We have spent the past few weeks creating poetry for Fall and Halloween. With only 37 minutes per class period, not a lot of time was available for spellchecking. As a result, there are a few errors in some of the poems. Personally, I enjoy seeing "invented" spelling. I encouraged the students in the writing stage to not worry about the spelling. In the publishing stage, I asked them to ask for spellings of words they were unsure of. If the words aren't spelled correctly, perhaps they were "sure" of how to spell it! Second graders wrote 5 W poems. Each line answered the question Who? What? When? Where? or Why? Third graders wrote 5 Senses poems, and fourth graders wrote Rhyming Couplets. I hope you enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Go to http://poster.4teachers.org/ and scroll to the bottom of the page. In the Search for Posters and Worksheets box, click on the dropdown arrow and select Class Code. You can see the posters for each class. Following is a list of teachers and their class code number.

2nd grade:
Bailey 165069; Barrett 165050; Bowlin 165054; Eubanks 165059; Knowles 165064;
McGuire 165070; Smith 165049; Talton 165055; Weldon 165060; Wilder 165065

3rd grade:
Ashley 165071; Beason 165051; Buckner 165056; Donaho 165061; Mize 165072;
Motley 165066; Robinson 165052; Winslett 165057; Wise 165062

4th grade:
Daniel 165067; Hardiman 165073; Hurd 165053; Montgomery 165058; Self 165063; Smitherman 165068