Edition)Rodney, Fernando3.10.5
24902 ENBest Friends Sleep OverRogers, Jacqueline2.70.5
5242 ENSecret Moose, TheRogers, Jean5.41.0
120289 ENKitten Tale, ARohmann, Eric2.00.5
18321 ENUncle Nacho's HatRohmer, Harriet2.40.5
9785 ENOnce There Was a TreeRomanova, Natalia3.30.5
56660 ENBella Blew Blue BubblesRondeau, Amanda1.40.5
56680 ENPrince Left His Prints, TheRondeau, Amanda1.50.5
21662 ENAbsent-Minded Toad, TheRondon, Javier2.00.5
9473 ENButtons for General WashingtonRoop, Peter2.90.5
89483 ENLet's Celebrate St. Patrick's DayRoop, Peter3.70.5
11148 ENAhyoka and the Talking LeavesRoop, Peter/Connie3.51.0
54158 ENBenjamin FranklinRoop, Peter/Connie5.42.0
40130 ENEye for an Eye: A Story of the Revolutionary War, AnRoop, Peter/Connie4.35.0
668 ENKeep the Lights Burning, AbbieRoop, Peter/Connie2.20.5
49481 ENBeach DayRoosa, Karen1.80.5
56404 ENFoggy FridayRoot, Phyllis1.70.5
42601 ENGrandmother WinterRoot, Phyllis3.70.5
107290 ENLooking for a MooseRoot, Phyllis1.60.5
60392 ENOliver Finds His WayRoot, Phyllis1.30.5
59438 ENOne Duck StuckRoot, Phyllis1.40.5
77096 ENTen Sleepy SheepRoot, Phyllis1.30.5
6211 ENElijah's AngelRosen, Michael4.60.5
11194 ENWe're Going On a Bear HuntRosen, Michael1.30.5
9164 ENFriends AfloatRosenbaum, Eliza3.30.5
9480 ENMonster MamaRosenberg, Liz3.70.5
7363 ENDeputy Dan and the Bank RobbersRosenbloom, Joseph2.20.5
7364 ENDeputy Dan Gets His ManRosenbloom, Joseph2.40.5
120468 ENLittle HootRosenthal, Amy Krouse1.80.5
6156 ENBasketballRosenthal, Bert3.40.5
8255 ENCarl LewisRosenthal, Bert4.00.5
6187 ENSoccerRosenthal, Bert3.20.5
8293 ENSugar Ray LeonardRosenthal, Bert4.70.5
14869 ENHow Turtle's Back Was Cracked: A Traditional Cherokee TaleRoss, Gayle4.20.5
7245 ENTwinkle, Twinkle, Little BugRoss, Katharine1.90.5
7621 ENM & M and The Bad News BabiesRoss, Pat2.70.5
7622 ENM & M and The Haunted House GameRoss, Pat2.80.5
7623 ENM & M and The Santa SecretsRoss, Pat3.50.5
7626 ENMeet M & MRoss, Pat3.20.5
351 ENAfter the Dancing DaysRostkowski, Margaret I.3.88.0
9091 ENThree Billy Goats GruffRounds, Glen3.80.5
7435 ENPrairies and GrasslandsRowan, James P.4.30.5
19238 ENRabbit MoonRowe, John A.1.90.5
32081 ENHarry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsRowling, J.K.6.714.0
116230 ENHarry Potter and the Deathly HallowsRowling, J.K.6.934.0
904 ENHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling, J.K.6.834.0
89154 ENHarry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceRowling, J.K.7.229.0
69785 ENHarry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixRowling, J.K.7.244.0
32082 ENHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanRowling, J.K.6.718.0
26759 ENHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneRowling, J.K.5.512.0
101914 ENI Want a Hippopotamus for ChristmasRox, John2.40.5
17651 ENAbsent Author, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
17657 ENBald Bandit, TheRoy, Ron3.21.0
20014 ENCanary Caper, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
20016 ENDeadly Dungeon, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
107300 ENDetective CampRoy, Ron4.02.0
24939 ENEmpty Envelope, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
25211 ENFalcon's Feathers, TheRoy, Ron3.31.0
107301 ENFireworks at the FBIRoy, Ron3.91.0
28321 ENGoose's Gold, TheRoy, Ron3.31.0
31059 ENHaunted Hotel, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
31060 ENInvisible Island, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
44930 ENJaguar's Jewel, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
74863 ENKidnapped at the CapitalRoy, Ron3.71.0
44931 ENKidnapped King, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
44932 ENLucky Lottery, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
116909 ENMayflower Treasure HuntRoy, Ron4.12.0
46482 ENMissing Mummy, TheRoy, Ron4.01.0
115338 ENMystery at the Washington MonumentRoy, Ron3.81.0
53082 ENNinth Nugget, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
62265 ENOrange Outlaw, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
62266 ENPanda Puzzle, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
61526 ENQuicksand Question, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
65673 ENRunaway Racehorse, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
69219 ENSchool Skeleton, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
74872 ENSkeleton in the Smithsonian, TheRoy, Ron4.11.0
80956 ENSpy in the White House, ARoy, Ron3.91.0
74702 ENTalking T. Rex, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
119323 ENThief at the National Zoo, ARoy, Ron4.01.0
5495 ENThree Ducks Went WanderingRoy, Ron2.80.5
112343 ENTrouble at the TreasuryRoy, Ron3.71.0
77275 ENUnwilling Umpire, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
80082 ENVampire's Vacation, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
83391 ENWhite Wolf, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
103254 ENWho Broke Lincoln's Thumb?Roy, Ron3.91.0
49426 ENWho Cloned the President?Roy, Ron3.51.0
85882 ENX'ed-Out X-Ray, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
86483 ENYellow Yacht, TheRoy, Ron3.91.0
87386 ENZombie Zone, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
24915 ENFire Fighter!Royston, Angela2.20.5
60933 ENSolids, Liquids, and Gases (My World of Science)Royston, Angela3.60.5
24914 ENTruck TroubleRoyston, Angela2.30.5
27952 ENPlace in the Sun, ARubalcaba, Jill4.42.0
114988 ENThree Swingin' Pigs, TheRubin, Vicky2.60.5
11491 ENSteal Away HomeRuby, Lois5.57.0
6226 ENJunkyard DogRuch, Sandi Barrett4.92.0
14673 ENJackie RobinsonRudeen, Kenneth4.61.0
14692 ENRoberto ClementeRudeen, Kenneth4.40.5
56916 ENApril Fool!Ruelle, Karen Gray2.20.5
71104 ENCrunchy, Munchy Christmas Tree, TheRuelle, Karen Gray2.40.5
104918 ENDear Tooth FairyRuelle, Karen Gray2.40.5
75988 ENEaster Egg DisasterRuelle, Karen Gray2.60.5
61513 ENEasy as Apple PieRuelle, Karen Gray2.40.5
89234 ENGreat Groundhogs!Ruelle, Karen Gray2.50.5
43687 ENSnow ValentinesRuelle, Karen Gray2.30.5
54489 ENSpookier Than a GhostRuelle, Karen Gray2.40.5
44221 ENThanksgiving Beast Feast, TheRuelle, Karen Gray2.60.5
53929 ENAero and Officer Mike: Police PartnersRussell, Joan Plummer4.80.5
50964 ENBenjamin Franklin (First Biographies)Rustad, Martha E. H.2.30.5
68091 ENCockroachesRustad, Martha E. H.0.80.5
43909 ENDolphins (Ocean Life)Rustad, Martha E. H.1.90.5
50975 ENGeorge Washington CarverRustad, Martha E. H.2.20.5
68094 ENHoney BeesRustad, Martha E. H.2.10.5
56286 ENMoon (Out in Space), TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.40.5
56287 ENPlanets (Out in Space), TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.80.5
43912 ENRays (Ocean Life)Rustad, Martha E. H.1.50.5
68097 ENSea Snakes (Ocean Life)Rustad, Martha E. H.1.60.5
43913 ENSea Turtles (Ocean Life)Rustad, Martha E. H.1.10.5
43914 ENSeals (Ocean Life)Rustad, Martha E. H.1.10.5
43915 ENSharks (Ocean Life)Rustad, Martha E. H.1.50.5
56288 ENStars (Out in Space), TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.40.5
56289 ENSun (Out in Space), TheRustad, Martha E. H.1.80.5
50994 ENSusan B. Anthony (First Biographies)Rustad, Martha E. H.2.40.5
68099 ENWalruses (Ocean Life)Rustad, Martha E. H.1.40.5
43919 ENWhales (Ocean Life)Rustad, Martha E. H.1.40.5
115416 ENAnimals in FallRustad, Martha E.H.1.20.5
123650 ENAnimals in WinterRustad, Martha E.H.1.90.5
79540 ENBeavers and Their LodgesRustad, Martha E.H.2.10.5
123914 ENBirthdays in Many CulturesRustad, Martha E.H.1.90.5
123652 ENChristmasRustad, Martha E.H.1.80.5
123915 ENChristmas in Many CulturesRustad, Martha E.H.2.10.5
79544 ENFoxes and Their DensRustad, Martha E.H.1.80.5
50978 ENGuinea PigsRustad, Martha E.H.1.30.5
50981 ENHorsesRustad, Martha E.H.0.80.5
115417 ENLeaves in FallRustad, Martha E.H.0.90.5
123658 ENMoon (Revised Edition), TheRustad, Martha E.H.1.60.5
115418 ENPeople in FallRustad, Martha E.H.1.10.5
123656 ENPeople in WinterRustad, Martha E.H.1.30.5
123659 ENPlanets (Revised Edition), TheRustad, Martha E.H.2.10.5
123916 ENShopping in Many CulturesRustad, Martha E.H.1.90.5
50992 ENSnakesRustad, Martha E.H.0.90.5
123657 ENSnowflakesRustad, Martha E.H.1.40.5
79547 ENSquirrels and Their NestsRustad, Martha E.H.2.00.5
123660 ENStars (Revised Edition), TheRustad, Martha E.H.1.30.5
123661 ENSun (Revised Edition), TheRustad, Martha E.H.1.80.5
123922 ENTransportation in Many CulturesRustad, Martha E.H.1.60.5
50996 ENTurtlesRustad, Martha E.H.0.70.5
28264 ENFirefighting: Behind the ScenesRuth, Maria Mudd6.92.0
6292 ENShiniest Rock of All, TheRuth, Nancy4.42.0
36329 ENAmelia and Eleanor Go for a RideRyan, Pam Muñoz4.20.5
82864 ENBecoming Naomi LeonRyan, Pam Muñoz5.46.0
41663 ENFlag We Love, TheRyan, Pam Muñoz5.90.5
116832 ENPaint the WindRyan, Pam Muñoz5.36.0
59734 ENBig Bear BallRyder, Joanne1.70.5
71196 ENCome Along, KittenRyder, Joanne2.30.5
9468 ENWhere Butterflies GrowRyder, Joanne3.90.5
113365 ENAnnie and Snowball and the Dress-up BirthdayRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
126506 ENAnnie and Snowball and the Pink SurpriseRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
120046 ENAnnie and Snowball and the Prettiest HouseRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
122336 ENAnnie and Snowball and the Teacup ClubRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
905 ENBird House, TheRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
18704 ENBlue Hill Meadows, TheRylant, Cynthia4.61.0
16994 ENBookshop Dog, TheRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
31085 ENBunny BungalowRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
78986 ENCase of the Baffled Bear, TheRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
43690 ENCase of the Climbing Cat, TheRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
87694 ENCase of the Desperate Duck, TheRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
65955 ENCase of the Fidgety Fox, TheRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
43691 ENCase of the Missing Monkey, TheRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
46480 ENCase of the Puzzling Possum, TheRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
59527 ENCase of the Sleepy Sloth, TheRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
49421 ENCase of the Troublesome Turtle, TheRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
71256 ENChristmas in the CountryRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
49862 ENGreat Gracie Chase: Stop That Dog!, TheRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
82322 ENHenry and Mudge and a Very Merry ChristmasRylant, Cynthia2.90.5
24965 ENHenry and Mudge and Annie's Good MoveRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
35182 ENHenry and Mudge and Annie's Perfect PetRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
68254 ENHenry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's HouseRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
6070 ENHenry and Mudge and the Bedtime ThumpsRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
17529 ENHenry and Mudge and the Best Day of AllRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
107040 ENHenry and Mudge and the Big SleepoverRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
16390 ENHenry and Mudge and the Careful CousinRylant, Cynthia2.10.5
14999 ENHenry and Mudge and the Forever SeaRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
77594 ENHenry and Mudge and the Funny LunchRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
87210 ENHenry and Mudge and the Great GrandpasRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
6119 ENHenry and Mudge and the Happy CatRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
13396 ENHenry and Mudge and the Long WeekendRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
17530 ENHenry and Mudge and the Sneaky CrackersRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
32441 ENHenry and Mudge and the Snowman PlanRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
19222 ENHenry and Mudge and the Starry NightRylant, Cynthia2.20.5
63722 ENHenry and Mudge and the Tall TreehouseRylant, Cynthia2.10.5
101934 ENHenry and Mudge and the Tumbling TripRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
73209 ENHenry and Mudge and the Wild Goose ChaseRylant, Cynthia2.20.5
9477 ENHenry and Mudge and the Wild WindRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
17531 ENHenry and Mudge Get the Cold ShiversRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
7320 ENHenry and Mudge in Puddle TroubleRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
17532 ENHenry and Mudge in the Family TreesRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
15000 ENHenry and Mudge in the Green TimeRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
12752 ENHenry and Mudge in the Sparkle DaysRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
12753 ENHenry and Mudge Take the Big TestRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
7572 ENHenry and Mudge, The First BookRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
10522 ENHenry & Mudge Under the Yellow MoonRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
25299 ENIn Aunt Lucy's KitchenRylant, Cynthia4.01.0
79566 ENLighthouse Family: The Eagle, TheRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
102070 ENLighthouse Family: The Octopus, TheRylant, Cynthia4.00.5
65671 ENLighthouse Family: The Storm, TheRylant, Cynthia4.41.0
86246 ENLighthouse Family: The Turtle, TheRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
72357 ENLighthouse Family: The Whale, TheRylant, Cynthia3.81.0
25300 ENLittle Shopping, ARylant, Cynthia4.20.5
71623 ENLittle Whistle's ChristmasRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
6673 ENMissing MayRylant, Cynthia5.33.0
71684 ENMoonlight: The Halloween CatRylant, Cynthia1.40.5
14426 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Bake the CakeRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
59517 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Catch the ColdRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
46467 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Feed the FishRylant, Cynthia2.20.5
14427 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Fly the PlaneRylant, Cynthia3.50.5
87711 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Make a WishRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
35325 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Paint the PorchRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
14428 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Pick the PearsRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
11647 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Pour the TeaRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
14429 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Row the BoatRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
120215 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Run the RaceRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
115860 ENMr. Putter & Tabby See the StarsRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
107766 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Spin the YarnRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
68289 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Stir the SoupRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
32205 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Take the TrainRylant, Cynthia3.00.5
19232 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Toot the HornRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
12481 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Walk the DogRylant, Cynthia2.80.5
78747 ENMr. Putter & Tabby Write the BookRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
58685 ENOld Town in the Green GrovesRylant, Cynthia5.24.0
25094 ENPoppletonRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
25092 ENPoppleton and FriendsRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
25095 ENPoppleton EverydayRylant, Cynthia2.00.5
25093 ENPoppleton ForeverRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
54485 ENPoppleton in WinterRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
83514 ENPuppy Mudge Finds a FriendRylant, Cynthia0.60.5
69964 ENPuppy Mudge Has a SnackRylant, Cynthia0.80.5
79934 ENPuppy Mudge Loves His BlanketRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
70788 ENPuppy Mudge Takes a BathRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
88312 ENPuppy Mudge Wants to PlayRylant, Cynthia0.60.5
5537 ENRelatives Came, TheRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
32568 ENScarecrowRylant, Cynthia3.30.5
31561 ENSilver Packages: An Appalachian Christmas StoryRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
5498 ENWhen I Was Young in the MountainsRylant, Cynthia3.60.5
9525 ENJackie RobinsonSabin, Francene5.60.5
29999 ENBoy Who Lost His Face, TheSachar, Louis4.06.0
28081 ENHolesSachar, Louis4.67.0
9269 ENMarvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's HouseSachar, Louis2.91.0
28330 ENMarvin Redpost: Class PresidentSachar, Louis3.41.0
9270 ENMarvin Redpost: Is He a Girl?Sachar, Louis2.81.0
6331 ENMarvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth?Sachar, Louis2.81.0
6332 ENMarvin Redpost: Why Pick on Me?Sachar, Louis2.71.0
5243 ENSideways Stories...Wayside SchoolSachar, Louis3.33.0
5086 ENSixth Grade SecretsSachar, Louis3.75.0
349 ENThere's a Boy in the Girls' BathroomSachar, Louis3.45.0
11497 ENWayside School Gets a Little StrangerSachar, Louis3.33.0
5247 ENWayside School is Falling DownSachar, Louis3.44.0
404 ENBoy Who Ate Dog Biscuits, TheSachs, Betsy2.61.0
10646 ENMountain Bike MadnessSachs, Betsy2.91.0
10249 ENAt the Sound of the BeepSachs, Marilyn4.55.0
252 ENBears' House, TheSachs, Marilyn4.12.0
489 ENPeter and VeronicaSachs, Marilyn4.65.0
11493 ENThirteen Going on SevenSachs, Marilyn4.43.0
297 ENVeronica GanzSachs, Marilyn4.94.0
9752 ENAlistair's Time MachineSadler, Marilyn3.30.5
9575 ENP.J. Funnybunny Camps OutSadler, Marilyn1.70.5
7338 ENP.J. the Spoiled BunnySadler, Marilyn2.80.5
123 ENLittle Prince, TheSaint-Exupery, Antoine de5.02.0
57663 ENCanoeing (The Great Outdoors)Salas, Laura Purdie4.91.0
57668 ENIce Fishing (The Great Outdoors)Salas, Laura Purdie4.81.0
75424 ENSaltwater FishingSalas, Laura Purdie4.70.5
57679 ENSnowmobiling (The Great Outdoors)Salas, Laura Purdie5.01.0
63489 ENEpossumondasSalley, Coleen3.90.5
110485 ENEpossumondas Saves the DaySalley, Coleen3.30.5
78822 ENWhy Epossumondas Has No Hair on His TailSalley, Coleen3.30.5
6 ENBambiSalten, Felix4.96.0
40489 ENaiSalzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.60.5
55441 ENIn a Valley (What Do You See?)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.50.5
55442 ENIn the Desert (What Do You See?)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.40.5
55443 ENIn the Forest (What Do You See?)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.10.5
55444 ENIn the Ocean (What Do You See?)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.30.5
56669 ENMy Deer Is a DearSalzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.30.5
55447 ENOn a Mountain (What Do You See?)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.40.5
55448 ENOn the Prairie (What Do You See?)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.40.5
9764 ENDuncan and DoloresSamuels, Barbara2.10.5
104177 ENHappy Valentine's Day, DoloresSamuels, Barbara3.20.5
906871 ENAnt (HSP Edition), TheSamuels, Betsy2.80.5
906906 ENPrairie Dog (HSP Edition), TheSamuels, Betsy3.50.5
906990 ENAunt Morgan and Her Murals (HSP Edition)San Marco, Linda3.60.5
100675 ENSpace Station MarsSan Souci, Daniel3.70.5
9498 ENLegend of ScarfaceSanSouci, Robert5.00.5
11393 ENSnow Wife, TheSanSouci, Robert D.5.10.5
6244 ENSukey and the MermaidSanSouci, Robert D.4.80.5
7697 ENTalking Eggs, TheSanSouci, Robert D.4.40.5
9507 ENTsar's Promise, TheSanSouci, Robert D.5.00.5
9509 ENYoung GuinevereSanSouci, Robert D.5.60.5
2892 ENBabies (Body Books)Sandeman, Anna4.70.5
2896 ENBlood (Body Books)Sandeman, Anna5.00.5
2893 ENBones (Body Books)Sandeman, Anna4.70.5
2894 ENBrain (Body Books)Sandeman, Anna5.10.5
2891 ENSenses (Body Books)Sandeman, Anna4.20.5
2895 ENSkin, Teeth, and Hair (Body Books)Sandeman, Anna4.90.5
27566 ENMarshal Matt...Case of the Freezing FingerSanders, Nancy I.2.00.5
27564 ENMarshal Matt...Case of the Secret CodeSanders, Nancy I.2.40.5
27565 ENMarshal Matt...Puzzling Prints MysterySanders, Nancy I.2.40.5
27562 ENMarshal Matt...Slippery Snacks MysterySanders, Nancy I.2.30.5
27563 ENMarshal Matt...Topsy-Turvy Trail MysterySanders, Nancy I.2.30.5
10222 ENHere Comes the Mystery ManSanders, Scott4.40.5
14791 ENFloating House, TheSanders, Scott Russell5.00.5
907067 ENGreco Family Reunion (HSP Edition), TheSanderson, James R.3.60.5
6413 ENEnchanted Wood, TheSanderson, Ruth5.50.5
8426 ENLong Way to a New Land, TheSandin, Joan2.70.5
10535 ENPioneer BearSandin, Joan2.50.5
906969 ENLia Leads (HSP Edition)Sands, Carson2.00.5
10058 ENChief JosephSanford, William4.41.0
10061 ENCrazy HorseSanford, William4.61.0
10067 ENGeronimoSanford, William4.01.0
10084 ENOsceolaSanford, William4.01.0
10090 ENQuanah ParkerSanford, William4.31.0
10092 ENRed CloudSanford, William4.71.0
10096 ENSitting BullSanford, William4.41.0
49898 ENBlue's Clues: Blue Is My Name!Santomero, Angela C.0.90.5
9103 ENAmy ArmadilloSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
9107 ENBandit, TheSargent, Dave/Pat5.00.5
57088 ENBessie Bush BabySargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
9108 ENBig JakeSargent, Dave/Pat4.81.0
9109 ENBilly BeaverSargent, Dave/Pat5.01.0
9110 ENBobby BobcatSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
9111 ENBrutus the BearSargent, Dave/Pat4.61.0
9112 ENBuddy BadgerSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
57089 ENCammie CamelSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
57090 ENChet CheetahSargent, Dave/Pat3.80.5
9115 ENChrissy CottontailSargent, Dave/Pat4.81.0
9119 ENDawn the DeerSargent, Dave/Pat4.81.0
9120 ENDike the WolfSargent, Dave/Pat4.71.0
57091 ENDing BatSargent, Dave/Pat4.90.5
57092 ENEllie ElephantSargent, Dave/Pat4.80.5
57093 ENGinny GiraffeSargent, Dave/Pat3.70.5
9126 ENGreta GroundhogSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
57094 ENHippy HippoSargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
58033 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #1Sargent, Dave/Pat0.30.5
58034 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #10Sargent, Dave/Pat0.30.5
58035 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #2Sargent, Dave/Pat0.40.5
58036 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #3Sargent, Dave/Pat0.30.5
58037 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #4Sargent, Dave/Pat0.30.5
58038 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #5Sargent, Dave/Pat0.30.5
58039 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #6Sargent, Dave/Pat0.30.5
58040 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #7Sargent, Dave/Pat0.30.5
58041 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #8Sargent, Dave/Pat0.30.5
58042 ENI Can Read, Too: Book #9Sargent, Dave/Pat0.40.5
57095 ENKaty KoalaSargent, Dave/Pat3.70.5
57096 ENKenny KangarooSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
57097 ENLennie LeopardSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
57098 ENLeo LionSargent, Dave/Pat4.70.5
9130 ENMad JackSargent, Dave/Pat4.80.5
57099 ENManny MonkeySargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
57100 ENMattie Musk OxSargent, Dave/Pat3.60.5
9131 ENMolly's JourneySargent, Dave/Pat5.20.5
57101 ENPatty PandaSargent, Dave/Pat4.40.5
9135 ENPeggy PorcupineSargent, Dave/Pat4.30.5
9136 ENPokey OpossumSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
57102 ENPolly PlatypusSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
9137 ENRedi FoxSargent, Dave/Pat4.30.5
57103 ENReini ReindeerSargent, Dave/Pat4.30.5
9138 ENRoy RaccoonSargent, Dave/Pat3.80.5
57104 ENRyan RhinoSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
9139 ENSammy SkunkSargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
57105 ENTiggy TigerSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
9145 ENTunnel KingSargent, Dave/Pat4.40.5
57106 ENWally WolverineSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
9149 ENWhite ThunderSargent, Dave/Pat5.40.5
57107 ENWilly WildebeestSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
15857 ENBlack Panther, TheSargent, Pat L.4.52.0
58032 ENCougar HollerSargent, Pat L.4.22.0
15852 ENGrizzly, TheSargent, Pat L.4.61.0
25045 ENTimber Wolfe, TheSargent, Pat L.4.12.0
10277 ENJ.B. Wigglebottom and the Parade of PetsSathre, Vivian3.72.0
24976 ENSlender Ella and Her Fairy HogfatherSathre, Vivian2.80.5
918 ENHide and Seek-teacher quizSaucier, Carol1.00.5
468 ENFog MagicSauer, Julia L.6.14.0
45859 ENBarn Cat: A Counting BookSaul, Carol P.1.80.5
412 ENDaring Rescue...Swimming Pig, TheSaunders, Susan4.51.0
34541 ENAirplanes (Transportation: Basic Vehicles)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.50.5
32077 ENAnimals in the Fall (Preparing for Winter)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.10.5
32069 ENApple Trees (Plants: Life Cycles)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.30.5
32074 ENButterfliesSaunders-Smith, Gail1.40.5
34542 ENChickensSaunders-Smith, Gail1.00.5
32067 ENFrogsSaunders-Smith, Gail1.30.5
32073 ENKoalasSaunders-Smith, Gail0.90.5
112299 ENHovercraftsSautter, Aaron3.20.5
112301 ENSpeedboatsSautter, Aaron2.90.5
27958 ENUnder a Different SkySavage, Deborah5.311.0
11221 ENMonster Truck WarsSavage, Jeff5.10.5
13527 ENMotocross CyclesSavage, Jeff4.90.5
17373 ENMotorcycles (Race Car Legends)Savage, Jeff7.52.0
13534 ENRacing CarsSavage, Jeff4.70.5
17378 ENSports Great Brett FavreSavage, Jeff5.22.0
8287 ENSports Great Jim AbbottSavage, Jeff5.81.0
906930 ENNew School for Chris (HSP Edition), ASawyer, Francis2.20.5
76 ENRoller SkatesSawyer, Ruth6.38.0
9757 ENBicycle Man, TheSay, Allen3.80.5
10220 ENChino, ElSay, Allen3.60.5
7570 ENGrandfather's JourneySay, Allen3.60.5
45335 ENSign Painter, TheSay, Allen3.30.5
6445 ENTree of CranesSay, Allen2.60.5
50630 ENDig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad's TaleSayre, April Pulley2.10.5
11356 ENBuster's EchoScamell, Ragnhild2.50.5
6009 ENSecret Language of the SBScarboro, Elizabeth4.63.0
24924 ENWorst Helper Ever!, TheScarry, Richard1.00.5
46455 ENCat on IceSchade/Buller1.30.5
40724 ENCat on the MatSchade/Buller1.20.5
11191 ENToad Eats OutSchade/Buller1.10.5
75411 ENBrickyard 400, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.30.5
107728 ENBristol Motor SpeedwaySchaefer, A.R.4.20.5
107729 ENDale EarnhardtSchaefer, A.R.4.30.5
84933 ENDale Earnhardt, Jr.Schaefer, A.R.4.10.5
75412 ENDaytona 500, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.20.5
84941 ENHistory of NASCAR, TheSchaefer, A.R.4.40.5
84936 ENRacing with the Pit CrewSchaefer, A.R.4.10.5
107734 ENRichard PettySchaefer, A.R.4.30.5
107736 ENTalladega SuperspeedwaySchaefer, A.R.4.30.5
43021 ENSnow PumpkinSchaefer, Carole Lexa2.70.5
69951 ENSomeone SaysSchaefer, Carole Lexa1.30.5
30579 ENSquiggle, TheSchaefer, Carole Lexa1.70.5
31812 ENAbraham Lincoln (Famous Americans)Schaefer, Lola M.2.00.5
2050 ENAirplanes (The Transportation Library)Schaefer, Lola M.3.00.5
70355 ENAlbert EinsteinSchaefer, Lola M.2.30.5
68101 ENAlexander Graham BellSchaefer, Lola M.2.10.5
58072 ENBarnacles (Musty-Crusty Animals)Schaefer, Lola M.1.70.5
68103 ENBooker T. Washington (First Biographies)Schaefer, Lola M.2.10.5
56265 ENChristopher Columbus (First Biographies)Schaefer, Lola M.2.20.5
34546 ENCircular MovementSchaefer, Lola M.1.70.5
61697 ENClara Barton (First Biographies)Schaefer, Lola M.2.20.5
31759 ENCorals (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.2.00.5
31758 ENCrabs (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.90.5
58073 ENCrayfish (Musty-Crusty Animals)Schaefer, Lola M.1.60.5
58074 ENEarthworms (Ooey-Gooey Animals)Schaefer, Lola M.1.90.5
119986 ENFamily Pets (Revised Edition)Schaefer, Lola M.0.90.5
43970 ENFrogs: Leaping AmphibiansSchaefer, Lola M.3.00.5
31810 ENGeorge Washington (Famous Americans)Schaefer, Lola M.2.30.5
50977 ENGiraffes: Long-Necked Leaf-EatersSchaefer, Lola M.3.10.5
36818 ENHenry Ford (Famous People in Transportation)Schaefer, Lola M.2.00.5
65405 ENHomes ABC (A Home for Me)Schaefer, Lola M.1.60.5
65406 ENHouse (A Home for Me)Schaefer, Lola M.1.90.5
79521 ENJane GoodallSchaefer, Lola M.2.60.5
68106 ENJohnny Appleseed (First Biographies)Schaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
50984 ENLeopards: Spotted HuntersSchaefer, Lola M.2.80.5
31813 ENMartin Luther King, Jr. (Famous Americans)Schaefer, Lola M.2.50.5
58084 ENNewtsSchaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
31760 ENOctopuses (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.50.5
31753 ENParrotfish (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.70.5
50988 ENRhinos: Horn-Faced ChargersSchaefer, Lola M.2.60.5
31756 ENSea Anemones (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
31757 ENSea Horses (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.60.5
31755 ENSea Stars (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.30.5
31754 ENSea Urchins (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.50.5
43978 ENSharks: Hunters of the DeepSchaefer, Lola M.2.70.5
36798 ENSome Kids Are Blind (Understanding Differences)Schaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
36799 ENSome Kids Are Deaf (Understanding Differences)Schaefer, Lola M.2.30.5
36800 ENSome Kids Use Wheelchairs (Understanding Differences)Schaefer, Lola M.1.70.5
44001 ENSpiders: Spinners and TrappersSchaefer, Lola M.3.50.5
34547 ENStart and StopSchaefer, Lola M.0.80.5
61709 ENThomas EdisonSchaefer, Lola M.2.00.5
4552 ENTractor Trailers (The Transportation Library)Schaefer, Lola M.3.10.5
34548 ENVibrationsSchaefer, Lola M.2.70.5
32758 ENWe Need Dentists (Helpers in Our Community)Schaefer, Lola M.1.90.5
32759 ENWe Need Doctors (Helpers in Our Community)Schaefer, Lola M.1.90.5
32760 ENWe Need Farmers (Helpers in Our Community)Schaefer, Lola M.1.60.5
32761 ENWe Need Fire Fighters (Helpers in Our Community)Schaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
32762 ENWe Need Mail Carriers (Helpers in Our Community)Schaefer, Lola M.2.00.5
32763 ENWe Need Nurses (Helpers in Our Community)Schaefer, Lola M.2.10.5
32764 ENWe Need Police Officers (Helpers in Our Community)Schaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
32765 ENWe Need Veterinarians (Helpers in Our Community)Schaefer, Lola M.1.20.5
43902 ENWhat Is a Bird?Schaefer, Lola M.1.20.5
43903 ENWhat Is a Fish?Schaefer, Lola M.1.20.5
43904 ENWhat Is a Mammal?Schaefer, Lola M.2.40.5
43905 ENWhat Is a Reptile?Schaefer, Lola M.2.40.5
43906 ENWhat Is an Amphibian?Schaefer, Lola M.2.90.5
43907 ENWhat Is an Insect?Schaefer, Lola M.1.60.5
43981 ENWolves: Life in the PackSchaefer, Lola M.3.30.5
51002 ENZebras: Striped Grass-GrazersSchaefer, Lola M.2.80.5
34552 ENZigzag MovementSchaefer, Lola M.2.40.5
79516 ENFlorence Nightingale (First Biographies)Schaefer, Lola/Wyatt2.10.5
79522 ENMarie Curie (First Biographies)Schaefer, Lola/Wyatt2.50.5
7711 ENDoes Third Grade Last Forever?Schanback, Mindy3.32.0
9653 ENBoy Who Cried "Wolf!", TheSchecter, Ellen2.80.5
9657 ENDiamonds and ToadsSchecter, Ellen3.80.5
9669 ENI Love to SneezeSchecter, Ellen2.20.5
9691 ENSim Chung and the River DragonSchecter, Ellen3.30.5
9697 ENWarrior Maiden, TheSchecter, Ellen2.90.5
10687 ENReturn of Rinaldo, the Sly Fox, TheScheffler, Ursel3.40.5
10688 ENRinaldo, the Sly FoxScheffler, Ursel4.10.5
10674 ENLoretta and the Little FairyScheidl, Gerda Marie3.00.5
64422 ENAll You Need for a SnowmanSchertle, Alice2.30.5
12993 ENBig RigsSchleifer, Jay4.10.5
55681 ENHello, Hello!Schlein, Miriam1.80.5
6996 ENYear of the Panda, TheSchlein, Miriam3.41.0
57427 ENBaby Animals (My World)Schlepp, Tammy J.1.90.5
57434 ENGames I Play (My World)Schlepp, Tammy J.1.70.5
57435 ENGoing to School (My World)Schlepp, Tammy J.1.80.5
57437 ENI Love Food (My World)Schlepp, Tammy J.1.80.5
57440 ENMy Home (My World)Schlepp, Tammy J.1.90.5
10498 ENWake Up, Dormouse, Santa Claus is HereSchmid, Eleonore3.40.5
11791 ENWater's Journey, TheSchmid, Eleonore4.50.5
6066 ENGingerbread Man, TheSchmidt, Karen2.60.5
112138 ENThank You, Angelica: The Rugrats Book of MannersSchoberle, Cecile2.40.5
6053 ENBearSchoenherr, John3.70.5
108885 ENMama, I'll Give You the WorldSchotter, Roni4.00.5
27981 ENShoes, Shoes, ShoesSchreiber, Anne1.40.5
17340 ENSlower Than a SnailSchreiber, Anne1.10.5
8691 ENLily and the Wooden BowlSchroeder, Alan5.30.5
16647 ENMinty: A Story of Young Harriet TubmanSchroeder, Alan3.60.5
6340 ENRagtime TumpieSchroeder, Alan4.20.5
64396 ENBlue (Colors)Schuette, Sarah L.2.20.5
84965 ENDownhill BMXSchuette, Sarah L.2.40.5
107563 ENFormula One CarsSchuette, Sarah L.2.70.5
64398 ENGreen (Colors)Schuette, Sarah L.1.80.5
107564 ENHarley-Davidson MotorcyclesSchuette, Sarah L.3.10.5
112298 ENHot RodsSchuette, Sarah L.2.60.5
61699 ENI Am Caring (Character Values)Schuette, Sarah L.1.00.5
61700 ENI Am Cooperative (Character Values)Schuette, Sarah L.1.00.5
61701 ENI Am Honest (Character Values)Schuette, Sarah L.1.10.5
61702 ENI Am Patient (Character Values)Schuette, Sarah L.1.20.5
61703 ENI Am Respectful (Character Values)Schuette, Sarah L.1.40.5
61704 ENI Am Responsible (Character Values)Schuette, Sarah L.0.90.5
84970 ENMountain BikingSchuette, Sarah L.2.60.5
64399 ENOrange (Colors)Schuette, Sarah L.2.20.5
104140 ENPickup TrucksSchuette, Sarah L.2.80.5
64401 ENPurple (Colors)Schuette, Sarah L.2.00.5
64403 ENRed (Colors)Schuette, Sarah L.2.10.5
107567 ENSprint CarsSchuette, Sarah L.3.10.5
104142 ENTuner CarsSchuette, Sarah L.2.80.5
64407 ENYellow (Colors)Schuette, Sarah L.1.90.5
68089 ENButterfliesSchuh, Mari C.2.20.5
68090 ENCats on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.00.5
50967 ENChickens on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.40.5
50970 ENCows on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.00.5
56266 ENDogs on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.30.5
68092 ENDucks on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.00.5
68093 ENGeese on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.20.5
56269 ENGoats on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.00.5
56271 ENHorses on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.50.5
50986 ENPigs on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.10.5
68096 ENRabbits on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.20.5
50990 ENSheep on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.30.5
68098 ENTermitesSchuh, Mari C.1.70.5
56291 ENTurkeys on the FarmSchuh, Mari C.1.40.5
68112 ENVeterans Day (National Holidays)Schuh, Mari C.2.70.5
56292 ENWhat are Caves?Schuh, Mari C.1.90.5
56293 ENWhat are Lakes?Schuh, Mari C.1.70.5
56294 ENWhat are Rivers?Schuh, Mari C.1.60.5
56295 ENWhat are Volcanoes?Schuh, Mari C.2.10.5
17852 ENBecky's Secret SurpriseSchulte, Elaine L.4.24.0
17856 ENCara and the Terrible TeenersSchulte, Elaine L.4.44.0
17863 ENDouble Trouble for Jess McColl!Schulte, Elaine L.4.54.0
17871 ENLily Vanessa and the Pet PanicSchulte, Elaine L.4.34.0
17876 ENMelanie and the Cruise CaperSchulte, Elaine L.4.54.0
17895 ENTricia and the Money MysterySchulte, Elaine L.4.54.0
6700 ENWill and OrvSchulz, Walter2.90.5
687 ENSamantha's SurpriseSchur, Maxine Rose3.91.0
10059 ENChumash Indians, TheSchwabacher, Martin7.61.0
10069 ENHuron Indians, TheSchwabacher, Martin7.92.0
17396 ENSuperstars of Women's TennisSchwabacher, Martin7.22.0
17301 ENAll of Our Noses Are Here and Other Noodle TalesSchwartz, Alvin2.40.5
7345 ENThere Is a Carrot in My EarSchwartz, Alvin2.50.5
17319 ENHow Much Is a Million?Schwartz, David M.3.40.5
17321 ENIf You Made a MillionSchwartz, David M.4.10.5
9984 ENHow to Get Rid of Your Older BrotherSchwartz, Joel4.34.0
52787 ENMole Sisters and the Blue Egg, TheSchwartz, Roslyn0.70.5
41884 ENMole Sisters and the Piece of Moss, TheSchwartz, Roslyn1.10.5
41885 ENMole Sisters and the Rainy Day, TheSchwartz, Roslyn0.80.5
46267 ENMole Sisters and the Wavy Wheat, TheSchwartz, Roslyn1.00.5
75408 ENMotocross FreestyleSchwartz, Tina P.4.60.5
11592 EN2095Scieszka, Jon3.81.0
49835 ENBaloney (Henry P.)Scieszka, Jon2.70.5
80682 ENDa Wild, Da Crazy, Da VinciScieszka, Jon3.61.0
6065 ENFrog Prince Continued, TheScieszka, Jon3.20.5
8524 ENGood, the Bad, and the Goofy, TheScieszka, Jon3.81.0
56434 ENHey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?Scieszka, Jon3.91.0
2122 ENIt's All Greek to MeScieszka, Jon3.71.0
8532 ENKnights of the Kitchen TableScieszka, Jon3.81.0
109811 ENMarco? Polo!Scieszka, Jon3.51.0
71260 ENMe Oh MayaScieszka, Jon3.61.0
8542 ENNot-So-Jolly Roger, TheScieszka, Jon3.81.0
102369 ENOh Say, I Can't SeeScieszka, Jon3.71.0
54443 ENSam SamuraiScieszka, Jon3.81.0
44955 ENSee You Later, GladiatorScieszka, Jon4.22.0
28016 ENSquids Will Be SquidsScieszka, Jon3.80.5
7165 ENStinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, TheScieszka, Jon3.40.5
24950 ENSummer Reading Is Killing Me!Scieszka, Jon3.91.0
9506 ENTrue Story of the 3 Little Pigs, TheScieszka, Jon3.00.5
15076 ENTut, TutScieszka, Jon4.22.0
59610 ENViking It and Liking ItScieszka, Jon3.91.0
9643 ENYour Mother Was a NeanderthalScieszka, Jon3.71.0
10062 ENCreek Indians, TheScordato, Ellen7.61.0
6082 ENOn Mother's LapScott, Ann2.00.5
906889 ENBook Week News (HSP Edition)Scott, Derek3.00.5
906846 ENNews from the Market (HSP Edition)Scott, Derek1.70.5
907011 ENGreat Race (HSP Edition), TheScott, Randall2.90.5
123796 ENRussell's Christmas MagicScotton, Rob2.60.5
18711 ENCare and Feeding of Dragons, TheSeabrooke, Brenda4.03.0
9095 ENWhat Cat Is That?Searl, Duncan2.10.5
10068 ENHopi Indians, TheSears, Bryan8.12.0
399 ENWords by HeartSebestyen, Ouida4.66.0
114233 ENDog and Bear: Two Friends, Three StoriesSeeger, Laura Vaccaro1.30.5
120547 ENDog and Bear: Two's CompanySeeger, Laura Vaccaro1.60.5
9751 ENAbiyoyoSeeger, Pete2.20.5
70152 ENMorris the ArtistSegal, Lore2.90.5
6074 ENJoshua's Dream A Journey to the Land of IsraelSegal, Sheila4.20.5
2897 ENToad OverloadSeibert, Patricia4.10.5
10213 ENWainscott WeaselSeidler, Tor4.65.0
19205 ENBeach BunnySelby, Jennifer3.20.5
56333 ENChester Cricket's Pigeon RideSelden, George5.11.0
22 ENCricket in Times Square, TheSelden, George4.94.0
416 ENHarry Kitten and Tucker MouseSelden, George4.01.0
248 ENTucker's CountrysideSelden, George4.95.0
11770 ENHow To Be a Nature DetectiveSelsam, Millicent2.70.5
113692 ENInvention of Hugo Cabret: A Novel in Words and Pictures, TheSelznick, Brian5.14.0
5499 ENWhere the Wild Things AreSendak, Maurice3.40.5
9924 ENJane GoodallSenn, J.A.6.01.0
32 ENGood Master, TheSeredy, Kate4.45.0
96 ENWhite Stag, TheSeredy, Kate6.62.0
59441 ENWhat's What?Serfozo, Mary1.40.5
11498 ENWeirdos of the Universe Unite!Service, Pamela F.5.76.0
907097 ENNightingale (HSP Edition), TheSeto, Midori4.20.5
68082 ENRobert and the Back-to-School SpecialSeuling, Barbara3.61.0
84219 ENRobert and the Great EscapeSeuling, Barbara3.71.0
58141 ENRobert and the Great PepperoniSeuling, Barbara3.41.0
58780 ENRobert and the Weird and Wacky FactsSeuling, Barbara3.81.0
84220 ENRobert Takes a StandSeuling, Barbara3.82.0
77080 ENWhose House?Seuling, Barbara2.40.5
9001 EN500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, TheSeuss, Dr.4.01.0
9002 ENAnd to Think That I...Mulberry StreetSeuss, Dr.3.60.5
9003 ENBartholomew and the OobleckSeuss, Dr.3.20.5
9012 ENButter Battle Book, TheSeuss, Dr.3.90.5
9013 ENCat in the Hat Comes Back, TheSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
6107 ENCat in the Hat, TheSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
9014 ENCat's Quizzer, TheSeuss, Dr.2.70.5
9015 ENDid I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?Seuss, Dr.3.50.5
9016 ENDr. Seuss's ABCSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
9017 ENDr. Seuss's Sleep BookSeuss, Dr.4.00.5
44926 ENEye Book, TheSeuss, Dr.0.80.5
9018 ENFoot Book, TheSeuss, Dr.0.60.5
9019 ENFox in SocksSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
9020 ENGreat Day for Up!Seuss, Dr.0.80.5
9021 ENGreen Eggs and HamSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
9022 ENHappy Birthday to YouSeuss, Dr.3.10.5
9023 ENHop on PopSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
5472 ENHorton Hatches the EggSeuss, Dr.3.10.5
9024 ENHorton Hears a Who!Seuss, Dr.3.30.5
9025 ENHow the Grinch Stole ChristmasSeuss, Dr.3.00.5
9026 ENHunches in BunchesSeuss, Dr.2.90.5
9027 ENI Am Not Going to Get up Today!Seuss, Dr.2.10.5
9028 ENI Can Lick 30 Tigers TodaySeuss, Dr.2.90.5
9029 ENI Can Read with My Eyes Shut!Seuss, Dr.2.20.5
9030 ENI Had Trouble Getting To Solla SollewSeuss, Dr.3.60.5
9031 ENIf I Ran the CircusSeuss, Dr.3.90.5
9032 ENIf I Ran the ZooSeuss, Dr.4.10.5
9033 ENKing's Stilts, TheSeuss, Dr.4.10.5
9034 ENLorax, TheSeuss, Dr.3.10.5
9035 ENMarvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!Seuss, Dr.1.10.5
9036 ENMcElligot's PoolSeuss, Dr.3.60.5
9037 ENMr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
9038 ENOh Say Can You Say?Seuss, Dr.4.00.5
9039 ENOh, the Places You'll Go!Seuss, Dr.3.30.5
9040 ENOh, the Thinks You Can Think!Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
9041 ENOn Beyond ZebraSeuss, Dr.4.20.5
9042 ENOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
9043 ENScrambled Eggs SuperSeuss, Dr.4.40.5
9044 ENShape of Me and Other StuffSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
9045 ENSneetches and Other Stories, TheSeuss, Dr.3.40.5
9047 ENThere's a Wocket in My Pocket!Seuss, Dr.2.10.5
9048 ENThidwick the Big-Hearted MooseSeuss, Dr.3.40.5
9049 ENYertle the Turtle and Other StoriesSeuss, Dr.3.30.5
9050 ENYou're Only Old Once!Seuss, Dr.5.20.5
8 ENBlack BeautySewell, Anna7.711.0
110471 ENBlack Beauty's Early Days in the MeadowSewell, Anna3.20.5
113651 ENClown FishSexton, Colleen1.80.5
11455 ENBeware of Kissing Lizard LipsShalant, Phyllis4.25.0
83029 ENAlice the FairyShannon, David2.50.5
27685 ENBad Case of Stripes, AShannon, David3.80.5
36596 ENDavid Goes to SchoolShannon, David0.90.5
45255 ENRain Came Down, TheShannon, David3.20.5
123743 ENToo Many ToysShannon, David3.00.5
7609 ENClimbing Kansas MountainsShannon, George3.30.5
6491 ENDance AwayShannon, George3.50.5
6373 ENMysteriously Yours, Maggie MarmelsteinSharmat, Margorie4.04.0
263 ENGetting Something on Maggie MarmelsteinSharmat, Marjorie4.22.0
9769 ENGila Monsters Meet You at the AirportSharmat, Marjorie2.80.5
7331 ENMitchell Is MovingSharmat, Marjorie2.80.5
330 ENNate the GreatSharmat, Marjorie2.00.5
430 ENNate the Great and the Boring Beach BagSharmat, Marjorie2.70.5
7627 ENNate the Great and the Fishy PrizeSharmat, Marjorie3.10.5
7628 ENNate the Great and the Halloween HuntSharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
7629 ENNate the Great and the Lost ListSharmat, Marjorie2.60.5
5237 ENNate the Great and the Missing KeySharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
9286 ENNate the Great and the Mushy ValentineSharmat, Marjorie3.00.5
678 ENNate the Great and the Musical NoteSharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
7630 ENNate the Great and the Phony ClueSharmat, Marjorie2.60.5
7631 ENNate the Great and the Snowy TrailSharmat, Marjorie3.00.5
7632 ENNate the Great and the Sticky CaseSharmat, Marjorie2.70.5
9287 ENNate the Great and the Stolen BaseSharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
7633 ENNate the Great Goes UndercoverSharmat, Marjorie2.40.5
7634 ENNate the Great Stalks StupidweedSharmat, Marjorie2.70.5
187 ENRich MitchSharmat, Marjorie3.52.0
45493 ENDirty TricksSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.71.0
45487 ENDog Star Is Born, ASharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.71.0
10879 ENGenghis Khan: A Dog Star is BornSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.71.0
14662 ENGenghis Khan: Dog-Gone HollywoodSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.81.0
10878 ENGreat Genghis Khan Look-Alike Contest, TheSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.51.0
45500 ENHollywood HoundSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.51.0
24958 ENNate the Great and Me: The Case of the Fleeing FangSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.40.5
64479 ENNate the Great and the Big SniffSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.40.5
32169 ENNate the Great and the Monster MessSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
13879 ENNate the Great and the PillowcaseSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.50.5
13880 ENNate the Great and the Tardy TortoiseSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.50.5
74866 ENNate the Great on the Owl ExpressSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.60.5
40706 ENNate the Great, San Francisco DetectiveSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.60.5
109529 ENNate the Great Talks TurkeySharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.91.0
87860 ENPrincess of the Fillmore Street School, TheSharmat, Marjorie Weinman3.20.5
13878 ENNate the Great and the Crunchy ChristmasSharmat, Marjorie/Craig2.70.5
7372 ENGregory, the Terrible EaterSharmat, Mitchell2.80.5
10242 ENToday I'm Going Fishing With My DadSharp, N.L.3.40.5
9331 ENPaul the PitcherSharp, Paul1.80.5
6441 ENSpirit QuestSharpe, Susan4.13.0
6017 ENWaterman's BoySharpe, Susan4.64.0
5407 ENChanges For KirstenShaw, Janet3.91.0
5016 ENHappy Birthday, Kirsten!Shaw, Janet4.01.0
479 ENKirsten Learns a LessonShaw, Janet4.01.0
669 ENKirsten's SurpriseShaw, Janet3.91.0
5227 ENKirsten Saves the DayShaw, Janet3.71.0
425 ENMeet KirstenShaw, Janet3.81.0
906866 ENPlaying in an Orchestra (HSP Edition)Shaw, Lauris2.90.5
70555 ENRaccoon TuneShaw, Nancy1.70.5
121733 ENSheep Blast Off!Shaw, Nancy1.50.5
6648 ENSheep in a JeepShaw, Nancy1.00.5
44122 ENSheep in a ShopShaw, Nancy1.10.5
45449 ENSheep on a ShipShaw, Nancy1.10.5
10540 ENSheep Out to EatShaw, Nancy1.20.5
11391 ENSheep Take a HikeShaw, Nancy1.50.5
45450 ENSheep Trick or TreatShaw, Nancy1.80.5
9102 ENAmazing RescuesShea, George3.00.5
16862 ENFirst Flight: The Story of Tom Tate and the Wright BrothersShea, George2.90.5
11365 ENGreat-Uncle Alfred ForgetsShecter, Ben1.90.5
11198 ENWhen Will the Snow Trees Grow?Shecter, Ben2.80.5
7380 ENMare for Young Wolf, AShefelman, Janice2.60.5
10682 ENPeddler's Dream, AShefelman, Janice4.20.5
10936 ENYoung Wolf's First HuntShefelman, Janice2.70.5
6646 ENPotluckShelby, Anne2.60.5
112344 ENBarnum Brown: Dinosaur HunterSheldon, David6.50.5
180 ENLittle Riders, TheShemin, Margaretha5.42.0
58551 ENAlexander Graham Bell (On My Own Biography)Sherrow, Victoria3.40.5
10055 ENAztec Indians, TheSherrow, Victoria6.51.0
10070 ENIroquois Indians, TheSherrow, Victoria6.71.0
10076 ENMaya Indians, TheSherrow, Victoria7.02.0
17388 ENSports Great Pete SamprasSherrow, Victoria5.92.0
9589 ENI Am Really A PrincessShields, Carol3.60.5
18630 ENI Wish My Brother Was a DogShields, Carol Diggory2.70.5
21431 ENSaturday Night at the Dinosaur StompShields, Carol Diggory3.70.5
907102 ENUnlikely Partners (HSP Edition)Shimkus, Marilyn3.70.5
89496 ENPolar BearsShores, Erika L.3.60.5
165 ENFlunking of Joshua T. Bates, TheShreve, Susan5.12.0
17569 ENJoshua T. Bates in Trouble AgainShreve, Susan4.83.0
11472 ENJoshua T. Bates Takes ChargeShreve, Susan4.12.0
424 ENLily and the Runaway BabyShreve, Susan4.41.0
5249 ENWhite Stallion, TheShub, Elizabeth3.00.5
7594 ENTreasure, TheShulevitz, Uri3.00.5
6439 ENSome Kind of FriendShura, Mary5.15.0
466 ENDon't Call Me Toad!Shura, Mary Francis4.93.0
6362 ENGentle AnnieShura, Mary Francis5.25.0
5436 ENPolly PanicShura, Mary Francis4.74.0
188 ENSearch for Grissi, TheShura, Mary Francis5.04.0
48477 ENAlexander Graham Bell (Lives and Times)Shuter, Jane3.70.5
48493 ENHenry Ford (Lives and Times)Shuter, Jane3.60.5
48506 ENThomas Edison (Lives and Times)Shuter, Jane3.80.5
32430 ENMillions of SnowflakesSiddals, Mary McKenna0.80.5
113 ENFive Little Peppers and How They GrewSidney, Margaret7.913.0
11186 ENPlane SongSiebert, Diane4.60.5
394 ENUpon the Head of the GoatSiegal, Aranka5.510.0
906984 ENMusical Barn (HSP Edition), TheSiegel, David3.40.5
17308 ENCounting CrocodilesSierra, Judy3.80.5
14418 ENHouse That Drac Built, TheSierra, Judy4.10.5
64420 EN'Twas the Fright Before ChristmasSierra, Judy3.10.5
78790 ENWhat Time Is It, Mr. Crocodile?Sierra, Judy2.40.5
82035 ENWild About BooksSierra, Judy4.10.5
75405 ENDirt Bike HistorySievert, Terri4.60.5
101424 ENJames Stewart: Motocross GreatSievert, Terri4.00.5
75409 ENMotocross RacingSievert, Terri4.70.5
101430 ENTravis Pastrana: Motocross LegendSievert, Terri4.20.5
51151 ENU.S. Air Force at War, TheSievert, Terri5.10.5
51152 ENU.S. Army at War, TheSievert, Terri5.20.5
51004 ENAbout Birds: A Guide for ChildrenSill, Cathryn1.20.5
57950 ENAbout Fish: A Guide for ChildrenSill, Cathryn2.00.5
51006 ENAbout Mammals: A Guide for ChildrenSill, Cathryn2.10.5
103669 ENAbout Marsupials: A Guide for ChildrenSill, Cathryn2.10.5
907043 ENTrading Places (HSP Edition)Silver, Sara3.90.5
105680 ENGliding Garter SnakesSilverman, Buffy2.50.5
11353 ENBig PumpkinSilverman, Erica2.80.5
84512 ENCowgirl Kate and CocoaSilverman, Erica2.30.5
128139 ENCowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Horse in the HouseSilverman, Erica2.30.5
105501 ENCowgirl Kate and Cocoa: PartnersSilverman, Erica2.30.5
120213 ENCowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Rain or ShineSilverman, Erica2.30.5
112901 ENCowgirl Kate and Cocoa: School DaysSilverman, Erica2.30.5
11358 ENDon't Fidget a Feather!Silverman, Erica2.30.5
45239 ENFollow the LeaderSilverman, Erica1.20.5
19933 ENHalloween House, TheSilverman, Erica2.80.5
41864 ENMy Tooth Is Loose!Silverman, Martin1.70.5
5469 ENGiving Tree, TheSilverstein, Shel2.60.5
29512 ENCome Along DaisySimmons, Jane1.30.5
907144 ENIn My Own Country (HSP Edition)Simmons, Margo4.30.5
26914 ENBusy Guy, ASimon, Charnan2.30.5
26917 ENCome! Sit! Speak!Simon, Charnan1.10.5
27979 ENGood Bad Day, TheSimon, Charnan1.60.5
26921 ENGuard the House, Sam!Simon, Charnan1.40.5
31861 ENI Like to Win!Simon, Charnan0.60.5
31863 ENMud!Simon, Charnan0.60.5
26944 ENShow and Tell SamSimon, Charnan1.60.5
40559 ENSolids, Liquids, Gases (Simply Science)Simon, Charnan3.60.5
31432 ENSurprise!Simon, Charnan1.80.5
31850 ENWash DaySimon, Charnan0.40.5
47896 ENFire FightersSimon, Norma2.00.5
11759 ENDeer: Forest Friend, TheSimon, Serge/Dominique5.10.5
89477 ENAmazing BatsSimon, Seymour3.60.5
51248 ENAnimals Nobody LovesSimon, Seymour5.00.5
78684 ENCatsSimon, Seymour4.50.5
25259 ENComets, Meteors, and AsteroidsSimon, Seymour6.40.5
78687 ENDogsSimon, Seymour4.60.5
260 ENEinstein Anderson, Science SleuthSimon, Seymour4.42.0
71430 ENHurricanesSimon, Seymour6.20.5
112967 ENKnights and CastlesSimon, Seymour5.70.5
10177 ENProfessor I.Q. Explores the BrainSimon, Seymour6.20.5
11786 ENSharksSimon, Seymour6.10.5
18893 ENStormsSimon, Seymour5.70.5
10184 ENWeatherSimon, Seymour6.30.5
10200 ENWolvesSimon, Seymour5.70.5
906775 ENThree Wishes (HSP Edition), TheSimons, Mark1.00.5
57177 ENGoose That Almost Got Cooked, TheSimont, Marc3.60.5
6058 ENChester the Out-of-Work DogSinger, Marilyn3.40.5
6016 ENTwenty Ways to Lose Your Best FriendSinger, Marilyn3.32.0
14652 ENAlison Walks the WireSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.71.0
11417 ENHeather at the BarreSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.51.0
11419 ENHeather, Belle of the BallSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.11.0
11418 ENHeather Takes the ReinsSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.61.0
11440 ENSecret of the Attic, TheSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.71.0
17598 ENTrapped Beyond the Magic AtticSinykin, Sheri Cooper4.11.0
14697 ENViva Heather!Sinykin, Sheri Cooper4.41.0
9821 ENKickboxingSipe, Daniel5.50.5
7287 ENNo Mail for MitchellSiracusa, Catherine2.00.5
9069 ENKomodo!Sis, Peter1.80.5
10091 ENRattle and the Drum, TheSita, Lisa7.22.0
27487 ENDetective DinosaurSkofield, James2.80.5
428 ENMinstrel in the Tower, TheSkurzynski, Gloria4.21.0
10578 ENHorses of Central Park, TheSlade, Michael4.43.0
54085 ENLittle Porcupine's ChristmasSlate, Joseph2.50.5
45439 ENMiss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of KindergartenSlate, Joseph2.20.5
45440 ENMiss Bindergarten Gets Ready for KindergartenSlate, Joseph1.50.5
61668 ENMiss Bindergarten Plans a Circus with KindergartenSlate, Joseph1.90.5
45441 ENMiss Bindergarten Stays Home from KindergartenSlate, Joseph2.40.5
54249 ENMiss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with KindergartenSlate, Joseph1.70.5
63623 ENStory Time for Little PorcupineSlate, Joseph3.40.5
7254 ENBunny Hop, TheSlater, Teddy1.00.5
11183 ENN-O Spells No!Slater, Teddy2.50.5
17341 ENStay in LineSlater, Teddy2.50.5
11200 ENWrong-Way Rabbit, TheSlater, Teddy2.00.5
27974 ENBoxes, TheSleator, William4.56.0
5424 ENInto the DreamSleator, William4.94.0
10245 ENBack to BeforeSlepian, Jan4.66.0
6307 ENBroccoli Tapes, TheSlepian, Jan4.06.0
6376 ENRisk N' RosesSlepian, Jan4.26.0
5461 ENCaps For SaleSlobodkina, Esphyr3.10.5
101048 ENHe Came with the CouchSlonim, David1.50.5
5361 ENFinding Buck McHenrySlote, Alfred3.56.0
5417 ENFriend Like That, ASlote, Alfred3.34.0
5367 ENHang Tough, Paul MatherSlote, Alfred3.75.0
5373 ENMake-Believe Ball PlayerSlote, Alfred3.32.0
183 ENMy Robot BuddySlote, Alfred3.61.0
184 ENMy Trip to Alpha 1Slote, Alfred4.31.0
5379 ENRabbit EarsSlote, Alfred3.32.0
5393 ENTrading Game, TheSlote, Alfred3.35.0
43247 ENGeorge Washington's CowsSmall, David4.30.5
5517 ENImogene's AntlersSmall, David2.60.5
6091 ENRuby Mae Has Something to SaySmall, David5.00.5
61036 ENCamp BuccaneerSmallcomb, Pam3.61.0
11369 ENIrene and the Big, Fine NickelSmalls, Irene4.10.5
11370 ENJonathan and His MommySmalls, Irene3.00.5
41971 ENAnimals' Christmas Carol, TheSmath, Jerry3.80.5
12007 ENBut No ElephantsSmath, Jerry2.10.5
28258 ENWhat Time Is It?Smith, A.G.7.62.0
115405 ENFang FairySmith, Andy J.2.60.5
79657 ENWild Cowboy, ASmith, Dana Kessimakis2.30.5
41 ENHundred and One Dalmatians, TheSmith, Dodie5.47.0
295 ENTaste of Blackberries, ASmith, Doris4.02.0
384 ENReturn to Bitter CreekSmith, Doris Buchanan4.86.0
906979 ENBoy and the Bears-A Native American PawneeTale (HSP Ed), TheSmith, Elizabeth2.70.5
10929 ENChristmas Ghost, TheSmith, Janice Lee5.01.0
10883 ENGeorge Takes a Bow-Wow!Smith, Janice Lee4.32.0
10882 ENHalloween Monster, TheSmith, Janice Lee4.61.0
77952 ENJess and the Stinky CowboysSmith, Janice Lee2.70.5
10885 ENKid Next Door, TheSmith, Janice Lee4.41.0
7742 ENMonster in the Third Dresser Drawer..., TheSmith, Janice Lee3.91.0
14686 ENNelson in LoveSmith, Janice Lee5.01.0
10884 ENShow-and-Tell War, TheSmith, Janice Lee4.62.0
10886 ENSuperkid!Smith, Janice Lee4.31.0
10900 ENTurkey TroubleSmith, Janice Lee4.81.0
9802 ENAll-Terrain VehiclesSmith, Jay5.00.5
9805 ENDrag RacingSmith, Jay4.50.5
9809 ENHumveesSmith, Jay5.20.5
9819 ENKart RacingSmith, Jay4.50.5
9830 ENPowerboat RacingSmith, Jay5.20.5
9837 ENSuper Sport TrucksSmith, Jay5.50.5
7615 ENHappy Hocky Family, TheSmith, Lane2.00.5
105952 ENMrs. Crump's CatSmith, Linda3.70.5
19248 ENThis Is Your GardenSmith, Maggie2.90.5
17375 ENSports (Then & Now)Smith, Nigel6.91.0
17393 ENSuperstars of Women's Figure SkatingSmith, Pohla6.52.0
5215 ENChocolate FeverSmith, Robert Kimmel4.21.0
272 ENJelly BellySmith, Robert Kimmel4.14.0
298 ENWar with Grandpa, TheSmith, Robert Kimmel3.93.0
28491 ENIn the Forest with the ElephantsSmith/Schmidt5.91.0
10186 ENWhat is a Bird?Snedden, Robert4.80.5
10187 ENWhat is an Insect?Snedden, Robert5.20.5
10561 ENCall For CourageSnelling, Lauraine4.26.0
10563 ENClose CallSnelling, Lauraine4.46.0
10564 ENEagle's WingsSnelling, Lauraine4.05.0
10569 ENGo For the GlorySnelling, Lauraine4.26.0
10580 ENKentucky DreamerSnelling, Lauraine4.26.0
10582 ENOut of the MistSnelling, Lauraine4.25.0
10585 ENRace, TheSnelling, Lauraine4.05.0
10589 ENSecond WindSnelling, Lauraine4.46.0
10590 ENShadow Over San MateoSnelling, Lauraine4.15.0
10599 ENWinner's Circle, TheSnelling, Lauraine4.57.0
41280 ENAustere Academy, TheSnicket, Lemony6.76.0
929 ENBad Beginning, TheSnicket, Lemony6.44.0
41281 ENBad Beginning, TheSnicket, Lemony6.44.0
63667 ENCarnivorous Carnival, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
110253 ENEnd, TheSnicket, Lemony7.39.0
46103 ENErsatz Elevator, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
81705 ENGrim Grotto, TheSnicket, Lemony6.58.0
53273 ENHostile Hospital, TheSnicket, Lemony6.96.0
41284 ENMiserable Mill, TheSnicket, Lemony6.25.0
101791 ENPenultimate Peril, TheSnicket, Lemony7.47.0
931 ENReptile Room, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
41286 ENReptile Room, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
72848 ENSlippery Slope, TheSnicket, Lemony7.19.0
48687 ENVile Village, TheSnicket, Lemony6.77.0
41287 ENWide Window, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
9310 ENEat Your Peas, Louise!Snow, Pegeen0.70.5
9333 ENPet for Pat, ASnow, Pegeen0.40.5
7419 ENGlobal ChangeSnow, Theodore P.5.70.5
5460 ENBoy of the Three-Year Nap, TheSnyder, Dianne3.70.5
63607 ENSchool ToolsSnyder, Inez1.30.5
11411 ENDinotopia: HatchlingSnyder, Midori5.05.0
11458 ENCat RunningSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.67.0
217 ENEgypt Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.47.0
117 ENHeadless Cupid, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.38.0
5026 ENLibby on WednesdaySnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.38.0
29337 ENRunaways, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.410.0
11494 ENTrespassers, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.57.0
149 ENWitches of Worm, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.76.0
27658 ENMoses and the AngelsSobel, Ileene Smith6.11.0
7716 ENEncyclopedia Brown Finds the CluesSobol, Donald4.32.0
7717 ENEncyclopedia Brown Keeps the PeaceSobol, Donald4.21.0
7718 ENEncyclopedia Brown Shows the WaySobol, Donald3.91.0
7719 ENEncyclopedia Brown Solves Them AllSobol, Donald4.21.0
7715 ENEncy. Brown...Case...Mysterious HandprintsSobol, Donald J.4.51.0
14666 ENEncy. Brown...Disgusting SneakersSobol, Donald J.4.01.0
18716 ENEncy. Brown...Midnight VisitorSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
18715 ENEncy. Brown...Pablo's NoseSobol, Donald J.4.11.0
18717 ENEncy. Brown Saves the DaySobol, Donald J.3.91.0
18718 ENEncy. Brown Sets the PaceSobol, Donald J.4.61.0
5415 ENEncyclopedia Brown Boy DetectiveSobol, Donald J.4.11.0
10661 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Case...Dead EaglesSobol, Donald J.4.31.0
10662 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Case...Secret PitchSobol, Donald J.4.42.0
116564 ENEncyclopedia Brown Cracks the CaseSobol, Donald J.4.82.0
10663 ENEncyclopedia Brown Takes the CaseSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
10877 ENEncyclopedia Brown Tracks Them DownSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
10664 ENEncyclopedia Brown's Book of Strange But True CrimesSobol, Donald/Rose5.33.0
907134 ENLaugh a Minute (HSP Edition), ASola, Ted4.40.5
11785 ENSeal: Furry Swimmer, TheSoler, Joelle4.90.5
9940 ENNien ChengSommer, Robin7.01.0
9153 ENBig Bird Goes to the DoctorSommers, Tish3.10.5
10057 ENCheyenne Indians, TheSonneborn, Liz6.91.0
7319 ENHarold's Runaway NoseSonnenschein, Harriet2.70.5
907149 ENMold, Dogs, and Scientists (HSP Edition)Soren, David K.4.90.5
907055 ENKate the Illustrator (HSP Edition)Sorensen, Michaela3.60.5
59 ENMiracles on Maple HillSorensen, Virginia4.97.0
14986 ENChato's KitchenSoto, Gary3.60.5
10270 ENCrazy WeekendSoto, Gary4.64.0
18737 ENOff and RunningSoto, Gary4.43.0
8680 ENToo Many TamalesSoto, Gary3.40.5
13 ENBronze Bow, TheSpeare, Elizabeth5.010.0
138 ENSign of the Beaver, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George4.95.0
98 ENWitch of Blackbird Pond, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George5.79.0
117753 ENMaybelle in the SoupSpeck, Katie4.11.0
10466 ENFlag For Our Country, ASpencer, Eve3.30.5
10494 ENThree Ships for ColumbusSpencer, Eve3.10.5
15 ENCall It CourageSperry, Armstrong6.23.0
7266 ENFox Went Out on a Chilly Night, TheSpier, Peter2.70.5
102161 ENShark Snacks: Food Chains and WebsSpilsbury, Louise3.70.5
88640 ENBest Time of Day, TheSpinelli, Eileen3.00.5
45237 ENComing Through the BlizzardSpinelli, Eileen2.50.5
112903 ENHeat WaveSpinelli, Eileen2.90.5
51663 ENIn My New Yellow ShirtSpinelli, Eileen1.90.5
21784 ENLizzie Logan Gets MarriedSpinelli, Eileen2.71.0
24960 ENLizzie Logan, Second BananaSpinelli, Eileen2.81.0
73457 ENPerfect Thanksgiving, TheSpinelli, Eileen2.50.5
7645 ENSomebody Loves You, Mr. HatchSpinelli, Eileen3.90.5
72795 ENThanksgiving at the Tappletons'Spinelli, Eileen3.20.5
64306 ENWanda's MonsterSpinelli, Eileen2.70.5
73900 ENWhat Do Angels Wear?Spinelli, Eileen1.60.5
5206 ENBathwater Gang, TheSpinelli, Jerry3.01.0
18705 ENBlue Ribbon BluesSpinelli, Jerry2.71.0
6361 ENFourth Grade RatsSpinelli, Jerry2.62.0
5075 ENManiac MageeSpinelli, Jerry4.75.0
11490 ENSpace Station Seventh GradeSpinelli, Jerry4.88.0
10693 ENTooter PepperdaySpinelli, Jerry2.91.0
5298 ENWho Put That Hair in My Toothbrush?Spinelli, Jerry3.57.0
24934 ENAliens for DinnerSpinner, Stephanie3.41.0
47817 ENMonster in the Maze: The Story of the MinotaurSpinner, Stephanie2.40.5
118915 ENLongest Christmas List Ever, TheSpiridellis, Gregg3.40.5
81692 ENI Am the TurkeySpirn, Michele Sobel2.00.5
43660 ENKnow-Nothing Halloween, ASpirn, Michele Sobel2.20.5
43692 ENKnow-Nothings Talk Turkey, TheSpirn, Michele Sobel2.40.5
18609 ENDog and Cat Make a SplashSpohn, Kate2.20.5
15799 ENDog and Cat Shake a LegSpohn, Kate1.80.5
54502 ENTurtle and Snake and the Christmas TreeSpohn, Kate0.80.5
31608 ENTurtle and Snake at WorkSpohn, Kate0.60.5
58154 ENTurtle and Snake Fix ItSpohn, Kate1.50.5
51931 ENTurtle and Snake Go CampingSpohn, Kate0.80.5
71107 ENTurtle and Snake's Day at the BeachSpohn, Kate1.20.5
64125 ENTurtle and Snake's Spooky HalloweenSpohn, Kate1.10.5
75656 ENTurtle and Snake's Valentine's DaySpohn, Kate1.30.5
9961 ENMoon in Your Lunch Box, ASpooner, Michael4.70.5
10559 ENBoy on a Black Horse, TheSpringer, Nancy4.45.0
110638 ENCase of the Left-Handed Lady: An Enola Holmes Mystery, TheSpringer, Nancy7.07.0
104964 ENCase of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery, TheSpringer, Nancy6.66.0
12772 ENGreat Pony Hassle, TheSpringer, Nancy4.22.0
6443 ENThey're All Named WildfireSpringer, Nancy4.33.0
82646 ENPeterkins' Christmas, TheSpurr, Elizabeth4.30.5
509 ENHeidiSpyri, Johanna8.216.0
59144 ENSo You Want to Be an Inventor?St. George, Judith4.90.5
112137 ENRugrats Blast Off!St. Pierre, Stephanie2.90.5
16946 ENJosh: The Story of Wonder DogStack, Richard Lynn4.90.5
57717 ENBeverly Billingsly Borrows a BookStadler, Alexander3.10.5
76166 ENBeverly Billingsly Can't CatchStadler, Alexander3.40.5
84655 ENBeverly Billingsly Takes the CakeStadler, Alexander3.50.5
122868 ENTrash Crisis on Earth!Stadler, Alexander4.40.5
11152 ENAdventures of Snail at School, TheStadler, John2.50.5
10504 ENAnimal CafeStadler, John3.10.5
9124 ENFive Funny FrightsStamper, Judith Bauer2.90.5
10484 ENNew Friends in a New LandStamper, Judith Bauer3.30.5
7356 ENBest Little Monkeys in the World, TheStandiford, Natalie2.00.5
10655 ENBrave Maddie EggStandiford, Natalie2.81.0
6255 ENBravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto, TheStandiford, Natalie2.50.5
9127 ENHeadless Horseman, TheStandiford, Natalie2.80.5
20045 ENSpace Dog and RoyStandiford, Natalie2.61.0
20046 ENSpace Dog and the Pet ShowStandiford, Natalie2.91.0
25210 ENSpace Dog in TroubleStandiford, Natalie3.11.0
665 ENI Speak English For My MomStanek, Muriel2.80.5
6351 ENBard of Avon - The Story of ShakespeareStanley, Diane6.21.0
81727 ENGiant and the Beanstalk, TheStanley, Diane3.90.5
5905 ENGood Queen BessStanley, Diane6.61.0
53440 ENMysterious Matter of I.M. Fine, TheStanley, Diane4.56.0
28541 ENRaising SweetnessStanley, Diane4.00.5
17294 ENRumpelstiltskin's DaughterStanley, Diane4.30.5
17996 ENSaving SweetnessStanley, Diane3.90.5
81726 ENThanksgiving on Plymouth PlantationStanley, Diane3.90.5
6277 ENLast Princess, TheStanley, Fay6.41.0
74663 ENCase of the Dirty Clue, TheStanley, George Edward3.91.0
79643 ENCase of the Sweaty Bank Robber, TheStanley, George Edward4.11.0
46481 ENClue of the Left-Handed Envelope, TheStanley, George Edward3.51.0
51921 ENCobweb Confession, TheStanley, George Edward3.51.0
83288 ENCode Word KangarooStanley, George Edward2.90.5
40730 ENGhost HorseStanley, George Edward3.11.0
51926 ENMystery of the Hairy Tomatoes, TheStanley, George Edward3.41.0
68261 ENRiddle of the Stolen Sand, TheStanley, George Edward3.61.0
70597 ENSecret of the Green Skin, TheStanley, George Edward3.91.0
77273 ENSecret of the Wooden Witness, TheStanley, George Edward3.71.0
77092 ENLettice the Flying RabbitStanley, Mandy2.90.5
11755 ENBee: Friend of the Flowers, TheStarosta, Paul4.80.5
20259 ENCase of the On-Line AlienSteele, Alexander4.95.0
20293 ENTale of the Missing MascotSteele, Alexander5.04.0
234 ENJourney OutsideSteele, Mary5.75.0
9901 ENAl GoreStefoff, Rebecca6.31.0
101 ENAbel's IslandSteig, William5.93.0
6204 ENAmazing Bone, TheSteig, William3.90.5
5501 ENAmos & BorisSteig, William4.70.5
87530 ENCaleb & KateSteig, William4.90.5
5511 ENDoctor De SotoSteig, William3.60.5
6062 ENDoctor De Soto Goes to AfricaSteig, William4.10.5
6411 ENDominicSteig, William5.63.0
286 ENReal Thief, TheSteig, William6.11.0
5910 ENShrek!Steig, William3.90.5
5494 ENSylvester and the Magic PebbleSteig, William4.00.5
8297 ENWalter PaytonStein, R. Conrad3.80.5
5284 ENRed Pony, TheSteinbeck, John6.16.0
333 ENOliver Dibbs and the Dinosaur CauseSteiner, Barbara4.35.0
284 ENOliver Dibbs to the Rescue!Steiner, Barbara4.04.0
6148 ENWhale BrotherSteiner, Barbara3.10.5
9930 ENLeontyne PriceSteins, Richard7.31.0
8273 ENRace CarsStephenson, Sallie4.70.5
8282 ENSports CarsStephenson, Sallie3.90.5
5030 ENMufaro's Beautiful DaughtersSteptoe, John4.30.5
5046 ENStory of Jumping Mouse, TheSteptoe, John3.80.5
9962 ENBackyard DragonSterman, Betsy/Samuel4.45.0
197 ENTrouble for LucyStevens, Carla3.81.0
7126 ENCoyote Steals the BlanketStevens, Janet2.80.5
29213 ENMy Big DogStevens, Janet1.40.5
11397 ENTops and BottomsStevens, Janet3.20.5
10547 ENTortoise and the Hare, TheStevens, Janet3.30.5
906994 ENDesert Lives (HSP Edition)Stevens, Norman4.00.5
906982 ENEverglades (HSP Edition), TheStevens, Norman3.20.5
9305 ENBonk! Goes the BallStevens, Philippa0.50.5
43508 ENAnd the Dish Ran Away with the SpoonStevens/Crummel2.60.5
34653 ENCook-a-doodle-doo!Stevens/Crummel2.70.5
64367 ENJackalopeStevens/Crummel2.80.5
31595 ENShoe TownStevens/Crummel1.70.5
815 ENAbraham Lincoln: The Great EmancipatorStevenson, Augusta3.53.0
809 ENBenjamin Franklin: Young PrinterStevenson, Augusta3.93.0
803 ENClara Barton: Founder of the American Red CrossStevenson, Augusta4.23.0
804 ENDaniel Boone: Young Hunter and TrackerStevenson, Augusta3.73.0
823 ENGeorge Washington: Young LeaderStevenson, Augusta3.73.0
816 ENMolly Pitcher: Young PatriotStevenson, Augusta3.43.0
817 ENPaul Revere: Boston PatriotStevenson, Augusta3.93.0
825 ENWilbur and Orville Wright: Young FliersStevenson, Augusta3.73.0
10231 ENOne Ghost Too ManyStevenson, Drew4.22.0
42599 ENChristmas at Mud FlatStevenson, James2.90.5
7558 ENDon't You Know There's A War On?Stevenson, James3.00.5
10468 ENGreat Big Especially Beautiful Easter EggStevenson, James2.20.5
432 ENO'DiddyStevenson, Jocelyn3.71.0
6004 ENHappily After AllStevenson, Laura4.19.0
11182 ENMy ShadowStevenson, Robert Louis2.60.5
907022 ENClara Barton: The Angel of the Battlefield (HSP Edition)Stevenson, Theodore4.00.5
24957 ENBody Snatcher, TheStevenson/Kulling3.71.0
44823 ENOn the Long Trail HomeStewart, Elisabeth J.5.03.0
10551 ENAppaloosa Horse, TheStewart, Gail4.90.5
10552 ENArabian Horse, TheStewart, Gail4.90.5
10584 ENQuarter Horse, TheStewart, Gail5.10.5
10597 ENThoroughbred Horse, TheStewart, Gail4.70.5
17637 ENPioneers Go West, TheStewart, George R.5.53.0
120343 ENNASCAR at the TrackStewart, Mark5.01.0
907131 ENWomen Inventors (HSP Edition)Stewart, Mary4.20.5
46242 ENLittle Bit of Winter, AStewart, Paul1.90.5
18674 ENGardener, TheStewart, Sarah3.90.5
6152 ENAir PollutionStille, Darlene5.10.5
5571 ENGreenhouse Effect, TheStille, Darlene4.60.5
5584 ENOil SpillsStille, Darlene4.30.5
5586 ENOzone Hole, TheStille, Darlene5.10.5
6196 ENWater PollutionStille, Darlene5.20.5
80783 ENI Am a Seal: The Life of an Elephant SealStille, Darlene R.3.10.5
80784 ENI Am a Shark: The Life of a Hammerhead SharkStille, Darlene R.3.60.5
80785 ENI Am a Whale: The Life of a Humpback WhaleStille, Darlene R.3.10.5
7424 ENIce Age, TheStille, Darlene R.3.90.5
83160 ENAll Because of a Cup of CoffeeStilton, Geronimo3.21.0
83793 ENAttack of the Bandit CatsStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
77123 ENCat and Mouse in a Haunted HouseStilton, Geronimo3.41.0
86804 ENCheese-Colored Camper, AStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
109981 ENChristmas Toy Factory, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
77131 ENCurse of the Cheese Pyramid, TheStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
114455 ENDown and out Down UnderStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
83159 ENFabumouse Vacation for Geronimo, AStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
105177 ENField Trip to Niagara FallsStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
77124 ENFour Mice Deep in the JungleStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
121761 ENGeronimo and the Gold Medal MysteryStilton, Geronimo5.11.0
123673 ENGeronimo Stilton, Secret AgentStilton, Geronimo3.61.0
77126 ENI'm Too Fond of My Fur!Stilton, Geronimo3.51.0
83799 ENIt's Halloween, You 'Fraidy Mouse!Stilton, Geronimo3.11.0
77127 ENLost Treasure of the Emerald EyeStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
83801 ENMerry Christmas, Geronimo!Stilton, Geronimo3.21.0
86064 ENMona Mousa Code, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
115226 ENMouse Island Marathon, TheStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
108289 ENMummy with No Name, TheStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
73830 ENMy Name Is Stilton, Geronimo StiltonStilton, Geronimo3.21.0
116470 ENMysterious Cheese Thief, TheStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
77129 ENPaws Off, Cheddarface!Stilton, Geronimo3.41.0
83802 ENPhantom of the Subway, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
77130 ENRed Pizzas for a Blue CountStilton, Geronimo3.61.0
106866 ENSearch for Sunken Treasure, TheStilton, Geronimo3.61.0
101387 ENSecret of Cacklefur Castle, TheStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
100081 ENShipwreck on the Pirate IslandsStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
86940 ENSurf's Up, Geronimo!Stilton, Geronimo3.41.0
84207 ENTemple of the Ruby of Fire, TheStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
105174 ENValentine's Day DisasterStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
86809 ENWatch Your Whiskers, Stilton!Stilton, Geronimo3.21.0
112569 ENWedding CrasherStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
102147 ENWild, Wild West, TheStilton, Geronimo3.31.0
8918 ENLong ShotStine, Megan4.64.0
14931 ENAbominable Snowman of Pasadena, TheStine, R.L.3.03.0
44152 ENAttack of the Graveyard GhoulsStine, R.L.3.22.0
14932 ENAttack of the Jack-O'-LanternsStine, R.L.3.32.0
9601 ENAttack of the MutantStine, R.L.3.53.0
14933 ENBad Hare DayStine, R.L.2.93.0
14934 ENBarking Ghost, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
114853 ENBattle of the Dum DiddysStine, R.L.3.11.0
9602 ENBe Careful What You Wish For...Stine, R.L.3.73.0
14935 ENBeast from the East, TheStine, R.L.2.72.0
14936 ENBeware, the SnowmanStine, R.L.3.22.0
88859 ENBig Blueberry Barf-Off!, TheStine, R.L.3.01.0
14937 ENBlob That Ate Everyone, TheStine, R.L.3.02.0
120110 ENCalling All BirdbrainsStine, R.L.3.01.0
14938 ENCalling All Creeps!Stine, R.L.3.33.0
14939 ENChicken ChickenStine, R.L.3.22.0
23848 ENCry of the CatStine, R.L.3.12.0
9603 ENCuckoo Clock of Doom, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
14940 ENCurse of Camp Cold Lake, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
9604 ENCurse of the Mummy's Tomb, TheStine, R.L.4.03.0
9605 ENDeep TroubleStine, R.L.3.53.0
14941 ENDeep Trouble IIStine, R.L.2.92.0
105758 ENDon't Close Your Eyes!Stine, R.L.3.03.0
14942 ENDon't Go to Sleep!Stine, R.L.2.72.0
109318 ENDudes, the School Is Haunted!Stine, R.L.2.91.0
44158 ENEarth Geeks Must Go!Stine, R.L.3.22.0
14943 ENEgg Monsters from MarsStine, R.L.3.02.0
100577 ENFreaks and ShrieksStine, R.L.3.03.0
44160 ENFull Moon FeverStine, R.L.3.43.0
9606 ENGhost BeachStine, R.L.3.43.0
14944 ENGhost CampStine, R.L.3.13.0
44162 ENGhost in the MirrorStine, R.L.3.32.0
9607 ENGhost Next Door, TheStine, R.L.3.73.0
87179 ENGhouls Gone WildStine, R.L.3.03.0
9608 ENGirl Who Cried Monster, TheStine, R.L.3.63.0
9609 ENGo Eat Worms!Stine, R.L.3.73.0
101639 ENGood, the Bad, and the Very Slimy, TheStine, R.L.3.11.0
115805 ENGot Cake?Stine, R.L.3.01.0
88861 ENGreat Smelling Bee, TheStine, R.L.2.81.0
44177 ENHaunted Car, TheStine, R.L.3.23.0
14945 ENHaunted Mask II, TheStine, R.L.3.33.0
9610 ENHaunted Mask, TheStine, R.L.3.83.0
14946 ENHaunted School, TheStine, R.L.3.03.0
81577 ENHave You Met My Ghoulfriend?Stine, R.L.3.23.0
14947 ENHeadless Ghost, TheStine, R.L.3.22.0
107042 ENHeinie Prize, TheStine, R.L.3.12.0
14948 ENHorror at Camp Jellyjam, TheStine, R.L.3.23.0
14949 ENHow I Got My Shrunken HeadStine, R.L.3.23.0
14950 ENHow I Learned to FlyStine, R.L.2.93.0
14951 ENHow to Kill a MonsterStine, R.L.2.92.0
9611 ENIt Came From Beneath the Sink!Stine, R.L.3.12.0
14953 ENLegend of the Lost LegendStine, R.L.3.13.0
9612 ENLet's Get Invisible!Stine, R.L.3.33.0
100579 ENLet's Get This Party Haunted!Stine, R.L.3.13.0
86361 ENLittle Camp of HorrorsStine, R.L.3.33.0
106248 ENLose, Team, Lose!Stine, R.L.3.12.0
9613 ENMonster BloodStine, R.L.4.13.0
9614 ENMonster Blood IIStine, R.L.3.63.0
9615 ENMonster Blood IIIStine, R.L.3.23.0
44179 ENMummy Walks, TheStine, R.L.3.63.0
14954 ENMy Best Friend Is InvisibleStine, R.L.2.82.0
9616 ENMy Hairiest AdventureStine, R.L.3.53.0
9617 ENNight in Terror Tower, AStine, R.L.3.53.0
119520 ENNight of the Creepy ThingsStine, R.L.3.31.0
9618 ENNight of the Living DummyStine, R.L.3.73.0
14955 ENNight of the Living Dummy IIStine, R.L.3.13.0
14956 ENNight of the Living Dummy IIIStine, R.L.3.23.0
9619 ENOne Day at HorrorLandStine, R.L.3.43.0
85424 ENOne Night in Doom HouseStine, R.L.3.33.0
9620 ENPhantom of the AuditoriumStine, R.L.3.43.0
9621 ENPiano Lessons Can Be MurderStine, R.L.3.53.0
114859 ENPunk'd and SkunkedStine, R.L.3.12.0
9622 ENReturn of the MummyStine, R.L.3.83.0
14957 ENRevenge of the Lawn GnomesStine, R.L.2.93.0
9623 ENSay Cheese and Die!Stine, R.L.3.93.0
14958 ENSay Cheese and Die - Again!Stine, R.L.3.23.0
9624 ENScarecrow Walks at Midnight, TheStine, R.L.3.53.0
44173 ENScream SchoolStine, R.L.3.53.0
106250 ENShake, Rattle, and Hurl!Stine, R.L.2.91.0
14959 ENShocker on Shock Street, AStine, R.L.3.23.0
44174 ENSlappy's NightmareStine, R.L.3.62.0
9625 ENStay Out of the BasementStine, R.L.3.93.0
14960 ENVampire BreathStine, R.L.3.22.0
9626 ENWelcome to Camp NightmareStine, R.L.3.93.0
9627 ENWelcome to Dead HouseStine, R.L.3.73.0
9628 ENWerewolf of Fever Swamp, TheStine, R.L.3.53.0
14952 ENWerewolf SkinStine, R.L.3.23.0
81587 ENWho Let the Ghosts Out?Stine, R.L.3.13.0
9629 ENWhy I'm Afraid of BeesStine, R.L.3.53.0
9630 ENYou Can't Scare MeStine, R.L.3.63.0
115019 ENPorc in New York, AStock, Catherine4.40.5
7649 ENWhere Are You Going Manyoni?Stock, Catherine2.20.5
80806 ENAt the BeachStockland, Patricia M.0.80.5
7252 ENBedtime MouseStoddard, Sandol2.70.5
18626 ENFriend for Minerva Louise, AStoeke, Janet Morgan1.20.5
19221 ENHat for Minerva Louise, AStoeke, Janet Morgan1.00.5
16145 ENMinerva Louise at SchoolStoeke, Janet Morgan1.70.5
118092 ENMinerva Louise on Christmas EveStoeke, Janet Morgan1.50.5
68057 ENSnowStojic, Manya1.40.5
662 ENGolden Bird, TheStolp, Hans4.01.0
8694 ENCoco GrimesStolz, Mary4.32.0
164 ENDog on Barkham Street, AStolz, Mary4.65.0
6267 ENGo FishStolz, Mary4.41.0
239 ENNoonday Friends, TheStolz, Mary4.86.0
682 ENQuentin CornStolz, Mary4.84.0
5543 ENStorm in the NightStolz, Mary3.20.5
6294 ENTales at the MouseholeStolz, Mary4.62.0
907040 ENPower of Corn (HSP Edition), TheStone, Julian4.00.5
5551 ENAlligators and CrocodilesStone, Lynn M.4.50.5
7402 ENAntarcticaStone, Lynn M.4.00.5
7404 ENArctic, TheStone, Lynn M.3.70.5
5119 ENEndangered AnimalsStone, Lynn M.4.20.5
5582 ENMountainsStone, Lynn M.3.50.5
122374 ENAttack of the TyrannosaurusStone, Rex3.71.0
122377 ENCharge of the TriceratopsStone, Rex4.41.0
126499 ENFlight of the QuetzalcoatlusStone, Rex3.91.0
126501 ENMarch of the AnkylosaurusStone, Rex3.91.0
65302 ENBecause a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!Stone, Rosetta2.20.5
437 ENScruffyStoneley, Jack5.36.0
7741 ENMidnight in the DollhouseStover, Marjorie4.64.0
115081 ENDuck's TaleStraaten, Harmen van2.50.5
28296 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in My Sister's BodyStrasser, Todd3.43.0
13793 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in My Teacher's BodyStrasser, Todd3.63.0
18724 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in Santa's BodyStrasser, Todd3.43.0
9951 ENHey You, Sister RoseStrauch, Eileen4.75.0
9088 ENStory of Shoes, TheStraus, Lucy3.20.5
456 ENBallet ShoesStreatfeild, Noel5.79.0
11444 ENTheater ShoesStreatfeild, Noel5.811.0
16146 ENThey Thought They Saw HimStrete, Craig Kee2.90.5
25551 ENDisappearing Dinosaurs, TheStrickland/Fuller4.55.0
20263 ENDrive-In of DoomStrickland/Fuller4.74.0
20287 ENRiddle of the Wayward BooksStrickland/Fuller4.65.0
20295 ENTreasure of Skeleton Reef, TheStrickland/Fuller4.55.0
9963 ENChamp HobarthStrommen, Judith3.85.0
11357 ENDoesn't Fall Off His HorseStroud, Virginia A.4.90.5
9195 ENTo See or Not To SeeStruble, Steve4.60.5
28263 ENBridges Are to CrossSturges, Philemon4.70.5
55961 ENTen Flashing FirefliesSturges, Philemon1.90.5
9144 ENTosca's SurpriseSturgis, Matthew2.90.5
42383 ENCowpokesStutson, Caroline1.90.5
59746 ENNight TrainStutson, Caroline1.20.5
88971 ENBaboon Grows Up, ASuen, Anastasia3.20.5
88976 ENElephant Grows Up, AnSuen, Anastasia3.50.5
88972 ENHippopotamus Grows Up, ASuen, Anastasia3.00.5
88973 ENLion Grows Up, ASuen, Anastasia3.10.5
18885 ENMan on the MoonSuen, Anastasia2.20.5
88974 ENRhinoceros Grows Up, ASuen, Anastasia3.10.5
88975 ENTiger Grows Up, ASuen, Anastasia3.00.5
54155 ENAbraham LincolnSullivan, George5.32.0
55814 ENHelen KellerSullivan, George5.32.0
11771 ENIn-Line Skating: A Complete Guide for BeginnersSullivan, George6.41.0
52599 ENLewis and ClarkSullivan, George5.52.0
52603 ENPaul RevereSullivan, George5.62.0
61076 ENBeavers: Big-Toothed BuildersSullivan, Jody3.40.5
61077 ENCheetahs: Spotted SpeedstersSullivan, Jody3.20.5
89559 ENCrabsSullivan, Jody1.60.5
61078 ENDeer: Graceful GrazersSullivan, Jody3.10.5
89560 ENParrotfishSullivan, Jody1.50.5
89561 ENSea AnemonesSullivan, Jody1.70.5
89562 ENSea StarsSullivan, Jody1.60.5
9839 ENTop 10 Baseball PitchersSullivan, Michael5.21.0
906944 ENPatterns in Our World (HSP Edition)Summers, Charles3.10.5
907066 ENGreat Land of Alaska (HSP Edition), TheSummers, Chenoa4.10.5
906964 ENFearless Freddy (HSP Edition)Summers, Rika2.60.5
5455 ENAngel Child, Dragon ChildSurat, Michele Maria2.80.5
906952 ENParts of a Tree (HSP Edition), TheSurrey, Robert3.30.5
44659 ENThat Apple Is Mine!Suteev/Arnold1.80.5
59506 ENFun with Mo and EllaSutherland, Tui T.1.00.5
51900 ENMeet Mo and EllaSutherland, Tui T.1.20.5
102595 ENGroundhog Gets a SaySwallow, Pamela Curtis3.10.5
2810 ENHesterSweeney, Jacqueline1.20.5
49256 ENMe on the MapSweeney, Joan1.80.5
7328 ENLittle Red Lighthouse...Bridge, TheSwift, Hildegarde2.90.5
45261 ENWhat's Opposite?Swinburne, Stephen R.1.50.5
7233 ENMoving DaySzekeres, Cyndy2.10.5
45532 ENToby Counts His MarblesSzekeres, Cyndy1.80.5
45537 ENToby's New BrotherSzekeres, Cyndy1.90.5
35829 ENJoseph Had a Little OvercoatTaback, Simms1.70.5
48110 ENSilly Little Goose!Tafuri, Nancy1.00.5
75253 ENAnts and Their NestsTagliaferro, Linda1.80.5
75254 ENBaboons and Their InfantsTagliaferro, Linda1.60.5
75255 ENBears and Their CubsTagliaferro, Linda1.70.5
75256 ENBears and Their DensTagliaferro, Linda1.80.5
75257 ENBees and Their HivesTagliaferro, Linda1.50.5
75258 ENBirds and Their NestsTagliaferro, Linda1.70.5
75259 ENDogs and Their PuppiesTagliaferro, Linda1.40.5
75260 ENRabbits and Their BurrowsTagliaferro, Linda1.90.5
75261 ENRobins and Their ChicksTagliaferro, Linda1.80.5
75262 ENSpiders and Their WebsTagliaferro, Linda2.00.5
27929 ENSunburned Prayer, ATalbert, Marc5.44.0
10642 ENJunkyard Dog, TheTamar, Erika3.34.0
48478 ENAuguste Rodin (The Life and Work Of)Tames, Richard3.60.5
48497 ENMichelangelo Buonarroti (The Life and Work Of)Tames, Richard3.50.5
906797 ENInsects (HSP Edition)Tanner, Jesse1.90.5
906847 ENPenguin (HSP Edition), TheTanner, Jesse2.30.5
5513 ENFrog Prince, TheTarcov, Edith2.80.5
34944 ENMarty Frye, Private EyeTashjian, Janet3.01.0
6013 ENThank You, Dr. Martin Luther King!Tate, Eleanora4.17.0
5043 ENSecret of Gumbo Grove, TheTate, Eleanora E.4.67.0
2862 ENFlies Can Taste with Their FeetTaylor, Helen4.60.5
2861 ENLightning Bolt Is Hotter Than the Sun, ATaylor, Helen5.10.5
2863 ENPlants Feed On SunlightTaylor, Helen3.90.5
2860 ENRainbow Is a Circle, ATaylor, Helen4.60.5
2859 ENSnowflakes Can Fall in SummerTaylor, Helen4.10.5
2866 ENSun Was the First Clock, TheTaylor, Helen4.20.5
2865 ENThere's a Great Bear in the SkyTaylor, Helen4.50.5
2864 ENWater Has a SkinTaylor, Helen4.30.5
9980 ENCan I Be Good?Taylor, Livingston2.10.5
136 ENRoll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred D5.710.0
315 ENFriendship, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.11.0
170 ENGold Cadillac, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.11.0
237 ENLet the Circle Be UnbrokenTaylor, Mildred D.5.715.0
5431 ENMississippi BridgeTaylor, Mildred D.4.21.0
191 ENSong of the TreesTaylor, Mildred D.3.81.0
2 ENAll-of-a-Kind FamilyTaylor, Sydney4.95.0
108 ENCay, TheTaylor, Theodore5.34.0
482 ENMaldonado Miracle, TheTaylor, Theodore4.55.0
9469 ENTimothy of the CayTaylor, Theodore5.05.0
198 ENTrouble With Tuck, TheTaylor, Theodore5.54.0
11401 ENAgnes the SheepTaylor, William4.74.0
907029 ENJackson's Book Report (HSP Edition)Taylor, Wyatt3.60.5
34958 ENLittlest Angel, TheTazewell, Charles6.30.5
17533 ENHow I Spent My Summer VacationTeague, Mark2.80.5
121611 ENLaRue For Mayor: Letters from the Campaign TrailTeague, Mark5.10.5
11386 ENPigstyTeague, Mark2.80.5
903 ENPigstyTeague, Mark3.00.5
27500 ENSecret Shortcut, TheTeague, Mark3.40.5
72277 ENDracula and Frankenstein Are FriendsTegen, Katherine3.10.5
52520 ENChihuahuasTemple, Bob4.40.5
103438 ENDay Mom Finally Snapped, TheTemple, Bob1.60.5
103433 ENNose for Danger, ATemple, Bob2.20.5
52542 ENPugsTemple, Bob4.50.5
52552 ENScottish TerriersTemple, Bob4.40.5
52554 ENShih TzusTemple, Bob4.30.5
52555 ENSiberian HuskiesTemple, Bob4.30.5
10253 ENGrab Hands and RunTemple, Frances4.04.0
10188 ENWhat on Earth is a Booby?Tesar, Jenny4.00.5
10193 ENWhat on Earth is a Meerkat?Tesar, Jenny4.20.5
10194 ENWhat on Earth is a Nudibranch?Tesar, Jenny4.70.5
10196 ENWhat on Earth is a Sea Squirt?Tesar, Jenny4.70.5
10198 ENWhat on Earth is a Tuatara?Tesar, Jenny4.90.5
10199 ENWhat on Earth is an Echidna?Tesar, Jenny5.30.5
28256 ENOver the Edge: Flying with the Arctic HeroesTessendorf, K.C.8.76.0
10278 ENGingerbread DollTews, Susan4.10.5
87268 ENBully from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.60.5
41027 ENCafeteria Lady from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.80.5
83154 ENClass Election from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.30.5
87270 ENClass Pet from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike1.20.5
83155 ENClass Trip from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.20.5
5465 ENCream of Creature...CafeteriaThaler, Mike2.70.5
53079 ENCustodian from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.50.5
101503 ENField Day from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.60.5
12754 ENGym Teacher from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.20.5
18635 ENLibrarian from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.20.5
116104 ENLittle League Team from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.50.5
43502 ENMusic Teacher from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.40.5
12755 ENPrincipal from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.40.5
41030 ENSchool Bus Driver from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.00.5
12756 ENSchool Nurse from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.10.5
83753 ENScience Fair from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.80.5
82424 ENTalent Show from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.20.5
12757 ENTeacher from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.40.5
46279 ENCasey at the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888Thayer, Ernest Lawrence5.30.5
7340 ENPuppy Who Wanted a Boy, TheThayer, Jane3.00.5
15769 ENShort and Tall (Animal Opposites)Theodorou/Telford2.10.5
51122 ENCamping (The Great Outdoors)Thoennes Keller, Kristin4.91.0
51133 ENHiking (The Great Outdoors)Thoennes Keller, Kristin5.11.0
907028 ENI Am Paige Bridges (HSP Edition)Thomas, Brady3.40.5
6355 ENCourage at Indian DeepThomas, Jane5.64.0
161 ENComeback Dog, TheThomas, Jane Resh4.91.0
6214 ENFox in a TrapThomas, Jane Resh4.82.0
6339 ENPrincess in the Pigpen, TheThomas, Jane Resh4.94.0
46379 ENDay with an Electrician, AThomas, Mark1.10.5
85781 ENEye of the Storm: A Book About HurricanesThomas, Rick3.60.5
61039 ENGet Well, Good KnightThomas, Shelley Moore2.30.5
39566 ENGood Night, Good KnightThomas, Shelley Moore2.10.5
36045 ENDoe Sia: Bannock Girl and the Handcart PioneersThomasma, Kenneth4.64.0
10072 ENKunuThomasma, Kenneth4.44.0
36044 ENMoho Wat: Sheepeater Boy Attempts a RescueThomasma, Kenneth5.04.0
10081 ENNaya NukiThomasma, Kenneth5.64.0
10083 ENOm-kas-toeThomasma, Kenneth4.85.0
10086 ENPathki NanaThomasma, Kenneth4.54.0
10097 ENSoun TetokenThomasma, Kenneth5.47.0
9129 ENLooking For AtlantisThompson, Colin3.90.5
67245 ENLittle QuackThompson, Lauren2.00.5
85403 ENLittle Quack's BedtimeThompson, Lauren2.30.5
42606 ENMouse's First ChristmasThompson, Lauren2.10.5
71200 ENMouse's First Day of SchoolThompson, Lauren1.50.5
42607 ENMouse's First HalloweenThompson, Lauren1.40.5
57725 ENMouse's First ValentineThompson, Lauren1.30.5
45492 ENDinosaur's DayThomson, Ruth2.00.5
59153 ENRed Is a Dragon: A Book of ColorsThong, Roseanne1.80.5
17379 ENSports Great Dennis RodmanThornley, Stew6.12.0
17383 ENSports Great Greg MadduxThornley, Stew6.22.0
17389 ENSports Great Reggie MillerThornley, Stew6.52.0
9844 ENTop 10 Football ReceiversThornley, Stew6.01.0
5483 ENMany MoonsThurber, James4.50.5
27983 ENBest Pet Yet, TheTidd, Louise Vitellaro2.00.5
27987 ENDid You Hear About Jake?Tidd, Louise Vitellaro1.70.5
31431 ENI'll Do It LaterTidd, Louise Vitellaro1.80.5
31430 ENLet Me Help!Tidd, Louise Vitellaro1.60.5
27980 ENLost and FoundTidd, Louise Vitellaro1.80.5
85525 ENDump Trucks (Mighty Movers)Tieck, Sarah3.10.5
85526 ENEarthmovers (Mighty Movers)Tieck, Sarah2.90.5
85527 ENFarm Tractors (Mighty Movers)Tieck, Sarah2.90.5
85528 ENFire Trucks (Mighty Movers)Tieck, Sarah2.80.5
85529 ENMonster Trucks (Mighty Movers)Tieck, Sarah3.40.5
85537 ENTrains (Mighty Movers)Tieck, Sarah3.20.5
67308 ENCalico's Curious KittensTildes, Phyllis Limbacher1.60.5
71693 ENBoat & WindTiller, Steve3.50.5
71695 ENHenry Hump: Born to FlyTiller, Steve4.50.5
71696 ENRainbow's LandingTiller, Steve4.20.5
71697 ENTangle FairiesTiller, Steve3.10.5
17337 ENRight in Your Own Backyard: Nature MathTime-Life-for-Children4.51.0
115735 ENHair for MamaTinkham, Kelly A.3.30.5
7238 ENPumpkin PumpkinTitherington, Jeanne2.40.5
7656 ENBasil of Baker StreetTitus, Eve4.71.0
9771 ENHumphrey the Lost WhaleTokuda, Wendy3.70.5
9964 ENSave Halloween!Tolan, Stephanie S.4.95.0
18732 ENMy School Is Worse Than YoursToles, Tom3.91.0
7157 ENSomebody and the Three BlairsTolhurst, Marilyn2.20.5
5128 ENHopi, TheTomchek, Ann4.50.5
17315 ENGrandfather Tang's StoryTompert, Ann3.70.5
47897 ENLittle Fox Goes to the End of the WorldTompert, Ann2.60.5
17384 ENSports Great Jason KiddTorres, John Albert6.51.0
74825 ENArctic FoxesTownsend, Emily Rose1.90.5
70342 ENArmadillosTownsend, Emily Rose1.60.5
74839 ENDeerTownsend, Emily Rose1.80.5
70344 ENJackrabbitsTownsend, Emily Rose1.70.5
70346 ENLizardsTownsend, Emily Rose2.10.5
74845 ENOwlsTownsend, Emily Rose1.60.5
74830 ENPenguinsTownsend, Emily Rose1.70.5
74831 ENPolar BearsTownsend, Emily Rose1.80.5
70351 ENRattlesnakesTownsend, Emily Rose2.00.5
74835 ENSealsTownsend, Emily Rose1.80.5
74847 ENSquirrelsTownsend, Emily Rose1.60.5
74849 ENWoodpeckersTownsend, Emily Rose1.80.5
7967 ENGhost Flyers, TheTownsend, Tom5.15.0
11782 ENPolar Bear: Master of the Ice, TheTracqui, Valerie4.60.5
11792 ENWhale: Giant of the Ocean, TheTracqui, Valerie5.40.5
1451 ENHow Much Is that Doggie in the Window?Trapani, Iza2.60.5
1452 ENI'm a Little TeapotTrapani, Iza2.40.5
14270 ENItsy Bitsy Spider, TheTrapani, Iza2.30.5
40905 ENItsy Bitsy Spider, TheTrapani, Iza2.70.5
87979 ENJingle BellsTrapani, Iza4.20.5
1453 ENMary Had a Little LambTrapani, Iza3.10.5
14280 ENOh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?Trapani, Iza2.50.5
40906 ENRow Row Row Your BoatTrapani, Iza3.70.5
40908 ENShoo Fly!Trapani, Iza2.80.5
14288 ENTwinkle, Twinkle, Little StarTrapani, Iza2.60.5
907051 ENGrandpa and I, All Year Long (HSP Edition)Traylor, Peter M.3.20.5
6003 ENFlight of AngelsTrease, Geoffrey5.13.0
7373 ENHide and Seek FogTresselt, Alvin4.30.5
30649 ENWhite Snow Bright SnowTresselt, Alvin4.20.5
44 ENI, Juan de ParejaTrevino, Elizabeth Borton de6.57.0
44916 ENOrd Eats a Pizza!Trimble, Irene1.00.5
72207 ENBright, Shiny SkylarTripp, Valerie2.90.5
6408 ENChanges For FelicityTripp, Valerie4.11.0
5408 ENChanges For MollyTripp, Valerie3.71.0
5409 ENChanges For SamanthaTripp, Valerie3.91.0
6414 ENFelicity Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie4.31.0
6416 ENFelicity's SurpriseTripp, Valerie4.51.0
6415 ENFelicity Saves The DayTripp, Valerie4.51.0
78587 ENGood Sport GwenTripp, Valerie2.60.5
72211 ENHallie's Horrible HandwritingTripp, Valerie3.10.5
6422 ENHappy Birthday, Felicity!Tripp, Valerie4.21.0
5017 ENHappy Birthday, Molly!Tripp, Valerie3.51.0
5018 ENHappy Birthday, Samantha!Tripp, Valerie3.71.0
17625 ENJosefina Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie4.52.0
17626 ENJosefina's SurpriseTripp, Valerie4.61.0
37033 ENKit's Surprise: A Christmas StoryTripp, Valerie4.42.0
6430 ENMeet FelicityTripp, Valerie4.21.0
17632 ENMeet JosefinaTripp, Valerie4.12.0
426 ENMeet MollyTripp, Valerie4.21.0
485 ENMolly Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie3.71.0
675 ENMolly's SurpriseTripp, Valerie3.61.0
5235 ENMolly Saves the DayTripp, Valerie3.71.0
5241 ENSamantha Saves the DayTripp, Valerie3.81.0
9583 ENThree Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, TheTrivizas, Eugene4.60.5
9155 ENChina Shelf LuxuryTroia, Lily4.00.5
9151 ENBall, the Book, and the Drum, TheTroll, Morgan3.70.5
77324 ENAll About Light (Rookie Read-About Science)Trumbauer, Lisa1.70.5
77325 ENAll About Sound (Rookie Read-About Science)Trumbauer, Lisa1.80.5
4162 ENAt SchoolTrumbauer, Lisa1.90.5
70386 ENLife Cycle of a Penguin (Life Cycles), TheTrumbauer, Lisa1.70.5
41242 ENOur Favorite Things To DoTrumbauer, Lisa1.40.5
70365 ENPaul RevereTrumbauer, Lisa2.50.5
74834 ENSam Houston (First Biographies)Trumbauer, Lisa2.50.5
74836 ENSitting Bull (First Biographies)Trumbauer, Lisa2.40.5
50998 ENWhat Are Deserts?Trumbauer, Lisa1.50.5
50999 ENWhat Are Forests?Trumbauer, Lisa1.90.5
51000 ENWhat Are Mountains?Trumbauer, Lisa1.70.5
51001 ENWhat Are Oceans?Trumbauer, Lisa1.70.5
74732 ENYou Can Use a CompassTrumbauer, Lisa2.50.5
108314 ENEats, Shoots & Leaves: Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!Truss, Lynne1.60.5
115938 ENGirl's Like Spaghetti: Why, You Can't Manage...Apostrophes!, TheTruss, Lynne3.30.5
18601 ENAlbert's ChristmasTryon, Leslie2.40.5
51246 ENAlbert's HalloweenTryon, Leslie4.20.5
42917 ENAlbert's ThanksgivingTryon, Leslie3.30.5
16746 ENFaithful ElephantsTsuchiya, Yukio4.40.5
72106 ENFair Is Fun, ATu, Alice0.90.5
902798 ENHow the Sky Got Its Stars (HSP Edition)Tuchman, Gail1.90.5
43948 ENLeprechaun in the Basement, TheTucker, Kathy3.50.5
907038 ENLife of a Pond (HSP Edition), TheTucker, Steven3.60.5
46604 ENPumpkin MoonshineTudor, Tasha3.70.5
5369 ENKeystone KidsTunis, John R.5.27.0
5371 ENKid Comes Back, TheTunis, John R.6.38.0
27962 ENKid from Tomkinsville, TheTunis, John R.5.48.0
5380 ENRookie of the YearTunis, John R.5.06.0
5383 ENSchoolboy JohnsonTunis, John R.5.36.0
5399 ENWorld SeriesTunis, John R.4.97.0
5400 ENYoung RazzleTunis, John R.6.36.0
20671 ENMailing MayTunnell, Michael O.3.60.5
9170 ENHow Honu the Turtle Got His ShellTurcotte, Casey4.10.5
6492 ENDo Not OpenTurkle, Brinton3.20.5
31892 ENThy Friend, ObadiahTurkle, Brinton3.40.5
6260 ENDakota DugoutTurner, Ann3.30.5
11169 ENDust For DinnerTurner, Ann2.40.5
5238 ENNettie's Trip SouthTurner, Ann3.60.5
79081 ENPumpkin CatTurner, Ann3.60.5
7395 ENStars for SarahTurner, Ann3.40.5
7296 ENThrough Moon and Stars and Night SkiesTurner, Ann2.10.5
7379 ENMaebelle's SuitcaseTusa, Tricia2.80.5
7396 ENStay Away from the JunkyardTusa, Tricia3.40.5
501 ENAdventures of Huckleberry Finn, TheTwain, Mark6.618.0
502 ENAdventures of Tom Sawyer, TheTwain, Mark8.112.0
518 ENPrince and the Pauper, TheTwain, Mark9.312.0
12792 ENPudd'nhead WilsonTwain, Mark8.39.0
13648 ENTom Sawyer Abroad (Bloomsbury)Twain, Mark6.75.0
7747 ENValentine FrankensteinTwohill, Maggie3.62.0
118473 ENBest Dad in the SeaTyler, Amy J.0.90.5
10170 ENHummingbirds: Jewels in the SkyTyrrell, Esther Quesada6.10.5
70398 ENMary SmithU'Ren, Andrea2.50.5
60374 ENBracelet, TheUchida, Yoshiko4.00.5
233 ENJar of Dreams, AUchida, Yoshiko5.04.0
9459 ENLet's Be EnemiesUdry, Janice1.50.5
16866 ENTree Is Nice, AUdry, Janice May2.20.5
49755 ENMad Dog McGrawUhlberg, Myron1.70.5
207 ENBanner in the SkyUllman, James Ramsey5.111.0
88308 ENAt the CarnivalValdes, Leslie1.90.5
84089 ENDora Goes to SchoolValdes, Leslie2.40.5
84915 ENDora's Pirate AdventureValdes, Leslie2.10.5
88462 ENAmerican Paint HorsesVan Cleaf, Kristin4.20.5
88467 ENHighland PoniesVan Cleaf, Kristin4.30.5
88468 ENMiniature HorsesVan Cleaf, Kristin4.40.5
88470 ENMustang HorsesVan Cleaf, Kristin4.20.5
88471 ENPrzewalski's HorsesVan Cleaf, Kristin4.50.5
88472 ENQuarter HorsesVan Cleaf, Kristin4.30.5
79889 ENAttack of the TaggerVan Draanen, Wendelin3.42.0
87374 ENEnemy SpyVan Draanen, Wendelin3.53.0
84287 ENMeet the GeckoVan Draanen, Wendelin3.42.0
75663 ENSecret IdentityVan Draanen, Wendelin3.32.0
34504 ENMoose TalesVan Laan, Nancy2.10.5
29422 ENAmanda Pig and Her Best Friend LollipopVan Leeuwen, Jean2.10.5
67490 ENAmanda Pig and the Awful, Scary MonsterVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
19231 ENMore Tales of Oliver PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.30.5
107556 ENOliver Pig and the Best Fort EverVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
77954 ENOliver the Mighty PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.40.5
39823 ENTales of Amanda PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.20.5
19247 ENTales of Oliver PigVan Leeuwen, Jean2.30.5
123766 ENCreeping Doom, TheVan Lente, Fred3.50.5
123760 ENEnter the DragonVan Lente, Fred4.00.5
123761 ENHeart of SteelVan Lente, Fred3.80.5
123762 ENHostile TakeoverVan Lente, Fred3.30.5
5519 ENJumanjiVanAllsburg, Chris3.90.5
6075 ENJust a DreamVanAllsburg, Chris3.60.5
5240 ENPolar Express, TheVanAllsburg, Chris3.80.5
5548 ENTwo Bad AntsVanAllsburg, Chris4.70.5
6348 ENWidow's Broom, TheVanAllsburg, Chris4.70.5
6250 ENWreck of the Zephyr, TheVanAllsburg, Chris3.70.5
6299 ENWretched Stone, TheVanAllsburg, Chris4.30.5
269 ENHugh PineVanDeWetering, Jan4.82.0
6136 ENPossum Come a-Knockin'VanLaan, Nancy2.40.5
9251 ENAmanda Pig on Her OwnVanLeeuwen, Jean2.40.5
5355 ENBenjy the Football HeroVanLeeuwen, Jean4.04.0
6366 ENGreat Summer Camp Catastrophe, TheVanLeeuwen, Jean3.75.0
9289 ENOliver Pig at SchoolVanLeeuwen, Jean2.50.5
821 ENBabe Ruth: One of Baseball's GreatestVanRiper, Guernsey3.53.0
822 ENJim Thorpe: Olympic ChampionVanRiper, Guernsey4.03.0
818 ENKnute Rockne: Young AthleteVanRiper, Guernsey3.53.0
810 ENLou Gehrig: One of Baseball's GreatestVanRiper, Guernsey3.83.0
907001 ENMary Anning, Fossil Hunter (HSP Edition)Vance, Carter2.90.5
34816 ENSmart DogVande Velde, Vivian5.54.0
50100 ENWe're Going on a Ghost HuntVaughan, Marcia1.50.5
11400 ENWhistling DixieVaughan, Marcia4.00.5
11389 ENSea-Breeze Hotel, TheVaughan/Mullins3.80.5
9194 ENStory About Courage, AVecere, Joel4.20.5
86852 ENIsabel of the WhalesVelmans, Hester4.26.0
89492 ENGeckosVelthaus, Sally3.20.5
89493 ENGreen IguanasVelthaus, Sally3.40.5
27993 ENOn with the Show!Venn, Cecilia2.40.5
27995 ENThat Is Not My Hat!Venn, Cecilia2.20.5
50102 ENWhere Do Frogs Come From?Vern, Alex1.00.5
907057 ENManny's Homework Assignment (HSP Edition)Vernbow, Teresa2.80.5
523 EN20,000 Leagues Under the SeaVerne, Jules10.028.0
32616 ENMy Almost Perfect PlanVerney, Sarah J.3.01.0
48490 ENFlorence Nightingale (Lives and Times)Vickers, Rebecca3.60.5
9942 ENOsceolaViola, Herman5.50.5
9948 ENSitting BullViola, Herman5.70.5
5451 ENAlexander and the...Very Bad DayViorst, Judith3.70.5
7301 ENAlexander, Who...Last SundayViorst, Judith3.40.5
12751 ENAlexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear Me ? I Mean It!) Going To MoveViorst, Judith3.50.5
6111 ENEarrings!Viorst, Judith2.80.5
6067 ENGood-Bye Book, TheViorst, Judith1.90.5
44412 ENI'll Fix AnthonyViorst, Judith3.20.5
28027 ENMy Mama Says There Aren't Any Zombies, Ghosts, Vampires...Viorst, Judith3.10.5
22543 ENGingerVoake, Charlotte2.90.5
70333 ENGinger Finds a HomeVoake, Charlotte2.40.5
129374 ENDaisy Dawson and the Secret PondVoake, Steve4.31.0
121742 ENDaisy Dawson Is on Her Way!Voake, Steve4.31.0
357 ENBuilding BlocksVoigt, Cynthia4.25.0
110 ENDicey's SongVoigt, Cynthia5.011.0
368 ENHomecomingVoigt, Cynthia4.416.0
388 ENSolitary Blue, AVoigt, Cynthia5.311.0
29998 ENAnna Is Still HereVos, Ida3.34.0
30502 ENHide and SeekVos, Ida3.64.0
10517 ENEllen and PenguinVulliamy, Clara2.50.5
10698 ENWhere's Molly?Waas, Uli2.90.5
19569 ENHouse on East 88th Street, TheWaber, Bernard3.80.5
5474 ENIra Sleeps OverWaber, Bernard2.20.5
24932 ENLyle and the Birthday PartyWaber, Bernard3.50.5
27691 ENLyle at ChristmasWaber, Bernard3.90.5
19582 ENLyle Finds His MotherWaber, Bernard3.60.5
20386 ENLyle, Lyle, CrocodileWaber, Bernard4.60.5
55968 ENYou Look Ridiculous Said the Rhinoceros to the HippopotamusWaber, Bernard3.80.5
9113 ENCan't You Sleep, Little Bear?Waddell, Martin3.30.5
7560 ENFarmer DuckWaddell, Martin2.20.5
10529 ENLet's Go Home, Little BearWaddell, Martin3.10.5
19236 ENOnce There Were GiantsWaddell, Martin2.50.5
82643 ENRoom for a Little One: A Christmas TaleWaddell, Martin2.30.5
78839 ENTiny's Big AdventureWaddell, Martin1.70.5
21424 ENWe Love ThemWaddell, Martin1.60.5
9902 ENAmelia EarhartWade, Mary Dodson4.81.0
478 ENJ. T.Wagner, Jane4.61.0
907018 ENAt the Restaurant (HSP Edition)Wagner, Kyle3.60.5
907100 ENWorld's Greatest Singer (HSP Edition), TheWagner, Lily3.70.5
13701 ENAbigail Adams: Girl of Colonial DaysWagoner, Jean Brown4.23.0
824 ENMartha Washington: America's First First LadyWagoner, Jean Brown4.23.0
17342 ENThose Calculating Crows!Wakefield, Ali2.70.5
19202 ENAngel Pig & the Hidden ChristmasWaldron, Jan L.3.90.5
8298 ENWaterskiing and KneeboardingWalker, Cheryl5.90.5
46341 ENCar RidesWalker, Pamela1.20.5
45508 ENMary Anning: Fossil HunterWalker, Sally M.3.50.5
32032 ENAnimal HospitalWalker-Hodge, Judith2.70.5
10262 ENTwin in the Tavern, TheWallace, Barbara Brooks5.57.0
6409 ENChristmas Spurs, TheWallace, Bill4.64.0
5916 ENDanger in Quicksand SwampWallace, Bill4.35.0
117631 ENDog Who Thought He Was Santa, TheWallace, Bill4.25.0
261 ENFerret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the FridgeWallace, Bill4.44.0
64604 ENGoosed!Wallace, Bill3.52.0
110127 ENLegend of Thunderfoot, TheWallace, Bill4.14.0
78892 ENNo Dogs Allowed!Wallace, Bill3.75.0
88162 ENPick of the LitterWallace, Bill4.24.0
6375 ENRed DogWallace, Bill4.45.0
440 ENSnot StewWallace, Bill3.22.0
86109 ENOne Nosy PupWallace, Carol1.80.5
116106 ENSanta Secret, TheWallace, Carol2.30.5
89242 ENTurkeys TogetherWallace, Carol1.90.5
45915 ENBed for the Winter, AWallace, Karen2.30.5
45904 ENBig MachinesWallace, Karen2.30.5
45905 ENBorn to Be a ButterflyWallace, Karen2.50.5
43931 ENBusy Buzzy BeeWallace, Karen2.40.5
45906 ENDiving DolphinWallace, Karen2.10.5
43666 ENDuckling DaysWallace, Karen1.80.5
54808 ENMy Cat's SecretWallace, Karen2.30.5
116558 ENPrincess Gusty Ox's Strange ChangeWallace, Karen4.41.0
45911 ENRockets and SpaceshipsWallace, Karen3.10.5
45916 ENTale of a TadpoleWallace, Karen2.10.5
43956 ENWhatever the WeatherWallace, Karen1.60.5
45914 ENWild Baby AnimalsWallace, Karen3.00.5
73355 ENLeaves! Leaves! Leaves!Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth3.00.5
63965 ENPumpkin Day!Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth2.70.5
123824 ENCobrasWallach, Van3.20.5
123826 ENGarter SnakesWallach, Van3.50.5
14886 ENBeatrix PotterWallner, Alexandra4.00.5
20687 ENBetsy RossWallner, Alexandra4.80.5
9461 ENMouse PaintWalsh, Ellen2.20.5
68980 ENDot & Jabber and the Big Bug MysteryWalsh, Ellen Stoll2.00.5
51251 ENDot & Jabber and the Great Acorn MysteryWalsh, Ellen Stoll2.80.5
46723 ENFor Pete's SakeWalsh, Ellen Stoll1.20.5
14417 ENHop JumpWalsh, Ellen Stoll1.10.5
219 ENGaffer Samson's LuckWalsh, Jill Paton4.74.0
470 ENGreen Book, TheWalsh, Jill Paton5.52.0
18731 ENMatthew and the Sea SingerWalsh, Jill Paton5.00.5
65624 ENMy Beak, Your BeakWalsh, Melanie1.00.5
177 ENJustin...Best Biscuits in the WorldWalter, Mildred3.93.0
9800 ENTy's One-man BandWalter, Mildred3.00.5
18648 ENWhen Will It Be Spring?Walters, Catherine2.40.5
49501 ENBear Came over to My House, TheWalton, Rick1.60.5
81645 ENMrs. McMurphy's PumpkinWalton, Rick3.60.5
82127 ENOver in the GardenWard, Jennifer2.80.5
114543 ENThere Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a FleaWard, Jennifer3.10.5
2291 ENLeaves (Nature Books)Ward, Kristin1.30.5
11790 ENWalk in the Wild: Exploring a Wildlife Refuge, AWard, Lorraine3.70.5
29774 ENBiggest Bear, TheWard, Lynd3.90.5
909 ENHow to be a Practically Perfect PigWard, Nick2.00.5
53546 ENSomewhere in the OceanWard/Marsh3.40.5
15395 ENPunia and the King of Sharks: A Hawaiian FolktaleWardlaw, Lee4.30.5
5325 ENAmusement Park Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
5322 ENAnimal Shelter Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
28314 ENBasketball Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.93.0
25090 ENBenny's New FriendWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.10.5
5319 ENBenny Uncovers a MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
5315 ENBicycle MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.22.0
5306 ENBlue Bay MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.92.0
5301 ENBoxcar Children, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
5318 ENBus Station MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
5311 ENCaboose MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.22.0
5327 ENCamp-out Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
9258 ENCanoe Trip Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
9259 ENCastle Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
10640 ENChocolate Sundae Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.32.0
5321 ENDeserted Library MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
10660 ENDinosaur Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
9261 ENDisappearing Friend Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
17564 ENFirehouse Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.32.0
9264 ENGhost Ship Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.03.0
20020 ENGrowling Bear Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
17568 ENGuide Dog Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
5320 ENHaunted Cabin MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
5312 ENHouseboat MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.43.0
12774 ENHurricane Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
5308 ENLighthouse Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.22.0
25091 ENMagic Show Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
25088 ENMeet the Boxcar ChildrenWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
5305 ENMike's MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.02.0
5309 ENMountain Top MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
20032 ENMystery at Peacock Hall, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
9274 ENMystery at Snowflake Inn, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
17581 ENMystery at the Alamo, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
11428 ENMystery at the Ballpark, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
9275 ENMystery at the Dog Show, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
14684 ENMystery at the Fair, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
5317 ENMystery Behind the WallWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.52.0
10914 ENMystery Bookstore, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
5329 ENMystery Cruise, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
5328 ENMystery Girl, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.52.0
9276 ENMystery Horse, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
17582 ENMystery in San Francisco, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.22.0
17583 ENMystery in the CaveWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
18733 ENMystery in the Old Attic, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
5316 ENMystery in the SandWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.73.0
9277 ENMystery in the Snow, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
9278 ENMystery in Washington, D.C., TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
9279 ENMystery of the Hidden Beach, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
5324 ENMystery of the Hidden Painting, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
10639 ENMystery of the Hot Air Balloon, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.52.0
20033 ENMystery of the Lake Monster, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
14844 ENMystery of the Lost Mine, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.52.0
9280 ENMystery of the Lost Village, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
9281 ENMystery of the Missing Cat, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
5326 ENMystery of the Mixed-up ZooWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
9283 ENMystery of the Purple Pool, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
14845 ENMystery of the Secret Message, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
9284 ENMystery of the Singing Ghost, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
11429 ENMystery of the Stolen Boxcar, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
10678 ENMystery of the Stolen Music, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
28316 ENMystery of the Stolen Sword, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.32.0
40643 ENMystery of the Wild Ponies, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.93.0
10679 ENMystery on Stage, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
9285 ENMystery on the Ice, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
17584 ENMystery on the Train, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
5304 ENMystery RanchWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
18735 ENNiagara Falls Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
5323 ENOld Motel Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
17585 ENOuter Space Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
18738 ENPet Shop Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
11434 ENPilgrim Village Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
9292 ENPizza Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.13.0
25089 ENPresent for Grandfather, AWarner, Gertrude Chandler2.30.5
5310 ENSchoolhouse MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.33.0
5313 ENSnowbound MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.43.0
17595 ENSoccer Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
5302 ENSurprise IslandWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
5314 ENTree House MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
5307 ENWoodshed Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.35.0
5303 ENYellow House Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.23.0
86073 ENOnly EmmaWarner, Sally3.92.0
108320 ENSuper EmmaWarner, Sally4.21.0
6256 ENCanada Geese Quilt, TheWarnock, Natalie4.11.0
17635 ENNight Raiders Along the CapeWaters, John F.4.62.0
29247 ENSarah Morton's DayWaters, Kate3.40.5
387 ENSo Far from the Bamboo GroveWatkins, Yoko Kawashima4.76.0
117245 ENAgainst the EmpireWatson, Jude4.74.0
130961 ENBeyond the GraveWatson, Jude4.05.0
101556 ENDark WarningWatson, Jude5.14.0
106163 ENDeath on NabooWatson, Jude5.24.0
89054 ENDesperate Mission, TheWatson, Jude4.95.0
79706 ENFalse Peace, TheWatson, Jude5.34.0
86063 ENFinal Showdown, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
120142 ENMaster of DeceptionWatson, Jude5.05.0
123051 ENReckoningWatson, Jude4.64.0
111094 ENReturn of the Dark SideWatson, Jude5.14.0
68450 ENSchool of Fear, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
114518 ENSecret WeaponWatson, Jude4.84.0
103130 ENSecrets of the JediWatson, Jude4.76.0
84321 ENShadow Trap, TheWatson, Jude4.94.0
108270 ENTangled Web, AWatson, Jude5.04.0
63101 ENTrail of the Jedi, TheWatson, Jude4.63.0
105095 ENUnderworldWatson, Jude4.74.0
59072 ENWay of the Apprentice, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
66255 ENMonarch ButterfliesWaxman, Laura Hamilton2.50.5
109416 ENMoses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to FreedomWeatherford, Carole Boston4.00.5
11408 ENClose to HomeWeaver, Lydia3.71.0
906760 ENNew Friend (HSP Edition), AWebb, Paul1.60.5
17620 ENForbidden FriendshipWeber, Judith Eichler4.12.0
906894 ENHappy Again (HSP Edition)Webster, Al3.10.5
906796 ENIn Our Neighborhood (HSP Edition)Webster, Al1.90.5
906857 ENJackson's Tree (HSP Edition)Webster, Al2.50.5
5138 ENScience ExperimentsWebster, Vera3.10.5
5148 ENWeather ExperimentsWebster, Vera3.00.5
7431 ENPlant ExperimentsWebster, Vera R.3.30.5
87139 ENBeware of Mad Dog!Weeks, Sarah4.33.0
107351 ENDanger! Boys Dancing!Weeks, Sarah4.33.0
42151 ENDrip, DropWeeks, Sarah1.30.5
86445 ENFink's Funk!Weeks, Sarah4.13.0
105851 ENGet Well Soon or Else!Weeks, Sarah4.53.0
7185 ENHurricane CityWeeks, Sarah3.30.5
77213 ENIf I Were a LionWeeks, Sarah1.50.5
59562 ENMrs. McNosh Hangs up Her WashWeeks, Sarah2.60.5
120217 ENOggie CooderWeeks, Sarah5.13.0
59563 ENOh My Gosh, Mrs. McNosh!Weeks, Sarah1.70.5
41880 ENSplish, Splash!Weeks, Sarah1.30.5
907098 ENSecret Word (HSP Edition), TheWeerts, Ellen3.50.5
122694 ENSuper Guinea Pig to the RescueWeigelt, Udo3.30.5
14820 ENJazz Man, TheWeik, Mary Hays4.61.0
820 ENBetsy Ross: Designer of Our FlagWeil, Ann3.83.0
5038 ENRed Sails to CapriWeil, Ann3.44.0
65743 ENForgetful Bears Help Santa, TheWeinberg, Larry2.80.5
9300 ENX-Men: Enter MagnetoWeiner, Eric3.00.5
75416 ENBow HuntingWeintraub, Aileen5.00.5
401 ENAdventures of Ratman, TheWeiss, Ellen3.31.0
76152 ENLucky DuckWeiss, Ellen0.90.5
29483 ENFrom One Experience to AnotherWeiss, Jerry/Helen4.78.0
6115 ENFirst Night of Hanukkah, TheWeiss, Nicki2.50.5
10645 ENCurse of the Calico Cat, TheWeiss/Friedman3.51.0
24930 ENLittle Prince Know-It-AllWelch, Sheila Kelly2.90.5
6090 ENRiptideWeller, Frances4.00.5
53704 ENApple Farmer AnnieWellington, Monica1.80.5
17372 ENMichelle KwanWellman, Sam5.92.0
11651 ENAli's StoryWells, Jan1.10.5
17323 ENIs a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?Wells, Robert E4.30.5
17317 ENHow Do You Lift a Lion?Wells, Robert E.3.70.5
17346 ENWhat's Faster Than a Speeding Cheetah?Wells, Robert E.4.10.5
17347 ENWhat's Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew?Wells, Robert E.4.80.5
19212 ENBunny CakesWells, Rosemary2.60.5
17306 ENBunny MoneyWells, Rosemary2.80.5
67307 ENBunny PartyWells, Rosemary2.80.5
57638 ENDoris's DinosaurWells, Rosemary2.70.5
44253 ENEmily's First 100 Days of SchoolWells, Rosemary3.30.5
57652 ENGerm Busters, TheWells, Rosemary2.70.5
114375 ENGulps, TheWells, Rosemary3.10.5
20678 ENLassie Come-HomeWells, Rosemary4.81.0
57643 ENMama, Don't Go!Wells, Rosemary2.60.5
9073 ENMax and Ruby's First Greek MythWells, Rosemary2.60.5
122394 ENMax's Bunny BusinessWells, Rosemary2.50.5
15800 ENMax's Dragon ShirtWells, Rosemary2.50.5
19230 ENMcDuff and the BabyWells, Rosemary2.40.5
57047 ENMcDuff Comes HomeWells, Rosemary2.70.5
57048 ENMcDuff Goes to SchoolWells, Rosemary2.30.5
17295 ENMcDuff Moves InWells, Rosemary2.30.5
57049 ENMcDuff's New Friend/McDuff's ChristmasWells, Rosemary2.40.5
60389 ENMcDuff Saves the DayWells, Rosemary2.90.5
46095 ENMorris's Disappearing BagWells, Rosemary2.40.5
18639 ENNoisy NoraWells, Rosemary2.60.5
70836 ENOnly YouWells, Rosemary1.20.5
58150 ENSchool Play, TheWells, Rosemary2.70.5
24955 ENWar of the Worlds, TheWells/Evans2.91.0
4804 ENCheetahs (Wild Cats)Welsbacher, Anne3.30.5
4801 ENJaguars (Wild Cats)Welsbacher, Anne3.40.5
4803 ENLeopards (Wild Cats)Welsbacher, Anne3.30.5
4805 ENLions (Wild Cats)Welsbacher, Anne3.40.5
4806 ENPumas (Wild Cats)Welsbacher, Anne3.70.5
4802 ENTigers (Wild Cats)Welsbacher, Anne3.40.5
907036 ENTalking Pictures (HSP Edition)Welsch, Raoul3.40.5
84594 ENGorillasWelvaert, Scott R.3.90.5
84597 ENLionsWelvaert, Scott R.3.40.5
84602 ENWhalesWelvaert, Scott R.3.60.5
50494 ENHappy Easter, Davy!Weninger, Brigitte2.70.5
42914 ENLetter to Santa Claus, AWeninger, Brigitte3.40.5
19239 ENRagged BearWeninger, Brigitte3.00.5
21323 ENWill You Mind the Baby, Davy?Weninger, Brigitte2.70.5
907048 ENComputers (HSP Edition)Wenshutonis, Lawrence3.80.5
17619 ENFire in the ValleyWest, Tracey4.12.0
17633 ENMr. Peale's BonesWest, Tracey4.31.0
17647 ENVoyage of the Half MoonWest, Tracey5.52.0
9558 ENStormsearchWestall, Robert5.25.0
29416 ENCats Are Like ThatWeston, Martha1.90.5
44212 ENSpace Guys!Weston, Martha0.70.5
9935 ENMaurice StrongWestrup, Hugh6.41.0
6005 ENKate Shelley & the Midnight ExpressWetterer, Margaret3.30.5
6551 ENAlligators and CrocodilesWexo, John Bonnett5.40.5
6552 ENAnimal ChampionsWexo, John Bonnett4.80.5
6553 ENAnimal WondersWexo, John Bonnett4.90.5
6554 ENApes, TheWexo, John Bonnett6.50.5
6555 ENBaby AnimalsWexo, John Bonnett5.20.5
6558 ENBearsWexo, John Bonnett5.40.5
6559 ENBig CatsWexo, John Bonnett5.50.5
6560 ENBirds of PreyWexo, John Bonnett5.20.5
6562 ENCamelsWexo, John Bonnett5.50.5
6565 ENDinosaursWexo, John Bonnett5.60.5
6567 ENDucks, Geese & SwansWexo, John Bonnett5.60.5
6568 ENEaglesWexo, John Bonnett5.50.5
6569 ENElephantsWexo, John Bonnett4.70.5
6570 ENEndangered AnimalsWexo, John Bonnett5.00.5
6571 ENGiant PandasWexo, John Bonnett5.50.5
6572 ENGiraffesWexo, John Bonnett5.00.5
6573 ENGorillasWexo, John Bonnett5.90.5
6576 ENInsectsWexo, John Bonnett4.90.5
6578 ENKoalasWexo, John Bonnett5.10.5
6580 ENLittle CatsWexo, John Bonnett4.70.5
6582 ENOrangutansWexo, John Bonnett5.80.5
6585 ENParrotsWexo, John Bonnett4.70.5
6586 ENPenguinsWexo, John Bonnett5.30.5
6589 ENRhinosWexo, John Bonnett5.50.5
6592 ENSeals, Sea Lions & WalrusesWexo, John Bonnett5.10.5
6593 ENSharksWexo, John Bonnett5.20.5
6594 ENSnakesWexo, John Bonnett5.70.5
6598 ENWhalesWexo, John Bonnett5.20.5
6599 ENWolvesWexo, John Bonnett5.50.5
11161 ENBookstore CatWheeler, Cindy1.40.5
119099 ENCockapoosWheeler, Jill C.4.60.5
119101 ENGoldendoodlesWheeler, Jill C.4.40.5
119103 ENLabradoodlesWheeler, Jill C.4.40.5
119107 ENPugglesWheeler, Jill C.4.30.5
119108 ENSchnoodlesWheeler, Jill C.4.50.5
119109 ENYorkie-PoosWheeler, Jill C.4.40.5
78224 ENBubble Gum, Bubble GumWheeler, Lisa1.60.5
71830 ENNew Pig in TownWheeler, Lisa1.80.5
70113 ENOld CricketWheeler, Lisa4.00.5
64152 ENOne Dark NightWheeler, Lisa2.50.5
60634 ENPorcupining: A Prickly Love StoryWheeler, Lisa3.10.5
60911 ENSailor Moo: Cow at SeaWheeler, Lisa3.20.5
58482 ENSixteen CowsWheeler, Lisa2.60.5
65709 ENTurk and RuntWheeler, Lisa2.80.5
82648 ENUncles and AntlersWheeler, Lisa2.20.5
44815 ENFarewell to the IslandWhelan, Gloria5.66.0
6367 ENHannahWhelan, Gloria4.31.0
431 ENNext Spring an OrioleWhelan, Gloria4.51.0
9955 ENNight of the Full MoonWhelan, Gloria4.21.0
14799 ENOnce on This IslandWhelan, Gloria5.46.0
44827 ENReturn to the IslandWhelan, Gloria5.86.0
17593 ENShadow of the WolfWhelan, Gloria4.42.0
439 ENSilverWhelan, Gloria4.51.0
19 ENCharlotte's WebWhite, E.B.4.45.0
194 ENStuart LittleWhite, E.B.6.03.0
90 ENTrumpet of the Swan, TheWhite, E.B.4.96.0
6306 ENBread Winner, TheWhitmore, Arvella4.15.0
27935 ENTrapped Between the Lash and the GunWhitmore, Arvella4.35.0
88511 ENBadness for Beginners: A Little Wolf and Smellybreff AdventureWhybrow, Ian2.50.5
80156 ENHarry and the Bucketful of DinosaursWhybrow, Ian2.80.5
32564 ENLittle Wolf's Book of BadnessWhybrow, Ian3.92.0
77403 ENNoisy Way to Bed, TheWhybrow, Ian1.10.5
106855 ENWhat's the Time, Little Wolf? Another...Smellybreff AdventureWhybrow, Ian2.60.5
25258 ENDrop of Water, AWick, Walter5.80.5
17397 ENSuperstars of Women's Track and FieldWickham, Martha6.82.0
935 ENHarriet Beecher Stowe - Connecticutt GirlWiddemer, Mabel5.04.0
10223 ENLemon Drop JarWidman, Christine2.60.5
7180 ENJune 29, 1999Wiesner, David3.60.5
112136 ENHere Comes Santa!Wigand, Molly2.70.5
130816 ENFrankie Pickle and the Closet of DoomWight, Eric3.51.0
10573 ENHorse Called Holiday, AWilbur, Frances4.26.0
9766 ENFlorence and Eric Take the CakeWild, Jocelyn2.80.5
52401 ENNighty Night!Wild, Margaret1.70.5
912 ENOn the Banks of Plum CreekWilder, Laura I4.69.0
212 ENBy the Shores of Silver LakeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.39.0
11163 ENChristmas in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls3.80.5
11166 ENDance at Grandpa'sWilder, Laura Ingalls3.70.5
11167 ENDeer in the Wood, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls3.20.5
112 ENFarmer BoyWilder, Laura Ingalls5.29.0
5012 ENFirst Four Years, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.84.0
11173 ENGoing to TownWilder, Laura Ingalls3.70.5
179 ENLittle House in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls5.35.0
53 ENLittle House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls4.98.0
327 ENLittle Town on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls5.49.0
370 ENLong Winter, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.310.0
5033 ENOn the Way HomeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.33.0
54255 ENSanta Comes to Little HouseWilder, Laura Ingalls4.20.5
497 ENThese Happy Golden YearsWilder, Laura Ingalls5.610.0
11199 ENWinter Days in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls4.00.5
39799 ENChristmas StoriesWilder/Henson3.91.0
30620 ENLaura & Mr. EdwardsWilder/Henson3.91.0
30621 ENLaura's MaWilder/Henson4.41.0
30622 ENLaura's PaWilder/Henson4.21.0
1968 ENLittle House FriendsWilder/Henson3.61.0
30625 ENLittle House PartiesWilder/Henson4.01.0
41410 ENLittle House Birthday, AWilder/MacBride3.60.5
41411 ENLittle Prairie House, AWilder/MacBride3.70.5
17652 ENAdventures of Laura & Jack, TheWilder/Peterson3.51.0
17656 ENAnimal AdventuresWilder/Peterson3.61.0
20017 ENFarmer Boy DaysWilder/Peterson3.61.0
30619 ENHard Times on the PrairieWilder/Peterson3.71.0
20026 ENLaura & NellieWilder/Peterson3.61.0
30623 ENLittle House Farm DaysWilder/Peterson4.31.0
17688 ENPioneer SistersWilder/Peterson3.41.0
17691 ENSchool DaysWilder/Peterson3.51.0
115906 ENAurora County All-Stars, TheWiles, Deborah4.56.0
49780 ENDown to the Bonny GlenWiley, Melissa6.19.0
29331 ENLittle House by Boston BayWiley, Melissa5.45.0
29332 ENLittle House in the HighlandsWiley, Melissa5.57.0
46288 ENOn Tide Mill LaneWiley, Melissa5.66.0
42150 ENDon't Cut My Hair!Wilhelm, Hans0.60.5
18631 ENI'll Always Love YouWilhelm, Hans2.60.5
84454 ENI'm Not Scared!Wilhelm, Hans1.00.5
17359 ENA.J. Foyt (Race Car Legends)Wilker, Josh6.02.0
10075 ENLenape Indians, TheWilker, Josh6.61.0
25227 ENLittle Clearing in the WoodsWilkes, Maria D.5.38.0
18728 ENLittle House in BrookfieldWilkes, Maria D.5.47.0
18729 ENLittle Town at the CrossroadsWilkes, Maria D.5.38.0
45488 ENNew Little Cabin, AWilkes, Maria D.4.11.0
42443 ENOn Top of Concord HillWilkes, Maria D.5.47.0
39795 ENBrookfield DaysWilkes/Henson4.41.0
43664 ENBrookfield FriendsWilkes/Henson4.41.0
43665 ENCaroline & Her SisterWilkes/Henson4.11.0
40628 ENFrontier FamilyWilkes/Henson3.91.0
811 ENHelen Keller: From Tragedy to TriumphWilkie, Katharine E.4.54.0
17600 ENWill Clark: Boy AdventurerWilkie, Katharine E.3.73.0
7426 ENMatterWilkin, Fred4.10.5
5579 ENMicroscopes and TelescopesWilkin, Fred4.90.5
53781 ENAcross the Rolling RiverWilkins, Celia5.67.0
5106 ENAutomobilesWilkinson, Sylvia3.20.5
19115 ENFlies Are FascinatingWilkinson, Valerie2.60.5
50486 ENFinders KeepersWill/Nicolas2.80.5
6269 ENHigh Rise Glorious...Angel Food Cake, TheWillard, Nancy4.21.0
6086 ENPish, Posh, said Hieronymus BoschWillard, Nancy4.00.5
72788 ENDon't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!Willems, Mo0.90.5
106284 ENDon't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!Willems, Mo1.10.5
108585 ENEdwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was ExtinctWillems, Mo2.50.5
123748 ENI Will Surprise My Friend!Willems, Mo0.80.5
82297 ENKnuffle Bunny: A Cautionary TaleWillems, Mo1.60.5
118677 ENKnuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken IdentityWillems, Mo2.40.5
88782 ENLeonardo, the Terrible MonsterWillems, Mo2.30.5
279 ENMitzi's Honeymoon With Nana PottsWilliams, Barbara4.03.0
85695 ENHappy Easter, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.60.5
85696 ENHappy Halloween, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn3.00.5
88872 ENHappy Thanksgiving, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.80.5
85697 ENHappy Valentine's Day, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.90.5
109017 ENLet's Go Fishing, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.60.5
109595 ENMake a New Friend, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.60.5
85701 ENMerry Christmas, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.70.5
109597 ENPick a Pet, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn2.50.5
907076 ENChun Teng Comes to America (HSP Edition)Williams, Karen3.50.5
7370 ENGalimotoWilliams, Karen3.00.5
6099 ENWhen Africa Was HomeWilliams, Karen3.20.5
6208 ENBaseball and ButterfliesWilliams, Karen Lynn3.41.0
32177 ENPainted DreamsWilliams, Karen Lynn4.00.5
17559 ENCheyenne RoseWilliams, L.E.4.71.0
17589 ENRose Faces the MusicWilliams, L.E.4.51.0
6495 ENLittle Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, TheWilliams, Linda3.50.5
79554 ENBackhoesWilliams, Linda D.1.50.5
79555 ENBulldozersWilliams, Linda D.2.00.5
79556 ENConcrete MixersWilliams, Linda D.2.50.5
79557 ENCranesWilliams, Linda D.1.90.5
79558 ENDump TrucksWilliams, Linda D.1.80.5
79559 ENEarthmoversWilliams, Linda D.1.80.5
695 ENVelveteen Rabbit, TheWilliams, Margery4.91.0
48067 ENAncient FireWilliams, Mark London4.95.0
112048 ENCity of RuinsWilliams, Mark London5.38.0
78851 ENDragon SwordWilliams, Mark London4.66.0
86785 ENTrail of BonesWilliams, Mark London4.77.0
18636 ENLibrary LilWilliams, Suzanne4.00.5
908 ENMy Dog Never Says PleaseWilliams, Suzanne2.40.5
9761 ENChair for My Mother, AWilliams, Vera3.40.5
9966 ENScooterWilliams, Vera4.63.0
9797 ENThree Days on a River in a Red CanoeWilliams, Vera3.50.5
19228 ENLucky SongWilliams, Vera B.1.90.5
907064 ENSummer in Austin (HSP Edition)Williams, Wilma C.3.20.5
59115 ENBe Gentle, Python!Willis, Jeanne1.60.5
906642 ENApple Pie (HSP Edition)Wills, Linda1.70.5
906761 ENBilly's Birthday Card (HSP Edition)Wills, Linda2.00.5
84439 ENDora's BackpackWillson, Sarah2.00.5
70587 ENMy Dress-up PartyWillson, Sarah1.50.5
17394 ENSuperstars of Women's GolfWilner, Barry6.52.0
11788 ENSpicesWilsher, Jane5.50.5
332 ENOh, BrotherWilson, Johnniece3.94.0
60893 ENBear Snores OnWilson, Karma2.20.5
67066 ENBear Wants MoreWilson, Karma2.20.5
102065 ENDinos in the Snow!Wilson, Karma1.40.5
77212 ENHilda Must Be DancingWilson, Karma2.20.5
101531 ENMortimer's Christmas MangerWilson, Karma2.60.5
79149 ENMr. Murry and ThumbkinWilson, Karma2.80.5
88313 ENSweet Briar Goes to CampWilson, Karma2.80.5
74308 ENSweet Briar Goes to SchoolWilson, Karma3.10.5
907062 ENSan Francisco: A City of Hills (HSP Edition)Wilson, Mark3.40.5
10283 ENBringing Nettie BackWilson, Nancy4.84.0
5504 ENBeware the Dragons!Wilson, Sarah3.40.5
907002 ENMonkeys: Making a Difference (HSP Edition)Winbush, Reggie3.50.5
25270 ENOld Woman Who Loved to Read, TheWinch, John3.10.5
11687 ENSix Little Pigeons, TheWindsor, Jo2.80.5
104992 ENNight Before Thanksgiving, TheWing, Natasha3.10.5
74145 ENDay of the IguanaWinkler, Henry4.14.0
85213 ENHelp! Somebody Get Me Out of Fourth Grade!Winkler, Henry4.64.0
81578 ENHoly Enchilada!Winkler, Henry4.64.0
74147 ENI Got a "D" in SalamiWinkler, Henry4.44.0
108132 ENMy Dog's a Scaredy-Cat: A Halloween TailWinkler, Henry4.64.0
102132 ENMy Secret Life as a Ping-Pong WizardWinkler, Henry4.64.0
70566 ENNiagara Falls, or Does It?Winkler, Henry4.33.0
78556 ENNight I Flunked My Field Trip, TheWinkler, Henry4.24.0
88010 ENSummer School! What Genius Thought That Up?Winkler, Henry4.74.0
75450 ENZippity Zinger, TheWinkler, Henry4.44.0
46377 ENDay with a Carpenter, AWinne, Joanne1.10.5
46378 ENDay with a Mechanic, AWinne, Joanne1.10.5
19057 ENMr. Lincoln's WhiskersWinnick, Karen2.70.5
84587 ENMoon, TheWinrich, Ralph3.60.5
84583 ENNeptuneWinrich, Ralph3.40.5
116061 ENPluto: A Dwarf PlanetWinrich, Ralph3.50.5
84588 ENSun, TheWinrich, Ralph3.70.5
907154 ENAnimals of the La Brea Tar Pits (HSP Edition), TheWinston, Kitt5.40.5
906962 ENEarth's Moon (HSP Edition)Winston, Kitt3.70.5
907106 ENTundra Wilderness (HSP Edition), AWinston, Kitt4.60.5
83517 ENLibrarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq, TheWinter, Jeanette3.20.5
74658 ENPaul Revere and the Bell RingersWinter, Jonah3.30.5
44274 ENTiger TrailWinters, Kay1.90.5
19919 ENWhere Are the Bears?Winters, Kay2.20.5
10232 ENBattle for the Castle, TheWinthrop, Elizabeth4.46.0
160 ENCastle in the Attic, TheWinthrop, Elizabeth4.96.0
9168 ENGrover Sleeps OverWinthrop, Elizabeth3.10.5
7886 ENTen Sly PiranhasWise, William3.60.5
7332 ENMorris Goes to SchoolWiseman, B.2.00.5
65001 ENMorris the MooseWiseman, Bernard1.60.5
29344 ENPlace Not Home, AWiseman, Eva4.96.0
40128 ENAll for Texas: A Story of Texas LiberationWisler, G. Clifton5.35.0
10263 ENJericho's JourneyWisler, G. Clifton4.94.0
29972 ENThunder on the TennesseeWisler, G. Clifton5.35.0
6990 ENRain PlayerWisniewski, David3.80.5
56354 ENSacagawea (Photo-Illustrated Biographies)Witteman, Barbara3.60.5
689 ENStepbrother SabotageWittman, Sally4.11.0
44941 ENBeany and the Dreaded WeddingWojciechowski, Susan4.62.0
59362 ENBeany Goes to CampWojciechowski, Susan4.52.0
14887 ENChristmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, TheWojciechowski, Susan4.50.5
11412 ENDon't Call Me Beanhead!Wojciechowski, Susan4.21.0
76902 ENFine St. Patrick's Day, AWojciechowski, Susan4.40.5
9087 ENStella & RoyWolff, Ashley2.60.5
11396 ENToll-Bridge Troll, TheWolff, Patricia2.70.5
10065 ENFrom the Earth to Beyond the SkyWolfson, Evelyn7.93.0
8259 ENEmergency VehiclesWolhart, Dayna4.91.0
65695 ENAndrew's Bright Blue T-ShirtWollman, Jessica3.40.5
7127 ENWolves for KidsWolpert, Tom4.80.5
5568 ENGiant PandasWong, Ovid5.20.5
5589 ENPrehistoric PeopleWong, Ovid5.10.5
25293 ENBunyans, TheWood, Audrey5.10.5
54238 ENCowboy Christmas: The Miracle at Lone Pine Ridge, AWood, Audrey4.20.5
117081 ENDog Needs a Bone!, AWood, Audrey1.70.5
51660 ENElbert's Bad WordWood, Audrey3.60.5
6221 ENHeckedy PegWood, Audrey3.20.5
10523 ENHorrible Holidays, TheWood, Audrey2.10.5
45146 ENJubal's WishWood, Audrey3.20.5
64282 ENLittle Penguin's TaleWood, Audrey2.70.5
5530 ENNapping House, TheWood, Audrey2.80.5
56775 ENQuick as a CricketWood, Audrey1.70.5
51676 ENSilly SallyWood, Audrey2.60.5
10545 ENThree SistersWood, Audrey2.20.5
11395 ENTickleoctopus, TheWood, Audrey/Don3.50.5
73499 ENWhat Santa Can't DoWood, Douglas1.80.5
10063 ENCrow Indians, TheWood, Leigh6.41.0
10080 ENNavajo Indians, TheWood, Leigh7.11.0
6557 ENBatsWood, Linda4.80.5
6563 ENCheetahsWood, Linda5.40.5
6600 ENZebrasWood, Linda5.00.5
29482 ENIntrepid Polly McDoodle, TheWoodbury, Mary4.54.0
29345 ENInvisible Polly McDoodle, TheWoodbury, Mary4.55.0
103426 ENArf and the Greedy GrabberWooderson, Philip3.00.5
109655 ENArf and the Metal DetectorWooderson, Philip3.10.5
103427 ENArf and the Three DogsWooderson, Philip2.90.5
116542 ENGuard DogWooderson, Philip3.41.0
48480 ENBeatrix Potter (Lives and Times)Woodhouse, Jayne3.10.5
48496 ENJoseph Turner (The Life and Work Of)Woodhouse, Jayne3.10.5
24496 ENLouis Braille (Lives and Times)Woodhouse, Jayne2.80.5
48502 ENNelson Mandela (Lives and Times)Woodhouse, Jayne3.00.5
48503 ENPieter Bruegel (The Life and Work Of)Woodhouse, Jayne3.00.5
11463 ENDear Levi: Letters from the Overland TrailWoodruff, Elvira5.33.0
10250 ENGhosts Don't Get GoosebumpsWoodruff, Elvira4.74.0
11478 ENMagnificent Mummy Maker, TheWoodruff, Elvira4.94.0
11045 ENSecret Funeral of Slim Jim the Snake, TheWoodruff, Elvira4.84.0
6349 ENWing Shop, TheWoodruff, Elvira3.70.5
27783 ENBaboonsWoods, Mae4.00.5
27782 ENChimpanzeesWoods, Mae4.40.5
27781 ENGibbonsWoods, Mae4.00.5
27779 ENGorillasWoods, Mae4.40.5
27780 ENOrangutansWoods, Mae4.00.5
27778 ENSnow MonkeysWoods, Mae3.90.5
78570 ENComing on Home SoonWoodson, Jacqueline2.90.5
906863 ENMichael Jordan: No Quitter (HSP Edition)Woodward, Janet2.70.5
906845 ENNancy Lopez-Super Golfer (HSP Edition)Woodward, Janet2.10.5
906901 ENPelé: Soccer Legend (HSP Edition)Woodward, Janet3.20.5
74854 ENCooking with the CatWorth, Bonnie0.60.5
8300 ENWind SurfingWray, Amanda5.61.0
907105 ENNew Home on the Prairie (HSP Edition), AWray, Kerri Anne4.10.5
907014 ENWhere the River Begins (HSP Edition)Wright, Abigail3.00.5
7598 ENWill We Miss Them?Wright, Alexandra5.30.5
906938 ENHow Scientists Work (HSP Edition)Wright, Beau3.90.5
906943 ENOur Planet Earth (HSP Edition)Wright, Beau3.40.5
257 ENChristina's GhostWright, Betty Ren4.13.0
258 ENDollhouse Murders, TheWright, Betty Ren4.35.0
28295 ENGhost in Room 11, TheWright, Betty Ren4.02.0
6364 ENGhost in the House, AWright, Betty Ren4.45.0
5419 ENGhost in the Window, AWright, Betty Ren5.55.0
10668 ENGhost of Popcorn Hill, TheWright, Betty Ren3.51.0
10298 ENGhost WitchWright, Betty Ren3.92.0
11431 ENNothing But TroubleWright, Betty Ren4.22.0
104733 ENPrincess for a WeekWright, Betty Ren3.92.0
5438 ENSecret Window, TheWright, Betty Ren4.44.0
44729 ENWish Master, TheWright, Betty Ren4.33.0
907111 ENJen Is Gone (HSP Edition)Wright, Dana3.50.5
119504 ENJake Stays AwakeWright, Michael3.30.5
11360 ENFish FacesWu, Norbert1.50.5
52592 ENFreedom's Wings: Corey's DiaryWyeth, Sharon Dennis3.01.0
25087 ENTomboy TroubleWyeth, Sharon Dennis2.00.5
521 ENSwiss Family Robinson, TheWyss, Johann9.723.0
7552 ENCrow BoyYashima, Taro3.90.5
7596 ENUmbrellaYashima, Taro4.00.5
3 ENAmos Fortune, Free ManYates, Elizabeth6.55.0
73219 ENTracks in the SnowYee, Wong Herbert1.60.5
9472 ENBoy Who Swallowed Snakes, TheYep, Laurence4.10.5
358 ENChild of the OwlYep, Laurence5.510.0
410 ENCurse of the Squirrel, TheYep, Laurence3.01.0
111 ENDragonwingsYep, Laurence5.310.0
10887 ENGhost Fox, TheYep, Laurence4.31.0
35833 ENJournal of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner, TheYep, Laurence4.86.0
14596 ENLater, GatorYep, Laurence4.03.0
10920 ENMan Who Tricked a Ghost, TheYep, Laurence3.90.5
907025 ENGroundhog's New Home (HSP Edition)Yoder, Keith4.00.5
19942 ENCommander Toad and the Big Black HoleYolen, Jane3.10.5
19937 ENCommander Toad and the Intergalactic SpyYolen, Jane3.40.5
19941 ENCommander Toad in SpaceYolen, Jane3.30.5
107352 ENDimity DuckYolen, Jane1.90.5
6313 ENEncounterYolen, Jane4.20.5
6217 ENGreylingYolen, Jane4.40.5
16962 ENHere There Be AngelsYolen, Jane5.43.0
7619 ENLetting Swift River GoYolen, Jane4.40.5
45445 ENOff We Go!Yolen, Jane1.30.5
5532 ENOwl MoonYolen, Jane3.20.5
46260 ENPicnic with PigginsYolen, Jane3.30.5
46261 ENPigginsYolen, Jane3.10.5
20207 ENSleeping UglyYolen, Jane3.50.5
10185 ENWelcome to the Green HouseYolen, Jane3.60.5
11468 ENHaunted House, TheYolen/Greenberg3.81.0
11174 ENHey, AlYorinks, Arthur2.10.5
9776 ENLouis the FishYorinks, Arthur2.40.5
6649 ENUghYorinks, Arthur2.70.5
7734 ENJohnny AppleseedYork, Carol4.51.0
9293 ENPudmuddlesYork, Carol4.50.5
5523 ENLon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood StoryYoung, Ed3.50.5
7592 ENSeven Blind MiceYoung, Ed1.90.5
906765 ENHelp for Yak (HSP Edition)Young, Helen0.80.5
9804 ENDirt BikesYoung, Jesse4.50.5
9808 ENHarley-Davidson MotorcyclesYoung, Jesse5.20.5
9812 ENIndy CarsYoung, Jesse4.60.5
9816 ENJet-Powered Funny CarsYoung, Jesse5.30.5
9825 ENMotocross RacingYoung, Jesse4.70.5
9833 ENSidecar MotorcyclesYoung, Jesse5.10.5
9835 ENStock CarsYoung, Jesse4.60.5
9836 ENStreet BikesYoung, Jesse5.30.5
10482 ENMiss Suzy's Easter SurpriseYoung, Miriam3.90.5
906970 ENListening in on the Orchestra (HSP Edition)Young, Tim2.70.5
6106 ENBuster Gets BracesZalben, Jane3.20.5
40148 ENTo Touch the Stars: A Story of World War IIZeinert, Karen6.75.0
6141 ENRumplestiltskinZelinsky, Paul4.00.5
29284 ENRapunzelZelinsky, Paul O.4.60.5
29783 ENDuffy and the DevilZemach, Harve/Margot4.90.5
9495 ENFisherman and His WifeZemach, Margot4.70.5
17302 ENBears Odd Bears EvenZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
7207 ENBest Castle Ever, TheZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
39796 ENBugs, Beetles, and ButterfliesZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
7255 ENCan You Play?Ziefert, Harriet0.50.5
49401 ENCat GamesZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
18606 ENCow in the House, TheZiefert, Harriet1.60.5
7215 ENDozen Dogs, AZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
42155 ENHarry Gets Ready for SchoolZiefert, Harriet1.40.5
31590 ENHenny-PennyZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
7223 ENI Hate BootsZiefert, Harriet1.10.5
46088 ENI Swapped My DogZiefert, Harriet1.30.5
16400 ENMagic Porridge Pot, TheZiefert, Harriet1.90.5
41844 ENNew House for Mole and Mouse, AZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
49416 ENNicky Upstairs and DownZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
7236 ENNo More TV, Sleepy DogZiefert, Harriet0.90.5
42135 ENPolar Bear Can Swim, AZiefert, Harriet1.80.5
54486 ENPresents for SantaZiefert, Harriet1.40.5
7290 ENPrince's Tooth Is Loose, TheZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
21421 ENRabbit and Hare Divide an AppleZiefert, Harriet1.80.5
7242 ENSleepy DogZiefert, Harriet0.80.5
51927 ENSnow Child, TheZiefert, Harriet1.70.5
7243 ENSo Sick!Ziefert, Harriet1.10.5
51919 ENStrike Four!Ziefert, Harriet1.30.5
7293 ENTake My Picture!Ziefert, Harriet0.70.5
7298 ENTim and Jim Take OffZiefert, Harriet1.60.5
31604 ENTurnip, TheZiefert, Harriet1.30.5
31588 ENUgly Duckling, TheZiefert, Harriet1.60.5
19219 ENDozen Dozens, AZiefert, Harriet M.1.80.5
7271 ENHarry Goes to Day CampZiefert, James1.50.5
7181 ENCow Buzzed, TheZimmerman, Andrea2.70.5
69559 ENFire! Fire! Hurry! Hurry!Zimmerman/Clemesha1.80.5
34813 ENTrashy TownZimmerman/Clemesha1.90.5
6191 ENTimeZiner, F.3.00.5
36001 ENHarry by the SeaZion, Gene2.90.5
17528 ENHarry the Dirty DogZion, Gene3.10.5
17541 ENNo Roses for Harry!Zion, Gene3.20.5
59557 ENDinosaurs Big and SmallZoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner3.60.5
11769 ENHow Mountains Are MadeZoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner4.10.5
41750 ENWhat Is the World Made Of?Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner3.70.5
11793 ENWhat's Alive?Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner3.00.5
42615 ENBeautiful Christmas Tree, TheZolotow, Charlotte4.00.5
11185 ENOver and OverZolotow, Charlotte3.90.5
11197 ENWhen the Wind StopsZolotow, Charlotte3.20.5
5500 ENWilliam's DollZolotow, Charlotte3.60.5