Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


111863 ENNASCAREagen, Rachel6.71.0
471 ENHalf MagicEager, Edward5.05.0
1450 ENHey, Diddle DiddleEagle, Kin2.90.5
40904 ENHumpty DumptyEagle, Kin3.30.5
14269 ENIt's Raining, It's PouringEagle, Kin1.90.5
40907 ENRub a Dub DubEagle, Kin4.30.5
115320 ENHappy Go LuckyEarhart, Kristin3.91.0
115321 ENHappy's Big PlanEarhart, Kristin3.71.0
120065 ENHappy's HolidayEarhart, Kristin3.82.0
101084 ENMagic School Bus Gets Crabby, TheEarhart, Kristin2.30.5
105801 ENPatchEarhart, Kristin2.60.5
121135 ENRoscoe and the Pony ParadeEarhart, Kristin4.01.0
116167 ENSaddle Up, Happy!Earhart, Kristin3.71.0
115315 ENSassy Surprise, AEarhart, Kristin3.61.0
105802 ENStarlightEarhart, Kristin2.50.5
11800 ENZipping, Zapping, Zooming BatsEarle, Anne3.90.5
5456 ENAre You My Mother?Eastman, P.D.1.60.5
19847 ENBest Nest, TheEastman, P.D.2.10.5
6056 ENBig Dog...Little DogEastman, P.D.1.70.5
45962 ENGo, Dog. Go!Eastman, P.D.1.20.5
47824 ENSam and the FireflyEastman, P.D.1.70.5
9341 ENSometimes Things ChangeEastman, Patricia1.50.5
902795 ENDream Around the World (HSP Edition)Eaton, Deborah1.30.5
27985 ENMonster SongsEaton, Deborah1.70.5
902803 ENMy Wild Woolly (HSP Edition)Eaton, Deborah0.80.5
27977 ENRainy Day Grump, TheEaton, Deborah1.70.5
9330 ENPancakes, Crackers, and PizzaEberts, Marjorie2.50.5
119 ENIncident at Hawk's HillEckert, Allan7.29.0
9071 ENLet's Take the BusEconomos, Chris1.80.5
9077 ENNew Kid, TheEconomos, Chris1.80.5
11373 ENLittle Eagle Lots of OwlsEdmiston/Ross3.10.5
56 ENMatchlock Gun, TheEdmonds, Walter D.5.11.0
906764 ENGoing Places with Rosy Rabbit (HSP Edition)Edward, Robin2.00.5
19842 ENGrandma Mooner Lost Her Voice!Edwards, Frank B.2.80.5
907030 ENJana's Eyes (HSP Edition)Edwards, Leila C.3.50.5
907003 ENMusic to My Ears (HSP Edition)Edwards, Leila C.3.50.5
28475 ENReturn of Santa Paws, TheEdwards, Nicholas4.75.0
11362 ENFour Famished Foxes and FosdykeEdwards, Pamela3.00.5
49837 ENClara CaterpillarEdwards, Pamela Duncan3.20.5
30747 ENDinorella: A Prehistoric Fairy TaleEdwards, Pamela Duncan3.50.5
14976 ENSome Smug SlugEdwards, Pamela Duncan3.30.5
58258 ENAlways CopycubEdwards, Richard2.70.5
2474 ENCopy Me, CopycubEdwards, Richard2.50.5
7216 ENFive Silly FishermenEdwards, Roberta1.50.5
117749 ENDodsworth in New YorkEgan, Tim2.40.5
49840 ENFriday Night at Hodges' CafeEgan, Tim4.20.5
907053 ENHow Animals Stay Alive (HSP Edition)Eggleston, Richard P.3.30.5
11654 ENBarnetts, TheEggleton, Jill2.10.5
11656 ENBrutusEggleton, Jill2.10.5
11664 ENFootprints on the MoonEggleton, Jill2.00.5
11671 ENKangarooEggleton, Jill1.40.5
11673 ENLucy's RoosterEggleton, Jill1.40.5
11676 ENMrs. Grimble's GrapevineEggleton, Jill2.40.5
11677 ENMrs. Harriet's HairdoEggleton, Jill2.30.5
11678 ENMrs. Pye's PoolEggleton, Jill1.80.5
11680 ENNew Bed, AEggleton, Jill1.50.5
11684 ENPopcornEggleton, Jill1.40.5
11694 ENVospers' Boat, TheEggleton, Jill2.20.5
7561 ENFeathers for LunchEhlert, Lois2.00.5
9569 ENGrowing Vegetable SoupEhlert, Lois2.00.5
51258 ENMole's Hill: A Woodland TaleEhlert, Lois2.40.5
14977 ENNuts to You!Ehlert, Lois1.70.5
77078 ENPie in the SkyEhlert, Lois2.70.5
6137 ENRed Leaf, Yellow LeafEhlert, Lois2.60.5
14750 ENSnowballsEhlert, Lois1.30.5
46615 ENWaiting for WingsEhlert, Lois2.80.5
7636 ENParents in the Pigpen, Pigs in the TubEhrilch, Amy3.30.5
7359 ENBuck-Buck the ChickenEhrlich, Amy2.90.5
7618 ENLeo, Zack, and Emmie Together AgainEhrlich, Amy2.90.5
54595 ENSqueak's Good IdeaEilenberg, Max2.00.5
9190 ENSalcott, the Indian BoyEldridge, Melinda4.10.5
9923 ENJames MeredithElish, Dan6.11.0
5581 ENMoneyElkin, Benjamin4.10.5
9187 ENOscar's Rotten BirthdayElliot, Dan2.00.5
9161 ENErnie's Little LieElliott, Dan2.30.5
9166 ENGrover Goes to SchoolElliott, Dan2.10.5
9167 ENGrover Learns to ReadElliott, Dan2.20.5
9180 ENMy Doll Is Lost!Elliott, Dan2.00.5
906945 ENPigs in Our World (HSP Edition)Ellis, Bill2.70.5
26789 ENLearning About Integrity from the Life of Eleanor RooseveltEllwood, Nancy4.20.5
17859 ENChasing the WindElmer, Robert4.77.0
17866 ENFollow the StarElmer, Robert4.87.0
17870 ENLight in the Castle, AElmer, Robert5.77.0
17892 ENTouch the SkyElmer, Robert4.77.0
6556 ENBaby Animals 2Elwood, Ann5.00.5
6564 ENChimpanzees and BonobosElwood, Ann5.10.5
6579 ENLionsElwood, Ann4.70.5
6581 ENOld World MonkeysElwood, Ann5.40.5
6583 ENOstriches, Emus, Rheas, Kiwis & CassowariesElwood, Ann4.90.5
74828 ENFranklin D. RooseveltEmerson, Judy2.10.5
70366 ENThomas JeffersonEmerson, Judy2.40.5
77401 ENRuby in Her Own TimeEmmett, Jonathan2.10.5
114936 ENThis Way, Ruby!Emmett, Jonathan3.20.5
7183 ENGood-For-Something Dragon, TheEnderle, Judith3.10.5
82352 ENNeeny Coming, Neeny GoingEnglish, Karen3.20.5
224 ENGone-Away LakeEnright, Elizabeth5.37.0
88 ENThimble SummerEnright, Elizabeth5.75.0
907113 ENJust Like Arnold Lobel (HSP Edition)Erdman, Melissa4.20.5
9932 ENMaria TallchiefErdrich, Heidi5.00.5
6264 ENEvery Dog Has His DayErickson, John4.93.0
7721 ENFaded LoveErickson, John4.53.0
7722 ENFiddle-Playing Fox, TheErickson, John5.13.0
7724 ENFurther Adventures of Hank the CowdogErickson, John4.43.0
7735 ENHank the Cowdog, Let Sleeping Dogs LieErickson, John4.73.0
7743 ENHank the Cowdog, Murder in the Middle PastureErickson, John4.63.0
7740 ENLost in the Dark Unchanted ForestErickson, John4.63.0
7750 ENWounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve, TheErickson, John4.63.0
11044 ENCase of the Black-Hooded Hangmans, TheErickson, John R.4.23.0
122350 ENCase of the Blazing Sky, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
113354 ENCase of the Booby-Trapped Pickup, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
74076 ENCase of the Burrowing Robot, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
7704 ENCase of the Car-Barkaholic Dog, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
43460 ENCase of the Deadly Ha-Ha Game, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
10656 ENCase of the Double Bumblebee Sting, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
86249 ENCase of the Falling Sky, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
7705 ENCase of the Halloween Ghost, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
20258 ENCase of the Haystack Kitties, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
7706 ENCase of the Hooking Bull, TheErickson, John R.5.33.0
18759 ENCase of the Kidnapped Collie, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
10657 ENCase of the Midnight Rustler, TheErickson, John R.5.53.0
61470 ENCase of the Missing Bird Dog, TheErickson, John R.4.23.0
7707 ENCase of the Missing Cat, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
107296 ENCase of the Monkey Burglar, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
116010 ENCase of the Most Ancient Bone, TheErickson, John R.4.66.0
12767 ENCase of the Night-Stalking Bone Monster, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
7708 ENCase of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
10915 ENCase of the Swirling Killer Tornado, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
104965 ENCase of the Tender Cheeping Chickies, TheErickson, John R.4.73.0
87482 ENCase of the Tricky Trap, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
10658 ENCase of the Vampire Cat, TheErickson, John R.5.03.0
7709 ENCurse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob, TheErickson, John R.4.93.0
78918 ENDungeon of Doom, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
28734 ENGarbage Monster from Outer Space, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
5222 ENHank the CowdogErickson, John R.4.53.0
6421 ENHank the Cowdog and Monkey BusinessErickson, John R.4.83.0
6222 ENHank the Cowdog, It's a Dog's LifeErickson, John R.4.83.0
6471 ENLost in the Blinded BlizzardErickson, John R.4.93.0
10677 ENMoonlight MadnessErickson, John R.4.53.0
10684 ENPhantom in the Mirror, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
28259 ENDaily Life on a Southern Plantation 1853Erickson, Paul7.01.0
7746 ENToad for Tuesday, AErickson, Russell4.41.0
907112 ENJohn Wesley Powell and the Mighty Colorado (HSP Edition)Ericson, Alexandra4.80.5
7423 ENHurricanesErlbach, Arlene4.50.5
7599 ENZinnia and DotErnst, Lisa3.20.5
5497 ENWhen Bluebell SangErnst, Lisa C.3.50.5
18240 ENLittle Red Riding Hood : A Newfangled Prairie TaleErnst, Lisa Campbell4.20.5
17338 ENSam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon QuiltErnst, Lisa Campbell4.20.5
31557 ENStella Louella's Runaway BookErnst, Lisa Campbell3.70.5
17857 ENCase of the Questionable Cousin, TheErwin, Vicki Berger4.03.0
17858 ENCatnapping Caper, TheErwin, Vicki Berger5.32.0
17862 ENDisappearing Card Trick, TheErwin, Vicki Berger3.93.0
17885 ENRing Around a MysteryErwin, Vicki Berger3.82.0
17888 ENSecret in the Old Book, TheErwin, Vicki Berger4.23.0
17900 ENWho Kidnapped Jesus?Erwin, Vicki Berger4.13.0
5542 ENStar Maiden, TheEsbensen, Barbara3.00.5
6365 ENGreat Northern Diver: The LoonEsbensen, Barbara Juster5.20.5
10181 ENSponges Are SkeletonsEsbensen, Barbara Juster3.80.5
9163 ENFence Was Too High, TheEsh, Olivia2.80.5
14659 ENBoy Named Boomer, AEsiason, Boomer2.90.5
31 ENGinger PyeEstes, Eleanor6.09.0
42 ENHundred Dresses, TheEstes, Eleanor5.41.0
9193 ENSnowman Who Wanted To See July, TheEstvanik, Nicole3.50.5
1410 ENCamaros (Great American Muscle Cars)Ethan, Eric4.80.5
1413 ENFirebirds (Great American Muscle Cars)Ethan, Eric4.80.5
1414 ENGTOs (Great American Muscle Cars)Ethan, Eric4.90.5
1415 ENMustangs (Great American Muscle Cars)Ethan, Eric5.10.5
402 ENAliens for BreakfastEtra, Jonathan3.21.0
5203 ENAliens For LunchEtra, Jonathan3.71.0
7569 ENGilberto and the WindEts, Marie Hall2.80.5
51316 ENNine Days to ChristmasEts/Labastida3.80.5
907024 ENFalcons in the Sky (HSP Edition)Evans, Cass4.20.5
907117 ENOnce Upon a Time in Cyberspace (HSP Edition)Evans, Sonia2.60.5
7620 ENLil Sis and Uncle WillieEverett, Gwen4.20.5
7580 ENMean SoupEveritt, Betsy1.70.5
41438 ENRed Berry WoolEversole, Robyn3.00.5
17616 ENEleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the WorldFaber, Doris6.81.0
10205 ENBig Bug BookFacklam, Margery5.81.0
5591 ENRodeosFain, James3.20.5
114748 ENOlivia Helps with ChristmasFalconer, Ian2.40.5
55114 ENDavid's DrawingsFalwell, Cathryn1.90.5
53922 ENTurtle Splash! Countdown at the PondFalwell, Cathryn1.30.5
6138 ENReturn of the ShadowsFarber, Norma4.70.5
19237 ENOoey GooeyFarber/Sansevere2.00.5
10556 ENBlack Stallion and Satan, TheFarley, Walter5.47.0
10557 ENBlack Stallion and the Girl, TheFarley, Walter6.08.0
10555 ENBlack Stallion Legend, TheFarley, Walter6.37.0
601 ENBlack Stallion Returns, TheFarley, Walter6.18.0
10558 ENBlack Stallion's Blood Bay Colt, TheFarley, Walter6.012.0
65966 ENBlack Stallion's Filly, TheFarley, Walter5.810.0
105 ENBlack Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.27.0
10579 ENIsland Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.88.0
10594 ENSon of the Black StallionFarley, Walter6.111.0
10600 ENYoung Black Stallion, TheFarley, Walter/Steven6.76.0
907034 ENScience Fair Live! (HSP Edition)Farnsworth, Natalie3.60.5
902800 ENLet's Visit the Moon (HSP Edition)Farrell, Ben0.70.5
902802 ENMy Family Band (HSP Edition)Farrell, Ben1.50.5
14800 ENMarrying Malcolm MurgatroydFarrell, Mame4.44.0
902794 ENDavy Crockett and the Wild Cat (HSP Edition)Fear, Sharon1.30.5
902810 ENWhat's New at the Zoo? (HSP Edition)Fear, Sharon1.30.5
56345 ENDavy Crockett (Photo-Illustrated Biographies)Feeney, Kathy3.70.5
36594 ENBark, GeorgeFeiffer, Jules1.30.5
9952 ENMan in the Ceiling, TheFeiffer, Jules5.34.0
115910 ENHenry, the Dog with No TailFeiffer, Kate2.80.5
9058 ENGet Set and GoFeldman, Eve1.60.5
9059 ENGiant Surprise, AFeldman, Eve2.70.5
9094 ENWe Are FriendsFeldman, Eve2.40.5
2293 ENMy Best Friend: A Book About FriendshipFeldman, Heather1.10.5
2298 ENMy Dog: A Book About a Special PetFeldman, Heather1.20.5
9529 ENLost on a Mountain in MaineFendler, Donn4.53.0
27923 ENKing of Dragons, TheFenner, Carol5.47.0
6341 ENRandall's WallFenner, Carol4.62.0
189 ENSkates of Uncle Richard, TheFenner, Carol4.31.0
14840 ENYolonda's GeniusFenner, Carol4.86.0
6356 ENCricket and the Crackerbox KidFerguson, Alane4.14.0
7896 ENStardustFerguson, Alane3.94.0
6392 ENNative American DoctorFerris, Jeri6.62.0
5004 ENCalico BushField, Rachel6.29.0
38 ENHitty, Her First Hundred YearsField, Rachel7.111.0
27982 ENLunch Bunch, TheFinch, Margo2.20.5
59434 ENMiss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10Finchler, Judy2.40.5
5031 ENMy War With Goggle-EyesFine, Anne5.06.0
9773 ENJack, the Seal and the SeaFink, Joanne4.40.5
27933 ENSoaring EagleFinley, Mary Peace4.75.0
10167 ENGalileoFisher, Leonard Everett6.90.5
28255 ENGreat Wall of China, TheFisher, Leonard Everett3.80.5
28254 ENGutenbergFisher, Leonard Everett6.00.5
9518 ENOregon Trail, TheFisher, Leonard Everett7.21.0
60908 ENMy Big BrotherFisher, Valorie1.50.5
72368 ENMy Big SisterFisher, Valorie1.80.5
62794 ENSoupFishman, Cathy Goldberg0.70.5
907101 ENTotally Unnecessary Inventions (HSP Edition)Fishman, Leroy3.90.5
469 ENGreat Brain at the Academy, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.86.0
18720 ENGreat Brain Does It Again, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.05.0
18721 ENGreat Brain Reforms, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.16.0
115 ENGreat Brain, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.27.0
375 ENMore Adventures of the Great BrainFitzgerald, John D.5.26.0
18744 ENReturn of the Great Brain, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.56.0
906647 ENLiz Can Mix (HSP Edition)Fitzgerald, Maggie0.70.5
226 ENHarriet the SpyFitzhugh, Louise4.58.0
58331 ENI'm a Tiger Too!Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise1.00.5
2889 ENGiant Pandas Eat All Day LongFitzsimons, Cecilia3.70.5
2886 ENWolves Howl at the MoonFitzsimons, Cecilia4.00.5
35992 ENAsk Mr. BearFlack, Marjorie2.30.5
5492 ENStory About Ping, TheFlack, Marjorie4.30.5
906987 ENSchool in a Garden (HSP Edition), AFlannery, Sara3.70.5
6147 ENTime TrainFleischman, Paul2.30.5
14796 EN13th Floor: A Ghost Story, TheFleischman, Sid4.44.0
29532 ENBandit's MoonFleischman, Sid4.23.0
6321 ENJim UglyFleischman, Sid4.33.0
6372 ENMidnight Horse, TheFleischman, Sid4.21.0
146 ENWhipping Boy, TheFleischman, Sid3.92.0
67065 ENBarnyard BanterFleming, Denise2.30.5
73888 ENBusterFleming, Denise2.90.5
45253 ENEverything Book, TheFleming, Denise4.00.5
11175 ENIn the Small, Small PondFleming, Denise2.00.5
7857 ENIn the Tall, Tall GrassFleming, Denise1.60.5
46719 ENMama Cat Has Three KittensFleming, Denise1.60.5
55959 ENPumpkin EyeFleming, Denise2.40.5
19249 ENTime to SleepFleming, Denise2.10.5
77409 ENHippity Skippity EasterFleming, Maria0.80.5
73485 ENHello, Harvest MoonFletcher, Ralph4.40.5
58153 ENTommy Trouble and the Magic MarbleFletcher, Ralph2.61.0
12469 ENBeast FeastFlorian, Douglas4.40.5
113367 ENComets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars: Space Poems and PaintingsFlorian, Douglas3.10.5
103581 ENCori Plays FootballFlorie, Christine1.70.5
681 ENPatchwork Quilt, TheFlournoy, Valerie3.70.5
14978 ENTanya's ReunionFlournoy, Valerie4.10.5
906939 ENLet's Put on a Play! (HSP Edition)Floyd, Jaret3.30.5
43681 ENRabbit and Turtle Go to SchoolFloyd, Lucy0.70.5
906986 ENPolar Bear Tale (HSP Edition), AFloyd, Xavier3.20.5
54504 ENLet's Go to a Car RaceFoley, Cate1.10.5
54463 ENLet's Go to a FairFoley, Cate0.80.5
46820 ENMy CatFoley, Cate0.90.5
6225 ENJohn and the FiddlerFoley, Patricia4.71.0
11779 ENPenguin: A Funny Bird, TheFontanel, Beatrice4.60.5
47 ENJohnny TremainForbes, Esther5.913.0
44812 ENDust from Old BonesForrester, Sandra5.45.0
44838 ENWheel of the MoonForrester, Sandra4.85.0
17376 ENSports Great Alonzo MourningFortunato, Frank6.92.0
155 ENBella ArabellaFosburgh, Liza4.44.0
20374 ENAll the Colors of the RainbowFowler, Allan3.60.5
56948 ENAnimals in the ZooFowler, Allan2.70.5
56949 ENAnimals on the MoveFowler, Allan2.50.5
19102 ENAnimals Under the GroundFowler, Allan3.60.5
56952 ENCactusesFowler, Allan2.30.5
56953 ENCougar: Lion of the MountainsFowler, Allan3.00.5
19112 ENEarth Is Mostly Ocean, TheFowler, Allan3.30.5
19113 ENEnergy from the SunFowler, Allan2.90.5
19114 ENFeeling ThingsFowler, Allan2.40.5
56954 ENFernsFowler, Allan2.30.5
19116 ENFriendly DolphinsFowler, Allan3.40.5
56955 ENFrom Seed to PlantFowler, Allan2.30.5
19118 ENGator or Croc?Fowler, Allan3.50.5
19121 ENGood Mushrooms and Bad ToadstoolsFowler, Allan4.00.5
19123 ENHard-to-See AnimalsFowler, Allan3.30.5
19124 ENHearing ThingsFowler, Allan2.30.5
19126 ENHorses, Horses, HorsesFowler, Allan2.40.5
19128 ENHow Do You Know It's Fall?Fowler, Allan2.70.5
19130 ENHow Do You Know It's Summer?Fowler, Allan2.70.5
19131 ENHow Do You Know It's Winter?Fowler, Allan2.50.5
19134 ENInside an Ant ColonyFowler, Allan3.20.5
19139 ENIt Could Still Be a CatFowler, Allan2.20.5
19140 ENIt Could Still Be a DesertFowler, Allan4.20.5
19146 ENIt Could Still Be a MammalFowler, Allan2.40.5
19147 ENIt Could Still Be a RobotFowler, Allan4.20.5
19150 ENIt Could Still Be a WormFowler, Allan3.40.5
19135 ENIt Could Still Be CoralFowler, Allan3.40.5
56957 ENIt Could Still Be EndangeredFowler, Allan3.40.5
19136 ENIt Could Still Be WaterFowler, Allan2.50.5
19155 ENLet's Visit Some IslandsFowler, Allan3.60.5
20378 ENLife in a WetlandFowler, Allan3.60.5
61021 ENLiving in a Rain ForestFowler, Allan2.60.5
61023 ENLiving in the MountainsFowler, Allan2.90.5
61024 ENLiving Near a RiverFowler, Allan2.60.5
61025 ENLiving Near the SeaFowler, Allan2.70.5
61026 ENLiving on FarmsFowler, Allan2.80.5
56947 ENLook at Teeth, AFowler, Allan3.10.5
56959 ENMammals of Long AgoFowler, Allan2.70.5
56960 ENMaple TreesFowler, Allan2.30.5
56961 ENPine TreesFowler, Allan2.50.5
56964 ENRaccoonsFowler, Allan2.50.5
19165 ENSave the Rain ForestsFowler, Allan3.30.5
56966 ENSimple MachinesFowler, Allan2.60.5
19169 ENSo That's How the Moon Changes Shape!Fowler, Allan2.50.5
56967 ENStars of the SeaFowler, Allan2.10.5
19175 ENSun Is Always Shining Somewhere, TheFowler, Allan2.10.5
56968 ENTaking RootFowler, Allan2.60.5
25168 ENTasting ThingsFowler, Allan1.90.5
20375 ENThese Birds Can't FlyFowler, Allan2.80.5
19189 ENWhat Magnets Can DoFowler, Allan3.60.5
56969 ENWheat We Eat, TheFowler, Allan3.10.5
19191 ENWhen You Look up at the MoonFowler, Allan2.30.5
32838 ENWonder of a Waterfall, TheFowler, Allan3.50.5
7446 ENWorld's Fairs and ExposFowler, Allan5.70.5
7597 ENWhen Joel Comes HomeFowler, Susi3.30.5
41007 ENHarriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!Fox, Mem2.30.5
47955 ENHattie and the FoxFox, Mem1.80.5
84661 ENHunwick's EggFox, Mem2.50.5
57736 ENMagic Hat, TheFox, Mem2.80.5
6498 ENPossum MagicFox, Mem3.00.5
32258 ENSleepy BearsFox, Mem3.40.5
36591 ENWhoever You AreFox, Mem3.20.5
20357 ENWilfrid Gordon McDonald PartridgeFox, Mem3.50.5
10919 ENAmzat and His BrothersFox, Paula5.82.0
17574 ENLikely Place, AFox, Paula3.81.0
374 ENMoonlight Man, TheFox, Paula5.16.0
241 ENOne-Eyed CatFox, Paula5.47.0
5553 ENArchaeologyFradin, Dennis4.40.5
5105 ENAstronomyFradin, Dennis3.90.5
5557 ENCancerFradin, Dennis5.90.5
5560 ENComets, Asteroids, and MeteorsFradin, Dennis4.50.5
5562 ENContinentsFradin, Dennis4.90.5
5563 ENEarthFradin, Dennis4.00.5
5565 ENExplorersFradin, Dennis5.10.5
5566 ENFlag of the United States, TheFradin, Dennis4.10.5
5572 ENHeredityFradin, Dennis5.50.5
6167 ENJupiterFradin, Dennis4.30.5
6171 ENMarsFradin, Dennis4.50.5
6172 ENMercuryFradin, Dennis4.80.5
6176 ENMoon FlightsFradin, Dennis5.30.5
6177 ENNeptuneFradin, Dennis4.70.5
6181 ENNuclear EnergyFradin, Dennis6.10.5
5585 ENOlympicsFradin, Dennis4.90.5
6183 ENPioneersFradin, Dennis4.60.5
6184 ENPlutoFradin, Dennis4.30.5
6185 ENSaturnFradin, Dennis4.20.5
5592 ENSearch for Extraterrestrial IntelligenceFradin, Dennis5.30.5
6189 ENSpace ColoniesFradin, Dennis5.10.5
5595 ENSpace TelescopeFradin, Dennis5.90.5
6190 ENThirteen ColoniesFradin, Dennis4.80.5
6194 ENUranusFradin, Dennis4.40.5
6195 ENVenusFradin, Dennis4.30.5
5147 ENVoting and ElectionsFradin, Dennis5.40.5
12401 ENAlabamaFradin, Dennis B.4.81.0
12402 ENAlaskaFradin, Dennis B.4.21.0
12403 ENArizonaFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
12405 ENCaliforniaFradin, Dennis B.4.21.0
7409 ENCheyenne, TheFradin, Dennis B.5.00.5
10456 ENChristmasFradin, Dennis B.5.30.5
12406 ENColoradoFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
10461 ENColumbus DayFradin, Dennis B.4.30.5
7415 ENDeclaration of Independence, TheFradin, Dennis B.5.20.5
12409 ENFloridaFradin, Dennis B.4.81.0
12410 ENGeorgiaFradin, Dennis B.5.31.0
10469 ENHalloweenFradin, Dennis B.4.50.5
10471 ENHanukkahFradin, Dennis B.4.60.5
12411 ENHawaiiFradin, Dennis B.4.21.0
12412 ENIdahoFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
12413 ENIllinoisFradin, Dennis B.5.01.0
12415 ENIowaFradin, Dennis B.4.31.0
12417 ENKentuckyFradin, Dennis B.4.51.0
10477 ENLincoln's BirthdayFradin, Dennis B.4.70.5
12419 ENMaineFradin, Dennis B.4.31.0
12420 ENMarylandFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
12421 ENMassachusettsFradin, Dennis B.5.41.0
12422 ENMichiganFradin, Dennis B.5.01.0
12427 ENNebraskaFradin, Dennis B.4.31.0
12429 ENNew HampshireFradin, Dennis B.4.71.0
12430 ENNew JerseyFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
12432 ENNew YorkFradin, Dennis B.4.21.0
12433 ENNorth CarolinaFradin, Dennis B.5.01.0
12435 ENOhioFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
7429 ENPawnee, TheFradin, Dennis B.4.90.5
12438 ENPennsylvaniaFradin, Dennis B.4.31.0
7437 ENShoshoni, TheFradin, Dennis B.4.90.5
12441 ENSouth CarolinaFradin, Dennis B.4.91.0
12443 ENTennesseeFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
12444 ENTexasFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
10493 ENThanksgiving DayFradin, Dennis B.4.50.5
12445 ENUtahFradin, Dennis B.4.51.0
10496 ENValentine's DayFradin, Dennis B.4.50.5
12446 ENVermontFradin, Dennis B.4.41.0
12447 ENVirginiaFradin, Dennis B.4.51.0
7443 ENVoyager Space Probes, TheFradin, Dennis B.5.70.5
12449 ENWashington, D.C.Fradin, Dennis B.5.11.0
10499 ENWashington's BirthdayFradin, Dennis B.4.70.5
12451 ENWisconsinFradin, Dennis B.4.71.0
12404 ENArkansasFradin, Dennis/Judith4.41.0
12407 ENConnecticutFradin, Dennis/Judith4.51.0
12408 ENDelawareFradin, Dennis/Judith4.41.0
12414 ENIndianaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.41.0
12416 ENKansasFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
12418 ENLouisianaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
12423 ENMinnesotaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
12424 ENMississippiFradin, Dennis/Judith4.51.0
12425 ENMissouriFradin, Dennis/Judith4.11.0
12426 ENMontanaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.61.0
12428 ENNevadaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.41.0
12431 ENNew MexicoFradin, Dennis/Judith4.21.0
12434 ENNorth DakotaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.41.0
12436 ENOklahomaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
12437 ENOregonFradin, Dennis/Judith4.41.0
12439 ENPuerto RicoFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
12440 ENRhode IslandFradin, Dennis/Judith4.21.0
12442 ENSouth DakotaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.51.0
12448 ENWashingtonFradin, Dennis/Judith4.51.0
12450 ENWest VirginiaFradin, Dennis/Judith4.51.0
12452 ENWyomingFradin, Dennis/Judith4.31.0
51125 ENDeer Hunting (The Great Outdoors)Frahm, Randy4.90.5
51128 ENDuck Hunting (The Great Outdoors)Frahm, Randy4.91.0
10459 ENChristmas Santa Almost Missed, TheFrances, Marian2.00.5
50550 ENGeorge Washington Carver (Compass Point Early Biographies)Franchino, Vicky3.30.5
52916 ENBorderland HorseFrancis, Dorothy3.02.0
907035 ENSport Kid Answers Back! (HSP Edition)Francis, Lola4.20.5
62823 ENAmazing AnimalsFranco, Betsy1.70.5
46626 ENMy Pinkie FingerFranco, Betsy1.00.5
43698 ENWhy the Frog Has Big EyesFranco, Betsy0.90.5
80414 ENToughest Cowboy: Or How the Wild West Was Tamed, TheFrank, John4.60.5
17360 ENAllisons (Race Car Legends), TheFrank, Steven6.62.0
9329 ENOh No, Otis!Frankel, Julie0.40.5
17374 ENRichard Petty (Race Car Legends)Frankl, Ron7.82.0
907080 ENHawaii: Visiting a Volcano (HSP Edition)Franklin, Anne3.90.5
10173 ENOne Giant LeapFraser, Mary Ann5.60.5
9521 ENTen Mile Day and the Building of the Transcontinental RailroadFraser, Mary Ann6.10.5
88639 ENSanta Claus: The World's Number One Toy ExpertFrazee, Marla2.70.5
9914 ENFrida KahloFrazier, Nancy6.01.0
238 ENLincoln: A PhotobiographyFreedman, Russell7.75.0
5913 ENWright Brothers...Airplane, TheFreedman, Russell7.74.0
9920 ENIda B. Wells-BarnettFreedman, Suzanne5.91.0
5464 ENCorduroyFreeman, Don3.50.5
7554 ENDandelionFreeman, Don3.70.5
88388 ENEarl the SquirrelFreeman, Don3.40.5
45435 ENGregory's ShadowFreeman, Don2.60.5
7581 ENMop TopFreeman, Don3.70.5
5534 ENPocket For Corduroy, AFreeman, Don3.70.5
10490 ENSt. Patrick's DayFreeman, Dorothy Rhodes3.20.5
906961 ENDaffodil Spring (HSP Edition)Freeman, Irena2.70.5
907015 ENWind in the Pines (HSP Edition)Freeman, Irena3.60.5
31751 ENBlack Bears (Bears)Freeman, Marcia S.1.10.5
31752 ENBrown Bears (Bears)Freeman, Marcia S.1.10.5
31749 ENGiant Pandas (Bears)Freeman, Marcia S.2.00.5
31750 ENPolar Bears (Bears)Freeman, Marcia S.1.70.5
5356 ENBig-League BreakFreeman, Mark4.75.0
5375 ENPlay Ball!Freeman, Mark4.74.0
5377 ENPlay-Off PressureFreeman, Mark5.14.0
5384 ENSeries ShowdownFreeman, Mark5.44.0
5387 ENSpring TrainingFreeman, Mark3.84.0
5388 ENSqueeze PlayFreeman, Mark4.84.0
41405 ENTrouble with Cats, TheFreeman, Martha2.91.0
73526 ENWho Is Stealing the Twelve Days of Christmas?Freeman, Martha3.54.0
89072 ENWho Stole Halloween?Freeman, Martha4.25.0
5588 ENPhotographyFreeman, Tony4.70.5
10476 ENKwanzaaFreeman/MacMillan3.50.5
5516 ENHow My Parents Learned to EatFreidman, Ina R.2.90.5
18605 ENChristmas Star Called Hannah, AFrench, Vivian2.80.5
49756 ENOne Lonely Sea HorseFreymann/Elffers1.80.5
17307 ENCloak for the Dreamer, AFriedman, Aileen4.80.5
46619 ENDance, AnnieFriedman, Dawn0.80.5
88512 ENHappy Birthday, Mallory!Friedman, Laurie3.72.0
79252 ENBack to School, MalloryFriedman, Laurie B.3.72.0
107463 ENHeart to Heart with MalloryFriedman, Laurie B.4.52.0
104714 ENIn Business with MalloryFriedman, Laurie B.3.82.0
107470 ENLove, Ruby ValentineFriedman, Laurie B.3.30.5
77035 ENMallory on the MoveFriedman, Laurie B.3.12.0
84389 ENMallory vs. MaxFriedman, Laurie B.3.42.0
20291 ENStolen Trophy, TheFriedman, Michael Jan4.23.0
13751 ENLeah's PonyFriedrich, Elizabeth3.30.5
10465 ENEaster Bunny That Overslept, TheFriedrich, Priscilla/Otto3.90.5
114239 ENPerfect Nest, TheFriend, Catherine2.50.5
25899 ENSave the ManateeFriesinger, Alison3.21.0
812 ENJohn F. Kennedy: America's Youngest PresidentFrisbee, Lucy Post5.44.0
5109 ENBirds We KnowFriskey, Margaret2.60.5
5143 ENSpace ShuttlesFriskey, Margaret4.20.5
5402 ENAnd Then What Happened...Revere?Fritz, Jean5.31.0
6404 ENBradyFritz, Jean5.68.0
158 ENCabin Faced West, TheFritz, Jean5.13.0
5405 ENCan't You Make Them...George?Fritz, Jean5.61.0
5418 ENGeorge Washington's BreakfastFritz, Jean4.10.5
6215 ENGeorge Washington's MotherFritz, Jean2.50.5
118 ENHomesick, My Own StoryFritz, Jean5.16.0
6330 ENMake Way for Sam HoustonFritz, Jean7.04.0
5439 ENShh! We're Writing the ConstitutionFritz, Jean7.11.0
5445 ENWhat's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?Fritz, Jean5.51.0
5446 ENWhere do you think...Columbus?Fritz, Jean5.82.0
5447 ENWhere was Patrick Henry...May?Fritz, Jean5.91.0
5448 ENWhy don't you get a...Adams?Fritz, Jean5.70.5
5449 ENWill You Sign...John Hancock?Fritz, Jean5.81.0
14853 ENYou Want Women to Vote, Lizzie Stanton?Fritz, Jean6.43.0
84764 ENAllosaurusFrost, Helen1.80.5
108369 ENArctic HaresFrost, Helen1.90.5
31746 ENBaby BirdsFrost, Helen1.00.5
31747 ENBird EggsFrost, Helen1.30.5
31748 ENBird FamiliesFrost, Helen1.80.5
31745 ENBird NestsFrost, Helen1.80.5
36784 ENBirdsFrost, Helen0.60.5
56264 ENBoa ConstrictorsFrost, Helen1.80.5
31803 ENButterfly ColorsFrost, Helen1.60.5
31805 ENButterfly EggsFrost, Helen1.50.5
108370 ENCaribouFrost, Helen2.10.5
31802 ENCaterpillarsFrost, Helen2.10.5
36785 ENCatsFrost, Helen0.60.5
62744 ENChimpanzeesFrost, Helen1.80.5
43908 ENCicadasFrost, Helen1.70.5
36786 ENDogsFrost, Helen0.50.5
36791 ENFeeling Happy (Emotions)Frost, Helen1.20.5
36787 ENFishFrost, Helen0.50.5
56270 ENGorillasFrost, Helen1.90.5
36788 ENHamstersFrost, Helen0.70.5
56272 ENJaguarsFrost, Helen1.30.5
62745 ENLeaf-Cutting AntsFrost, Helen1.80.5
62746 ENLemursFrost, Helen1.90.5
50961 ENLook at Mexico, AFrost, Helen1.90.5
36815 ENMartin Luther King, Jr. Day (National Holidays)Frost, Helen2.00.5
31804 ENMonarch ButterfliesFrost, Helen2.70.5
43910 ENMothsFrost, Helen1.90.5
56273 ENParrotsFrost, Helen1.40.5
43911 ENPraying MantisesFrost, Helen2.30.5
36817 ENPresidents' Day (National Holidays)Frost, Helen2.70.5
108373 ENPuffinsFrost, Helen1.50.5
36789 ENRabbitsFrost, Helen0.80.5
84767 ENSabertooth CatFrost, Helen2.00.5
74846 ENSnow (Weather)Frost, Helen1.70.5
108374 ENSnowy OwlsFrost, Helen1.70.5
84770 ENStegosaurusFrost, Helen2.00.5
56279 ENTarantulasFrost, Helen2.00.5
62751 ENTigersFrost, Helen1.20.5
56290 ENTree FrogsFrost, Helen1.70.5
84771 ENTriceratopsFrost, Helen2.00.5
84772 ENTyrannosaurus RexFrost, Helen2.20.5
43916 ENWalkingsticksFrost, Helen1.70.5
43917 ENWaspsFrost, Helen1.60.5
43918 ENWater BugsFrost, Helen1.60.5
74848 ENWind (Weather)Frost, Helen1.70.5
84773 ENWoolly MammothFrost, Helen2.40.5
6168 ENLibrariesFujimoto, D.4.30.5
907118 ENSand Dunes (HSP Edition)Fuller, Ellen5.20.5
82162 ENDragon RiderFunke, Cornelia4.916.0
110125 ENGhosthunters and the Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost!Funke, Cornelia5.53.0
114457 ENGhosthunters and the Muddy Monster of Doom!Funke, Cornelia5.64.0
111208 ENGhosthunters and the Totally Moldy Baroness!Funke, Cornelia4.92.0
109869 ENWhen Santa Fell to EarthFunke, Cornelia4.04.0
106379 ENWildest Brother, TheFunke, Cornelia3.10.5
108875 ENGhosthunters and the Incredibly Revolting GhostFunke, Cornelia Caroline4.42.0
88405 ENAmerican Shorthair CatsFurstinger, Nancy4.40.5
88407 ENCalico CatsFurstinger, Nancy4.30.5
88410 ENHimalayan CatsFurstinger, Nancy4.20.5
88456 ENLhasa ApsosFurstinger, Nancy4.20.5
88457 ENMalteseFurstinger, Nancy4.10.5
88458 ENMastiffsFurstinger, Nancy4.40.5
88459 ENMiniature SchnauzersFurstinger, Nancy4.50.5
88411 ENNorwegian Forest CatsFurstinger, Nancy4.40.5
88900 ENPointersFurstinger, Nancy4.40.5
88412 ENSomali CatsFurstinger, Nancy4.20.5
88413 ENSphynx CatsFurstinger, Nancy4.30.5
88903 ENSpringer SpanielsFurstinger, Nancy4.40.5
906971 ENMano and the Children (HSP Edition)Furyk, Erin2.30.5
6128 ENMillions of CatsGa'g, Wanda3.50.5
7557 ENDog for a DayGackenbach, Dick3.00.5
7221 ENHattie RabbitGackenbach, Dick2.50.5
5575 ENKennedy Space CenterGaffney, Timothy4.60.5
55461 ENApatosaurus (Dinosaurs)Gaines, Richard M.3.40.5
55462 ENArchaeopteryx (Dinosaurs)Gaines, Richard M.3.10.5
55466 ENCoelophysis (Dinosaurs)Gaines, Richard M.3.40.5
55502 ENTriceratops (Dinosaurs)Gaines, Richard M.3.30.5
55503 ENTyrannosaurus Rex (Dinosaurs)Gaines, Richard M.3.20.5
55504 ENVelociraptor (Dinosaurs)Gaines, Richard M.3.10.5
6278 ENLaura CharlotteGalbraith, Kathryn2.80.5
6500 ENTailypo: A Ghost Story, TheGaldone, Joanna3.50.5
6124 ENLittle Red Hen, TheGaldone, Paul2.90.5
44665 ENThree Little KittensGaldone, Paul1.60.5
47360 ENCottontail Rabbits (Animals)Gallagher, Kristin Ellerbusch2.40.5
906959 ENCaterpillars and Their Cocoons (HSP Edition)Gallo, Margaret3.50.5
906993 ENDarlene and the Art Show (HSP Edition)Gallo, Margaret4.30.5
907121 ENDog Without a Home (HSP Edition), TheGallo, Margaret D.3.80.5
15187 ENArabian HorsesGammie, Janet L.4.00.5
15188 ENClydesdale HorsesGammie, Janet L.3.60.5
15189 ENPalomino HorsesGammie, Janet L.3.70.5
15190 ENPinto HorsesGammie, Janet L.3.80.5
15191 ENShetland PoniesGammie, Janet L.3.90.5
15192 ENThoroughbred HorsesGammie, Janet L.4.00.5
7712 ENDragons of Blueland, TheGannett, Ruth Stiles4.91.0
7714 ENElmer and the DragonGannett, Ruth Stiles4.61.0
486 ENMy Father's DragonGannett, Ruth Stiles5.61.0
11768 ENHow Do Birds Find Their Way?Gans, Roma3.90.5
43603 ENBack to School for Rotten RalphGantos, Jack2.80.5
100771 ENBest in Show for Rotten RalphGantos, Jack3.00.5
48642 ENHappy Birthday Rotten RalphGantos, Jack2.60.5
11469 ENHeads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth GradeGantos, Jack4.66.0
27948 ENJack's Black BookGantos, Jack4.86.0
82420 ENRotten Ralph Feels RottenGantos, Jack3.20.5
55327 ENRotten Ralph Helps OutGantos, Jack3.00.5
49854 ENRotten Ralph's Rotten ChristmasGantos, Jack2.90.5
49855 ENRotten Ralph's Rotten RomanceGantos, Jack2.80.5
49857 ENRotten Ralph's Trick or Treat!Gantos, Jack2.50.5
293 ENStone FoxGardiner, John4.01.0
196 ENTop SecretGardiner, John4.02.0
68490 ENWhen Poppy and Max Grow UpGardiner, Lindsey1.30.5
115807 ENInto the WoodsGardner, Lyn6.013.0
47346 ENFollow My LeaderGarfield, James B.4.56.0
27950 ENRescue PartyGarland, Mark A.4.43.0
65731 ENChristmas CityGarland, Michael4.10.5
54242 ENChristmas MagicGarland, Michael3.80.5
85408 ENGreat Easter Egg Hunt, TheGarland, Michael3.00.5
25891 ENLine in the Sand: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence, AGarland, Sherry5.66.0
10251 ENSilent Storm, TheGarland, Sherry5.59.0
50168 ENValley of the Moon: The Diary of Maria Rosalia de MilagrosGarland, Sherry6.26.0
10699 ENWhy Ducks Sleep on One LegGarland, Sherry4.10.5
362 ENEternal Spring of Mr. Ito, TheGarrigue, Shelia4.25.0
9 ENBlue WillowGates, Doris6.56.0
5113 ENConservationGates, Richard3.30.5
27973 ENMy Life Among the AliensGauthier, Gail4.13.0
27927 ENYear with Butch and Spike, AGauthier, Gail4.77.0
31619 ENMoonbeam on a Cat's EarGay, Marie-Louise1.40.5
41720 ENOn My IslandGay, Marie-Louise1.40.5
55974 ENStella, Fairy of the ForestGay, Marie-Louise1.80.5
41724 ENStella, Queen of the SnowGay, Marie-Louise1.70.5
53921 ENNursery CrimesGeisert, Arthur3.10.5
7250 ENWhy Can't I Fly?Gelman, Rita1.60.5
11179 ENMore Spaghetti, I Say!Gelman, Rita Golden1.20.5
53236 ENMiniature HorsesGentle/Perry4.30.5
24610 ENMorgansGentle/Perry4.60.5
24612 ENPaints and PintosGentle/Perry4.80.5
24613 ENPalominosGentle/Perry4.70.5
24614 ENQuarter HorsesGentle/Perry5.10.5
53239 ENSaddlebredsGentle/Perry5.00.5
7182 ENDear Rebecca, Winter Is HereGeorge, Jean Craighead2.70.5
11761 ENEvergladesGeorge, Jean Craighead4.00.5
10259 ENFire Bug Connection, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead4.64.0
9972 ENFirst Thanksgiving, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead5.40.5
120421 ENGoose and DuckGeorge, Jean Craighead2.30.5
49 ENJulie of the WolvesGeorge, Jean Craighead5.86.0
64 ENMy Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
11432 ENOne Day in the Alpine TundraGeorge, Jean Craighead5.51.0
14688 ENOne Day in the DesertGeorge, Jean Craighead5.51.0
14689 ENOne Day in the PrairieGeorge, Jean Craighead5.01.0
10899 ENOne Day in the Tropical Rain ForestGeorge, Jean Craighead5.21.0
10898 ENOne Day in the WoodsGeorge, Jean Craighead5.41.0
10641 ENThere's an Owl in the ShowerGeorge, Jean Craighead4.33.0
395 ENWater SkyGeorge, Jean Craighead4.77.0
39885 ENSo You Want to Be President?George, Judith St.4.80.5
76220 ENHummingbird Nest: A Journal of PoemsGeorge, Kristine O'Connell3.70.5
17562 ENDolphin Named Bob, AGeorge, Twig C.5.92.0
2901 ENJelliesGeorge, Twig C.3.40.5
9973 ENChristmas at Long PondGeorge, William3.20.5
6154 ENAsiaGeorges, D.V.4.10.5
7405 ENAustraliaGeorges, D.V.4.40.5
5564 ENEuropeGeorges, D.V.4.20.5
6164 ENGlaciersGeorges, D.V.3.90.5
6180 ENNorth AmericaGeorges, D.V.4.20.5
6188 ENSouth AmericaGeorges, D.V.3.90.5
906886 ENArtist Named Tomie (HSP Edition), AnGeorgia, J.L.3.70.5
906877 ENWho Is Dr. Seuss? (HSP Edition)Georgia, J.L.3.00.5
906834 ENWriter Named Jean (HSP Edition), AGeorgia, J.L.2.40.5
10643 ENLittle SwanGeras, Adele3.31.0
27775 ENAmazon ParrotsGerholdt, James E.3.50.5
15199 ENAnacondas (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.3.80.5
27774 ENBald EaglesGerholdt, James E.4.10.5
15455 ENBird-Eating Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.10.5
15456 ENBlack Widow Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.10.5
15200 ENBoa Constrictors (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.3.90.5
27777 ENCardinalsGerholdt, James E.4.10.5
15451 ENCopperheads (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.20.5
15452 ENDiamondback Rattlesnakes (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.10.5
15457 ENJumping Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.00.5
15453 ENKing Cobras (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.00.5
15454 ENPythons (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.00.5
27772 ENRedheaded WoodpeckersGerholdt, James E.3.80.5
27776 ENRuby-Throated HummingbirdsGerholdt, James E.3.90.5
27773 ENSpotted OwlsGerholdt, James E.4.40.5
15458 ENTarantula Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.30.5
15459 ENTrapdoor Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.30.5
15460 ENWolf Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.30.5
15193 ENDog-Faced Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.10.5
15194 ENFisherman Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.10.5
15195 ENFlying Fox Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.20.5
15196 ENSpear-Nosed Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.00.5
15197 ENVampire Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.50.5
15198 ENWrinkle-Faced Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.20.5
9798 ENThree Hat Day, AGeringer, Laura3.20.5
6139 ENRosie and the RustlersGerrard, Roy5.40.5
907126 ENWisdom of the Wind (HSP Edition), TheGerson, Fred4.10.5
7650 ENWhy the Sky is Far AwayGerson, Mary4.50.5
77196 ENMan Who Walked Between the Towers, TheGerstein, Mordicai3.70.5
19241 ENStop Those Pants!Gerstein, Mordicai2.30.5
115629 ENLuckyGerver, Jane E.2.80.5
108684 ENPennyGerver, Jane E.2.60.5
4999 ENMice Are NiceGhigna, Charles1.20.5
57167 ENFull Steam AheadGibbons, Faye3.10.5
16142 ENMountain WeddingGibbons, Faye4.20.5
34962 ENBatsGibbons, Gail4.10.5
53197 ENBehold...the Dragons!Gibbons, Gail5.40.5
10156 ENCaves and CavernsGibbons, Gail4.50.5
54081 ENChristmas Is...Gibbons, Gail3.50.5
7556 ENDeadline!Gibbons, Gail3.80.5
51279 ENDogsGibbons, Gail3.60.5
47325 ENDucks!Gibbons, Gail4.10.5
57570 ENEasterGibbons, Gail3.70.5
51281 ENFarmingGibbons, Gail2.40.5
7562 ENFill It Up!Gibbons, Gail3.60.5
7563 ENFire! Fire!Gibbons, Gail3.50.5
10166 ENFrogsGibbons, Gail3.50.5
7566 ENFrom Path to HighwayGibbons, Gail3.90.5
64290 ENGiant PandasGibbons, Gail4.80.5
74170 ENGrizzly BearsGibbons, Gail4.50.5
111308 ENGroundhog Day!Gibbons, Gail4.70.5
61255 ENHalloween Is...Gibbons, Gail3.60.5
24987 ENHoney Makers, TheGibbons, Gail4.80.5
73486 ENHorses!Gibbons, Gail4.10.5
51285 ENKnights in Shining ArmorGibbons, Gail5.90.5
7577 ENLights! Camera! Action!Gibbons, Gail3.90.5
7625 ENMarge's DinerGibbons, Gail3.50.5
9780 ENMilk Makers, TheGibbons, Gail4.10.5
53918 ENMonarch ButterflyGibbons, Gail3.40.5
75348 ENMummies, Pyramids, and Pharaohs: A Book About Ancient EgyptGibbons, Gail5.20.5
52576 ENNature's Green Umbrella: Tropical Rain ForestsGibbons, Gail5.40.5
7583 ENNew RoadGibbons, Gail4.10.5
86231 ENOwlsGibbons, Gail4.00.5
46686 ENPenguins!Gibbons, Gail4.20.5
48059 ENPigsGibbons, Gail3.70.5
54253 ENPolar BearsGibbons, Gail4.30.5
7589 ENPost Office Book, TheGibbons, Gail3.60.5
57574 ENPrehistoric AnimalsGibbons, Gail2.90.5
10178 ENPuff...Flash...Bang! A Book About SignalsGibbons, Gail3.70.5
42619 ENPumpkin Book, TheGibbons, Gail4.20.5
10179 ENSay Woof! The Day of A Country VeterinarianGibbons, Gail3.70.5
51681 ENSeasons of Arnold's Apple Tree, TheGibbons, Gail2.60.5
1836 ENSharksGibbons, Gail4.00.5
25559 ENSoaring with the Wind: The Bald EagleGibbons, Gail5.30.5
51288 ENSpidersGibbons, Gail3.90.5
51289 ENSt. Patrick's DayGibbons, Gail3.80.5
5544 ENSunken TreasureGibbons, Gail4.20.5
80634 ENThanksgiving Is...Gibbons, Gail3.90.5
17344 ENTunnelsGibbons, Gail2.90.5
102214 ENValentine's Day Is...Gibbons, Gail3.60.5
115029 ENVegetables We Eat, TheGibbons, Gail3.50.5
57584 ENWeather Words and What They MeanGibbons, Gail3.50.5
51297 ENWhalesGibbons, Gail4.00.5
25558 ENWolvesGibbons, Gail4.20.5
7600 ENZooGibbons, Gail3.30.5
11764 ENGeorge Washington: A Picture Book BiographyGiblin, James4.51.0
9953 ENToby Scudder, Ultimate WarriorGifaldi, David4.36.0
6202 ENAll About StacyGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
13854 ENBeast and the Halloween HorrorGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
5207 ENBeast in Ms. Rooney's Room, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.91.0
6209 ENBest FriendsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
5211 ENCandy Corn Contest, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
6257 ENCase of the Cool-Itch Kid, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
6259 ENClue at the Zoo, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
18713 ENDance with RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.41.0
5217 ENDecember SecretsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
9263 ENEmily Arrow Promises To Do Better This YearGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
6212 ENFancy FeetGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
5219 ENFish FaceGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
5416 ENFourth-Grade CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly5.63.0
6265 ENGarbage Juice for BreakfastGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
5015 ENGift of the Pirate Queen, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly5.04.0
18719 ENGlass Slipper for Rosie, AGiff, Patricia Reilly3.01.0
173 ENHave You Seen Hyacinth Macaw?Giff, Patricia Reilly3.63.0
13866 ENHo, Ho, Benjamin, Feliz NavidadGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
5225 ENIn the Dinosaur's PawGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
157 ENLazy Lions, Lucky LambsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
17781 ENLily's CrossingGiff, Patricia Reilly4.65.0
13871 ENLook Out, Washington, D.C.!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.81.0
5427 ENLove, From the...CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly4.73.0
13877 ENMonster Rabbit Runs Amuck!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.81.0
6282 ENMystery of the Blue Ring, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
45515 ENNext Stop, New York City!Giff, Patricia Reilly2.91.0
18736 ENNot-So-Perfect RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.51.0
13885 ENPet ParadeGiff, Patricia Reilly3.01.0
444 ENPickle PussGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
6287 ENPowder Puff Puzzle, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
698 ENPurple Climbing DaysGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
6288 ENRiddle of the Red Purse, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.21.0
5538 ENRonald Morgan Goes to BatGiff, Patricia Reilly1.90.5
34594 ENRonald Morgan Goes to CampGiff, Patricia Reilly2.50.5
20038 ENRosie's Big City BalletGiff, Patricia Reilly3.61.0
18745 ENRosie's Nutcracker DreamsGiff, Patricia Reilly3.21.0
657 ENSay "Cheese"Giff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
6290 ENSecret at the Polk Street School, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
448 ENSnaggle DoodlesGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
6241 ENSpectacular Stone SoupGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
6243 ENStacy Says Good-ByeGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
18747 ENStarring RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.41.0
345 ENSunny-Side UpGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
59838 ENToday Was a Terrible DayGiff, Patricia Reilly2.70.5
6296 ENTrail of the Screaming Teenager, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
5246 ENValentine Star, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
6248 ENWatch Out! Man-eating SnakeGiff, Patricia Reilly2.00.5
7349 ENWatch Out, Ronald MorganGiff, Patricia Reilly2.40.5
115048 ENMoxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart LittleGifford, Peggy5.21.0
125619 ENMoxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank-You NotesGifford, Peggy5.32.0
214 ENCheaper by the DozenGilbreth, Ernestine/Frank6.010.0
9974 ENSomething From NothingGilman, Phoebe3.30.5
166 EN4B Goes WildGilson, Jamie4.64.0
31130 ENBug in a RugGilson, Jamie2.91.0
6459 ENDo Bananas Chew Gum?Gilson, Jamie4.25.0
5411 ENDouble Dog DareGilson, Jamie4.03.0
265 ENHello, My Name Is Scrambled EggsGilson, Jamie4.04.0
6423 ENHobie Hanson, Greatest Hero of the MallGilson, Jamie4.14.0
5224 ENHobie Hanson, You're WeirdGilson, Jamie4.55.0
11420 ENIt Goes Eeeeeeeeeeeee!Gilson, Jamie2.91.0
692 ENThirteen Ways to Sink a SubGilson, Jamie5.24.0
7201 ENAcross the StreamGinsburg, Mirra1.70.5
31623 ENChick and the Duckling, TheGinsburg, Mirra1.30.5
5508 ENChinese Mirror, TheGinsburg, Mirra3.40.5
19931 ENClay BoyGinsburg, Mirra2.80.5
7269 ENGood Morning, ChickGinsburg, Mirra2.20.5
9462 ENMushroom in the RainGinsburg, Mirra2.50.5
66 ENOld YellerGipson, Fred5.05.0
6342 ENSavage SamGipson, Fred5.78.0
9301 ENAddition AnnieGisler, David1.10.5
104080 ENBearded DragonsGlaser, Jason4.00.5
104081 ENChameleonsGlaser, Jason3.80.5
104083 ENGila MonstersGlaser, Jason4.20.5
104084 ENHorned LizardsGlaser, Jason4.10.5
104085 ENKomodo DragonsGlaser, Jason3.90.5
104086 ENSea TurtlesGlaser, Jason3.70.5
28800 ENBeautiful BatsGlaser, Linda3.20.5
101247 ENBrilliant BeesGlaser, Linda4.00.5
2898 ENCompost! Growing Gardens From Your GarbageGlaser, Linda2.80.5
4558 ENFabulous FrogsGlaser, Linda1.80.5
57475 ENIt's Spring!Glaser, Linda3.10.5
2899 ENSpectacular SpidersGlaser, Linda3.10.5
2900 ENWonderful WormsGlaser, Linda2.20.5
51892 ENCounting SheepGlass, Julie0.80.5
3996 ENDollar for Penny, AGlass, Julie1.40.5
11384 ENMy Working MomGlassman, Peter2.50.5
11184 ENOn Top of SpaghettiGlazer, Tom2.10.5
10537 ENPresent for Big Pig, AGliori, Debi4.00.5
6055 ENBeyond the RidgeGoble, Paul3.90.5
9768 ENGift of the Sacred Dog, TheGoble, Paul4.20.5
5221 ENGirl Who Loved Wild Horses, TheGoble, Paul4.10.5
6268 ENHer Seven BrothersGoble, Paul4.30.5
11375 ENLost Children, TheGoble, Paul0.80.5
111668 ENStory of Holly and Ivy, TheGodden, Rumer4.41.0
65669 ENBest Fall of All, TheGodwin, Laura0.80.5
58263 ENCentral Park SerenadeGodwin, Laura1.90.5
45497 ENHappy and HoneyGodwin, Laura0.50.5
66568 ENHappy Christmas, Honey!Godwin, Laura0.90.5
45501 ENHoney HelpsGodwin, Laura0.60.5
55459 ENAllosaurus (Dinosaurs)Goecke, Michael P.2.70.5
55460 ENAnkylosaurus (Dinosaurs)Goecke, Michael P.2.50.5
55463 ENBrachiosaurus (Dinosaurs)Goecke, Michael P.2.60.5
55468 ENDiplodocus (Dinosaurs)Goecke, Michael P.2.60.5
55475 ENIguanodon (Dinosaurs)Goecke, Michael P.2.60.5
55485 ENStegosaurus (Dinosaurs)Goecke, Michael P.2.60.5
9098 ENWho's ThereGold, Porter2.70.5
115124 ENMy Dog LyleGoldfinger, Jennifer P.3.30.5
7624 ENMagician's Visit, TheGoldin, Barbara3.80.5
14842 ENFire!: The Beginnings of the Labor MovementGoldin, Barbara Diamond3.21.0
14847 ENRed Means Good Fortune: A Story of San Francisco's ChinatownGoldin, Barbara Diamond3.51.0
9056 ENDoes the Moon Change Shape?Goldish, Meish2.90.5
9064 ENHow Do Plants Get Food?Goldish, Meish1.80.5
9084 ENSame but Different, TheGoldish, Meish2.90.5
9096 ENWhat is a Fossil!Goldish, Meish3.30.5
9528 ENHoang AnhGoldsmith, Diane5.81.0
104440 ENJohn F. Kennedy and the Stormy SeaGoldsmith, Howard2.60.5
70586 ENMark Twain at Work!Goldsmith, Howard2.40.5
66070 ENThomas Edison to the Rescue!Goldsmith, Howard2.20.5
47506 ENHank Aaron: Brave in Every WayGolenbock, Peter4.80.5
6245 ENTeammatesGolenbock, Peter5.40.5
9464 ENMy FriendsGomi, Taro2.00.5
659 ENBrutus the Wonder PoodleGondosch, Linda2.51.0
5432 ENMonsters of Marble Avenue, TheGondosch, Linda2.91.0
6698 ENDiane Goode's...Silly Stories and SongsGoode, Diane4.31.0
58474 ENMonkey Mo Goes to SeaGoode, Diane2.40.5
72796 ENThanksgiving Is Here!Goode, Diane1.60.5
24926 ENWant a Ride?Gordh, Bill1.50.5
74706 ENAllergiesGordon, Sharon2.30.5
74709 ENAsthmaGordon, Sharon2.70.5
61183 ENChickenpoxGordon, Sharon2.00.5
83457 ENGuess Who BitesGordon, Sharon1.10.5
83458 ENGuess Who HissesGordon, Sharon0.90.5
73351 ENGuess Who RoarsGordon, Sharon1.00.5
83460 ENGuess Who RunsGordon, Sharon0.90.5
83461 ENGuess Who SnapsGordon, Sharon1.10.5
61191 ENHearingGordon, Sharon1.70.5
63009 ENKeeping CleanGordon, Sharon1.90.5
74718 ENPinkeyeGordon, Sharon1.90.5
61195 ENSeeingGordon, Sharon2.00.5
61196 ENSmellingGordon, Sharon2.10.5
61198 ENTastingGordon, Sharon2.00.5
61199 ENTouchingGordon, Sharon2.00.5
63018 ENYou Are What You EatGordon, Sharon2.20.5
10463 ENEarth DayGore, Willma Willis3.70.5
10473 ENIndependence DayGore, Willma Willis4.30.5
10483 ENMother's DayGore, Willma Willis4.00.5
62063 ENDentist (People in My Community)Gorman, Jacqueline Laks2.10.5
62064 ENDoctor (People in My Community)Gorman, Jacqueline Laks2.00.5
62069 ENLibrarian (People in My Community)Gorman, Jacqueline Laks1.80.5
62072 ENPolice Officer (People in My Community)Gorman, Jacqueline Laks2.00.5
6314 ENFifth Grade MagicGormley, Beatrice4.54.0
9520 ENPioneers, TheGorsline, Marie5.20.5
8278 ENSkateboardingGould, Marilyn5.61.0
121511 ENLeo's New PetGowar, Mick0.70.5
17381 ENSports Great Emmitt SmithGrabowski, John5.71.0
28082 ENI Want to Be a ChefGrace, Maze/O'Neill7.01.0
414 ENFudgeGraeber, Charlotte3.73.0
280 ENMustardGraeber, Charlotte3.11.0
25086 ENNobody's DogGraeber, Charlotte3.00.5
75425 ENWhite-Water KayakingGraf, Mike4.80.5
7729 ENHelen KellerGraff, Stewart4.11.0
112095 ENDimity Dumpty: The Story of Humpty's Little SisterGraham, Bob4.30.5
287 ENReluctant Dragon, TheGrahame, Kenneth6.51.0
524 ENWind in the Willows, TheGrahame, Kenneth8.211.0
6125 ENLittle TootGramatky, Hardie4.70.5
18627 ENHappy Valentine's Day, Miss Hildy!Grambling, Lois G.3.10.5
113581 ENHere Comes T. Rex CottontailGrambling, Lois G.2.60.5
101307 ENT. Rex Trick-or-TreatsGrambling, Lois G.3.10.5
28260 ENCircus: An AlbumGranfield, Linda7.32.0
57426 ENAt the Park (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.70.5
57428 ENBig and Small (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.40.5
57429 ENCan I Help? (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.60.5
57430 ENColors (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.50.5
57436 ENHot and Cold (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.90.5
57439 ENMy Family (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.80.5
57441 ENMy Pet (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.90.5
57442 ENNight and Day (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.50.5
57443 ENRain or Shine (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.60.5
57447 ENSlow and Fast (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.60.5
57448 ENSounds (My World)Granowsky, Alvin1.60.5
127017 ENChicken Said, "Cluck!"Grant, Judyann Ackerman1.60.5
14658 ENBest Worst Day, TheGraves, Bonnie3.11.0
121507 ENBad Luck, Lucy!Graves, Sue0.80.5
121508 ENBen and the Big BalloonGraves, Sue0.40.5
108301 ENWolvesGravett, Emily3.00.5
1 ENAdam of the RoadGray, Elizabeth Janet6.59.0
70240 ENBilly's BucketGray, Kes2.70.5
9975 ENMiss TizzyGray, Libba3.60.5
11392 ENSmall Green SnakeGray, Libba Moore4.20.5
89027 ENBatman: The Copycat CrimeGrayson, Devin3.10.5
907037 ENAnywhere Anytime Travel Agency (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne2.80.5
907020 ENBusy Bees and the Buzz 12 (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne4.20.5
906980 ENCase of the Missing Glass Slipper (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne3.10.5
907120 ENCase of the Moving Statue (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne3.40.5
907139 ENCelebrate Harlem! (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne4.60.5
906960 ENCooking with Zork (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne2.60.5
907140 ENDetective Bob and the Case of the Scream Machine (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.60.5
906995 ENFamily 3000 (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.30.5
907141 ENFeathered Friends (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.40.5
907122 ENForty-Niners (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne3.60.5
906966 ENHeart Wise (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.60.5
907052 ENHistoric Williamsburg: A Place from Our Past (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.80.5
906999 ENIn the Land of Dinosaurs (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne4.20.5
907115 ENLittle Italy: Yesterday and Today (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.60.5
907085 ENLuke Lightning Bolt! (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.80.5
906951 ENMost Important Meal of the Day (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne3.00.5
907039 ENMother Goose Detective Agency (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne2.70.5
907089 ENRamon Lends a Hand (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne2.50.5
906946 ENRory the Robot (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne2.90.5
907005 ENSherry Holmes and the Case of the Missing Necklace (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne2.90.5
907093 ENStar Power (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.80.5
907099 ENTomb of King Tut (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne3.90.5
907070 ENUnder the Sea (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.90.5
907129 ENWeather Station (HSP Edition)Greaves, Daphne3.50.5
907159 ENWhydah (HSP Edition), TheGreaves, Daphne4.50.5
313 ENEating Ice Cream With a WerewolfGreen, Phyllis3.42.0
11756 ENBomb Squad Officer: Expert with ExplosivesGreenberg, Keith5.60.5
11775 ENMarine Biologist: Swimming with the SharksGreenberg, Keith5.10.5
11780 ENPhotojournalist: In the Middle of DisasterGreenberg, Keith4.80.5
11783 ENRodeo Clown: Laughs and Danger in the RingGreenberg, Keith4.80.5
11787 ENSmokejumper: Firefighter from the SkyGreenberg, Keith4.70.5
11797 ENWindow Washer: At Work Above the CloudsGreenberg, Keith4.80.5
32497 ENDr. Jekyll, OrthodontistGreenburg, Dan2.91.0
23294 ENI'm Out of My Body, Please Leave a MessageGreenburg, Dan2.71.0
70094 ENInvasion from the Planet of the CowsGreenburg, Dan3.71.0
32499 ENMy Son, the Time TravelerGreenburg, Dan2.91.0
32500 ENNever Trust a Cat Who Wears EarringsGreenburg, Dan3.01.0
6420 ENGreat Baseball Card Hunt, TheGreenburg, Daniel A.3.53.0
131 ENPhilip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe.Greene, Bette5.04.0
391 ENSummer of My German SoldierGreene, Bette5.29.0
5104 ENAstronautsGreene, Carol3.80.5
7412 ENCongressGreene, Carol4.30.5
9314 ENHi, CloudsGreene, Carol0.50.5
5573 ENHolidays Around the WorldGreene, Carol3.70.5
9318 ENIce Is...Whee!Greene, Carol0.30.5
6497 ENOld Ladies Who Liked Cats, TheGreene, Carol4.20.5
9334 ENPlease, Wind?Greene, Carol0.40.5
9336 ENRain! Rain!Greene, Carol0.40.5
5136 ENRobotsGreene, Carol3.60.5
9338 ENShine, Sun!Greene, Carol0.40.5
9340 ENSnow JoeGreene, Carol0.30.5
7440 ENSupreme Court, TheGreene, Carol4.50.5
5599 ENUnited NationsGreene, Carol4.30.5
223 ENGirl Called Al, AGreene, Constance C.3.83.0
323 ENIsabelle Shows Her StuffGreene, Constance C.3.84.0
907023 ENCode Talkers (HSP Edition)Greene, Mike3.70.5
907084 ENKianna and the Stubborn Cow (HSP Edition)Greene, Otis4.10.5
59782 ENBetsy Ross and the Silver ThimbleGreene, Stephanie2.30.5
100957 ENMoose CrossingGreene, Stephanie2.70.5
86476 ENMoose's Big IdeaGreene, Stephanie2.90.5
87376 ENQueen Sophie HartleyGreene, Stephanie4.83.0
110636 ENSophie Hartley, On StrikeGreene, Stephanie5.04.0
14693 ENRosa ParksGreenfield, Eloise4.00.5
341 ENSisterGreenfield, Eloise3.82.0
445 ENTalk About a FamilyGreenfield, Eloise3.61.0
7196 ENWilliam and the Good Old DaysGreenfield, Eloise3.60.5
6343 ENSister Yessa's StoryGreenfield, Karen4.00.5
168 ENGive Us a Great Big Smile, Rosy ColeGreenwald, Sheila3.81.0
7151 ENMariah Delany's Author...ClubGreenwald, Sheila4.73.0
14883 ENRosy Cole: She Walks in BeautyGreenwald, Sheila3.41.0
685 ENRosy's RomanceGreenwald, Sheila3.81.0
15797 ENBilly the Ghost and MeGreer/Ruddick2.30.5
17602 ENAcross the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary...Gregory, Kristiana5.54.0
127745 ENBlizzard on Blue Mountain, TheGregory, Kristiana4.12.0
121758 ENClue at the Bottom of the Lake, TheGregory, Kristiana4.22.0
50150 ENFive Smooth Stones: Hope's DiaryGregory, Kristiana4.42.0
6328 ENLegend of Jimmy Spoon, TheGregory, Kristiana5.05.0
123053 ENLegend of Skull Cliff, TheGregory, Kristiana4.12.0
121760 ENSecret of Robber's Cave, TheGregory, Kristiana3.92.0
52606 ENSeeds of Hope: The Gold Rush Diary of Susanna FairchildGregory, Kristiana5.55.0
17650 ENWinter of Red Snow: The Revolutionary War Diary..., TheGregory, Kristiana5.54.0
87483 ENTraction Man Is Here!Grey, Mini3.60.5
6098 ENVillage of Round and Square Houses, TheGrifalconi, Ann4.40.5
27614 ENCome SundayGrimes, Nikki4.60.5
11382 ENMeet Danitra BrownGrimes, Nikki3.40.5
67497 ENTalkin' About Bessie: The Story of Aviator Elizabeth ColemanGrimes, Nikki6.11.0
114989 ENWhen Gorilla Goes WalkingGrimes, Nikki3.00.5
21423 ENWhy Is the Sky Blue?Grindley, Sally3.20.5
42604 ENJingle Bells, Homework SmellsGroat, Diane De3.30.5
114857 ENMarley: A Dog Like No OtherGrogan, John4.96.0
106771 ENMarley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst DogGrogan, John6.915.0
5507 ENBremen-town Musicians, TheGross, Ruth B.2.20.5
9572 ENBook About Your Skeleton, AGross, Ruth Belov3.90.5
6643 ENDay It Rained Forever, TheGross, Virginia T.4.21.0
6644 ENIt's Only GoodbyeGross, Virginia T.3.61.0
11388 ENSaturday MarketGrossman, Patricia4.20.5
27937 ENReaching DustinGrove, Vicki5.67.0
21380 ENMax's Wacky Taxi DayGrover, Max2.80.5
6320 ENHummerGruenberg, Linda4.46.0
6121 ENIs Your Mama a Llama?Guarino, Deborah1.60.5
11376 ENLuka's QuiltGuback, Georgia2.60.5
44206 ENIris and WalterGuest, Elissa Haden2.50.5
58132 ENIris and Walter and Baby RoseGuest, Elissa Haden2.50.5
71606 ENIris and Walter and Cousin HowieGuest, Elissa Haden2.80.5
103767 ENIris and Walter and the Birthday PartyGuest, Elissa Haden2.50.5
84663 ENIris and Walter and the Field TripGuest, Elissa Haden2.60.5
78588 ENIris and Walter and the Substitute TeacherGuest, Elissa Haden3.00.5
75990 ENIris and Walter, Lost and FoundGuest, Elissa Haden2.80.5
68076 ENIris and Walter: The School PlayGuest, Elissa Haden2.80.5
64106 ENIris and Walter, The SleepoverGuest, Elissa Haden2.60.5
46461 ENIris and Walter, True FriendsGuest, Elissa Haden2.50.5
19843 ENMuddle CuddleGugler, Laurel Dee2.90.5
907059 ENNed's Invention (HSP Edition)Guillen, Felix3.80.5
64199 ENDinosaur TrainGurney, John Steven1.00.5
9101 ENAll-Time Great World SeriesGutelle, Andrew3.40.5
806 ENThomas A. Edison: Young InventorGuthridge, Sue4.13.0
8264 ENHotDogging and SnowBoardingGuthrie, Robert4.90.5
9813 ENJennifer CapriatiGutman, Bill5.61.0
9818 ENKarateGutman, Bill5.20.5
9827 ENMountain BikingGutman, Bill4.60.5
9832 ENRoller HockeyGutman, Bill5.30.5
9838 ENSurfingGutman, Bill4.70.5
36037 ENBabe & Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.34.0
77351 ENBabe Ruth and the Ice Cream MessGutman, Dan2.30.5
128655 ENCoach Hyatt Is a Riot!Gutman, Dan3.41.0
118267 ENDr. Carbles Is Losing His Marbles!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
80840 ENGet Rich Quick Club, TheGutman, Dan4.12.0
103771 ENHomework Machine, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
26738 ENHonus and Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.33.0
79640 ENMiss Daisy Is Crazy!Gutman, Dan4.31.0
110169 ENMiss Holly Is Too Jolly!Gutman, Dan4.01.0
102956 ENMiss Lazar Is Bizarre!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
84980 ENMiss Small Is off the Wall!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
117089 ENMiss Suki Is Kooky!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
103837 ENMr. Docker Is Off His Rocker!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
126512 ENMr. Granite Is from Another Planet!Gutman, Dan3.71.0
87383 ENMr. Hynde Is out of His MindGutman, Dan3.81.0
79641 ENMr. Klutz Is Nuts!Gutman, Dan4.41.0
119702 ENMr. Louie Is Screwy!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
112348 ENMr. Macky Is Wacky!Gutman, Dan3.71.0
126993 ENMr. Sunny Is Funny!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
101364 ENMrs. Cooney is Loony!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
124641 ENMrs. Dole Is out of Control!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
105639 ENMrs. Kormel Is Not Normal!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
109528 ENMrs. Patty Is Batty!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
83937 ENMrs. Roopy Is Loopy!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
118271 ENMrs. Yonkers Is Bonkers!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
115027 ENMs. Coco Is Loco!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
83938 ENMs. Hannah Is Bananas!Gutman, Dan3.61.0
121150 ENMs. Krup Cracks Me Up!Gutman, Dan3.51.0
101365 ENMs. LaGrange Is Strange!Gutman, Dan3.81.0
109319 ENMs. Todd Is Odd!Gutman, Dan3.91.0
124431 ENNightmare at the Book FairGutman, Dan4.35.0
130958 ENOfficer Spence Makes No Sense!Gutman, Dan3.31.0
74173 ENRace for the Sky:The Kitty Hawk Diaries of Johnny MooreGutman, Dan5.46.0
57144 ENShoeless Joe & Me: A Baseball Card AdventureGutman, Dan4.34.0
29485 ENVirtually PerfectGutman, Dan4.13.0
77159 ENIt's St. Patrick's Day!Gómez, Rebecca1.10.5
9982 ENBurton and the Giggle MachineHaas, Dorothy4.23.0
339 ENSecret Life of Dilly McBean, TheHaas, Dorothy4.46.0
79908 ENBirthday PonyHaas, Jessie3.01.0
103953 ENJigsaw PonyHaas, Jessie3.01.0
50950 ENRunaway RadishHaas, Jessie3.20.5
75915 ENScamper and the Horse ShowHaas, Jessie2.30.5
58914 ENShaperHaas, Jessie4.26.0
29534 ENUnbrokenHaas, Jessie4.17.0
14531 ENRunning out of TimeHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.87.0
7358 ENBig Snow, TheHader, Berta4.30.5
7414 ENCrow, TheHagman, Ruth5.20.5
28248 ENDisney's Animation MagicHahn, Don8.02.0
465 ENDaphne's BookHahn, Mary Downing4.26.0
5410 ENDead Man in Indian Creek, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.94.0
5008 ENDoll in the Garden, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.84.0
6315 ENFollowing the Mystery ManHahn, Mary Downing5.16.0
6380 ENSpanish Kidnapping Disaster, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.75.0
10206 ENTime for Andrew: A Ghost StoryHahn, Mary Downing4.56.0
596 ENWait Till Helen ComesHahn, Mary Downing4.65.0
53791 ENBig Nap, TheHale, Bruce3.82.0
41250 ENChameleon Wore Chartreuse, TheHale, Bruce3.52.0
47409 ENFarewell, My LunchbagHale, Bruce3.92.0
77559 ENGive My Regrets to BroadwayHale, Bruce3.72.0
57604 ENHamster of the Baskervilles, TheHale, Bruce4.03.0
68615 ENMalted Falcon, TheHale, Bruce3.42.0
82187 ENMurder, My TweetHale, Bruce3.72.0
43420 ENMystery of Mr. Nice, TheHale, Bruce3.72.0
106295 ENPossum Always Rings Twice, TheHale, Bruce3.62.0
64325 ENThis Gum for HireHale, Bruce3.62.0
71760 ENTrouble Is My BeeswaxHale, Bruce3.92.0
906644 ENEdmund and Drum and the Baby Turtles (HSP Edition)Hales, Isaac2.10.5
906771 ENTess Finds a Seabird (HSP Edition)Hales, Isaac2.20.5
30634 ENStory, A Story, AHaley, Gail E.4.20.5
114594 ENMorris and Buddy: The Story of the First Seeing Eye DogHall, Becky4.81.0
9186 ENOnly at the Children's TableHall, Daria3.70.5
6084 ENOx-Cart ManHall, Donald4.50.5
14445 ENWhen Willard Met Babe RuthHall, Donald4.91.0
27959 ENKobe BryantHall, Jonathan7.84.0
62237 ENAt the CarnivalHall, Kirsten0.40.5
6207 ENBarry: The Bravest Saint BernardHall, Lynn3.81.0
474 ENHere Comes Zelda Claus...DisastersHall, Lynn4.63.0
10647 ENMystery of Pony Hollow, TheHall, Lynn4.21.0
9282 ENMystery of the Phantom Pony, TheHall, Lynn4.01.0
79526 ENAntsHall, Margaret1.20.5
74838 ENBeaversHall, Margaret1.70.5
89529 ENBeetlesHall, Margaret1.60.5
104888 ENCentipedesHall, Margaret1.60.5
104889 ENCicadasHall, Margaret1.80.5
70380 ENCows and Their CalvesHall, Margaret1.50.5
79528 ENCricketsHall, Margaret1.50.5
108396 ENDay and NightHall, Margaret1.30.5
89531 ENDragonfliesHall, Margaret1.50.5
70381 ENDucks and Their DucklingsHall, Margaret1.50.5
70382 ENElephants and Their CalvesHall, Margaret1.60.5
89532 ENFirefliesHall, Margaret1.50.5
104890 ENFliesHall, Margaret1.30.5
70383 ENGorillas and Their InfantsHall, Margaret2.30.5
79530 ENGrasshoppersHall, Margaret1.90.5
74841 ENHeronsHall, Margaret1.50.5
108397 ENHibernationHall, Margaret1.80.5
79532 ENLadybugsHall, Margaret1.50.5
74843 ENMallardsHall, Margaret1.90.5
104891 ENMosquitoesHall, Margaret1.90.5
74844 ENMuskratsHall, Margaret1.70.5
70384 ENPenguins and Their ChicksHall, Margaret1.90.5
79533 ENPraying MantisesHall, Margaret1.90.5
108405 ENSeasons of the YearHall, Margaret1.80.5
79536 ENSpidersHall, Margaret1.20.5
70389 ENTigers and Their CubsHall, Margaret1.60.5
89534 ENWaspsHall, Margaret1.70.5
28563 ENApple Pie Tree, TheHall, Zoe1.90.5
58325 ENIt's Pumpkin Time!Hall, Zoe2.30.5
7733 ENJester in the BackcourtHallowell, Tommy4.43.0
10054 ENArapaho Indians, TheHaluska, Vicky7.31.0
355 ENAnthony Burns: The Defeat and Triumph of a Fugitive SlaveHamilton, Virginia5.87.0
6403 ENBells of Christmas, TheHamilton, Virginia3.51.0
70133 ENBruh Rabbit and the Tar Baby GirlHamilton, Virginia3.20.5
14923 ENHer Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales...Hamilton, Virginia4.63.0
228 ENHouse of Dies Drear, TheHamilton, Virginia4.89.0
125 ENM.C. Higgins, the GreatHamilton, Virginia4.410.0
132 ENPlanet of Junior Brown, TheHamilton, Virginia5.17.0
141 ENSweet Whispers, Brother RushHamilton, Virginia3.88.0
250 ENZeelyHamilton, Virginia4.64.0
81703 ENWinners Never Quit!Hamm, Mia1.90.5
907068 ENSport of Baseball (HSP Edition), TheHamm, Richard L.3.60.5
807 ENAlbert Einstein: Young ThinkerHammontree, Marie3.93.0
16648 ENWalt Disney: Young Movie MakerHammontree, Marie3.83.0
9302 ENAnimal BabiesHamsa, Bobbie1.00.5
9309 ENDirty LarryHamsa, Bobbie0.80.5
46863 ENFast-Draw FreddieHamsa, Bobbie0.50.5
84313 ENHunted: A Clone Wars NovelHand, Elizabeth4.04.0
84311 ENNew Threat: A Clone Wars Novel, AHand, Elizabeth5.04.0
84315 ENPursuitHand, Elizabeth5.13.0
10665 ENExtraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Hat, TheHanel, Wolfram4.00.5
14674 ENJasmine & RexHanel, Wolfram3.00.5
10681 ENOld Man and the Bear, TheHanel, Wolfram4.00.5
22721 ENField Full of Horses, AHansard, Peter2.70.5
906935 ENBaby Brother (HSP Edition)Hansbrook, Tyler2.40.5
27757 ENBirds (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.20.5
27755 ENCats (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin3.80.5
27754 ENDogs (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin3.90.5
27756 ENFish (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.30.5
27758 ENHamsters and Gerbils (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.10.5
27759 ENTurtles (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.70.5
24674 ENCattle (Farms Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.20.5
24675 ENChickens (Farm Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.20.5
24677 ENGoats (Farms Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.10.5
24678 ENPigs (Farm Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.00.5
24679 ENSheep (Farm Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.40.5
24676 ENUncommon Farm Animals (Farms Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.40.5
17624 ENI Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly: The Diary of Patsy...GirlHansen, Joyce5.05.0
6347 ENWhich Way Freedom?Hansen, Joyce4.55.0
5450 ENYellow Bird and MeHansen, Joyce4.05.0
290 ENShadowmaker, TheHansen, Ron5.11.0
43958 ENAmbulances (The Transportation Library)Hanson, Anne E.3.60.5
43969 ENFire Engines (The Transportation Library)Hanson, Anne E.3.20.5
105749 ENCurious George's Dinosaur DiscoveryHapka, Cathy2.70.5
75299 ENOasisHapka, Cathy5.56.0
103425 ENArchie's Amazing GameHardcastle, Michael3.50.5
11146 ENAlvin's Famous No-HorseHarding, William Harry4.42.0
5111 ENCircus, TheHarmer, Mabel2.50.5
11751 ENAmazing Impossible Erie Canal, TheHarness, Cheryl6.00.5
6246 ENThree Young PilgrimsHarness, Cheryl4.40.5
102996 ENFashion KittyHarper, Charise Mericle3.60.5
115229 ENFashion Kitty Versus the Fashion QueenHarper, Charise Mericle3.11.0
114472 ENJust GraceHarper, Charise Mericle4.82.0
122270 ENJust Grace Walks the DogHarper, Charise Mericle4.83.0
117726 ENStill Just GraceHarper, Charise Mericle5.33.0
119276 ENWhen Randolph Turned RottenHarper, Charise Mericle2.40.5
49858 ENSit, Truman!Harper, Dan0.50.5
9847 ENTop 10 Women Tennis PlayersHarrington, Denis5.71.0
17386 ENSports Great Jim KellyHarrington, Denis J.5.82.0
115420 ENPumpkin HarvestHarris, Calvin1.60.5
907087 ENOn the Shore of the River (HSP Edition)Harris, Edmund3.80.5
906835 ENAbalone and the Sea (HSP Edition)Harris, Jake2.60.5
906855 ENHow the Tortoise Got Its Shell (HSP Edition)Harris, Jake2.90.5
906912 ENWhy Tree Frog Sings at Night (HSP Edition)Harris, Jake3.00.5
40220 ENThree Little Dinosaurs, TheHarris, Jim3.90.5
8262 ENHang Gliding and ParasailingHarris, Toni5.21.0
7246 ENWake Up, SunHarrison, David1.20.5
27583 ENBetter Tomorrow?, AHarrison, Dorothy Lilja4.33.0
27582 ENGold in the GardenHarrison, Dorothy Lilja4.43.0
27584 ENOperation MorningstarHarrison, Dorothy Lilja4.53.0
907000 ENLights! Camera! Action! (HSP Edition)Harrold, Ryan3.30.5
10536 ENPorcupine's Pajama PartyHarshman, Terry2.50.5
7400 ENUp North in WinterHartley, Deborah3.10.5
21346 ENDinosaurs Are Back and It's All Your Fault Edward!, TheHartmann/Daly2.00.5
26838 ENTyrannosaurus Rex and Barnum BrownHartzog, Brooke4.50.5
59076 ENAmphibians (The Animal Kingdom)Harvey, Bev4.00.5
59077 ENArthropods (The Animal Kingdom)Harvey, Bev4.20.5
59078 ENBirds (The Animal Kingdom)Harvey, Bev4.10.5
59082 ENFish (The Animal Kingdom)Harvey, Bev3.80.5
59083 ENMammals (The Animal Kingdom)Harvey, Bev3.80.5
59085 ENReptiles (The Animal Kingdom)Harvey, Bev3.90.5
6006 ENMy Prairie ChristmasHarvey, Brett4.20.5
322 ENIncognito Mosquito Makes HistoryHass, E.A.5.22.0
100581 ENFinest Christmas Tree, TheHassett, John3.20.5
101913 ENHalloween NightHatch, Elizabeth2.90.5
906957 ENAsk Pet Friends! (HSP Edition)Hatch, Steve2.80.5
7219 ENHappy Birthday, Cookie Monster!Haus, Felice1.10.5
11359 ENEagle BoyHausman, Gerald4.20.5
9158 ENErnie and Bert's New KittenHautzig, Deborah2.30.5
7270 ENHappy Mother's Day!Hautzig, Deborah1.40.5
9174 ENIt's Not Fair!Hautzig, Deborah2.00.5
9128 ENLittle Mermaid, TheHautzig, Deborah3.40.5
7391 ENPied Piper of Hamelin, TheHautzig, Deborah2.80.5
9200 ENWhy Are You So Mean To Me?Hautzig, Deborah2.00.5
9299 ENX-Men: Battle of the SentinelsHautzig, Deborah3.30.5
361 ENEndless Steppe, TheHautzig, Esther6.310.0
7728 ENGift for Mama, AHautzig, Esther4.21.0
11763 ENFox: Playful Prowler, TheHavard, Christian4.90.5
11798 ENWolf: Night Howler, TheHavard, Christian5.00.5
10526 ENJamaica's FindHavill, Juanita2.60.5
14675 ENJennifer, TooHavill, Juanita2.91.0
58974 ENTreasure NapHavill, Juanita3.20.5
9904 ENAntonia NovelloHawxhurst, Joan6.11.0
83108 ENAmazing BuildingsHayden, Kate4.60.5
45903 ENAstronaut: Living in SpaceHayden, Kate3.90.5
45910 ENHorse ShowHayden, Kate3.10.5
45917 ENTwisters!Hayden, Kate3.60.5
907151 ENPlateaus (HSP Edition)Hayes, Diane5.30.5
9117 ENCurse of the Cobweb QueenHayes, Geoffrey3.00.5
7384 ENMystery of the Pirate Ghost, TheHayes, Geoffrey2.80.5
6291 ENSecret of Foghorn Island, TheHayes, Geoffrey2.80.5
7398 ENTreasure...Lost Lagoon, TheHayes, Geoffrey3.00.5
907108 ENBabe's Big Blue Vacation (HSP Edition)Hayes, Marley4.80.5
55680 ENHe Saves the DayHayles, Marsha1.60.5
117219 ENPup Speaks Up: A Phonics Reader, TheHays, Anna Jane0.70.5
906931 ENAlex Bakes a Cake (HSP Edition)Hays, Rudy2.30.5
8268 ENLandsailingHays, Scott5.31.0
9563 ENAll Stuck UpHayward, Linda1.90.5
10505 ENBaby MosesHayward, Linda1.80.5
56917 ENBaker, Baker, Cookie MakerHayward, Linda1.60.5
45918 ENDay in the Life of a Builder, AHayward, Linda2.00.5
45901 ENDay in the Life of a Dancer, AHayward, Linda2.10.5
45902 ENDay in the Life of a Firefighter, AHayward, Linda2.00.5
54798 ENDay in the Life of a Musician, AHayward, Linda2.40.5
54799 ENDay in the Life of a Police Officer, AHayward, Linda2.50.5
45919 ENDay in the Life of a Teacher, AHayward, Linda2.20.5
54800 ENDay in the Life of a TV Reporter, AHayward, Linda2.60.5
7369 ENFirst Thanksgiving, TheHayward, Linda2.90.5
7288 ENNoah's ArkHayward, Linda1.60.5
5 EN"B" is for BetsyHaywood, Carolyn4.32.0
5205 ENBack To School With BetsyHaywood, Carolyn3.72.0
458 ENBetsy and the BoysHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
5404 ENBetsy and the CircusHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
459 ENBetsy's Busy SummerHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
654 ENBetsy's Little StarHaywood, Carolyn3.62.0
26 ENEddie and GardeniaHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
27 ENEddie and the Fire EngineHaywood, Carolyn4.23.0
28 ENEddie's Green ThumbHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
7713 ENEddie's MenagerieHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
5430 ENMerry Christmas From BetsyHaywood, Carolyn3.92.0
441 ENSnowbound With BetsyHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
6123 ENKnight Who Was Afraid of the Dark, TheHazen, Barbara4.50.5
9799 ENTight TimesHazen, Barbara2.40.5
16855 ENDigbyHazen, Barbara Shook1.20.5
18638 ENNew Dog, TheHazen, Barbara Shook3.00.5
24925 ENRoad HogHazen, Barbara Shook1.00.5
28841 ENWhat's It Like to Be a Baby Chimp?Head, Honor3.60.5
28842 ENWhat's It Like to Be a Baby Elephant?Head, Honor3.70.5
28843 ENWhat's It Like to Be a Baby Lion?Head, Honor3.60.5
28844 ENWhat's It Like to Be a Baby Polar Bear?Head, Honor3.40.5
101423 ENEnduro RacingHealy, Nick4.20.5
7553 ENDad's Dinosaur DayHearn, Diane1.80.5
27924 ENListening for LeroyHearne, Betsy5.18.0
43530 ENWishes, Kisses, and PigsHearne, Betsy4.63.0
907033 ENSaving Castle Clover (HSP Edition)Hedges, Evelyn3.40.5
457 ENBanana TwistHeide, Florence5.13.0
6240 ENSami and the Time of the TroublesHeide/Gilliland3.70.5
47823 ENRobert the Rose HorseHeilbroner, Joan1.80.5
11192 ENTom the TV CatHeilbroner, Joan1.60.5
20031 ENMike Swan, Sink or SwimHeiligman, Deborah2.20.5
27963 ENHave Space Suit Will TravelHeinlein, Robert A.5.912.0
56887 ENDe Soto: Hernando de Soto Explores the SoutheastHeinrichs, Ann4.60.5
56897 ENPonce de Leon: Juan Ponce de Leon Searches for the...of YouthHeinrichs, Ann4.80.5
6155 ENAtlantic Ocean, TheHeinrichs, S.3.90.5
6182 ENPacific Ocean, TheHeinrichs, S.3.80.5
9959 ENWrapped in a RiddleHeisel, Sharon E.5.05.0
907096 ENMirror: A Korean Folktale (HSP Edition), TheHelfer, Alison4.00.5
10510 ENChickens Aren't the Only OnesHeller, Ruth3.60.5
89981 ENOne Splendid TreeHelmer, Marilyn3.60.5
5559 ENChristmas TreesHenderson, Kathy5.30.5
5570 ENGreat Lakes, TheHenderson, Kathy4.80.5
9067 ENIf Anything...Wrong at the ZooHendrick, Mary2.50.5
43604 ENBailey Goes CampingHenkes, Kevin1.80.5
9114 ENChester's WayHenkes, Kevin3.40.5
6109 ENChrysanthemumHenkes, Kevin3.30.5
43490 ENGood-bye, CurtisHenkes, Kevin2.40.5
58875 ENGrandpa and BoHenkes, Kevin3.00.5
5518 ENJulius, The Baby of the WorldHenkes, Kevin3.00.5
14979 ENLilly's Purple Plastic PurseHenkes, Kevin3.10.5
7635 ENOwenHenkes, Kevin2.40.5
34581 ENSheila Rae, the BraveHenkes, Kevin2.50.5
296 ENTwo Under ParHenkes, Kevin4.73.0
450 ENZebra Wall, TheHenkes, Kevin4.83.0
7263 ENDinosaur Who Lived in In My Backyard, TheHennessy, B.G.2.70.5
9189 ENPenny Doll, TheHennings, Jennifer4.60.5
12 ENBrighty of the Grand CanyonHenry, Marguerite5.67.0
235 ENJustin Morgan Had a HorseHenry, Marguerite5.85.0
51 ENKing of the WindHenry, Marguerite5.45.0
60 ENMisty of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite5.34.0
10581 ENMustang, Wild Spirit of the WestHenry, Marguerite5.37.0
936 ENStormy, Misty's FoalHenry, Marguerite4.76.0
51260 ENNobody Asked Me!Henry, Steve0.70.5
906763 ENBobcat Tells a Tale (HSP Edition)Hensley, Ryan1.50.5
906641 ENInsect Tale (HSP Edition), AnHensley, Ryan1.30.5
17886 ENRodeo Rough CutHering, Marianne5.06.0
17890 ENSmoke Screen SecretHering, Marianne4.96.0
17897 ENTrouble ShootingHering, Marianne4.76.0
28324 ENMax Malone Makes a MillionHerman, Charlotte3.61.0
73497 ENMemory Cupboard: A Thanksgiving Story, TheHerman, Charlotte3.60.5
74286 ENBuried in the BackyardHerman, Gail2.10.5
103166 ENCamping Caper, TheHerman, Gail2.30.5
7264 ENDouble-HeaderHerman, Gail1.50.5
6114 ENFievel's Big ShowdownHerman, Gail1.40.5
7224 ENIce Cream SoupHerman, Gail1.10.5
45504 ENJust Like MikeHerman, Gail2.81.0
31592 ENLion and the Mouse, TheHerman, Gail0.70.5
14641 ENPal the PonyHerman, R.A.1.30.5
5362 ENFlip CityHermann, Spring4.68.0
274 ENKevin Corbett Eats FliesHermes, Patricia3.65.0
44826 ENOur Strange New Land: Elizabeth's Diary, Jamestown, Virginia,1609Hermes, Patricia3.22.0
50170 ENWestward to Home: Joshua's DiaryHermes, Patricia3.11.0
89028 ENBatman: The Purr-fect CrimeHernandez-Rosenblatt, Jason3.60.5
5485 ENMoses the KittenHerriot, James4.80.5
6285 ENOnly One WoofHerriot, James4.50.5
6286 ENOscar, Cat-About-TownHerriot, James4.00.5
690 ENTen-Speed Babysitter, TheHerzig, Alison3.34.0
6353 ENBoonsville Bombers, TheHerzig, Alison Cragin3.11.0
7154 ENMystery on October RoadHerzig, Alison Cragin3.01.0
9580 ENLester's DogHesse, Karen4.00.5
18783 ENOut of the DustHesse, Karen5.33.0
12454 ENSableHesse, Karen3.81.0
44830 ENStowawayHesse, Karen6.111.0
20239 ENBaby Duck and the Bad EyeglassesHest, Amy1.90.5
55593 ENKiss Good NightHest, Amy1.90.5
6280 ENLove You, SoldierHest, Amy3.41.0
80731 ENMr. George BakerHest, Amy2.50.5
9076 ENNana's Birthday PartyHest, Amy3.30.5
14529 ENPrivate Notebook of Katie Roberts, Age 11, TheHest, Amy3.51.0
9788 ENPurple Coat, TheHest, Amy3.40.5
907021 ENChoosing Sides (HSP Edition)Hewes, Philip3.90.5
7866 ENCoaching Ms. ParkerHeymsfeld, Carla3.82.0
27946 ENBeing YoungestHeynen, Jim5.010.0
907075 ENChain-saw Carving: From Log to Art (HSP Edition)Heyward, Batista4.00.5
7610 ENCountry Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, TheHeyward, DuBose4.50.5
11471 ENJerichoHickman, Janet4.94.0
45346 ENSusannahHickman, Janet5.76.0
115347 ENSecret Life of Walter Kitty, TheHicks, Barbara Jean1.80.5
10266 ENMama, I Want to SingHigginson, Vy5.76.0
53944 ENLast Chimney of Christmas Eve, TheHigh, Linda Oatman4.20.5
17345 ENTwelve Snails to One LizardHightower, Susan3.80.5
9983 ENCase of the Weeping Witch, TheHildick, E.W.4.44.0
376 ENMurder for Her Majesty, AHilgartner, Beth5.08.0
24314 ENShipwreck SeasonHill, Donna4.36.0
6444 ENToughboy & SisterHill, Kirkpatrick4.83.0
10225 ENWinter CampHill, Kirkpatrick5.04.0
58946 ENTrains (Mighty Movers)Hill, Lee Sullivan1.80.5
68269 ENSigns at SchoolHill, Mary1.10.5
78593 ENRuby Bakes a CakeHill, Susan1.80.5
54490 ENStuart at the Fun HouseHill, Susan2.10.5
89235 ENPunxsutawney PhyllisHill, Susanna Leonard2.90.5
7744 ENRent a Third GraderHiller, B.B.4.33.0
9351 ENBaby Bunny, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9352 ENBall Book, TheHillert, Margaret1.00.5
9353 ENBirthday Car, TheHillert, Margaret0.50.5
9354 ENBoy and the Goats, TheHillert, Margaret1.00.5
9355 ENCinderella at the BallHillert, Margaret0.70.5
9356 ENCircus FunHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9357 ENCity FunHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9358 ENCome Play With MeHillert, Margaret1.20.5
9359 ENCome to School, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret1.00.5
9360 ENCow that Got Her Wish, TheHillert, Margaret1.70.5
9361 ENFour Good FriendsHillert, Margaret0.70.5
9362 ENFriend for Dear Dragon, AHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9363 ENFun DaysHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9364 ENFunny Baby, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
9365 ENGo to Sleep, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9366 ENGolden Goose, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9367 ENHappy Birthday, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9368 ENHappy Easter, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9369 ENHelp for Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9370 ENHouse for Little Red, AHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9371 ENI Like ThingsHillert, Margaret1.00.5
9372 ENI Love You, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9373 ENI Need You, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9374 ENIt's Circus Time, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9375 ENIt's Halloween, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9376 ENLet's Go, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9377 ENLet's Have a PlayHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9378 ENLittle Cookie, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9379 ENLittle Cowboy and the Big Cowboy, TheHillert, Margaret1.10.5
9380 ENLittle PuffHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9381 ENLittle Red Riding HoodHillert, Margaret1.10.5
9382 ENLittle Runaway, TheHillert, Margaret0.50.5
9383 ENMagic Beans, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
9384 ENMagic Nutcracker, TheHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9385 ENMerry Christmas, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9386 ENNot I, Not IHillert, Margaret0.70.5
9387 ENPinocchioHillert, Margaret1.20.5
9388 ENPurple Pussycat, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9389 ENSnow Baby, TheHillert, Margaret1.00.5
9390 ENTake a Walk, JohnnyHillert, Margaret2.40.5
9391 ENThree Bears, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
9392 ENThree Goats, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
9393 ENThree Little Pigs, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
9394 ENTom ThumbHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9395 ENUp, Up, and AwayHillert, Margaret1.00.5
9396 ENWhat Is It?Hillert, Margaret0.70.5
9397 ENWho Goes to School?Hillert, Margaret0.90.5
9398 ENWhy We Have ThanksgivingHillert, Margaret1.00.5
9399 ENWitch Who Went For A Walk, TheHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9400 ENYellow Boat, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
25265 ENAnimal Rescue Club, TheHimmelman, John2.50.5
110400 ENChickens to the RescueHimmelman, John1.70.5
57718 ENDo Like a Duck Does!Hindley, Judy1.60.5
57164 ENEyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes: A First Book All About YouHindley, Judy1.80.5
17348 ENWheeling and Whirling-Around Book, TheHindley, Judy5.10.5
5006 ENCassie Bowen Takes Witch LessonsHines, Anna Grossnickle3.84.0
46621 ENGot You!Hines, Anna Grossnickle1.20.5
59635 ENWilliam's TurnHines, Anna Grossnickle0.90.5
35392 ENChristmas Tree in the White House, AHines, Gary2.80.5
73730 ENThanksgiving in the White HouseHines, Gary3.90.5
381 ENOutsiders, TheHinton, S.E.4.77.0
16726 ENPuppy Sister, TheHinton, S.E.3.22.0
393 ENTexHinton, S.E.4.77.0
907145 ENJohn White's Lost Colony (HSP Edition)Hirigashi, Kiyomi4.80.5
9796 ENSummerHirschi, Ron3.20.5
10153 ENBig Storm, TheHiscock, Bruce5.40.5
6233 ENNo Bean Sprouts, PleaseHiser, Constance4.21.0
10226 ENScoop SnoopsHiser, Constance4.11.0
10508 ENBuzby to the RescueHoban, Julia2.40.5
9105 ENArthur's Camp-OutHoban, Lillian2.90.5
11156 ENArthur's Christmas CookiesHoban, Lillian2.60.5
7302 ENArthur's Halloween CostumeHoban, Lillian2.60.5
7303 ENArthur's Honey BearHoban, Lillian2.90.5
7304 ENArthur's Loose ToothHoban, Lillian2.90.5
7305 ENArthur's Prize ReaderHoban, Lillian2.90.5
58145 ENSilly Tilly and the Easter BunnyHoban, Lillian2.40.5
926 ENSilly Tilly's Thanksgiving DinnerHoban, Lillian2.90.5
58146 ENSilly Tilly's Thanksgiving DinnerHoban, Lillian2.60.5
29401 ENSilly Tilly's ValentineHoban, Lillian2.50.5
6103 ENBaby Sister for Frances, AHoban, Russell3.40.5
6252 ENBargain for Frances, AHoban, Russell2.80.5
5208 ENBedtime for FrancesHoban, Russell2.70.5
5458 ENBest Friends for FrancesHoban, Russell3.40.5
40716 ENBirthday for Frances, AHoban, Russell3.60.5
16865 ENBread and Jam for FrancesHoban, Russell3.40.5
76350 ENYou Read to Me, I'll Read to You...Fairy Tales to Read TogetherHoberman, Mary Ann2.60.5
79894 ENYou Read to Me, I'll Read to You...Stories to Read TogetherHoberman, Mary Ann1.90.5
101240 ENYou Read to Me...Mother Goose Tales to Read TogetherHoberman, Mary Ann2.80.5
10207 ENHero of BremenHodges, Margaret4.90.5
5540 ENSaint George and the DragonHodges, Margaret5.60.5
123900 ENBeyond the Black HoleHoena, Blake A.2.40.5
109055 ENInvaders from the Great Goo GalaxyHoena, Blake A.1.80.5
112362 ENOoze Slingers from Outer SpaceHoena, Blake A.2.40.5
120317 ENPuzzling Pluto Plot, TheHoena, Blake A.2.70.5
7251 ENBarney's HorseHoff, Syd2.20.5
9586 ENCaptain CatHoff, Syd2.20.5
7211 ENChesterHoff, Syd1.90.5
6060 ENDanny and the DinosaurHoff, Syd2.30.5
27486 ENDanny and the Dinosaur Go to CampHoff, Syd1.80.5
7316 ENGrizzwoldHoff, Syd2.00.5
7222 ENHorse in Harry's Room, TheHoff, Syd2.30.5
7323 ENJuliusHoff, Syd2.10.5
7327 ENLittle ChiefHoff, Syd2.10.5
7335 ENMrs. Brice's MiceHoff, Syd2.30.5
7336 ENOliverHoff, Syd2.10.5
7341 ENSammy the SealHoff, Syd2.00.5
7249 ENWho Will Be My Friends?Hoff, Syd1.40.5
907160 ENWorld's Greatest Pumpkin Ever (HSP Edition), TheHoffman, Katie4.50.5
5452 ENAmazing GraceHoffman, Mary3.50.5
19201 ENAngel Just Like Me, AnHoffman, Mary2.90.5
10273 ENHenry's BabyHoffman, Mary3.40.5
7240 ENRunaway Teddy Bear, TheHofmann, Ginnie2.50.5
7299 ENWho Wants an Old Teddy Bear?Hofmann, Ginnie2.50.5
5488 ENOne Fine DayHogrogian, Nonny3.50.5
47318 ENAngelina's ChristmasHolabird, Katharine4.00.5
47319 ENAngelina's HalloweenHolabird, Katharine3.60.5
6479 ENMinn of the MississippiHolling, Holling Clancy5.63.0
6483 ENPaddle-to-the-SeaHolling, Holling Clancy5.41.0
6486 ENSeabirdHolling, Holling Clancy5.12.0
108419 ENBabymouse: Beach BabeHolm, Jennifer L.2.00.5
125727 ENBabymouse: Monster MashHolm, Jennifer L.1.90.5
104175 ENBabymouse: Our Hero!Holm, Jennifer L.2.00.5
120806 ENBabymouse: Puppy LoveHolm, Jennifer L.1.80.5
104176 ENBabymouse: Queen of the World!Holm, Jennifer L.2.20.5
118041 ENBabymouse: Skater GirlHolm, Jennifer L.2.20.5
47674 ENCan You Find Us? (We Can Read about Nature!)Holmes, Anita1.30.5
10164 ENFlowers for You: Blooms for Every MonthHolmes, Anita4.71.0
45416 ENChristmas Cat, TheHolmes, Efner Tudor4.10.5
116937 ENPiper Reed, Navy BratHolt, Kimberly Willis3.52.0
17330 ENNo Fair!Holtzman, Caren1.40.5
17335 ENQuarter from the Tooth Fairy, AHoltzman, Caren2.40.5
53498 ENGarden That We Grew, TheHolub, Joan1.90.5
51902 ENPajama PartyHolub, Joan1.40.5
55261 ENPizza That We Made, TheHolub, Joan1.40.5
73104 ENScat, Cats!Holub, Joan0.50.5
82332 ENWhy Do Birds Sing?Holub, Joan3.80.5
68086 ENWhy Do Horses Neigh?Holub, Joan3.50.5
82333 ENWhy Do Snakes Hiss? And Other Questions...Lizards...TurtlesHolub, Joan3.90.5
251 ENAll New Jonah Twist, TheHoneycutt, Natalie3.83.0
305 ENBest-Laid Plans of Jonah Twist, TheHoneycutt, Natalie3.53.0
476 ENInvisible LissaHoneycutt, Natalie4.45.0
6426 ENJuliet Fisher and the Foolproof PlanHoneycutt, Natalie3.63.0
27960 ENTwilight in Grace FallsHoneycutt, Natalie4.66.0
9591 ENTwo of EverythingHong, Lily Toy3.50.5
17604 ENAloha Means Come Back: The Story of a World War II GirlHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas4.11.0
17608 ENAnd Now, a Word from Our Sponsor: The Story of a Roaring...Hoobler, Dorothy/Thomas4.01.0
17634 ENNext Stop, Freedom: The Story of a Slave GirlHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas3.51.0
17638 ENPromise at the Alamo: The Story of a Texas Girl, AHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas4.41.0
17640 ENSign Painter's Secret: The Story of a Revolutionary Girl, TheHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas4.11.0
17643 ENSummer of Dreams: The Story of a World's Fair Girl, TheHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas4.41.0
17645 ENTrail on Which They Wept: The Story of a Cherokee Girl, TheHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas4.01.0
17646 ENTreasure in the Stream: The Story of a Gold Rush GirlHoobler, Dorothy/Thomas4.11.0
31859 ENI Am Mad!Hood, Susan0.60.5
47813 ENLook! I Can Read!Hood, Susan0.90.5
31865 ENNew Kid, TheHood, Susan0.90.5
82859 ENPup and HoundHood, Susan0.90.5
114042 ENPup and Hound Catch a ThiefHood, Susan1.70.5
114043 ENPup and Hound Hatch an EggHood, Susan1.60.5
27975 ENShow and TellHood, Susan1.90.5
31429 ENTime for Bed?Hood, Susan1.10.5
27978 ENToo-Tall Paul, Too-Small PaulHood, Susan1.80.5
6002 ENBallad of Belle DorcasHooks, William4.10.5
9660 ENDozen Dizzy Dogs, AHooks, William1.70.5
9662 ENFeed MeHooks, William1.90.5
9665 ENGruff Brothers, TheHooks, William2.80.5
9672 ENLittle Poss and Horrible HoundHooks, William3.10.5
9673 ENLo-Jack and the PiratesHooks, William3.20.5
9675 ENMonster from the Sea, TheHooks, William2.90.5
6337 ENMoss GownHooks, William4.20.5
9678 ENMr. BaseballHooks, William2.50.5
9679 ENMr. Bubble GumHooks, William2.70.5
9680 ENMr. DinosaurHooks, William2.60.5
9681 ENMr. MonsterHooks, William2.90.5
9685 ENPeach BoyHooks, William2.70.5
9698 ENWhere's Lulu?Hooks, William1.50.5
10481 ENMighty Santa Fe, TheHooks, William H.3.50.5
335 ENPioneer CatHooks, William H.3.31.0
44331 ENHey Little AntHoose, Phillip2.50.5
28250 ENHow It Was with DoomsHopecraft, Xan/Carol4.81.0
51130 ENFly Fishing (The Great Outdoors)Hopkins, Ellen4.50.5
51132 ENFreshwater Fishing (The Great Outdoors)Hopkins, Ellen4.60.5
81197 ENApples to OregonHopkinson, Deborah4.10.5
9960 ENSweet Clara and the Freedom QuiltHopkinson, Deborah3.80.5
72278 ENExcuse Me--Are You a Witch?Horn, Emily2.60.5
9123 ENFast FriendsHorstman, Lisa3.60.5
17318 ENHow Many Stars in the Sky?Hort, Lenny2.90.5
42390 ENHalloween Hoots and HowlsHorton, Joan5.00.5
48071 ENEverything on a WaffleHorvath, Polly5.85.0
6133 ENMy Great-Aunt ArizonaHouston, Gloria4.00.5
699 ENYear of the Perfect Christmas Tree, TheHouston, Gloria4.20.5
28267 ENFire into IceHouston, James5.40.5
167 ENFrozen FireHouston, James4.95.0
363 ENFarewell to ManzanarHouston, Jeanne6.77.0
26788 ENLearning About Creativity from the Life of Steven SpielbergHovanec, Erin M.4.00.5
6052 ENAunt Flossie's Hats and Crab Cakes LaterHoward, Elizabeth2.40.5
5462 ENChita's Christmas TreeHoward, Elizabeth2.50.5
9511 ENChickenhouse House, TheHoward, Ellen4.01.0
29340 ENGate in the Wall, TheHoward, Ellen5.75.0
84787 ENBumble BeesHoward, Fran1.80.5
84788 ENButterfliesHoward, Fran2.10.5
84792 ENMothsHoward, Fran1.70.5
84796 ENWalkingsticksHoward, Fran1.20.5
50094 ENBig, Big Wall, TheHoward, Reginald0.60.5
254 ENBunniculaHowe, Deborah/James4.22.0
347 ENTeddy Bear's ScrapbookHowe, Deborah/James4.11.0
71856 ENAmazing Odorous Adventures of Stinky Dog, TheHowe, James4.41.0
70196 ENBud Barkin, Private EyeHowe, James4.41.0
109452 ENBunnicula Meets Edgar Allan CrowHowe, James4.53.0
32448 ENBunnicula Strikes Again!Howe, James4.83.0
660 ENCelery Stalks at Midnight, TheHowe, James4.02.0
16197 ENDay the Teacher Went Bananas, TheHowe, James1.80.5
29550 ENHorace and Morris but Mostly DoloresHowe, James2.60.5
65623 ENHorace and Morris Join the Chorus (But What About Dolores?)Howe, James2.60.5
81399 ENHot FudgeHowe, James2.50.5
105474 ENHoundsley and CatinaHowe, James2.90.5
109551 ENHoundsley and Catina and the Birthday SurpriseHowe, James2.80.5
125142 ENHoundsley and Catina and the Quiet TimeHowe, James3.30.5
64504 ENHowie Monroe and the Doghouse of DoomHowe, James4.91.0
5021 ENHowliday InnHowe, James4.04.0
60567 ENInvasion of the Mind Swappers from Asteroid 6!Howe, James4.51.0
60568 ENIt Came from Beneath the Bed!Howe, James4.11.0
282 ENNighty-NightmareHowe, James4.22.0
20656 ENPinky and RexHowe, James3.10.5
17686 ENPinky and Rex and the BullyHowe, James3.20.5
17687 ENPinky and Rex and the Double-Dad WeekendHowe, James3.60.5
49418 ENPinky and Rex and the Just-Right PetHowe, James3.50.5
20657 ENPinky and Rex and the Perfect PumpkinHowe, James3.20.5
20036 ENPinky and Rex and the School PlayHowe, James3.30.5
6696 ENPinky and Rex and the Spelling BeeHowe, James3.20.5
30514 ENPinky and Rex Go to CampHowe, James3.50.5
105171 ENRabbit-cadabra!Howe, James2.90.5
6484 ENReturn to Howliday InnHowe, James5.83.0
101306 ENScared SillyHowe, James2.50.5
67175 ENScreaming Mummies of the Pharaoh's Tomb IIHowe, James5.01.0
20211 ENThere's a Dragon in My Sleeping BagHowe, James2.10.5
45895 ENThere's a Monster Under My BedHowe, James1.80.5
75655 ENVampire Bunny, TheHowe, James2.60.5
6346 ENWhat Eric KnewHowe, James3.93.0
56690 ENCelebrating Chinese New YearHoyt-Goldsmith, Diane6.01.0
28266 ENLacrosse: The National Game of the IroquoisHoyt-Goldsmith, Diane6.21.0
32734 ENLas Posadas: An Hispanic Christmas CelebrationHoyt-Goldsmith, Diane5.50.5
2537 ENChristmas in Silver LakeHubbard, Coleen4.53.0
2535 ENHorse for Hannah, AHubbard, Coleen4.52.0
2545 ENRush for GoldHubbard, Coleen4.83.0
10077 ENMohawk Indians, TheHubbard-Brown, Janet7.72.0
46148 ENPumpkin JackHubbell, Will3.50.5
84014 ENTrouble with Skye/A Horse to Love, TheHubler, Marsha4.74.0
110058 ENTrue Test for Skye/On the Victory Trail, AHubler, Marsha4.54.0
907016 ENTiger at the Door (HSP Edition), AHuff, Audrey3.80.5
17366 ENFormula One Racing (Race Car Legends)Huff, Richard6.92.0
5351 ENAll Together NowHughes, Dean4.12.0
5352 ENBackup GoalieHughes, Dean4.22.0
460 ENBig Base HitHughes, Dean3.71.0
20013 ENBrad and Butter Play Ball!Hughes, Dean2.91.0
5214 ENChampionship GameHughes, Dean4.02.0
5359 ENDefenseHughes, Dean4.22.0
6419 ENGo To the HoopHughes, Dean3.92.0
5370 ENKickoff TimeHughes, Dean4.32.0
5232 ENLine DriveHughes, Dean3.92.0
481 ENMaking the TeamHughes, Dean3.62.0
6432 ENNothing But NetHughes, Dean3.82.0
331 ENNutty Can't MissHughes, Dean4.74.0
283 ENNutty For PresidentHughes, Dean4.84.0
6433 ENOn the LineHughes, Dean4.02.0
5376 ENPlay-offHughes, Dean4.22.0
6435 ENPoint GuardHughes, Dean3.82.0
5034 ENPressure PlayHughes, Dean3.61.0
5378 ENPsyched!Hughes, Dean4.02.0
5040 ENRookie StarHughes, Dean3.92.0
5382 ENSafe at FirstHughes, Dean4.22.0
5389 ENStroke of LuckHughes, Dean4.22.0
5391 ENSuperstar TeamHughes, Dean3.82.0
5392 ENTotal SoccerHughes, Dean4.02.0
5394 ENUp to BatHughes, Dean4.22.0
5398 ENVictory GoalHughes, Dean4.52.0
696 ENWhat a Catch!Hughes, Dean3.82.0
697 ENWinning StreakHughes, Dean3.61.0
10281 ENCrystal Drop, TheHughes, Monica4.37.0
46400 ENMy DogHughes, Sarah1.30.5
84214 ENElla's Big ChanceHughes, Shirley5.30.5
24956 ENLes MiserablesHugo/Kulling3.32.0
9052 ENBedtime Beast, TheHulbert, Jay2.50.5
9081 ENPete Pig Cleans UpHulbert, Jay1.70.5
26927 ENBubble TroubleHulme, Joy N.0.60.5
60689 ENSally Goes to the FarmHuneck, Stephen1.10.5
57172 ENSally Goes to the MountainsHuneck, Stephen1.50.5
102 ENAcross Five AprilsHunt, Irene6.610.0
371 ENLottery Rose, TheHunt, Irene5.67.0
249 ENUp a Road SlowlyHunt, Irene6.68.0
76357 ENAbernathy Boys, TheHunt, L.J.5.36.0
906941 ENNathan and His Favorite Author (HSP Edition)Hunt, Thomas D.2.50.5
7612 ENGreen Gourd, TheHunter, C.W.3.20.5
126399 ENEclipseHunter, Erin4.310.0
65367 ENHumphrey's ChristmasHunter, Sally1.30.5
7322 ENJohnny Lion's BookHurd, Edith2.30.5
11354 ENBlackberry RambleHurd, Thacher3.10.5
9778 ENMama Don't AllowHurd, Thacher2.20.5
9783 ENMystery on the DocksHurd, Thacher2.40.5
11385 ENPea Patch Jig, TheHurd, Thacher3.10.5
42611 ENSanta Mouse and the RatdeerHurd, Thacher2.50.5
28249 ENSlavery Time: When I Was ChillunHurmence, Belinda5.03.0
11456 ENBirthday Surprises: Ten Great Stories to UnwrapHurtwitz, Johanna5.13.0
451 ENAdventures of Ali Baba Bernstein, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
651 ENAldo ApplesauceHurwitz, Johanna4.72.0
5401 ENAldo Ice CreamHurwitz, Johanna4.82.0
6251 ENAldo Peanut ButterHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
5353 ENBaseball FeverHurwitz, Johanna5.02.0
484 ENBusybody NoraHurwitz, Johanna4.11.0
310 ENClass ClownHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
406 ENClass PresidentHurwitz, Johanna4.32.0
407 ENCold and Hot Winter, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
18723 ENHelen Keller: Courage in the DarkHurwitz, Johanna3.70.5
267 ENHot and Cold Summer, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.23.0
7731 ENHurray for Ali Baba BernsteinHurwitz, Johanna5.13.0
11476 ENLlama in the Family, AHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
677 ENMuch Ado About AldoHurwitz, Johanna4.81.0
7190 ENNew Shoes for SilviaHurwitz, Johanna2.80.5
11485 ENOzzie on His OwnHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
17689 ENRip-Roaring RussellHurwitz, Johanna3.81.0
6437 ENRoz and OzzieHurwitz, Johanna4.22.0
6289 ENSchool's OutHurwitz, Johanna4.12.0
346 ENTeacher's PetHurwitz, Johanna4.73.0
694 ENTough-Luck KarenHurwitz, Johanna4.84.0
17853 ENBlue Cow, TheHutchens, Paul5.55.0
17855 ENBull Fighter, TheHutchens, Paul5.66.0
17867 ENGreen Tent Mystery, TheHutchens, Paul5.65.0
7761 ENKiller Bear, TheHutchens, Paul5.23.0
7762 ENLost Campers, TheHutchens, Paul5.75.0
7786 ENMystery Cave, TheHutchens, Paul5.44.0
7788 ENMystery Thief, TheHutchens, Paul5.35.0
7790 ENPalm Tree Manhunt, TheHutchens, Paul5.54.0
7792 ENSecret Hideout, TheHutchens, Paul5.64.0
7794 ENSwamp Robber, TheHutchens, Paul5.25.0
17894 ENTrapline ThiefHutchens, Paul5.75.0
7800 ENWinter Rescue, TheHutchens, Paul5.44.0
9503 ENThree and Many Wishes of Jason Reid, TheHutchins, Hazel4.22.0
19532 ENShrinking MouseHutchins, Pat1.70.5
70559 ENSurprise Party, TheHutchins, Pat1.50.5
9500 ENLittle Red Riding HoodHyman, Trina4.40.5
10087 ENPocahontasIannone, Catherine6.91.0
907104 ENFirefly in Florida (HSP Edition), AIguchi, A.J.4.10.5
86222 ENBig Sister Dora!Inches, Alison2.10.5
70589 ENMy Visit with PeriwinkleInches, Alison1.20.5
33237 ENKipperInkpen, Mick2.00.5
50493 ENKipper and RolyInkpen, Mick2.40.5
58134 ENKipper's MonsterInkpen, Mick3.10.5
21383 ENKipper's Snowy DayInkpen, Mick3.10.5
906898 ENMusic for Everyone (HSP Edition)Irving, Dianne3.30.5
10208 ENJim-DandyIrwin, Hadley5.35.0
30500 ENKim/KimiIrwin, Hadley4.36.0
27931 ENSarah with an HIrwin, Hadley5.05.0
110404 ENPancakes for Supper!Isaacs, Anne4.20.5
12471 ENSwamp AngelIsaacs, Anne5.00.5
5457 ENAt the CrossroadsIsadora, Rachel1.90.5
6135 ENOver the Green HillsIsadora, Rachel2.90.5
17351 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro BaseballItalia, Bob5.51.0
17352 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro BasketballItalia, Bob6.51.0
17353 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro FootballItalia, Bob6.21.0
17354 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro GolfItalia, Bob5.61.0
17355 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro HockeyItalia, Bob6.11.0
17356 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro TennisItalia, Bob6.41.0
17357 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Summer OlympicsItalia, Bob6.51.0
17358 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Winter OlympicsItalia, Bob6.11.0
9909 ENCarlos MontezumaIverson, Peter5.40.5
906643 ENDuck's Visit (HSP Edition)Jackson, A.M.1.50.5
906769 ENRaccoon and Otter Make Muffins (HSP Edition)Jackson, A.M.2.00.5
10274 ENBlowing Bubbles With the EnemyJackson, Alison4.34.0
36618 ENI Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a PieJackson, Alison3.90.5
17861 ENDefeat of the Ghost RidersJackson, Dave/Neta5.54.0
17864 ENDrummer Boy's Battle, TheJackson, Dave/Neta5.94.0
17865 ENFate of the Yellow Woodbee, TheJackson, Dave/Neta5.34.0
17884 ENQuest for the Lost PrinceJackson, Dave/Neta5.74.0
17887 ENRunaway's Revenge, TheJackson, Dave/Neta5.84.0
17891 ENThieves of Tyburn Square, TheJackson, Dave/Neta5.54.0
17893 ENTraitor in the TowerJackson, Dave/Neta5.64.0
17899 ENWarrior's Challenge, TheJackson, Dave/Neta5.44.0
6142 ENSam the Sea CowJacobs, Francine2.40.5
29484 ENJames Printer: A Novel of RebellionJacobs, Paul Samuel5.67.0
7407 ENBrazilJacobsen, Karen4.50.5
7410 ENChinaJacobsen, Karen4.90.5
5561 ENCommonwealth...States, TheJacobsen, Karen4.60.5
5112 ENComputersJacobsen, Karen4.40.5
6162 ENFarm AnimalsJacobsen, Karen2.40.5
6163 ENGhanaJacobsen, Karen4.50.5
6165 ENHealthJacobsen, Karen2.80.5
5130 ENJapanJacobsen, Karen3.50.5
5131 ENMexicoJacobsen, Karen3.70.5
6178 ENNetherlands, TheJacobsen, Karen4.50.5
7442 ENVietnamJacobsen, Karen4.80.5
7450 ENZoosJacobsen, Karen3.00.5
902806 ENSilly Aunt Tilly (HSP Edition)Jacobson, Jennifer1.40.5
106623 ENAndy Shane and the Pumpkin TrickJacobson, Jennifer Richard3.10.5
121638 ENAndy Shane and the Queen of EgyptJacobson, Jennifer Richard3.50.5
87413 ENAndy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores StarbuckleJacobson, Jennifer Richard3.30.5
16915 ENGreat Redwall Feast, TheJacques, Brian4.90.5
7168 ENMariel of RedwallJacques, Brian5.716.0
6050 ENMattimeoJacques, Brian5.218.0
7129 ENRedwallJacques, Brian5.616.0
10793 ENSalamandastronJacques, Brian5.716.0
9976 ENIn the Month of KislevJaffe, Nina4.30.5
9692 ENSing, Little Sack! ˇCanta, Saquito!Jaffe, Nina3.00.5
9922 ENJames FarmerJakoubek, Robert6.21.0
9949 ENWalter WhiteJakoubek, Robert6.11.0
115156 ENAhoy, Ghost Ship Ahead!James, Brian3.01.0
117703 ENAttack on the High Seas!James, Brian3.31.0
115168 ENCurse of Snake Island, TheJames, Brian3.21.0
117711 ENPort of SpiesJames, Brian3.21.0
121633 ENTreasure TroubleJames, Brian3.41.0
902793 ENClean-Up Day (HSP Edition)James, Catherine2.20.5
27954 ENShoebag ReturnsJames, Mary4.64.0
906768 ENOn a Hot Day (HSP Edition)James, Mitchell1.70.5
906648 ENOn the Way to the Park (HSP Edition)James, Mitchell1.30.5
7503 ENButterwingsJames, Robin4.60.5
7529 ENMaynard's MermaidJames, Robin4.50.5
7536 ENNapoleon's RainbowJames, Robin4.10.5
7541 ENSadieJames, Robin4.70.5
82077 ENBaby BrainsJames, Simon3.50.5
47729 ENLeon and BobJames, Simon1.90.5
64752 ENSurvival in the Storm: The Dust Bowl Diary of Grace EdwardsJanke, Katelan6.46.0
42620 ENWhat Could Be Keeping Santa?Janovitz, Marilyn1.90.5
11672 ENLocked OutJanssen, Midge1.80.5
13528 ENMotorcyclesJay, Jackson4.10.5
12994 ENSuper Sports CarsJay, Jackson4.20.5
6406 ENBrother Eagle, Sister SkyJeffers, Susan4.40.5
907007 ENSpecial Report: The Kicker Cup (HSP Edition)Jefferson, Ricky3.80.5
9916 ENGeronimoJeffery, David5.40.5
9921 ENIshiJeffredo-Warden, Louise5.10.5
27925 ENBreaking BoxesJenkins, A.M.4.26.0
11777 ENNest Full of Eggs, AJenkins, Priscilla Belz3.10.5
76892 ENActual SizeJenkins, Steve2.80.5
44128 ENBig & LittleJenkins, Steve3.80.5
17305 ENBiggest, Strongest, FastestJenkins, Steve2.30.5
114018 ENDogs and CatsJenkins, Steve5.61.0
27608 ENFacing the FutureJenkins/LaHaye5.44.0
27606 ENSecond ChanceJenkins/LaHaye4.94.0
27605 ENThrough the FlamesJenkins/LaHaye4.94.0
27607 ENVanishings, TheJenkins/LaHaye5.04.0
67747 ENWhat Do You Do With a Tail Like This?Jenkins/Page3.00.5
45912 ENSurvivors: The Night the Titanic SankJenner, Caryn3.00.5
907157 ENPrincess in Cyberspace (HSP Edition), TheJennings, Andrea3.20.5
906997 ENHow Do You Say Hello? (HSP Edition)Jennings, Ann Marie3.00.5
19207 ENBest Christmas Present of All, TheJennings, Linda3.30.5
61058 ENTornado Watches, TheJennings, Patrick2.91.0
5039 ENRiddle of Penncroft Farm, TheJensen, Dorothea5.47.0
27990 ENLoose-Tooth LukeJensen, Patsy2.30.5
7390 ENPerfect the PigJeschke, Susan3.30.5
9178 ENMiloli's OrchidsJezek, Alisandra3.90.5
9181 ENMy First American FriendJin, Sarunna3.50.5
18726 ENInvisible Day, TheJocelyn, Marthe4.43.0
906836 ENApples for Sheep and Goat (HSP Edition)Johns, Rachel1.70.5
906837 ENAt the Library (HSP Edition)Johns, Rachel2.70.5
906887 ENAt the Museum (HSP Edition)Johns, Rachel4.00.5
906850 ENChat with the Principal (HSP Edition), AJohns, Rachel3.10.5
906873 ENCountry Show (HSP Edition), TheJohns, Rachel2.30.5
906793 ENDown on the Farm (HSP Edition)Johns, Rachel1.30.5
68623 ENHome for Pearl Squirrel: A Solomon Raven Story, AJohnson, Amy Crane3.90.5
5549 ENWhen I Am Old With YouJohnson, Angel2.70.5
27949 ENHeavenJohnson, Angela4.73.0
7576 ENJuliusJohnson, Angela3.00.5
6083 ENOne of ThreeJohnson, Angela2.40.5
110642 ENWind FlyersJohnson, Angela2.90.5
7318 ENHarold and the Purple CrayonJohnson, Crockett3.00.5
7339 ENPicture for Harold's Room, AJohnson, Crockett2.30.5
907041 ENStonecutter (HSP Edition), TheJohnson, Damon3.70.5
7603 ENBest Bug to Be, TheJohnson, Dolores3.90.5
20658 ENWhat Will Mommy Do when I'm at School?Johnson, Dolores2.70.5
9905 ENBarbara JordanJohnson, Linda Carlson6.02.0
9937 ENMother TeresaJohnson, Linda Carlson5.71.0
7751 ENCreeping Shadows, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.76.0
7754 ENDisappearing Stranger, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.96.0
27613 ENFiddler's Secret, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.18.0
7759 ENGrandpa's Stolen TreasureJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.96.0
7760 ENHidden Message, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.85.0
27580 ENMidnight RescueJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.47.0
7785 ENMysterious Hideaway, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.06.0
27612 ENMysterious SignalJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.57.0
27579 ENRace for FreedomJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.06.0
7791 ENRunaway Clown, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.95.0
27581 ENSwindler's Treasure, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.47.0
7798 ENTrouble at Wild RiverJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.96.0
7799 ENVanishing Footprints, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.86.0
9346 ENWait, Skates!Johnson, Mildred0.80.5
9977 ENCow Who Wouldn't Come Down, TheJohnson, Paul3.60.5
9829 ENOriginal Monster Truck: Bigfoot, TheJohnson, Scott4.40.5
907013 ENTrust Rey (HSP Edition)Johnston, Chad2.90.5
104399 ENAlabamaJohnston, Lissa4.51.0
9824 ENMonster Truck RacingJohnston, Scott4.20.5
54803 ENAlien and Possum: Friends No Matter WhatJohnston, Tony2.10.5
53529 ENCat, What Is That?Johnston, Tony1.70.5
7614 ENHappy Birthday Mole and TrollJohnston, Tony2.30.5
78757 ENWorm Family, TheJohnston, Tony2.90.5
34568 ENSplash!Jonas, Ann0.90.5
47899 ENTwo Bear CubsJonas, Ann0.90.5
47510 ENMom PieJonell, Lynne1.80.5
121380 ENTraitor in Williamsburg: A Felicity MysteryJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.74.0
86169 ENBeware of the Blabbermouth!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
87221 ENClass Trip to the Haunted HouseJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
105751 ENFrights! Camera! Action!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.11.0
83695 ENGhost ClassJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
83696 ENGhost GameJones, Marcia Thornton3.71.0
86633 ENGhosts Be Gone!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
83697 ENHappy Boo-Day to You!Jones, Marcia Thornton3.81.0
83698 ENHappy Haunting!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
89009 ENHide-and-SpookJones, Marcia Thornton3.91.0
83700 ENNew Ghoul in SchoolJones, Marcia Thornton3.81.0
83703 ENStage FrightJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
87385 ENTreasure Haunt, TheJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
7725 ENGermy Blew ItJones, Rebecca3.73.0
7726 ENGermy Blew It-Again!Jones, Rebecca3.63.0
907079 ENFrom Texas to New York (HSP Edition)Jones, Scarlett4.30.5
907086 ENMateo Fits In (HSP Edition)Jones, Scarlett3.70.5
907042 ENSun and the Stars (HSP Edition), TheJones, Scarlett4.30.5
17398 ENTara LipinskiJones, Veda Boyd7.02.0
61033 ENBlue-Ribbon BluesJones/Dadey3.61.0
61034 ENBuried TreasureJones/Dadey3.51.0
70296 ENPuppy LoveJones/Dadey3.51.0
61046 ENSanta DogJones/Dadey3.41.0
34916 ENSnow Monster MysteryJones/Dadey3.91.0
57650 ENSticks and Stones and Doggie BonesJones/Dadey3.51.0
65006 ENTattle TailsJones/Dadey3.51.0
57656 ENTop DogJones/Dadey3.71.0
55943 ENHouseful of Christmas, AJoosse, Barbara3.00.5
6077 ENMama, Do You Love Me?Joosse, Barbara2.30.5
43728 ENAlien Brain Fryout: A Wild Willie MysteryJoosse, Barbara M.3.11.0
106010 ENDead Guys Talk: A Wild Willie MysteryJoosse, Barbara M.3.01.0
32158 ENGhost Trap: A Wild Willie MysteryJoosse, Barbara M.3.21.0
21256 ENI Love You the PurplestJoosse, Barbara M.3.40.5
43751 ENLosers Fight Back, TheJoosse, Barbara M.3.01.0
11649 ENWild Willie & King Kyle, DetectivesJoosse, Barbara M.2.91.0
86315 ENBarbie: School DaysJordan, Apple0.90.5
16749 ENHow a Seed GrowsJordan, Helene J.2.60.5
907060 ENPioneer Life (HSP Edition)Jorgensen, Jan3.40.5
9179 ENMountain BoyJosephs, Anna5.00.5
9649 ENSanta CallsJoyce, William4.00.5
45451 ENSnowie RolieJoyce, William2.70.5
40145 ENThis Generation of Americans: A Story of the Civil Rights MovementJr., Frederick L. McKissack4.65.0
27961 ENCold RiverJudson, William5.78.0
656 ENBlackberries in the DarkJukes, Mavis3.61.0
326 ENLike Jake and MeJukes, Mavis2.90.5
29338 ENPlanning the ImpossibleJukes, Mavis4.15.0
130 ENPhantom Tollbooth, TheJuster, Norton6.77.0
9156 ENDiscovering FriendshipKadish, Sharona3.70.5
74071 ENKira-KiraKadohata, Cynthia4.77.0
101390 ENAggressive In-Line SkatingKaelberer, Angie Peterson3.00.5
101391 ENBMX RacingKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.40.5
101393 ENFunny CarsKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.10.5
101394 ENIce ClimbingKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.40.5
101396 ENKickboxingKaelberer, Angie Peterson2.50.5
8272 ENMotorcyclesKahaner, Ellen5.21.0
9063 ENHoney BeesKahkonen, Sharon2.80.5
44656 ENSweet Dreams: How Animals SleepKajikawa, Kimiko1.40.5
43248 ENJump, Frog, Jump!Kalan, Robert2.50.5
5590 ENRecyclingKalbacken, J.5.60.5
6197 ENWhite-Tailed DeerKalbacken, J.4.20.5
15175 ENAbyssinian Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
27766 ENAlaskan Brown BearsKallen, Stuart A.4.00.5
24668 ENAmerican Curl CatsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
24669 ENBalinese CatsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
27760 ENBeagles (Dogs)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
27767 ENBlack BearsKallen, Stuart A.4.30.5
15181 ENCocker Spaniels (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
27761 ENCollies (Dogs)Kallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
27762 ENDachshunds (Dogs)Kallen, Stuart A.3.60.5
15182 ENDalmatians (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
24670 ENDevon Rex CatsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
24671 ENExotic Shorthair CatsKallen, Stuart A.4.00.5
15183 ENGerman Shepherds (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
27769 ENGiant PandasKallen, Stuart A.4.50.5
27764 ENGolden Retrievers (Dogs)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
27768 ENGrizzly BearsKallen, Stuart A.4.30.5
15184 ENLabrador Retrievers (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
15176 ENMaine Coon Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.90.5
15177 ENManx Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.60.5
15185 ENMutts (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.40.5
27763 ENOld English Sheepdogs (Dogs)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
24672 ENOriental Shorthair CatsKallen, Stuart A.4.30.5
15178 ENPersian Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
27770 ENPolar BearsKallen, Stuart A.4.20.5
15186 ENPoodles (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
24673 ENRussian Blue CatsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
15179 ENSiamese Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.40.5
27771 ENSun BearsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
15180 ENTabby Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.30.5
27765 ENYorkshire Terriers (Dogs)Kallen, Stuart A.3.40.5
87670 ENAnimals Called MammalsKalman, Bobbie3.70.5
63491 ENFireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. HarveyKalman, Maira3.10.5
17621 ENGettysburgKantor, MacKinlay7.45.0
31598 ENI See, You SawKarlin, Nurit0.40.5
29425 ENSeaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis and ClarkKarwoski, Gail Langer6.09.0
9555 ENHaunting in Williamsburg, AKassem, Lou3.93.0
18633 ENJoseph and His Coat of Many ColorsKassirer, Sue1.70.5
64297 ENMerry Christmas, Princess Dinosaur!Kastner, Jill1.70.5
114917 ENBadger's Fancy MealKasza, Keiko2.60.5
102601 ENDog Who Cried Wolf, TheKasza, Keiko1.80.5
19218 ENDon't Laugh, Joe!Kasza, Keiko2.70.5
52878 ENMightiest, TheKasza, Keiko2.60.5
7582 ENMother for Choco, AKasza, Keiko2.20.5
78024 ENMy Lucky DayKasza, Keiko2.30.5
64038 ENWolf's Chicken Stew, TheKasza, Keiko2.70.5
82610 ENMy First Chinese New YearKatz, Karen2.30.5
115785 ENOh, Theodore! Guinea Pig PoemsKatz, Susan2.30.5
9169 ENHome Is Where Your Family IsKavanagh, Katie3.90.5
906963 ENFavorite Fables (HSP Edition)Kavicky, Emily3.60.5
907114 ENLittle Brave: A Traditional Sioux Folktale (HSP Edition)Kavicky, Emily4.30.5
11487 ENReal HeroesKaye, Marilyn4.04.0
109532 ENHaunted Toolshed, TheKeane, Dave4.52.0
113668 ENHeadless Mummy, TheKeane, Dave4.72.0
110222 ENMissing Monkey-Eye Diamond, TheKeane, Dave5.12.0
109534 ENNeighborhood Stink, TheKeane, Dave5.32.0
7655 ENApt. 3Keats, Ezra Jack2.60.5
10478 ENLittle Drummer Boy, TheKeats, Ezra Jack1.40.5
16869 ENPeter's ChairKeats, Ezra Jack1.80.5
6092 ENSnowy Day, TheKeats, Ezra Jack2.50.5
58783 ENClubhouse, TheKeats/Suen1.90.5
49408 ENHamster ChaseKeats/Suen2.00.5
17304 ENBiggest Fish, TheKeenan, Sheila2.00.5
25944 ENBad Day for BalletKeene, Carolyn3.21.0
5601 ENBungalow Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.65.0
27942 ENCase of the Captured Queen, TheKeene, Carolyn4.44.0
54508 ENCircus ActKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
5602 ENClue in the Crossword Cipher, TheKeene, Carolyn5.66.0
5603 ENClue in the Crumbling Wall, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
5604 ENClue in the Diary, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5605 ENClue in the Jewel Box, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5606 ENClue in the Old Album, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
5607 ENClue in the Old Stagecoach, TheKeene, Carolyn5.66.0
5608 ENClue of the Black Keys, TheKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
5609 ENClue of the Broken Locket, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5610 ENClue of the Dancing Puppet, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5611 ENClue of the Leaning Chimney, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5612 ENClue of the Tapping Heels, TheKeene, Carolyn4.95.0
5613 ENClue of the Velvet Mask, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5614 ENClue of the Whistling Bagpipes, TheKeene, Carolyn5.86.0
11459 ENCopper Canyon ConspiracyKeene, Carolyn5.26.0
28338 ENCrazy Key Clue, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
5615 ENCrooked Banister, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
11460 ENDanger Down UnderKeene, Carolyn5.37.0
11462 ENDead on ArrivalKeene, Carolyn4.56.0
5616 ENDouble Jinx Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
54510 ENDude Ranch DetectiveKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
5617 ENGhost of Blackwood Hall, TheKeene, Carolyn5.96.0
32431 ENGumdrop Ghost, TheKeene, Carolyn2.81.0
5618 ENHaunted Bridge, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5619 ENHaunted Showboat, TheKeene, Carolyn5.46.0
5620 ENHidden Staircase, TheKeene, Carolyn5.56.0
5621 ENHidden Window Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
25946 ENIce Cream Scoop, TheKeene, Carolyn3.51.0
5622 ENInvisible Intruder, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
25942 ENLost Locket, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
5623 ENMessage in the Hollow Oak, TheKeene, Carolyn5.36.0
5624 ENMoonstone Castle Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5625 ENMysterious Mannequin, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
5626 ENMystery at Lilac Inn, TheKeene, Carolyn5.36.0
5627 ENMystery at the Ski JumpKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
5633 ENMystery of the 99 Steps, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5628 ENMystery of the Brass-Bound TrunkKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5629 ENMystery of the Fire Dragon, TheKeene, Carolyn5.56.0
5630 ENMystery of the Ivory Charm, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5631 ENMystery of the Moss Covered MansionKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5632 ENMystery of the Tolling BellKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5634 ENNancy's Mysterious LetterKeene, Carolyn4.95.0
5635 ENPassword to Larkspur LaneKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
5636 ENPhantom of Pine Hill, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
28335 ENPuppy Problem, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
5637 ENQuest of the Missing Map, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5638 ENRingmaster's Secret, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5639 ENScarlet Slipper Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.65.0
5640 ENSecret in the Old Attic, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5641 ENSecret of Mirror Bay, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5642 ENSecret of Red Gate Farm, TheKeene, Carolyn5.75.0
5643 ENSecret of Shadow Ranch, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
6791 ENSecret of the Forgotten City, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5644 ENSecret of the Golden Pavilion, TheKeene, Carolyn5.66.0
5645 ENSecret of the Old Clock, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5646 ENSecret of the Wooden Lady, TheKeene, Carolyn4.95.0
25943 ENSecret Santa, TheKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
5647 ENSign of the Twisted Candles, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
6795 ENSky Phantom, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
25941 ENSlumber Party Secret, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
58151 ENSnow Queen's Surprise, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
25945 ENSoccer Shoe Clue, TheKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
5648 ENSpider Sapphire Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
41406 ENThird-Grade ReporterKeene, Carolyn2.81.0
6798 ENThirteenth Pearl, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
25947 ENTrouble at Camp TreehouseKeene, Carolyn3.11.0
56943 ENWalkie-Talkie Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
28336 ENWedding Gift Goof, TheKeene, Carolyn2.91.0
5649 ENWhispering Statue, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
5650 ENWitch Tree Symbol, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
13756 ENEarthquake TerrorKehret, Peg4.64.0
11489 ENRichest Kids in Town, TheKehret, Peg4.12.0
9970 ENDefenders of the UniverseKelleher, D.V.3.92.0
7268 ENGeraldine's BlanketKeller, Holly1.70.5
11363 ENGrandfather's DreamKeller, Holly3.50.5
6369 ENIsland BabyKeller, Holly3.80.5
9093 ENTom Edison's Bright IdeasKeller, Jack3.40.5
9066 ENIce CreamKeller, Stella3.10.5
77895 ENChristmas Around the World (Revised Edition)Kelley, Emily3.50.5
46082 ENA-Hunting We Will Go!Kellogg, Steven1.60.5
7355 ENBest FriendsKellogg, Steven3.40.5
29958 ENChicken LittleKellogg, Steven3.80.5
7608 ENChristmas Witch, TheKellogg, Steven4.60.5
5475 ENIsland of the Skog, TheKellogg, Steven3.50.5
6122 ENJack and the BeanstalkKellogg, Steven4.10.5
6073 ENJohnny AppleseedKellogg, Steven4.40.5
6127 ENMike FinkKellogg, Steven4.90.5
17328 ENMuch Bigger Than MartinKellogg, Steven2.50.5
9482 ENMystery of the Flying Orange Pumpkin, TheKellogg, Steven2.60.5
19234 ENMystery of the Missing Red Mitten, TheKellogg, Steven1.80.5
9483 ENMystery of the Stolen Blue Paint, TheKellogg, Steven1.90.5
9134 ENPaul BunyanKellogg, Steven5.70.5
18685 ENPecos BillKellogg, Steven5.70.5
54239 ENPenguin Pup for Pinkerton, AKellogg, Steven2.90.5
7590 ENPrehistoric PinkertonKellogg, Steven3.80.5
13782 ENSally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind CrockettKellogg, Steven5.00.5
142 ENTrumpeter of Krakow, TheKelly, Eric7.110.0
17392 ENSuperstars of Women's BasketballKelly, J.6.82.0
220 ENGammage Cup, TheKendall, Carol5.98.0
9927 ENJohn James AudubonKendall, Martha5.21.0
9938 ENNellie BlyKendall, Martha5.01.0
7376 ENLast Little Duckling, TheKennedy, Fiona3.50.5
75101 ENBaseball (Childrens's Press)Kennedy, Mike4.90.5
75102 ENBasketballKennedy, Mike5.30.5
75103 ENFootball (Children's Press)Kennedy, Mike5.40.5
75108 ENSoccerKennedy, Mike5.30.5
5546 ENThere's No Such Thing as a DragonKent, Jack3.30.5
17605 ENAmelia Earhart: Courage in the SkyKerby, Mona4.61.0
54449 ENDinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins, TheKerley, Barbara5.00.5
21399 ENI Love You with All My HeartKern, Noris2.70.5
106348 ENMartin Bridge Blazing Ahead!Kerrin, Jessica Scott4.21.0
119443 ENMartin Bridge in High Gear!Kerrin, Jessica Scott4.41.0
89979 ENMartin Bridge on the Lookout!Kerrin, Jessica Scott3.71.0
115498 ENMartin Bridge out of Orbit!Kerrin, Jessica Scott4.31.0
86665 ENMartin Bridge Ready for Takeoff!Kerrin, Jessica Scott3.61.0
111209 ENMartin Bridge Sound the Alarm!Kerrin, Jessica Scott4.11.0
6986 ENLittle Tricker the Squirrel...BearKesey, Ken4.90.5
7265 ENEmmaKesselman, Wendy2.90.5
10544 ENStan the Hot Dog ManKessler, Ethel/Leonard2.30.5
7209 ENBig Mile Race, TheKessler, Leonard1.70.5
7573 ENHere Comes the StrikeoutKessler, Leonard2.00.5
14626 ENKick, Pass, and RunKessler, Leonard1.70.5
16868 ENLast One in Is a Rotten EggKessler, Leonard2.00.5
44825 ENOrphan Journey HomeKetchum, Liza3.73.0
41941 ENArmadillo TattletaleKetteman, Helen4.10.5
78971 ENArmadilly ChiliKetteman, Helen2.90.5
7601 ENAunt Hilarity's BustleKetteman, Helen4.90.5
29298 ENBubba the Cowboy PrinceKetteman, Helen3.80.5
34792 ENHeat Wave!Ketteman, Helen4.20.5
21257 ENI Remember PapaKetteman, Helen3.70.5
6359 ENForgotten Door, TheKey, Alexander5.05.0
243 ENRoad from Home, TheKherdian, David5.79.0
6440 ENSong for Uncle Harry, AKherdian, David4.92.0
6235 ENOnion TearsKidd, Diana4.21.0
10216 ENAnansi Goes FishingKimmel, Eric2.30.5
9587 ENFour Dollars and Fifty CentsKimmel, Eric3.30.5
9060 ENGingerbread Man, TheKimmel, Eric2.40.5
7574 ENI Took My Frog to the LibraryKimmel, Eric2.50.5
6081 ENOld Woman and Her Pig, TheKimmel, Eric2.40.5
10217 ENThree PrincesKimmel, Eric4.10.5
13943 ENAnansi and the Talking MelonKimmel, Eric A.2.60.5
6213 ENFour Gallant Sisters, TheKimmel, Eric A.4.70.5
29342 ENSword of the SamuraiKimmel, Eric A.4.62.0
104921 ENIn the Doghouse: An Emma and Bo StoryKimmelman, Leslie2.00.5
28261 ENQuinceanera: Celebrating FifteenKing, Elizabeth6.41.0
7367 ENDown on the Funny FarmKing, P.E.2.40.5
9936 ENMaya AngelouKing, Sarah5.81.0
6001 ENAce: The Very Important PigKing-Smith, Dick5.23.0
205 ENBabe, the Gallant PigKing-Smith, Dick5.63.0
102970 ENCatlady, TheKing-Smith, Dick5.41.0
10671 ENHarriet's HareKing-Smith, Dick4.12.0
17579 ENMouse Called Wolf, AKing-Smith, Dick5.32.0
17580 ENMr. Potter's PetKing-Smith, Dick4.31.0
21484 ENPuppy LoveKing-Smith, Dick4.00.5
14884 ENSchool Mouse, TheKing-Smith, Dick5.03.0
17594 ENSmasherKing-Smith, Dick4.71.0
11446 ENThree Terrible TrinsKing-Smith, Dick5.12.0
113950 ENDiary of a Wimpy KidKinney, Jeff5.23.0
119441 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick RulesKinney, Jeff5.23.0
127979 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last StrawKinney, Jeff5.43.0
10241 ENBear That Heard Crying, TheKinsey-Warnock, Natalie3.50.5
82598 ENChristmas Like Helen's, AKinsey-Warnock, Natalie4.70.5
11196 ENWhen Spring ComesKinsey-Warnock, Natalie3.50.5
55715 ENRikki-Tikki-TaviKipling/Pinkney4.41.0
54584 ENBus Stop, Bus Go!Kirk, Daniel1.40.5
115344 ENLibrary MouseKirk, Daniel4.40.5
111667 ENHumbug!Kirk, David3.70.5
1306 ENDale Earnhardt, Jr. (Reading Power)Kirkpatrick, Rob1.50.5
2304 ENMark McGwire (Reading Power)Kirkpatrick, Rob1.20.5
10218 ENPuss in BootsKirstein, Lincoln4.50.5
17349 ENWhen Sheep Cannot SleepKitamura, Satoshi2.40.5
103 ENBig RedKjelgaard, Jim5.69.0
5425 ENIrish RedKjelgaard, Jim5.87.0
5441 ENStormyKjelgaard, Jim6.96.0
6427 ENKool AdaKlass, Sheila4.95.0
907155 ENCalm After the Storm (HSP Edition), TheKlausen, Christopher4.10.5
123885 ENCamping Catastrophe!Klein, Abby3.11.0
86170 ENDon't Sit on My Lunch!Klein, Abby3.21.0
108882 ENHalloween Fraidy-CatKlein, Abby3.31.0
100963 ENHelp! A Vampire's Coming!Klein, Abby3.11.0
83745 ENHomework HasslesKlein, Abby3.41.0
83157 ENKing of Show-and-Tell, TheKlein, Abby3.11.0
121137 ENOne Hundredth Day of School, TheKlein, Abby3.01.0
116105 ENPumpkin Elf Mystery, TheKlein, Abby3.11.0
127612 ENReady, Set, Snow!Klein, Abby3.31.0
110492 ENShark Tooth TaleKlein, Abby3.31.0
116915 ENStop That Hamster!Klein, Abby3.01.0
112102 ENSuper-Secret ValentineKlein, Abby3.41.0
89012 ENTalent Show Scaredy-PantsKlein, Abby3.31.0
127112 ENThanksgiving Turkey TroubleKlein, Abby3.11.0
83158 ENTooth TroubleKlein, Abby3.31.0
104047 ENYikes! Bikes!Klein, Abby3.31.0
116177 ENMax and Buddy Go to the VetKlein, Adria F.1.40.5
112506 ENMax and the Adoption Day PartyKlein, Adria F.1.70.5
112690 ENMax Celebrates Chinese New YearKlein, Adria F.1.80.5
100460 ENMax Goes on the BusKlein, Adria F.1.00.5
100461 ENMax Goes ShoppingKlein, Adria F.1.10.5
112691 ENMax Goes to a CookoutKlein, Adria F.1.60.5
100462 ENMax Goes to SchoolKlein, Adria F.1.00.5
100463 ENMax Goes to the BarberKlein, Adria F.1.60.5
116178 ENMax Goes to the DoctorKlein, Adria F.1.30.5
116176 ENMax Goes to the FarmKlein, Adria F.1.40.5
116179 ENMax Goes to the Grocery StoreKlein, Adria F.1.70.5
100465 ENMax Goes to the LibraryKlein, Adria F.1.30.5
116180 ENMax Goes to the PlaygroundKlein, Adria F.1.20.5
116181 ENMax Goes to the ZooKlein, Adria F.1.90.5
112507 ENMax Learns Sign LanguageKlein, Adria F.1.40.5
112508 ENMax's Fun DayKlein, Adria F.1.50.5
112692 ENMax Stays OvernightKlein, Adria F.1.40.5
9172 ENIrwin the SockKlein, David4.30.5
906989 ENArthur's Summer (HSP Edition)Klein, Joy3.00.5
123940 ENDragon in the Sock Drawer, TheKlimo, Kate4.14.0
318 ENHerbie JonesKline, Suzy3.52.0
70293 ENHerbie Jones and the Birthday ShowdownKline, Suzy3.31.0
319 ENHerbie Jones and the Class GiftKline, Suzy3.41.0
6270 ENHorrible Harry and the Ant InvasionKline, Suzy3.11.0
6271 ENHorrible Harry and the Christmas SurpriseKline, Suzy2.90.5
20023 ENHorrible Harry and the Drop of DoomKline, Suzy2.81.0
15298 ENHorrible Harry and the DungeonKline, Suzy3.11.0
6272 ENHorrible Harry and the Green SlimeKline, Suzy3.31.0
20024 ENHorrible Harry and the Kickball WeddingKline, Suzy2.90.5
18725 ENHorrible Harry and the Purple PeopleKline, Suzy2.90.5
44905 ENHorrible Harry at HalloweenKline, Suzy3.21.0
115047 ENHorrible Harry Cracks the CodeKline, Suzy3.31.0
44204 ENHorrible Harry Goes to the MoonKline, Suzy2.91.0
487 ENHorrible Harry in Room 2BKline, Suzy3.20.5
20665 ENHorrible Harry Moves up to Third GradeKline, Suzy3.21.0
6273 ENHorrible Harry's SecretKline, Suzy2.80.5
105753 ENHorrible Harry Takes the CakeKline, Suzy3.11.0
64032 ENMarvin and the Mean WordsKline, Suzy2.91.0
63663 ENOrpKline, Suzy3.22.0
6434 ENOrp and the Chop Suey BurgersKline, Suzy3.62.0
14695 ENSong Lee and the Hamster HuntKline, Suzy2.90.5
30632 ENSong Lee and the Leech ManKline, Suzy2.81.0
9296 ENSong Lee in Room 2BKline, Suzy3.01.0
299 ENWhat's the Matter with Herbie Jones?Kline, Suzy3.32.0
10275 ENWho's Orp's Girlfriend?Kline, Suzy3.62.0
48209 ENApples (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.00.5
48210 ENBananas (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.20.5
48211 ENBaseball (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.10.5
48212 ENBasketball (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.50.5
48214 ENBiking (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.60.5
59223 ENCrocodiles (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.40.5
62078 ENEars (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed0.80.5
62079 ENEyes (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed1.20.5
62081 ENFeet (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed0.60.5
62083 ENHair (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed0.70.5
62084 ENHands (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed0.80.5
59230 ENManatees (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.20.5
62087 ENMouth (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed1.10.5
62088 ENNose (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed1.00.5
48242 ENRock Climbing (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.50.5
62089 ENSkin (Let's Read About Our Bodies)Klingel/Noyed1.00.5
82340 ENShall I Knit You a Hat?Klise, Kate3.40.5
106458 ENWhy Do You Cry? Not a Sob StoryKlise, Kate2.40.5
8283 ENSports Great Barry SandersKnapp, Ron5.61.0
8284 ENSports Great Bobby BonillaKnapp, Ron5.61.0
8291 ENSports Great Orel HershiserKnapp, Ron4.91.0
8292 ENSports Great Will ClarkKnapp, Ron5.61.0
9840 ENTop 10 Basketball CentersKnapp, Ron5.91.0
9842 ENTop 10 Basketball ScorersKnapp, Ron5.61.0
9846 ENTop 10 Hockey ScorersKnapp, Ron5.71.0
121 ENLassie Come-HomeKnight, Eric5.49.0
937 ENAbsolutely Essential Eloise, TheKnight, Hilary4.61.0
54189 ENMartial ArtsKnotts, Bob4.80.5
54202 ENTrack and FieldKnotts, Bob4.50.5
108319 ENLibrary LionKnudsen, Michelle2.80.5
19217 ENDay We Met You, TheKoehler, Phoebe2.20.5
5412 ENDragonling, TheKoller, Jackie4.01.0
5423 ENImpy for AlwaysKoller, Jackie3.51.0
14663 ENDragon in the Family, AKoller, Jackie French4.21.0
20668 ENAnnie Bananie and the Pain SistersKomaiko, Leah2.91.0
18701 ENAnnie Bananie and the People's CourtKomaiko, Leah2.91.0
24972 ENAnnie Bananie Best Friends to the EndKomaiko, Leah2.71.0
11177 ENJust My Dad & MeKomaiko, Leah2.10.5
29324 ENDragon in the Ghetto Caper, TheKonigsburg, E.L.4.94.0
29 ENFrom the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E....Konigsburg, E.L.4.75.0
176 ENJennifer, Hecate,...and Me, ElizabethKonigsburg, E.L.4.53.0
5047 ENUp From Jericho TelKonigsburg, E.L.5.77.0
15098 ENView from Saturday, TheKonigsburg, E.L.5.97.0
13525 ENMonster TrucksKoons, James3.70.5
13532 ENPickup TrucksKoons, James4.00.5
68407 ENExcuse Me!Kopelke, Lisa3.00.5
19944 ENDaisy Is a MommyKopper, Lisa1.00.5
48095 ENDaisy Knows BestKopper, Lisa1.60.5
51661 ENGood Dog, Daisy!Kopper, Lisa1.00.5
8053 ENBeware the FishKorman, Gordon4.85.0
8066 ENGo Jump in The PoolKorman, Gordon5.05.0
5422 ENI Want To Go Home!Korman, Gordon4.36.0
6338 ENNo Coins, PleaseKorman, Gordon5.16.0
127226 ENOne False NoteKorman, Gordon4.95.0
5037 ENRadio Fifth GradeKorman, Gordon4.75.0
5050 ENZucchini Warriors, TheKorman, Gordon5.07.0
115865 ENAsteroids, Comets, and MeteoritesKortenkamp, Steve3.70.5
115874 ENFirst Moon Landing, TheKortenkamp, Steve3.90.5
115564 ENMilky Way, TheKortenkamp, Steve3.80.5
115561 ENNASAKortenkamp, Steve3.80.5
119303 ENSpace JunkKortenkamp, Steve4.00.5
115562 ENSpace ProbesKortenkamp, Steve4.10.5
119304 ENSpace ShuttlesKortenkamp, Steve4.30.5
115563 ENSpace StationsKortenkamp, Steve3.60.5
119305 ENSpace TourismKortenkamp, Steve3.70.5
119306 ENWorking in SpaceKortenkamp, Steve3.70.5
55951 ENGeoffrey Groundhog Predicts the WeatherKoscielniak, Bruce2.90.5
10095 ENSeminole Indians, TheKoslow, Philip7.61.0
46337 ENDay with Firefighters, AKottke, Jan1.00.5
46355 ENFrom Tadpole to FrogKottke, Jan1.10.5
9335 ENPurple is Part of a RainbowKowalczyk, Carolyn1.10.5
34583 ENChocolatinaKraft, Erik3.40.5
103583 ENGood Luck CharlieKramer, Jennifer E.0.90.5
9252 ENAt the Ball GameKramer, S.A.3.40.5
9253 ENBaseball's Greatest PitchersKramer, S.A.4.21.0
18702 ENBasketball's Greatest PlayersKramer, S.A.4.21.0
14622 ENHoop StarsKramer, S.A.3.60.5
58138 ENNight Flight: Charles Lindbergh's Incredible AdventureKramer, S.A.2.50.5
6345 ENTo the TopKramer, S.A.4.20.5
10694 ENTy Cobb: Bad Boy of BaseballKramer, S.A.3.81.0
27957 ENWalks in BeautyKrantz, Hazel5.46.0
75202 ENMetalKras, Sara Louise3.30.5
75205 ENPaperKras, Sara Louise3.30.5
75213 ENWoodKras, Sara Louise2.90.5
7315 ENGood Morning, Miss GatorKraus, Robert2.70.5
5522 ENLeo the Late BloomerKraus, Robert1.20.5
43615 ENLittle Louie the Baby BloomerKraus, Robert1.80.5
6129 ENMilton the Early RiserKraus, Robert1.20.5
6496 ENMusical MaxKraus, Robert2.30.5
46161 ENWhose Mouse Are You?Kraus, Robert0.80.5
5395 ENVery Young Gymnast, AKrementz, Jill5.41.0
5396 ENVery Young Skater, AKrementz, Jill5.21.0
5397 ENVery Young Skier, AKrementz, Jill4.60.5
61510 ENAbe Lincoln and the Muddy PigKrensky, Stephen3.70.5
83285 ENArthur and the Nerves of StealKrensky, Stephen3.01.0
34563 ENArthur and the Poetry ContestKrensky, Stephen3.41.0
59781 ENBen Franklin and His First KiteKrensky, Stephen2.50.5
117598 ENBig Bad Wolves at SchoolKrensky, Stephen2.90.5
6258 ENChristopher ColumbusKrensky, Stephen2.70.5
11171 ENFraidy CatsKrensky, Stephen2.00.5
28002 ENHow Santa Got His JobKrensky, Stephen3.50.5
54084 ENHow Santa Lost His JobKrensky, Stephen3.20.5
44912 ENLionel at SchoolKrensky, Stephen2.80.5
7324 ENLionel in the FallKrensky, Stephen2.20.5
68288 ENLionel's BirthdayKrensky, Stephen2.70.5
122369 ENSnack AttackKrensky, Stephen0.70.5
42175 ENWe Just Moved!Krensky, Stephen1.50.5
11160 ENBiggest Pumpkin Ever, TheKroll, Steven3.50.5
105025 ENBiggest Valentine Ever, TheKroll, Steven3.00.5
14664 ENEAT!Kroll, Steven4.31.0
7317 ENHappy Mother's DayKroll, Steven2.70.5
40140 ENSweet America: An Immigrant's StoryKroll, Steven4.76.0
80722 ENTale of Two Dogs, AKroll, Steven2.10.5
40149 ENWhen I Dream of Heaven: Angelina's StoryKroll, Steven4.55.0
7187 ENMasai and IKroll, Virginia4.10.5
11799 ENWood-Hoopoe WillieKroll, Virginia4.60.5
59779 ENAnyone but MeKrulik, Nancy3.51.0
69040 ENGet Lost!Krulik, Nancy3.31.0
65664 ENGirls Don't Have CootiesKrulik, Nancy2.91.0
67288 ENI Hate Rules!Krulik, Nancy3.31.0
74428 ENOh, Baby!Krulik, Nancy3.01.0
59793 ENOut to LunchKrulik, Nancy3.61.0
452 ENAlex Fitzgerald's Cure for NightmaresKrull, Kathleen3.21.0
5202 ENAlex Fitzgerald, TV StarKrull, Kathleen3.51.0
17370 ENLives of the Athletes: Thrills, Spills and What the Neighbors...Krull, Kathleen7.93.0
13757 ENWilma Unlimited: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest...Krull, Kathleen5.10.5
4 ENAnd Now MiguelKrumgold, Joseph4.88.0
11355 ENBluewater JournalKrupinski, Loretta4.60.5
65186 ENChristmas in the CityKrupinski, Loretta4.00.5
10171 ENMoon and You, TheKrupp, E.C.4.60.5
9262 ENEarthquake!Kudlinski, Kathleen3.71.0
9288 ENNight BirdKudlinski, Kathleen3.51.0
11433 ENPearl Harbor Is Burning!Kudlinski, Kathleen3.51.0
12771 ENFacing West: A Story of the Oregon TrailKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.51.0
14843 ENLone Star: A Story of the Texas RangersKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.71.0
28247 ENFireworks: The Science, the Art, and the MagicKuklin, Susan5.10.5
24929 ENBears: Life in the WildKulling, Monica3.30.5
39936 ENEdgar Badger's Balloon DayKulling, Monica2.30.5
39937 ENEdgar Badger's Butterfly DayKulling, Monica2.40.5
39938 ENEdgar Badger's Fishing DayKulling, Monica2.60.5
86011 ENGo, Stitch, Go!Kulling, Monica1.40.5
8274 ENRoller SkatingKulper, Eileen5.11.0
81244 ENJohnny AppleseedKurtz, Jane1.10.5
9919 ENHole-in-the-DayKvasnicka, Robert5.60.5
19250 ENZelda and IvyKvasnosky, Laura McGee3.00.5
44670 ENZelda and Ivy One ChristmasKvasnosky, Laura McGee3.00.5
107273 ENZelda and Ivy: The RunawaysKvasnosky, Laura McGee3.00.5
922 ENLittle Chick's Big DayKwitz, Mary DeBall2.50.5
105211 ENAnthony and the GirlsKönnecke, Ole0.60.5